A Quick Trip to Singapore

This is long overdue but I was invited to a live screening of the MTV Movie Awards by MTV Asia in Singapore last April 13-14. Because I’ve been invited to previous events by the folks at MTV Asia and they are always such good hosts, I said yes and decided to take my mom as my plus one! Mom and I were excited to jet set and try to explore the non tourist-y side of Singapore.

As soon as we arrived at the beautiful Changi airport, we took our time before immigration to do a little shopping!


We checked out Marc Jacobs

DSC00838 DSC00839

I ended up buying a totally cute laptop bag xx Here’s a picture I took of it later on at our hotel. Sinali ko na rin yung Prada na gift sa akin ni Jim dati. I feel like a grown woman owning such nice bags heehee <3


Finally en route to our hotel~

DSC00844Reading material in the cab. How perfect that they put Daniel Ek on the cover because Spotify is finally available in the Philippines!

DSC00846Our hotel was awesome! Oasia is fairly new (3 or 4 years?) but ranked very high in reviews.

DSC00847 DSC00858 DSC00859

I love nice and clean bathrooms!DSC00860 DSC00862 DSC00863 DSC00865

Saw lots of funny signs while walking to the train station which is connected to the hotel’s basement, by the way! How convenient!

DSC00868 DSC00869 DSC00870 DSC00871 DSC00872 DSC00874

Medyo madaming tao sa train and ang daming Pinoy because it was a Sunday!

DSC00879Our first stop was Chinatown

DSC00896 DSC00884 DSC00888 DSC00899 DSC00900 DSC00902We found the famous Tintin Shop where we weren’t allowed to take photos  but we purchased a lot of stuff because, well, we LOVE Tintin!!!

DSC00890 DSC00892More and more shops lined Chinatown!

DSC00905There were also a number of stalls where you could have your name translated into a Chinese character!

DSC00908Mama and Buddha

DSC00909Cheats street

DSC00912Leaving Chinatown

DSC00913Our next stop was the very hip Duxton Hill

DSC00917 DSC00918Apparently this store’s name is HILL

DSC00920There were so many cute little book stores!

DSC00921 DSC00922

DSC00928And strange bars haha




I’m pretty sure she is Pinay!
DSC00931Our cafe of choice, Department of Caffeine, was unfortunately packed

DSC00926 DSC00927So we went to Group Therapy instead. The vibe was cooler anyway!

DSC00933 DSC00935 DSC00936Cute receipt trays

DSC00943Functional table numbers

DSC00944The food was good, too!

DSC00946 DSC00950 DSC00948 DSC00951 DSC00949

Great display


I want this!


The door knob is an ice scooper


What a lovely day to walk around



I even spotted a few bridal boutiques hahaha



What awesome street art!








It was a Sunday so we went to mass on Tank Road!:)



Beautiful interior! Don’t judge me – I took that shot after the ceremony!:)


It rained out of nowhere and real hard so we took refuge in a 7-eleven hehe




When the rain subsided, we took a cab to 313@Somerset to have dinner with my friends who are currently living in Singapore! Hi Mong and Kelly!


They took us to this restaurant called Marche where they give you a card to swipe at each food station. It’s like a nice little market place. The card is surrendered as you go out and you pay only for what you ate!








We slept early because we had to get up at 6:30AM the following day. I super enjoyed watching and live tweeting the MTV Movie Awards!


My fellow Pinoy at the event, Tim Yap!:D


The breakfast buffet was yummy as always haha those chili dogs were to die for


Thank you so much for the invitation, MTV Asia!:D


Look at what I found at their office – a Nickelodeon figure signed by Charice!


Their office sure looks fun




Conan hosted this year’s MTV Movie Awards and if you didn’t know it yet – I LOVE CONAN


Click here to find out more about the recently concluded MTV Movie Awards!

When in Singapore… Go to H&M!



I love traveling with mom – she’s so laid back ♥


Look at this cute flower art installation at the Changi airport!


Black charcoal burger at Burger King


And that’s when we were called to board and go home to Manila! We almost missed out flight actually because Tim thought it was 6:40pm instead of 6:20!! Hahaha! Anyway, we made it home safe and sound! I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos!:)

25 thoughts on “A Quick Trip to Singapore

  1. Hi Saab~^^ I’m Jonnah, I’m a fan. Anong camera gamit mo? Ang cute kasi. And also your mom’s cam too. I want to purchase a small cam. Can I know what kind of camera are you both using? I hope you reply soon. Thanks!

  2. Sana pumunta kayo sa Haji Lane, it’s in Bugis lang.. So many cool vintage stuffs and tambayan ng mga hipsters. <3

  3. thanks for sharing your adventure in Singapore…..I enjoyed viewing all your photos and keep me update about present Singapore look like. thanks so much! May God Bless You and the Rest of the Family! have a nice day!

  4. I’ve been working here in SG for 8 months now, and since then It’s been
    one of my desire to get a sight of PH celebrities roaming freely in SG, but until now wala pa akong nakikita :) You’ve been here and I didn’t get to see you even just from afar :( I am one of our avid blog readers :) Congrats on your engagement ^_^

  5. Ate Saab, sana makuha mo yung letter na pinabigay ko kay Moe :( Pati po letter ni Ms. Pia sana makarating. I love you talaga!!! <3

  6. Hi, Saab! I have this Sony NEX 5T. How do you transfer your photos from the camera to PC without the quality/resolution/HD-ness being reduced? My photos seem to get a little blurry when transferred to a smartphone or PC and not as HD as it was when viewed on the cam’s viewfinder. Any tips? Cos I really dig your blog along with your shots. Thanks! :)

    1. Hmm.. Mine doesn’t have that problem. I just insert my memory card in my computer’s slot and transfer it! How do you transfer yours?

  7. If you cant tell..I totally stalk your blog..look at me, commenting on a post from April last year, haha! I’m super interested in that restaurant, Marche. I really wanna try it out. Was it affordable? Kinda scared coz I might not notice how much na pala mga kinakain ko swipe lang ako ng swipe ng card! Haha anyway, I love your blog and congrats on tying the knot! <3

  8. Hi Saab!!

    Can I just ask what model number is your black Prada bag? Been looking for that model. Hope you’ll reply!

    Thank you!! :)

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