#LoveScotch Master Whisky Class

My friends from Johnnie Walker invited me to a Master Whisky Class held yesterday at Desiderata, The Fort.

A Master Whisky Class? I have no idea what that is but it sounds cool — COUNT ME IN!


So glad I went because I learned so much about whisky and I actually tasted the difference between blends. Think wine tasting but with scotch! It was quite an experience.


Did you know that Scotch is whisky that comes from Scotland? Scotch has been around for over 500 years and they have strict laws implemented in Scotland that the drink can ONLY contain 3 ingredients: water, barley, and yeast.

The host mentioned raffling off some prizes for people who would post using the hashtag on social media. The boys really got into it. Haha!


ALL Scotch whisky must be aged in an oak barrel for at least 3 years! World-favorite scotch Johnnie Walker Black Label is aged for 12 years. They put amazing work into their craft.

They served a cocktail that was like a mojito but made with scotch. Yum!
They served a cocktail that was like a mojito but made with scotch. Yum!

You’re probably wondering if I’m misspelling whisky. Here’s the deal: the Scots spell it WHISKY while the Irish spell it WHISKEY – also used when describing American whiskey. But since we’re talking about Scotch, which as I mentioned earlier comes from Scotland, let’s spell it the way they do!

Jon Good, General Manager of Diageo Philippines Inc (distributor of Johnnie Walker et. al.)
Jon Good, General Manager of Diageo Philippines Inc (distributor of Johnnie Walker et. al.)

They gave each of us a set of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Singleton 12 Years, and Singleton Signature.



After we sniffed and tasted each one (Johnnie Walker Gold Label is my personal fave), we were treated to some cocktail gear so we could mix the scotch with different ingredients. Ewan Gunn, global ambassador for #LoveScotch, encouraged us to experiment with different mixes instead of being the usual scotch snobs who think the only right way to drink it is neat or on the rocks.



It was so much fun, like a science project!

Sniffing his creation hahaha
Sniffing his creation hahaha

My favorite is still the Old-Fashioned: 60ml scotch, 10ml sugar syrup, dashes of angostura bitters!

After a very competitive and energetic quiz (which we lost!😭), they announced the raffle winners and I won the Instagram contest for having the “most-liked” photo! Yay! We all got a bottle of Singleton Signature and Johnnie Walker Gold Label each!!

Here I am with the other contest winners and Ewan Gunn of #LoveScotch
Here I am with the other contest winners and Ewan Gunn of #LoveScotch

Everybody at the event went home with a mini bottle of Johnnie Walker, too!



Looking forward to tonight’s #LoveScotch event at Revel where I’ll hopefully meet supermodel Coco Rocha, the global ambassador of #LoveScotch! All these events are to create awareness for World Whisky Day happening on May 21. Let’s try to break the record of most Scotch selfies (selfies with a glass or bottle of — you guessed it — scotch) that day, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #LoveScotch!! Follow me on Snapchat (saabmagalona) for a live update on tonight’s event ☺️


Happy Mondays Volume 1

Mondays are usually really crappy so I want to count the things that make me happy and I’ll do exactly that every MONDAY!


We watched a marathon of House of Cards and played Uncharted 4 on PS4 all weekend and he brought out brownies and said, “Saturday naman eh…” Also, he is looking EXTRA CUTE today. Here’s a photo of Joey to spread happiness – how can this image not cheer you up?



Sooooo happy for Maxx’s new project with Star Cinema! It stars Piolo Pascual, Dawn Zulueta, and Coleen Garcia. Directed by Gino M. Santos. It’s out on May 25 so let’s all watch it!! Check out the trailer for Love Me Tomorrow:


  • Woke up from a horrible nightmare (some buses stopped by a bench that had our things on it and strangers were stealing our stuff – okay I guess it wasn’t that horrible) but since I got up early, I decided to workout! Started week 3 of my 8-week workout program! 💪🏻
  • Finally caught up with The Walking Dead comics early this morning. Bittersweet because UGH whyyyyyyyy??? But happy because I can finally go back to regular programming where I’m not constantly waiting for an opening to read TWD.
  • Got the new Drake album (Views) and currently downloading the new Chance The Rapper mixtape (Coloring Book). Waaaaaahhhhhh!!
  • Mondays = new episodes of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Veep!!
  • Looking forward to recording a new podcast with Jim tonight (uploaded the first episode last night!!)
  • I didn’t take a shower THE WHOLE DAY yesterday.
  • Oh my goodness, I just found out that #139 is NOT the latest issue of The Walking Dead. HAPPINESS TALAGA. ANO BA TO.



