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New Lipstick: Colourpop Ultra Lip

As a child, I always went through my mom’s makeup stash to see what new items I hadn’t tinkered with yet. I used her colored mascara on my hair for fake highlights. I’m real lucky to have a mom who’s into makeup because I get to road test different shades that SHE buys before I purchase them for myself!!😜
So this post isn’t really a review because I literally just tried on 5 of her Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip shades and took photos of myself. I still have a box of her Colourpop orders — held hostage until I get to try them all hehehe. THANKS, MOM, LOVE YOU!!


Just so you can see what my lips look like when they’re bare.


What Colourpop’s website says about the shade:

You’ll be super chic in this vampy blackened red whether you’re landing in LAX or JFK

It’s a great color although as you can see from the photos, it was hard to apply evenly. I don’t know if it’s my lips? But I kind of like the marble effect if that’s what they were going for. Great way to add color to your face when you’re feeling very IDGAF.

No filter
No filter


What Colourpop’s website says about the shade:

Kick some a$$ in this deep blackened green.

It reminds me a lot of my Nagini (yes Lord Voldemort’s snake from Harry Potter) L.A. Splash lippie, a gift from Candy which we both wore at Wanderland so we’d look like aliens. Green lipstick is always fun especially for gigs and special events. You’re always sure to stand out. I do remember L.A. Splash’s formula to be VERY drying. Can’t really tell if this one’s the same but from my previous Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip experiences, they’re not as bad. Like I said, THIS IS NOT A REVIEW. Haha!

No filter
No filter


What Colourpop’s website says about the shade:

A little name with a lot of heart you’ll love this deep greyed out plum

Obvs, instant fave! It’s the type of color you can wear day and night. It’s sweet and tough at the same time.

No filter
No filter


What Colourpop’s website says about the shade:

Put on your tightest jeans and rock this dark blackened violet.

Ay, taray! Tightest jeans?? Eh I might turn violet na rin kung ganon? Waley. Seriously though, this one’s an awesome go-to dark color for my feeling-goth nights. I think this would be a great small-talk repellant.


What Colourpop’s website says about the shade:

Don’t let the name fool you. This deep charcoal grey is anything but dainty.

Oooooh. Definitely a different color. I feel like it would best work if you’re wearing full-on makeup as well. Not for the safe ones. Still definitely a head-turner!

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No filter

So which one did you like best?? Thoughts?! My mom bought her lippies from the actual Colourpop website. If you know tried and tested re-sellers, feel free to share them in the comments section below!


Domestic Dispute 2: Stuff We Learned From Our Parents


We’re in the car right now, welcome to the second episode of Domestic Dispute. I hope this is clear but don’t worry because we’ve decided that for the next consecutive episodes of Domestic Dispute we’re gonna do a transcription of the podcast because —

Move into the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches

Because I feel like —

Move into the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches

Alright. I feel like my readers are.. just that: readers.


So I think you would enjoy a transcript of things that transpire.

So kanina we were talking about, ano, “what are things that drove you crazy when you were kids?”

Are we doing that now? Okay, sige.

And, like, which of those crazy things that your parents did would you like to…



Ay, partake. Mali.

Impose to your future, our future kids.

I think it’s a good topic of discussion kasi, especially for newly married couples, right?


Or if you’re in a srss relationship — SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP — ok, I’m trying to speak clearer now. And also, even if you’re not in a relationship, I think it’s a fun topic of conversation.

Yeah so kunwari, this actually started kasi my dad is very anal

HAHAHA I hope he doesn’t hear this

Hindi, kaya he was so successful – because he was extremely OC. He grew up, like, when he would wake up he would have to garden and then he’d be forced to do piano lessons… Basta parang he’s —

He followed a schedule

Yeah he has a strict schedule and he’s a firm believer that no minute or second should be wasted in a day. So parang he’s not a couch potato. There’s no couch potato gene in him.

Grabe and that’s why he so successful.

