Am I Really Engaged?

I’m not going to pretend I had no idea about the proposal. There were several signs.

Jim and I have always openly discussed our future. We get so excited imagining our future home, decorating our living room, where to live abroad (just for maybe 2 years), what business ventures to explore together… It’s not a dead giveaway but I did notice the conversations about our future becoming more frequent. I would always joke about hating having to part ways every night. Cue the Beach Boys’ Wouldn’t It Be Nice.

Obviously marriage was in our not-so-far future. Then I heard about a diamond. Jim and I were driving home from the 7107 International Music Festival (February 23) when his mom called. Siyempre it was just the 2 of us in the car and I could hear everything his mom was saying. She was just reminding him of some errands to run and then she said in a very excited tone, “May nahanap na diamond si tita Fely. Gusto mong tignan?” and my heart skipped! He rushed to say “Mommy, mamaya na” and said goodbye as I looked out the window so he wouldn’t see my smiling face with matching wide eyes. I was SOOO happy it was really difficult not to smile like an idiot. I didn’t want to ruin his plans.

Our first night in Japan

The next clue I got was from MY mom. Hahaha!! It’s a long story but Maxx and I had a silly misunderstanding and didn’t talk for a WHOLE WEEK which was like a lifetime for BFFs like us. Then we finally HAD to see each other at a meeting. We talked and figured out that we totally misunderstood each other so we made up. When Maxx went to the bathroom, my mom asked me, “So is this why Jim wanted to have dinner with me and Maxx? To try and fix your fight?” and I was so weirded out and said I don’t know but I was pretty sure he was going to ask for my hand in marriage. I kind of freaked out when I realized my mom could totally say no to the idea of us getting married.

Gundam at Diver City, Odaiba, Tokyo

I NEVER EVER go through Jim’s phone but when we order food for delivery we grab the nearest phone. I really wanted to kick myself for getting his phone and his inbox was onscreen. His mom’s message read “Did Pia reply na?” ANO BA YAN!! Hahaha! By this time I had super mixed feelings already because though I was very excited to get married, I also felt guilty that I already knew.

I guessed it would happen in Japan because… Duh, why wouldn’t you propose in Japan? Haha! So whenever I told Jim, “I’m so excited for Japan!!!” he didn’t know I was secretly telling him, “YES I WILL MARRY YOU!”


On the second day of our Japan trip, we passed by a coffee shop and it was too full to seat our group of 9. We had to get separate tables so Jim and I coincidentally got a little privacy. As we were half-joking about someday living in Japan for a few years, he started getting serious. He told me that he had spoken to his parents and my mom about the idea of us moving in together. He said that his very conservative mom got very upset and they hadn’t spoken for 2 weeks. My mom wasn’t happy with the idea either, according to Jim. All this information took me by surprise and I genuinely felt like a fool for thinking he was going to propose to me. But he was such a sweet heart and told me he was trying really hard to take our relationship to the next step. Sadly, he said he couldn’t offer me marriage because he was waiting to become financially stable. I couldn’t let him know how sad I was because he was thinking very rationally so I smiled, brushed it off and excused myself to use the bathroom. My tears started pouring faster than my heartbeat in the confines of the women’s bathroom. My chest was really hurting but I knew it wasn’t my heart breaking. I still knew I was with the best boyfriend ever. I got upset because I wondered if his whole story was to cover up my mom saying NO to our engagement. I wiped my tears quickly and thanked myself for using smudge-free eyeliner and waterproof mascara before heading back to our table. I gave Jim a quick peck on the cheek and told him I didn’t want to live together anyway before getting married so it’s no problem with me. I know, right? I’m such a wonderful girlfriend………… CHE!! Hahaha!

So nagpaka-Elsa na ako and I LET IT GO…

let it go

It wasn’t going to happen. Kebs na. The next day we traveled to one of the best parks in Tokyo — Ueno Park. It was so beautiful.


Walked around for a few hours and then it was time to go home. We all took photos before leaving.


Then Arkin started taking photos of Maxx and Chino by the Japanese sign (I have no clue what it says). He called Jim and I to take photos too because it was a nice place to take “couple” photos daw. Cute!!