Domestic Dispute #1: Double Date with Manny & Janelle

Hello hello, welcome to the very first episode of Domestic Dispute — a podcast that my husband Jim and I have been talking about for months but we never really sat down and recorded something until last Friday when some friends came over and we decided to just go for it.

Warning: I’m quite annoying in this first episode because I was a little tipsy and, well, I’m just generally an annoying person (especially when I’m with friends) but you know.. As Gossip Girl would say, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME.

I can’t believe I just quoted Gossip Girl. All the more proof that I’m annoying.

ANYWAY. So this episode features our best friend and Cheats bassist Manny Tanglao, his girlfriend Janelle Sangalang and our drummer Enzo Hermosa also unexpectedly drops by. We talk about fighting in relationships, jealousy, having a job, etc. And I guess because I was fueled by the title DOMESTIC DISPUTE, I just basically wanted to “make kontra” everything the boys had to say.

Rest assured, we are not trying to glorify violence in relationships, married or not. A dispute is an argument, a debate and Jim and I highly encourage having a couple of those because we believe it’s in those arguments that we get challenged by each other and how even if we get SOOOOO angry at each other’s opposing views, we always kiss and make up. I guess that’s how we knew we wanted to be together forever. So there. Don’t take this seriously, cos I remember doing a bit of slut-shaming about Boracay flings later on in the episode. I only meant it a little bit to piss off the boys in the episode. But, really. Go ahead and make out with whoever you want.

LOVE YOU GUYS. Here it is, episode 1. Enjoy!

For any questions and topic suggestions, I’m setting up a page for that on my blog :) Also currently making it available on iTunes!


Zennya: The Uber for Massages

I don’t know if you guys saw my tweet earlier this morning, but it’s true. My lower back just suddenly decided to cramp up towards the end of my workout. I don’t even know if it was the muscle or — God forbid — some slipped disc or something. All I know is that it hurt the whole day and I was looking forward to getting a massage tonight.

I contacted our favorite home-service masahista whom we met from Asian Massage. She’s quite a big woman who isn’t afraid to knead our muscles HARD. I say our muscles because Jim loves massages as much as I do so we get one at least once every two weeks. We used to get one every week but we decided that was a little too much indulgence. Haha.

Unfortunately, our loyal therapist didn’t reply to my texts or answer my calls. It’s a bit hard to book a massage through Asian Massage (plus, their therapists are inconsistent) so I didn’t bother. Sad news, too, my favorite Phone-A-Massage closed down months ago. I used to imitate the suplado gay concierge to my friends’ amusement: “FONAMASADZ, HELLOHH?” *sigh* I will no longer hear his masungit no-nonsense voice.

The good news is, I remembered an app I downloaded back in March when I saw an ad on Facebook. It’s called Zennya and it literally looked like an Uber for massages. I feel like that’s what every business is trying to achieve now. Everybody wants to be “the Uber for something.” It was a no-brainer. I love Uber and I love massages. After a bit of research and mostly because of its beautiful interface (admittedly), I finally booked a massage through the app.

Screenshots from iTunes store
Screenshots from the Apple app store

Look how cute the design is!! The app currently offers shiatsu or swedish massages and lets you choose between a male and female therapist. Decide how long you’d like your massage to be and you can book your massage right away. My favorite part? It’s cashless! Here’s a true story: I messaged Jim asking him to withdraw money before coming home because I ran out of cash. Initially he agreed but after a few minutes he replied, “OH NO I FORGOT MY WALLET AT HOME!” LELZ. This exchange happened before I booked through Zennya. It’s also one of the reasons I remembered to use the app, because I knew they only accepted payments via credit card.


The app has a nifty little credit card scanner so I didn’t have to type in all my details. It’s SSL-encrypted which is tech-speak for DON’T WORRY, YOUR INFO IS SUPER SECURE. Before I could book an appointment, I had to register my mobile number and wait for a verification code. I don’t know why, but I had to click “resend verification code” because I didn’t get it the first time. Second time’s the charm because I successfully booked a masseuse named Ramona in just 2 minutes!