My mom naman is more free-spirited. She’s relaxed na, (copies mom’s voice) “Ah, okay lang yan!” ganyan. So yun, I think I got a good mixture. So anyway, growing up, one thing my dad would always do is parang kumbaga if there is a plan na we go from POINT A to POINT B — anything that will mess up that POINT A to B will be…


Chaos na! For example, buong grade school/high school life, mass namin was at 10AM on Sundays and the church was 3 minutes away, walking distance from our house. If 10AM yung mass, we would have to leave the house at 9:30.

To get good seats! I get him!

Yeah, to get good seats, pero OA sa good seats. As in wala pa yung pari nandun na kami. So I think that’s one. Ikaw?

So you have to be awake by 9?

Hindi! 8:30! He assumes na 1 hour and 30 to get ready. Kahit ako: guy. Ako, it takes me what? 5 minutes to get ready. So gigisingin niya kami ng 9:30

Oh gosh

And then matutulog ako ulit and then pipilitin ko talaga matulog but isang katok lang niya, as in my whole world will be like “SHIT OH MY GOD I OVERSLEPT.” Ganon.

And you kinda got that, right?

Yung pagiging OC sa time?

Yung pagiging anal haha


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Not Everybody Gets Married To Have Children

In between late night gigs with my band and traveling with my family and friends, does my whole vibe scream that I am so desperately trying to bear a child?

Just a short while after getting married, I went to a get-together with some college friends. Jim was catching up with his friends who were smoking outside, I stayed inside with two girls both of whom were newly engaged. They asked me when they were to expect my baby. When I told them that I wasn’t thinking of having any until maybe 3 or 4 years they looked utterly shocked. I asked them, “Oh, are you planning to have a baby right away?” One of them nodded with a look in her face that said MALAMANG. The other said, “Well.. Yeah, I guess.”

In every family reunion and wedding I attend, I’m often asked if I’m already pregnant. I get offended because I immediately think they’re trying to say Laki ng puson mo, girl. But I know it’s just their way of saying We’re excited for you to have a baby! I’m not going to wash my hands clean of this “tradition.” I’ve gotten so accustomed to it as a topic for small talk that I’ve used the, “O kayo, kailan na?” line more than once. Believe me, I threw up a little whenever I did. I’m so sorry if I ever asked you that question. Please know that I didn’t mean to pressure you.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average time between tying the knot and having kids in the United States is about 3 years. So maybe it’s not such an absurd thing to wait. To me, having a baby is not just cutesy baby photos and sweet, sweet kisses from my little siopao-cheeked child. It’s 18 years of my life that I will have to dedicate to a human being. I mean, fine, I’ve dedicated my life to Jim when I married him but he’s a grown up! I don’t have to make sure I don’t drop him when I’m feeding him or remind him to look both ways before crossing the street.

To everybody who has asked me when I plan to have a baby, I know you’re just excited and I really appreciate your show of support. I don’t find it offensive at all! To everybody else, like this CHILD who left a comment on my Instagram…


I blurred her photo and username so people don’t attack her online. I guess I’m a lot more mature than I used to be. What do you know, maybe I am ready to have kids! LOLJK! But thanks for getting me riled up enough to write a blog post today. Sure wish her mommy had given her more attention.

Some people thought I got knocked up and that’s why I was getting married at only 26.

Can you believe?? A 26-year-old getting married?? WHO EVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING???????

It’s been over a year and that poor burger-pizza hybrid in my stomach that people mistook for a baby is now gone. I obviously wasn’t pregnant, I was just a little chubs. And right now, Jim and I are still not trying to have children. It’s a choice we both made and I respect other couples for choosing to have kids right after marriage, too.

I just need people to stop being so jaded thinking it’s the only reason people get married—so they can have children.

Some people still get married plainly because they’re in love and they only want to make burger-pizza babies for now.


#LoveScotch Master Whisky Class

My friends from Johnnie Walker invited me to a Master Whisky Class held yesterday at Desiderata, The Fort.

A Master Whisky Class? I have no idea what that is but it sounds cool — COUNT ME IN!


So glad I went because I learned so much about whisky and I actually tasted the difference between blends. Think wine tasting but with scotch! It was quite an experience.


Did you know that Scotch is whisky that comes from Scotland? Scotch has been around for over 500 years and they have strict laws implemented in Scotland that the drink can ONLY contain 3 ingredients: water, barley, and yeast.