As soon as we stood there to take photos, a strong breeze blew the cherry blossom petals on us! It was SO ROMANTIC. In hindsight, Jim told me he kept choking to ask me the entire trip because he kept waiting for the perfect time. The petal shower was the perfect sign according to him and that’s when he turned to me, held both my hands and started sort of stammering. Hehehe. I knew it was finally happening but I couldn’t believe it!!


He said “I’ve been waiting for the right moment to ask you…” I was already crying before he got down on one knee and brought something out from his pocket. I saw a silver Spiderman keychain (my favorite Marvel superhero) and my heart stopped. I was thinking OMG IS THIS NOT A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL?! I’M GONNA DIE hahaha and then I saw the ring attached to the keychain. That’s when he said “I love you. Will you marry me?” and of course I said YES!!



Look at how happy mom is!! But I still couldn’t believe it! I actually asked “are you sure?!” and as desperate as it may seem, I remember saying “thank you!” HAHAHA. It’s just my automatic response to anything that makes me happy. <3



Here I am hugging my mom <3 I am so happy and it means so much to me that we have her blessing. Thank you, mama!!


As you may have already guessed, Jim and his mom are totally fine. They have all been in on it and I can’t think of anybody luckier than me right now. Pang best actor ang performance ni Jim haha. He really tried to throw me off because he had a feeling that I knew about the proposal. Ang galing niya but also kinda cruel. Hahahaha!

Thank you so much for all your well wishes. I’m also thankful for being able to share this moment with you. I’ll be sure to let you know more about my journey down the aisle and into holy matrimony! I have so much more to tell you!!!



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  1. Gian Burayag says:

    Iyak ako ng iyaaak Saaaab! I won your Marshall Headphones giveaway and somehow feel connected hahaha! Congratulations! I am so happy for youuuuu! Cheers!

  2. Diana says:

    OMG ATE SAAB I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I got really excited when I saw Maxx’s post on IG about you getting married! Ahhh best wishes!! You’re the best couple ever! P.S. I think it is much better if you don’t live together before marriage (just like what it is written in the bible) hehehe

    • Saab says:

      Thanks!:) P.S. To each his own :)

      • Tisha says:

        Jim and you looks so adorbs together!!! Best wishes to you
        U’re not my girl crush, nor my idol since they say idolizing a person isnt right I guess the proper word/phrase is I like you more thank anyone in showbznezz ^.~
        Hope u’ll share ur upcoming wonderful moment with us thru ur blog
        Kimi kawaii ne!

  3. Yhana Bermel says:

    Kilig kilig!!! So happy for you and Jim. Congrats!!! :)))

    • Saab says:


      • Yhana Bermel says:

        The next time na mag blog ka, about the wedding na. OMG!!! Excited na ako. I remembered when the news came out sa IG, sobrang saya that i had to tell it sa lahat ng pinsan ko. At paulit ulit ako. Hihi. Yung girl crush ko engaged na sa forever crush nya. Awww <3 Pwede ba mag volunteer as flower girl? Charot! Congratulations again :)))

        • Saab says:

          Ayoko naman na wala akong bukang bibig kundi yung wedding!! Hahaha! Sorry pero tatlo na yata ang flower girl namin LOL :)) Thanks!!:)

  4. jackie says:

    congrats, Saab! you deserved the surprise coz you’re super kind and remarkable

  5. hilary says:

    so happy for u and jim!! love you my queen!!!!!

  6. Lyka Sumido says:

    Congratulations Saab!! It’s too sweet that I cried. I’m one of your readers/fans, been here since I don’t know. I am just so happy for you!!! I really do pray that you and Jim will have a very happy married life. I’m excited to witness (through your blog) your wedding, and to see your future adorable kids!! :) God bless!!!

  7. Congratulations on your engagement! :D

  8. Rica says:

    AHHHHHH I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU SAAB!!!!! Been a longtime reader – since Incugirl days pa and I *kinda* know how your journey went into finding the right guy!!! I always get so kilig whenever you tell stories about you and Jim, specially the part where you said you were enemies back in Ateneo… Sobrang nakakakilig lang!!! And when I saw Megan Young posted something on Twitter congratulating you I immediately checked her IG to confirm that you got engaged nga! I WAS SO HAPPY SWEAR I FEEL LIKE WE WERE CLOSE FRIENDS HAHAHAHA. I was looking forward to your blog entry and as usual it did not disappoint :”> Sorry I just can’t contain my happiness for you!