The app shows you a photo of your therapist and how long it will take for her to get to your place. Zennya said she’d get here in 23 minutes but she arrived in about 40 minutes. Pretty bad accuracy but, hey, I didn’t really mind because they’re a start-up on-demand service. Better than calling the usual massage agencies and always hearing that the next available therapist is not until 1AM.

Ramona didn’t provide towels but she asked for two — one to protect my sheets from oil and one for me. I prefer using my own towels for hygienic reasons but I assume some people expect towels to be provided. I was also given the option between scented (calming) and unscented massage oils. Like Uber, the therapist had to click “START” from her app before we started. Once she did, soft spa music played on her phone. Nice touch!

At first, I was ready to be disappointed because I was so used to my old masseuse’s hard pressure technique. But after a few minutes, I noticed she was applying just the right amount of pressure on all the right spots! Before our session began, I told her in passing that my lower back was hurting and she really focused on it! Turns out, all of them are licensed and trained therapists. Okay, I wish this was a paid testimonial haha but it’s not — I felt AMAZING after the hour-long massage. Even better than I did with my favorite heavy-handed masseuse. Heck, I feel great, it actually got me to blog tonight. Haha.

When the massage ended, the app asked me if I wanted to tip her 0, 50, 100, 150, or 200 pesos. I liked that there was an option for tips! It also asked me if I wanted to put Ramona under my “FAVORITE THERAPISTS” list so the app could match us next time if she’s available.

I asked Ramona if she came from another client before me and she said she came from Robinson’s Galleria. She said she used an Uber to get to my place! It made so much sense! They partnered with Uber, that’s why their app looks a lot like it! Super cool, I can’t get over it. Give it a try! It’s my first time to use their service and Jim is 5 minutes away from finishing his own massage from Ramona. I’ll let you know what he says when he’s done! Be wary though: Jim’s a tough critic!! I call him Jiminy Critic.

UPDATE: Jim says she was really good! Yay!!

Hope you’re having a relaxing Thursday night as well!!

Zennya currently services the following areas: Makati, Mandaluyong, BGC/Taguig, Ortigas/Pasig, Eastwood, Greenhills, Wack Wack, San Juan, Cubao.

RATES are as follows:
60 minutes – Php400
90 minutes – Php550
120 minutes – Php700

Download the app from the App Store.


Ask Saab 48

Sandwich Debris album launch, 2015 | Photo by JD Valdez
Sandwich Debris album launch, 2015 | Photo by JD Valdez

Q: where’d you attend high school?
A: Montessori Integrated School, Antipolo

Q: how many years were you in the ateneo? 5? did you shift?
A: 5. Nope! Just had to move units around cos I was working at the time.

Q: Can you recommend a good vacay spot in Batangas? Thanks!
A: Tali!

Q: Saab you said you got your hair rebonded in high school? How did it become like normal hair again? Yung akin kasi sobrang buhaghag and parang walis. I had it rebonded 4 years ago :(
A: It just grew out! Here’s a link on how to fix damaged hair after rebonding, hope it helps!

Q: what was jim’s course in college? did he also study in AdMU?
A: Yes, he was in commtech management. I always forget his course HAHA I just asked him thru Whatsapp now.

Q: Hi Saab, can you please name the products from Kiehl you might/will not stop using. Thank you! :)
A: Kiehl’s facial wash, toner, and Midnight Recovery Concentrate are the things I use daily when I’m in a hurry and can’t do all the other steps. I also wear BB cream with sunscreen every morning :)

Q: Hi saab! Just wanna ask.. Where do you buy your dry shampoo and which brand do you use? Thanks! Love your hair btw xx
A: I have from Lush but I almost never use it because ang bilis ko mag pawis especially when I don’t wash my hair, I feel really hot the whole day. Huhuhu

Q: Do you have any idiosyncrasy before you write?
A: Yes, I procrastinate. Haha.

Q: What was going on in your mind before and during the no filter play? How did you overcome the anxiety and stage fright?
A: I needed to respect the text and deliver it in the way I imagined the writers would like me to. It wasn’t really about me, it was the beautifully written pieces. I overcame my stage fright and anxiety through bonding with the cast. We became very close and I felt like I was never alone on that stage.

Q: What’s the worst thing about Jim that you learned to love?
A: He’s SUCH a movie snob. Hahahaha. He criticizes almost everything about movies and it used to annoy me so much hahaha but it’s so fun because when he loves a movie, he REALLY loves it and can’t stop re-enacting the scenes. I’ve told him more than once that he should really try directing a movie. The boy’s brilliant!!