The host mentioned raffling off some prizes for people who would post using the hashtag on social media. The boys really got into it. Haha!


ALL Scotch whisky must be aged in an oak barrel for at least 3 years! World-favorite scotch Johnnie Walker Black Label is aged for 12 years. They put amazing work into their craft.

They served a cocktail that was like a mojito but made with scotch. Yum!
They served a cocktail that was like a mojito but made with scotch. Yum!

You’re probably wondering if I’m misspelling whisky. Here’s the deal: the Scots spell it WHISKY while the Irish spell it WHISKEY – also used when describing American whiskey. But since we’re talking about Scotch, which as I mentioned earlier comes from Scotland, let’s spell it the way they do!

Jon Good, General Manager of Diageo Philippines Inc (distributor of Johnnie Walker et. al.)
Jon Good, General Manager of Diageo Philippines Inc (distributor of Johnnie Walker et. al.)

They gave each of us a set of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Singleton 12 Years, and Singleton Signature.



After we sniffed and tasted each one (Johnnie Walker Gold Label is my personal fave), we were treated to some cocktail gear so we could mix the scotch with different ingredients. Ewan Gunn, global ambassador for #LoveScotch, encouraged us to experiment with different mixes instead of being the usual scotch snobs who think the only right way to drink it is neat or on the rocks.



It was so much fun, like a science project!

Sniffing his creation hahaha
Sniffing his creation hahaha

My favorite is still the Old-Fashioned: 60ml scotch, 10ml sugar syrup, dashes of angostura bitters!

After a very competitive and energetic quiz (which we lost!😭), they announced the raffle winners and I won the Instagram contest for having the “most-liked” photo! Yay! We all got a bottle of Singleton Signature and Johnnie Walker Gold Label each!!

Here I am with the other contest winners and Ewan Gunn of #LoveScotch
Here I am with the other contest winners and Ewan Gunn of #LoveScotch

Everybody at the event went home with a mini bottle of Johnnie Walker, too!



Looking forward to tonight’s #LoveScotch event at Revel where I’ll hopefully meet supermodel Coco Rocha, the global ambassador of #LoveScotch! All these events are to create awareness for World Whisky Day happening on May 21. Let’s try to break the record of most Scotch selfies (selfies with a glass or bottle of — you guessed it — scotch) that day, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #LoveScotch!! Follow me on Snapchat (saabmagalona) for a live update on tonight’s event ☺️


Happy Mondays Volume 1

Mondays are usually really crappy so I want to count the things that make me happy and I’ll do exactly that every MONDAY!


We watched a marathon of House of Cards and played Uncharted 4 on PS4 all weekend and he brought out brownies and said, “Saturday naman eh…” Also, he is looking EXTRA CUTE today. Here’s a photo of Joey to spread happiness – how can this image not cheer you up?



Sooooo happy for Maxx’s new project with Star Cinema! It stars Piolo Pascual, Dawn Zulueta, and Coleen Garcia. Directed by Gino M. Santos. It’s out on May 25 so let’s all watch it!! Check out the trailer for Love Me Tomorrow:


  • Woke up from a horrible nightmare (some buses stopped by a bench that had our things on it and strangers were stealing our stuff – okay I guess it wasn’t that horrible) but since I got up early, I decided to workout! Started week 3 of my 8-week workout program! 💪🏻
  • Finally caught up with The Walking Dead comics early this morning. Bittersweet because UGH whyyyyyyyy??? But happy because I can finally go back to regular programming where I’m not constantly waiting for an opening to read TWD.
  • Got the new Drake album (Views) and currently downloading the new Chance The Rapper mixtape (Coloring Book). Waaaaaahhhhhh!!
  • Mondays = new episodes of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Veep!!
  • Looking forward to recording a new podcast with Jim tonight (uploaded the first episode last night!!)
  • I didn’t take a shower THE WHOLE DAY yesterday.
  • Oh my goodness, I just found out that #139 is NOT the latest issue of The Walking Dead. HAPPINESS TALAGA. ANO BA TO.