    CONGRATULATIONS, SAAB!!! May you two share eternal happiness <3 <3

  9. Mayee says:

    Congratulations, Saab and Jim!!! <3 I was so happy when I found out about you getting engaged. Yay to one of my RL OTPs! More love and blessings to you both! :)

  10. Rica says:

    PS. I cried while reading this hahahaha!! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, SAAB AND JIM! :)

  11. Grems says:

    Oh my god. I am so happy for you and Jim! :)
    My life peg is getting married!! I LOVE IT!! It gives me a hint that I’m gonna get married too, 7 years from now!! Chos! Pero naiyak ako when I saw the engagement on Maxx’s Instagram. Hehe. God bless you and Jim!!! :) Swear, I’ll never stop supporting you kahit Mrs. Bacarro ka na. <3<3<3 Hope to see you this time with your engagement ring!! <3<3<3 Love you forevs huhuhu <3<3

  12. Cian Bautista says:

    Congratulations!!! So happy for you Mrs. Bacarro!!

  13. Jaicel says:

    Awww. So happy for the both of you!!!! <33333

  14. Paula Pineda says:

    Saab you’re my favorite blogger and you definitely deserve to be happy! Congratulations :) May you both be blessed. Been waiting for this post. Stay happy and inlove. <3

  15. Jewel Clicks says:

    awww <3 give me a tissue, I wanna cry…. I'm so happy for the both of you! :) cheers!

  16. Denise says:

    Awwww congrats, Saab! I enjoyed reading your post and it actually made me tear up a bit. You look so deeply and genuinely happy! <3

  17. Jakii says:

    nakakaiyak dahil nakakatouch hahaha feeling nagbasa ng isang short film? :D The way he diverted the proposal idea para masurprise ka padin by all means. <3333333 BEST WISHES! May Godbless you and kuya Jim (and joey) all the way :D

  18. Lei Solas says:

    Congrats, Saab! You deserve to be happy <3

  19. Jelly says:

    You two look genuinely happy! I’m sure your blogposts would definitely change like taking on topics on marriage and maybe someday on having a kid <3 I am so happy to have witnessed a bit of your journey towards finding each other and how you spend your time together. Looking forward to your adventure down the aisle. With much love from your long time reader, Cheers to both of you <3

  20. Rochelle Janine Oconer says:

    Congratulations!! <3

  21. ha net says:

    congrats po ^_^ goodluck to marriage life..

  22. patty says:

    natawa ako sa sa waterproof mascara and smudge free eyeliner bit! :D Congrats ulit Saab!!! <3

    • Saab says:

      It’s true though!! Prestige eyeliner (recommended by Megan, got it from Beauty Bar) and Fairy Drops mascara also from Beauty Bar :D

  23. Em says:

    I’m so happy for you, Saab! Congratulations to the both of you! I know you and Jim will last long forever <3 Kampai!!!

  24. Wynona says:

    This movie of John Hughes reminds me or rather Sloane’s dialogue at the last part of the vid!! in the (car) part when you overheard Jim and his mom talking about diamonds, and you smiled with wide eyes!! It’s like you were saying “He’s gonna marry me!” too. Hihi kilig! Congrats Saab and Jim!! <3

  25. L says:

    This is the first time I’ve cried buckets over a blog entry. I’ve been your follower since your blogger days. When you thought Brandon Boyd is a god (I still think you do, and I still agree). After all these years, I believe this is the happiest you have been. And I don’t know why, but it made me happy that you are happy; for that, I thank you. I wish that I’ll get proposed to, too, someday. God bless you. Make wise decisions. All the best, ~L.

    • Saab says:

      Oh wow hahaha thank you so much!! Well.. My heart has demoted Brandon Boyd from a god to a “hot man” hahahaha!! Thank you again!!<3<3

  26. Congrats Saab! Haha agree, cruel yun part when he told you he can’t offer marriage first! LOL, your happiness is very evident in the pictures!