Q: What was that ‘something’ that made you so sure Jim is ‘THE ONE’? I mean how did you come to the conclusion na parang ‘Ah ito na talaga, siya na nga ang papakasalan ko’?
A: When we had a huge fight (can’t even remember what about) and he dropped me off at my condo and then we both walked away from each other and I usually would have just been “BAHALA SIYA!” but I started tearing up. Even if my head was telling me DO NOT SAY SORRY, I turned around and caught up to him. He had tears in his eyes, too. I hugged him and said sorry, and he said sorry too. It was a cinematic moment. Buti nalang nasa may hallway kami na walang tao because omg sobrang baduy ng scene na yun. HAHAHA. But that’s when I knew I really did not want to let go of this person ever. He really gets me to let go of my pride. That’s a hard feat especially for a bratty girlfriend like me. Hehe

Q: Hey Saab! Any affordable and classic lipstick for 18’s for everyday use (I dont wanna look OOOOLD) Love youuu
A: Colourpop lippie stix are nice! Try @colourpop_ph on Instagram! I think they have a stall in Tiendesitas and do shipping as well. I usually get mine from @death_by_lipstick but it seems like they haven’t been active since December. :(

Q: Is there any dream you still want to achieve in your writing career?
A: I want to publish a book someday. Right now, I just don’t think I’m ready yet. :(

Q: One haunting regret you wish you could have done?
A: My only regret is not spending more time with my dad

Q: Do you plan on being vegetarian or going vegan?
A: Nope!

Q: What was the last good thing that happened to you?
A: Woke up early this morning and without hesitation I worked out!! YAY

Q: What do you do when you wake up?
A: Just recently I had to wake up at 6AM everyday to give Joey her antibiotics for her UTI. Thank the Lord okay na siya. Hahaha. But yeah, she sleeps on our bed so when I wake up I always open the door for her so she can go outside to pee and drink water.

Q: One thing you wish you could change about yourself?
A: Wish I didn’t sweat so easily. Literally and figuratively.

Q: Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?
A: Not anyone in real life but I’d like to punch Enid from The Walking Dead

Q: What’s your favourite quote that sticks to you up until now?
A: “Only floss between the ones you want to keep” – something I came across about dental hygiene haha. Somehow I’ve applied it with people in my life. I only make time for people who matter to me. It’s a waste of time hanging out with fake friends.

Q: Did you ever experienced mid-life crisis? How did you overcome it?
A: Grabe yung mid-life crisis. Quarter-life naman please. Haha. Yes, sometimes I feel like I haven’t done enough but then I tell myself to relax and just keep going. I think I’m doing fine.

Q: Saab do you think you’re living your life to the fullest?
A: I sure hope I am.

Q: One Filipino writer you love and has become your inspiration?
A: Jessica Zafra was a huge inspiration as a teenager. I should read her new stuff!!

Q: Saab how did you know you wanted to write or that you could write? What made you decide that ‘I should be a writer’ and take creative writing as a course? Im so confused if I really want to be a writer I’m afraid I wouldnt earn as much (not really being money-obsessed but ya know) and not be successful in being one. Huhu
A: I think writing and big money don’t really go hand-in-hand except if you’re in Hollywood and you’re as good as Aaron Sorkin et al. I personally didn’t think so much about it. I don’t know if it’s a good thing my parents are so laid-back because they were never really in the corporate world either. I just knew I enjoyed writing and that people were interested in what I had to say. I didn’t know if I was any good, I just kept writing. My advice: you can take any course you want that will make your feel scure about money. Just write everyday for at least 30 minutes. Make time to read. Attend workshops during the summer. You don’t need to take up writing as a course in college. I don’t think magazines and publications are very strict about your course when hiring or accepting contributions. Good luck!

Q: Hot Topic stuff or Loungefly?:)
A: Neither (I don’t know what Loungefly is!)

Q: Top 5 recent book recommendations? And top 5 of all time? :)
A: I HAVEN’T BEEN READING. Huhuhu. Recent: “Why Not Me?” by Mindy Kaling, “Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl” by Carrie Brownstein, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, “The Girl On The Train” by Paula Hawkins, “One More Thing” by BJ Novak. Top 5 of all time?? Don’t make me do this huhuhu sakit sa heart

Q: Ate Saab what is your personality according to Myers-Briggs Personality Type? -H
A: I can’t remember! Last took that test in college. I just know I was an Introvert cos it started with an I… Hahaha! I tried to take a free test online but puro “borderline” yung results.