  27. paula says:

    Congrats saab! May God bless your marriage

  28. Jacqui Franco says:

    Super naka wide smile ako while reading this na mejo teary eyed, syempre as a girl nafifeel ko yung feelings mo dito sa blog mo. I’m super kilig while reading this. Ang saya ko lang for you and Jim!! Congrats Saab!! Love you both!!

  29. nicole ann marie duran says:

    oh em gee! SAAB Congratulations! i’m so happy for the both of you! i really wish i can have a boyfriend like Jim.. he’s the best boyfie ever! :) kampai

    PS. i was also teary eyed reading your post! :’( tears of joy, i guess! )

  30. Jocris says:

    Wow. congratulations.. That was so sweet proposal..Wish you all the best ^^

  31. jesi says:

    That was so romantic! Congrats Saab!

  32. Jhannine R. Ilejay says:

    Congratulations on your engagement! May you have the happiest and most awesome marriage ever :)

  33. Marah Pichay says: inspiring.. honestly naiyak ako while reading this, congratulations saab and jim!

  34. Joeygirl Alvarez says:

    Congratulations Saab! Wish you all the happiness you deserve<3

  35. Jam says:

    congratulations saab! natulala talaga ako when i found out na engage ka na. but i’m super happy for both of you. i’m so kilig especially when he used spidey to propose!

  36. dncnbl says:

    Congrats saab! I’ve been a reader of your blog ever since you’ve started blogging. I even won one of your giveaways! hehe. anyways i’m so happy for you! best wishes to you and jim! I can clearly see that you’re genuinely happy with jim compared to your old lovers. Again congratulations! :) I hope i can see you someday! :)

  37. Lyka Sumido says:

    Congratulations Saab!! It’s too sweet that I cried. I’m one of your readers/fans, been here since I don’t know. I am just so happy for you!!! I really do pray that you and Jim will have a very happy married life. I’m excited to witness (through your blog) your wedding, and to see your future adorable kids!! :) God bless!!!

    • Saab says:

      Thank you!!<3<3<3 We will have super adorable kids and hopefully you won’t get sick of their faces when I post about them on my blog hahaha <3

  38. angel tulod says:

    Congrats saab! You deserve to be happy! :)

  39. Ysh says:

    Congrats ate Saab! Im so happy for you! :):) Hearts everywhere <333

  40. anjo says:

    Congratulations Saab!! So happy for you :)

  41. Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay says:

    Congrats, Saab and Jim! Wonderful proposal. :)

  42. Sandra says:

    Congratulationsssss! <3

  43. Sab says:

    Congratulations with this wonderful commitment to each other.. I knew you two are made for each other.. May you always stay in love for the rest of your lives <3 GOBLESS you both! :)

  44. Riana says:

    Congratulations Saab!! :)

  45. dovie says:

    My friend shared this blog in fb. Congrats sainyong dalawa Ms-soon-to-be=Mrs. Saab! God bless in the next years that awaits to the both of you. :)))

    Very inspiring!

  46. Chelsea says:

    Super kilig while I was reading your blog post, Ate!! Congrats! <3 Forevs blog inspiration talaga kita. Hahahaha. Stay happy!!

  47. Jimpy says:

    I am so happy for you Saab! I was actually smiling the whole time I was reading this because of kilig! Congratulations, and soon, Best Wishes! <3

  48. Nadine says:

    I’ve been a fan since I can’t remember when and got really excited after seeing all the posts from your friends on Instagram. Just now, I shared this post to a friend saying that this piece made me cry a little (tears of joy of course). Just proves how much of a fan I really am! All the happiness to you and Jim!

  49. Rockincherub says:

    Congrats Saab and Jim :) i can feel your happiness from here ;)

  50. rixbajns says:

    jusko proposals are always a tearjerker! hayy naku i can imagine your disappointment when he said he couldn’t marry you yet.. kasi nga u had a feeling na he’d propose tapos hindi pala.. tapos un pala… etching lang.
    congratulations, saab!!! i still have goosebumps as i’m writing this comment.
    can’t be any happier for u both! congrats ult!

  51. judy says:

    Yes Saab, you are already engaged! At kinilig naman ako sa love story nyo:-) i am so glad for you. Congratulations to the future bride and groom! May your love grow for each other in every single day of your lives! Lots of love from your fan:-)

  52. Wilma says:

    Yayyyy!!! Am xoxo happy to both of you! I knew you guys will be married someday <3 haha blog more about your Japan escapade! Please <3 thank you.

  53. P-Chi says:

    Congratulations! Made me teary eyed. I just got proposed too and thankfully, he put it on the left hand.

    • Saab says:

      Hahahaha sa amin, my mom had to tell us AFTER THE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN that it was on the wrong hand hahahaha :)) Thank you!:)

  54. Ma.Patricia Garcia says:

    Awwww!! Congrats Ate Saab and Kuya Jim! I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for years now, and kapag may post ka about your lovelife super kilig lang ako lagi. Inggit much. Haha. Happiness! :D

  55. Bea Louise says:

    Congratulations saab.. :D
    This post brought me to tears, good luck and god bless.

  56. Joanne says:

    Hi Ate Saab. Been a reader since ’09! Literally cried when reading this. Congratulations! Wow! You’re engaged! My cousin and I are so happy for you and Jim. More happiness to both you. I love you, ate Saab! <3

  57. Bochog says:

    My Major CRUSH :) Im so Happy for you! You deserve to be Happy :) nung nakita ko sa ig na engaged ka na isa lang ang naging reaction ko “WAAHHHHHHHH ang major crush ko engaged na! Bakit?!! ” hehehhee pero sobrang fan ako ng love team niyo. Congrats to the both of you. Cheers!!

  58. Mitchell says:

    I’ve been reading your blog since you started it highschool days pa. I’ve graduated,worked,got married and had 2 kids na and Im still a reader. WELCOME TO THE CLUB! It means so much to us when you share your life’s journey pero it and this story of you starting a next chapter in your life with us, your readers it makes us happy as well. We are all excited to read your jext entries forsure. Congrats Saab and Jim! Love + time + effort multiplied by 2 equals real happiness. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU SAAB! Really!

    • Saab says:

      WOWWWWW ang tagal mo na nagbabasa ng blog ko!!! I love it! THANK YOU!!! Naku, graduated, worked and engaged palang ako! Wala pang “got married” and “had 2 kids” haha – marriage soon and kids in a few years I hope!!<3 Thanks!!!

  59. Abbie says:

    Atlasttt the detail of the engangement :-) i’m so happy for you Saab.. eternal love and happiness for you and Jim.. Hope to be as happy as you are soon :-)

  60. Maru says:

    Hi Saab! Congratulations! I’m soooo happy for youuuu. I’ve been reading your blog as long as I can remember. I’m so proud of you for finding the right guy! Haha. When I read about your engagement, seryoso, I was so very happy, I can’t stop telling my friends about you and Jim, I’m so happy for the both of you na ang feeling close ko na daw. Haha. I’m hoping a moooore awesome life for you and Jim. May the force be with you!

  61. nix says:

    worth it yung pagbabasa ko .. haha
    lakas maka-Asianovela idol Saab !! ♥♥
    Best wishes po sa inyo !! Godbless !

  62. Pearl says:

    I super know the feeling of knowing that someone has a surprise for you and you’re trying to really act like you have no idea what’s going on! AS IN SUPER OMGEEEE! hahaha Anyways, I wish you Saab and Jim the happiest marriage ever! <3 love. love. love.

  63. Reena says:

    When I saw Maxine’s post, I got so kilig, excited and happy! Been following you and Jim through your blogposts and Instagram, and may I say na parang I felt connected sa inyo ever since. At eto na yung moment na I felt that it’s my friend who got engaged. Congratulations on your engagement!

    (Hoping you’d be able to give tips and advices on wedding preparations after you had yours.

  64. Ysh abueg says:

    This is super heartwarming! I was already crying by the time that you thought that the proposal was not going to happen. Congratulations, Saab + Jim! :) all the happiness!

  65. rea says:

    Awww! That Simply Yet So Amazing Engagement!
    Congrats Saab! :)

  66. Cha says:

    Congrats saab! You deserve all of that.. Nakakatuwa how you share your happiness through your blog.. Excited for more blogs on how you will prepare your wedding.. Hehhehe excited kami for you!!! More blogs please:)

  67. Tsiki says:

    It’s 1.07am here in Dubai and I’m crying while my heart melts! Congratulations to both of you!! Continue being happy and in love! And of course, thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with us. Have a blissful married life, you guys! <3 <3 <3

  68. ohaysee says:

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you :D

  69. Kharen says:

    Congratulation Saab!