Q: me and my boyfriend are together for 5 years now. i love him but somehow im at a point right now that i miss being single. i miss the freedom of going out with whoever i want to go out with. i am very confused right now.
A: How old are you? Is he your first boyfriend? I think that’s normal for people who have not had many experiences with different groups of people and you feel like you’re missing out. I think it’s best if you talk to your boyfriend about how you’re feeling. Remember to be honest but try not to say anything hurtful (i.e. “I’m bored”). If you’re boyfriend is okay with you going to a party that he can’t/won’t go to, then there is nothing holding you back. Think about it too, though, would you be okay if it were the other way around? Be sensitive to his feelings. If you still feel the same way after talking to him, maybe you should rethink your relationship. You may not be ready for a commitment. Take note: there is no going back if you break up with him. It would be unfair for you to be all, “I’ve had my fun! I’m ready now!” Good luck!!

Q: can you upload more on your youtube? I put it on my iphone cause i really love you! You’re one of my inspiration for blogging Ate saab! Yay! Any videos will do! :)
A: REALLY? Okay xx

Q: When your haur was long back then, how do you sleep on it? Do you tie it or plain lugay?
A: I know it’s bad but I always sleep with my hair tied.

Q: Hi Saab! Can you post your gig schedules so I can watch your band perform :) btw you’r so pretty!!! :) – S
A: I put the schedule on the right side of my page but I’m thinking of posting gig posters on my actual blog page as well :)

Q: Doc Martens or Palladium Boots?
A: Why not both??

Q: Do you get annoyed by your makukulit na fans? If so, how do you handle us? LOL
A: NO I never get annoyed. As long as you’re not rude, I will love you forever

Q: Are you still friends with Lucy?
A: We don’t really talk much but I just saw her at a party last Saturday and we caught up with each other’s lives a little bit :)

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve seen you in The Ryzza Mae Show. I love your hair there! Did you have it permed? Or do you at least know a good salon where I can have my short hair permed? I like the wavy short hair that’s uso nowadays. thanks!
A: Hi! I’ve never gotten my hair permed hehe that was just curled! Hmm I guess I would recommend salons that are used to Korean hairstyles like Tony & Jackey :)

Q: Hi Saab! Do you use a planner? How do you take down notes? Would love to know more about your paper and pen journeys! :-)
A: I really do wish I had a prettier journal but I just make checklists daily :)

Q: Hi Saab! I just want to ask where you bought the c3po backpack? Thanks!
A: It was a gift from Jim! He bought it through his ate Mia who works for Disney in Singapore :)

Q: hi saab! i’m a fan of your blog. why don’t you write a book? that will be awesome and i’ll gladly buy and read it. ;)
A: Can’t decide on what I’ll write about!!

Q: how do i not freak when the ex i’ve been trying to get back with doesn’t reply to my msgs for 2 weeks?
A: Breathe in and out 10 times. 6 seconds inhale, 6 seconds exhale. Calm down. Sorry to break it to you but maybe it’s not meant to be :(

Q: how do you know you’re over someone? and, how can one be happy after a break-up?
A: I think it’s when you’re finally not hoping for that person to be miserable in life. When you feel genuinely happy for them when they’ve found happiness with someone else. When you wish them the best in life while you’re living yours not thinking about them every hour. My advice for the newly heartbroken has always been: go find a hobby. Figure out your passion. Spend your time and energy on that and you’ll soon be happy on your own because you’re doing what you love.

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve always liked your “mean” side and I want to get your opinion on this one haha. How do you deal with fake friends? Do you still talk to them or even greet them whenever you’re in the same event/room or dedma ka lang? Do you block them on facebook/twitter etc..
A: WHAT MEAN SIDE??? Hahaha. I unfriend people I haven’t talked to in at least a year. It’s no biggie, they won’t notice anyway. But if it’s someone I feel will take it personally when I unfriend them, I simply use the very useful MUTE and UNFOLLOW button on Twitter and Facebook. I am not a confrontational person so I will smile and nod but I will not make conversation with people I don’t like. If I REALLY don’t like you (I only do this to about 3 people), I pretend you don’t exist.