  70. Jae says:

    Congratulations, Saab and Jim!

    When I first knew about your engagement, I thought to myself you’re too young to get married. Then I realized I was only a few days older than Maxx, so I did the math, and figured you’re old enough to tie the knot. I want to comment though on what you said about your Mom saying NO to you and Jim getting married. I don’t know you or your family personally, but I’d take it that your Mom wouldn’t really stand in your way. I think she would have said NOT YET, but not a NO.

    I didn’t want to live together anyway before getting married so it’s no problem with me.

    I hope this isn’t a joke because this just makes sense. Need I say more?

    Anyway, I wish you both the best!

    P.S. Looking forward to your kwentos on you wedding preparations! I bet it’d be cool. :)

    • Saab says:

      I’m actually turning 26 years old this year :) Yes, that’s true about my mom. The thing I said about getting upset was because I was afraid she didn’t trust I was mature enough to get married. The years after my dad passed away were spent trying to make my mom proud of how she’s brought me up.

      To answer your question, that line wasn’t a joke. I said it to let Jim know that I wasn’t sad we weren’t moving together or getting married soon. But to make it clear, I am not against living together before marriage. It happens and I will not judge!

      Thank you!!:)

      • Jae says:

        I know! Haha I’m exactly 19 days older than Maxx. Oh, and did I mention I got married at 27? We’ve been married for four months today. :)

        You have the best support system that is your family and friends. Ang exciting niyan, Saab. Promise! <3

        Cyber hugs and kisses to ya!

  71. janno says:

    I was browsing my fb newsfeed and saw your post shared by my friends with the caption “speechless and kilig”. It was true. Congrats to infinity and beyond for both of u. :) ps: thank you for answering my “hi” when i saw you at eastwood.

  72. Ehlayza says:

    I cried also while reading this.. Omg! What a nice proposal… Congrats to both of you!

  73. Roxanne says:

    So happy for you Saab! You guys look really good together. Taking note of that eyeliner and mascara you just mentioned. Hehe. Loved the outfits you wore on your Japan by the way…I follow you on Instagram. Hahaha. :P

  74. Pauline says:

    OMGGGG MY FAVORITE BLOGGER IS ENGAGED!!! So happy for you Saab. Wish you all the best ♥♥♥

  75. Regine says:

    That’s just so beautiful! Congratulations ate Saab!

  76. Ann Nuevas says:

    congrats saab! :) may you have the dream wedding you have ever wanted. share us your exciting journey please! :)

  77. Ljay says:

    Congratulations saab. ❤️❤️❤️ super happy for you guys. Nakakakilig yung proposal ni Jim.

  78. iCe says:

    Ms. saab.. congratulations to both of you. stay happy, be blessed wish you guys all the best!!! stay strong from every struggles to forever happiness that both of you deserve.. :D
    GOD bless you always… :D

  79. carvy says:

    Awwww kilig!! Best wishes saab & Jim ♡

  80. Meann says:

    Congrats Saab! I can totally relate to you because I got engaged too late last December! Nafeel ko yung iyak and saya that you felt!

    Congrats again!

  81. Kit Sales says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Saab and Jim!!! I kinda cried while reading this blog entry and upon seeing the last few pictures. #SaabAndJimForever

  82. Aaahhh! I was smiling the whole time I was reading this post. I’m happy for you! Congratulations!! <3

  83. Kaye says:

    OH MY GOSH CONGRATS Ate Saab! I literally gasp when i read this. The proposal was so perfect . I wish mine will come too!
    Now, I am excited to read about your wedding day, and married life!!

  84. Adelle Pauline says:

    Congratulations! Saab, I am your biggest fan since 2010. Grabe how time flies. I first saw you two together during a gig in Mayrics (ano na nga ulit name ng bar ngayon? hahaha) tapos ngayon engaged na! So happy for both of you! When I first learned your engagement (thanks to IG), I couldn’t believe it. Grabe it was a perfect timing talaga! Galing din umarte ni Jim ha! :D

    May you have a wonderful marriage in the (near) future! Congratulations again, almost Mrs. Bacarro! <3

  85. czarina villanueva says:

    congrats poh kakakilig… :)

  86. Alex says:

    Hi Saab. When I first saw maxx post on IG. I was like “OMG” heehee, at hinanap ko agad un post mo.. I always enjoy/love reading you’re blogs. And I’m so happy for you and Jim. Excited nako sa wedding nyo..  May God Bless your relationship always.