Q: which branch of topshop and H&M do you usually go to shop?
A: Topshop Shang or Rockwell. H&M Megamall hehe.

Q: What’s your current obsession?
A: Budgeting

Q: what’s the story of your first kiss? :)
A: My first kiss EVER? Hahaha. I was in 4th year high school and I was helping out my ate Unna with her play in Ateneo College. My first boyfriend secretly visited me and I met him outside the theater. While we were holding hands and talking about nothing, he asked me if he could kiss me. I said okay. So he kissed me. Then I went back inside the theater super kilig, I told my friend about it. All he advised me was to NEVER kiss after eating M&Ms because it’s gross. Hahaha!! I still have never tried that but thanks for the advice, Jan Parma!

Q: Which is better, BB cream from The Face Shop or Kiehl’s? :)
A: I like the Kiehl’s one better but Candy says it’s not good on her skin. I guess it depends on your skin type!

Q: Do you still receive monthly allowance from Jim’s parents? :)
A: OMG no. We never did. Since we both started working, we’ve been paying for our own utilities. That’s how it should be. I’m still shocked when I hear about some batch mates that still have their parents pay for their phone bills and gas. Kaloka.

Q: Hi saab! I’ve been in a ldr situation for a year now and recently he asked for my hand in marriage but i just turned 20 (he’s 24) i’m not sure yet if we’re ready. Do you think we’re going so fast? I just want your opinion you and jim are #realliferelationshipgoals
A: Big question is: have you met this guy in real life? It’s VERY different when you’re just communicating online. I suggest you try to attend Discovery Weekend before making an actual decision :)

Q: Hi Saab, just want to ask how do you maintain your lips to not darken, coz i notice dark lipstick sort of leave stain on the lips and darkens it.help please!
A: I didn’t know lipsticks could leave stains! I don’t do any maintenance, I guess you should just be careful with which brands you choose to use!

Q: Did you get yourself a new tattoo?
A: Not yet, but I’m thinking about it hehe


Not Sure If You Have Sensitive Teeth? Take The Chill Test!

I’m a real big coffee fan. I have it every morning with my breakfast and I have to give it credit for getting me through my daily workouts and writing deadlines.

Photo by Duncan C
Photo by Duncan C

The sad thing about coffee, whether hot or cold, is that not everybody can enjoy drinking it. People with sensitive teeth know what I’m talking about.

I didn’t think of myself as someone who suffered from sensitive teeth but sometimes when I’m eating or drinking something that’s outside of room temperature, I flinch because I feel a sharp pain in my mouth. Mom said I probably had sensitive teeth. A quick trip to the dentist showed she was right. Every time the dentist would direct cold air to dry my teeth after cleaning, I’d feel a strong discomfort.

Luckily, Sensodyne® has found a fun way to find out if you’re suffering from the same thing without having to go to the dentist (cos that’s never fun! Haha!). It’s perfect for us coffee lovers because it involves — wait for it — COFFEE!

Photo by Sacha Fernandez
Photo by Sacha Fernandez

It’s called the Chill Test and here’s what you have to do: take an ice slush of coffee in your mouth, then brace yourself. If you can stand the chill, you’re A-OKAY. If not, then you’ve got sensitive teeth. Even if you can stand to keep the coffee slush in your mouth, if you’re feeling discomfort, welcome to the dental hypersensitivity club. THE HORROR!!!

Not to worry, there is hope for us. Thanks to Sensodyne® and its #SayNoToNgilo campaign, they’re letting everyone know that they’ve got our backs. Or teeth, rather. Sensodyne® has a wide range of products that will help relieve the symptoms of sensitive teeth and even fix the damage that causes it.

Give the Chill Test a try! Better yet, drop by one of the various malls and barangays where Sensodyne® is holding the test. Find the closest location through the Sensodyne® Philippines  Facebook page via @SensodynePH. The Chill Test will happen from February 20, 2016 until September 18, 2016.

Here’s a tip: Bring a friend and take a video of each other while taking the Chill Test just for fun. If both of you pass, treat yourselves to some coffee afterward! If you don’t pass, go ahead and stock up on Sensodyne® ;)


SENSODYNE and the rings device are trademarks owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies.


NFPoster (1)

We at No Filter have always wanted to add more voices, more stories to our play.