  87. glyza says:

    Eeeeeh….nakakakilig! As in nakakakilig talaga! Best part pra sakin ung s reataurant at napaiyak k…hehe! Ang galing ni Jim..^_^ Na good vibes ang morning ko..congrats Saab and Jim..more blessings for you two!

  88. Shanne says:

    Omg! Congrats ate Saab!!! I’m so happy for you!

  89. Janna says:

    I enjoyed reading your proposal story! Sooooo cute and funny. Wishing you all the best in your wedding preparations! Hope you can swing by the blog to get ideas for wedding inspirations and for amazing Filipino suppliers! Xx Janna

    • Saab says:

      Thank you!! I’ve totally been browsing your blog because it’s one of the first things that come up when I Google wedding stuff hahaha!! THANKS FOR THE HELP!<3

  90. Bunny says:

    Congrats!you’re an epitome of a modern princess- beautiful, creative, strong, courageous, smart. You deserve to have a prince like him.May you live happily ever after. <3

  91. Ivy Vena says:

    awww Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are an entertaining writer! I found myself laughing, giggling and getting teary eyed!!!!! All the best with your upcoming plans! Blessings!

  92. Ria says:

    OMG!!!! Saab!! :’( I know Im so OA and feeling close but I got teary-eyed! huhuhuhuhu :( Grabe lang! :”> Congrats! And I cant wait to see you wearing a wedding dress! Love you saab!

  93. jackieB says:

    congrats Saab! nakakagoodvibes ang balita na to!:)

  94. Juya says:

    Gaah, I cried. LOL at Jim’s cruelty. Congratulations Saab and Jim. ♥

  95. apple says:

    Congrashuleyshens Saab!!

  96. Kamole says:

    Sobrang saya ko para sa inyo!!!!! Umiiyak din ako habang binabasa ko. Haha! Ang sayaaaa! Congrats!!!

  97. thes says:

    Hi Saab! I always feel like Im too old to follow your blog (hahaha..36 here btw, :p) but since Im an avid fan of your pop, I feel drawn into what’s going on with your family. :) I really admire how your parents have brougth you up. I always dream of doing the same for my twin boys someday. :) Anyway, Congratualtions on your engagement!!! I was teary eyed reading your blog (imagining how your mom must’ve felt and the feeling of letting go of your child) Will keep myself update with your journey! Stay happy and preps is gonna be soooo exciting. :) God Bless your whole fam. :)

    • Saab says:

      Awwww!! Thank you, I love when moms read my blog!! It makes me feel like I am making my own parents proud <3 Thank you so much!!!

  98. ktdorky says:

    Japan is <3 and the falling sakura leaves is so much <3 <3 <3! Congrats, Saab! Omedetou! (-_-) v

  99. Ruby says:

    Ohmygosh. This made me some teary eyed ;) So HAPPY for you and Congrats! Your story is super kiliiiig. How I wish I had my story like that too. You’re indeed very blessed and may the both of you be more blessed for the coming days. :D

  100. Tinsy says:

    OMG Saab, this is so romantic!! I’m so happy for you and Jim! I’ve been reading your blog since a year ago and I normally don’t comment but this time, can’t help it! I’m so kilig gosh!! Looking forward to your blogs about the wedding preparations!

  101. Noel says:

    Congratulations Saab :)

  102. Irish says:

    I cried <3 Congratulation to both of you! Feels like kasama ako nung nangyari yung proposal. Ang saya! Congrats again. <3

  103. Roxanne Figuerroa says:

    I was watching Divergent when my friend texted me that you got engaged!!! I couldn’t believe it because you’re too cool to be married and to be a mom! Hehe anyway, congratulations and best wishes! Looking forward to seeing little Jims and Saabs in the future!!!