We have something exciting in store and we’d love to make you a part of that experience! Get a chance to collaborate with No Filter‘s writing team and cast by answering either of the questions below in 800 words or less:

  • Why is feminism important to you?
  • Why are millennials so obsessed with traveling?

Email to sab@thesandboxcollective.com with the subject line: “No Filter Open Call” by May 6, 2016. We can’t wait to read your work!

P.S. That’s really Sab with one A because that’s not me! That’s the very talented (and gorgeous) Sab Jose :)


Whose Voice Is It, Anyway?

Photo by Miggy Abesamis of Ballast Photography using expired Verichrome Pan
Photo by Miggy Abesamis of Ballast Photography using expired Verichrome Pan


“You can’t do it.”

“Why bother?”

“You’re not good enough.”

“What you’re doing isn’t important.”

You’ve heard it at some point in your life: that voice at the back of your mind telling you that your idea is stupid. That stupid voice has resurfaced to remind me that I’m incredibly incompetent. It tells me that there are other people writing about more important things. I am always just a blogger. I don’t deserve readership. I’m not making a difference.

I hadn’t heard from this particular voice in a while so I wondered why it was making a comeback. It was supposed to disappear along with teenage angst, but here it was again trying to leave scars worse than teenage acne.

Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who knows exactly when I’m not feeling a hundred percent.

He asked me last night if there was something bothering me. He said he noticed that I hadn’t published anything on my blog lately. We got to talking and he seemed to know what I needed to hear even before I opened up to him. He reminded me of his struggles about leaving his corporate job and finally get into business.

I knew this story. He sought advice from his dad, the brilliant Gerry Bacarro, and he was told to put a face to the nay-saying voice in his head. For whatever reason, Jim saw a certain person he’d known all his life. I know the guy. He’s definitely not an evil person per se, but he’s the typical bully who laughs at your dreams and aspirations while he’s blowing his parents’ money on bottles of vodka ~*in da club*~.

Papa Gerry then asked Jim to imagine himself in a room full of the people who cheer him on. I was there. His family was there. Our band was there. The room was full. Then he was told to imagine that bully in the same room. His taunts were inaudible and Jim barely noticed him. Did the guy — a guy he only saw once in a blue moon at reunions — really matter to Jim? No. Because the people who matter would never laugh at his dream, even if it was different from their own.

Last night, I identified the voice I’d been hearing.

The girl was somebody I’d wanted to impress. She’s so smart and funny but she’s critical of practically everybody. I didn’t want to be a basic bitch in her book. I was always giddy when she’d laugh at my jokes and when she’d praise me. She’s unimpressed with everything but I can make her laugh!! But then I realized — this person had always been so negative and unhappy. She’d let it slip more than once that celebrities are unimportant and undeserving. She could be one of the smartest, funniest persons I know but she’s also the loneliest. Insecurity doesn’t look good on anybody — I guess that’s why she loses friends quickly.

Jim told me to imagine my room full of my best friends, my family and his, my idols, my blog readers — all rooting for me to win. I don’t always have to post something life-changing or Pulitzer Prize-worthy. It’s when I don’t publish anything that I let that whole room down.

It’s Not You

“Silence your inner critic.”

“You are your worst critic.”

We always get these pieces of advice and it’s helpful, no doubt. But now I know that more often than not, it’s not my own voice telling me I can’t achieve something. It was probably implied by somebody and the seed was planted in my head. Very Inception. Let this blog post serve as your totem. Wake the F up.

As for the owner of the voice messing with my self-confidence — I’m sure she never actively meant to hurt me. I’m not mad at her at all, I’ve just decided that I don’t need to try and impress her anymore. Instead, I pray she finally puts a face to the voice telling her she’s not all that. I wish she kicks that party crasher hard out of her room. “NOBODY INVITED YOU, YA LITTLE BITCH.”

We may never be able to silence that voice completely, but we sure can drown it out with a room full of cheerful voices. Let that choir sing and please allow me to be in your room (as creepy as that request may sound). Here’s a gentle reminder: you can do it.


Cheats Album Relaunch

My apologies for not updating my blog for over a week. I was so pre-occupied with our album relaunch that happened last Thursday.

Why the relaunch?

Here’s the thing: Candy and I are pretty controlling. Well, kind of. It’s just that we were hoping our previous suppliers would be able to execute our idea. Our mistake was to allow our previous management to handle it themselves. Even after saying “MAKE SURE THE MATERIAL IS CORRUGATED CARDBOARD” in all caps, when we got the albums they were made of this ridiculously flimsy material. Of course because we weren’t handling the production ourselves, there was no more time to fix it. We were heartbroken because we worked so hard on conceptualizing it, shooting the actual in-lay booklet (it’s all handwritten), getting artist JP Cuison to collaborate with us for the artwork, etc. After we launched it, we let it go because people were nice enough and happy enough with the songs that nobody complained about their albums getting completely flattened in their bags.

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And then it started: we were getting messages about some CDs not working at all. OMG, I thought. WHERE DID OUR MANAGEMENT GET THESE CRAPPY SUPPLIERS?? It was a logistical nightmare. There was a total of about 30 completely blank CDs. We were so embarrassed.

Still, the demand for the album was there. We finally decided to do it right a second time. Candy and I did everything ourselves, from looking for the best suppliers to actually assembling the albums ourselves. I personally checked each and every CD before packing them in their box. The rest of the band took care of making sure we had 2 new tracks to offer them for the relaunch.


I even made the poster for the event myself

Aren't you so proud of me???
Aren’t you so proud of me???

I’m so happy we did the event because it just proves how awesome our supporters are. I was trying to be realistic because there were no more weekends left in Saguijo so our event fell on a Thursday. I told the band not to expect too much given that our initial launch last July broke sales records in Saguijo. Tough act to follow!! So I was really surprised when people started pouring into the bar. It was one of the hottest nights in Manila and I don’t mean that in a Paris Hilton way. That outdated reference was totally not hot, by the way. It was literally hot with barely a breeze. But the crowd braved it, turning our home base into a sauna once again. We wanted to give you quality products and here’s a second chance at giving you your money’s worth.

The new album has two absolutely new tracks (Drunk + Cube)! Drunk was recorded at La Balls Studio with Nick Lazaro, and Cube was a product of amazing technology. Jim recorded the instruments in our home office and then I recorded my vocals. He sent it to Ernest for more guitars and mixing, Candy recorded her vocals at the JAM 88.3 studio a day before the song’s deadline (I don’t think I’m supposed to be disclosing this information but oh well), Ernest put everything together and mixed it, sent it back to me so I could send it to the supplier for printing. Actually, my recording was supposed to just be a guide for Candy to think of a counter-melody. But she told me not to do a second take anymore because she loved it already. Overall, the rawness of it always makes me cry. Try to check it out! Although, we’re not making it available online for a while so it’s exclusive for buyers of the new version of our album. More info on how to get your hands on it at the end of this post.

Thanks to all the bands that played with us at the relaunch!!

Fools and Foes | Photo by  JD Valdez
Fools and Foes | Photo by JD Valdez
Rusty Machines | Photo by Nicky Aureo
Rusty Machines | Photo by Nicky Aureo
The Strangeness | Photo by  JD Valdez
The Strangeness | Photo by JD Valdez
Musical O | Photo by  JD Valdez
Musical O | Photo by JD Valdez

Thanks to our road manager Jhoi and Al of Support Local Indie Scene for manning our merch booth!! Follow SLIS on Instagram, they post daily local gigs!

Shirts for sale!! | Photo by  JD Valdez
Shirts for sale!! | Photo by JD Valdez
Photo by  JD Valdez
Photo by JD Valdez
Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by  JD Valdez
Photo by JD Valdez


Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by  JD Valdez
Photo by JD Valdez
Shirt by linyalinya.ph hehe | Photo by Nicky Aureo
Shirt by linyalinya.ph hehe | Photo by Nicky Aureo
As the photographer, Nicky, captioned this: "May worship service sa Saguijo kagabi" LOL
As the photographer, Nicky, captioned this: “May worship service sa Saguijo kagabi” LOL
HIGH FIVES | Photo by Nicky Aureo
HIGH FIVES | Photo by Nicky Aureo
Kyle joined us onstage to play keys | Photo by Nicky Aureo
Kyle joined us onstage to play keys | Photo by Nicky Aureo
SO FUN | Photo by Nicky Aureo
SO FUN | Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by Nicky Aureo

SOBRANG SAYA, guys. Watch this video I posted on Instagram:

LOVE YOU GUYS #CheatsAlbumRelaunch

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Thanks again to everyone who came out and celebrated with us!! If you weren’t able to get a copy of the album and if you want our shirts, you can visit our shop on Facebook :)

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