  104. Jane says:

    Congratulations Saab and Jim! Always remember to put God in the center of your relationship! God bless you both.. :-) <3

  105. Jhaja says:

    Congratulations on your engagement! You make a wonderful couple. Wishing that this be just the start of a long and wonderful journey. May your love grow for each other every day! God Bless you both :)

  106. Ley says:

    Congratulations, Saab!!! :) I’m really happy for you. I can’t believe it! I know it’s sounds so FC saying it feels like we’re “friends” in real life, but I guess it feels like that when I’ve been reading your blog since.. 2003-2004? Haha. I love this post, totally frank and candid as always! Wish you and Jim all the best!!! :)

    • Saab says:

      Awww thank you so much, Ley!! Well I kinda feel the same way, I’ve known your name all these years! Haha thank you!!:)

  107. lovel says:

    ‘Yung sinasabayan ko ‘yung emosyon mo as I read your blog, even if we all know the ending! HAHAHA! Had a slight “WTF” moment sa “moving in together part”. And mild breakdown when you broke down sa banyo. Pero major bawi sa end. Ergo, dumaloy din ang tears. Congrats!

  108. Anne says:

    I am reading this in the office and I’m tearing up! I am extremely happy for the both of you! This is my first time to comment on your post, but I’ve been a long time reader / follower :) Congratulations on finding a love that’ll last a lifetime. Now excuse me, I need to go to the restroom and cry. xx

  109. Monique says:

    Congrats Saab! I am one of those people who constantly read your blog entries and I really got crazy for that single mention coming from you on twitter. So happy for you!!!! Cheers!!!

  110. Cass says:

    SAAAB! Congrats! naiyak ako sa post na ito. really really really happy for you!!! <3

  111. Dada says:


  112. Invi says:

    Future Mrs. Saab so kilig naman. and Japan is the right place to say yes to a proposal. Can’t wait for the big event :)
    God Bless always.

  113. xtaline88 says:

    I was one of those who asked if this was an April fool thing, I’m soo glad it’s not! I was so elated when I found out and realizing it was April 1, i felt bad thinking it’s a joke..

    Congrats to both of you!

  114. Regina says:

    Congratulations Saab and Jim! I’m happy for you guys. I can’t wait to read the next chapter of your love story :)

  115. Christine says:

    Congratulations on your engagement, Saab! kinilig ako and was teary eyed while reading your post especially when your mom was happily smiling taking pictures of you and Jim during the proposal. Soooo happy for you and Jim! Excited on your next blog about your wedding preparations.May the force be with you two <3

  116. Pat A says:

    Cried my eyes out when I learned you and Jim got engaged! And again right now. Hahaha! So much (good) feels! You’re both lucky to have each other! Congrats, Saab!

  117. Cassey says:

    Hi Ate Saab! I still can’t believe that you’re getting married already!! I’m so happy for the both of you :) God bless you both <3 Huhu gusto na po talaga kitang makita :( I admire u so so much! :D

  118. Nyze says:

    Oh. God. Pinaghandaan ko na yung iko-comment ko dito pag pinost mo eh but all of it left me speechless. I swear pinaghandaan ko to, dapat pala nilagay ko sa note pad. Natatawa talaga ko sa sarili ko sa pagkatulala ko and teary eyed. OA Much! Hahahaha!

    Anyway, sobrang saya ko for you and Jim. Yung feeling na yung BFF mo yung na-engaged. Im one of those “lurkers” eh though Im seriously stalking all your social media accounts, every once in a while lang ako nagrereply sa mga tweets mo (Lucky me you always replied back. Got screenshots! Remember the “Promil Kids” stuff? Ü ) and I cant recall when was the last time I commented on your blogs but I would never let this opportunity pass me by without wishing you guys all the love in the world. Congrats Saaby! I so love you! Please continue inspiring everybody to your awesomeness! Ü

    PS: Your engagement is featured on YAHOO! ♥
    Ay wait, dont dwell on the part where people are commenting. Yung iba panira ng trip! Ü

    • Saab says:

      Awww thank you!!!:) Yes I remember your tweets!:) Kebs sa comments, ang mahalaga yung comments dito sa blog ko :D

  119. Tine says:

    Congratulations! Have fun planning out your dream wedding and of course the life ahead. :) I must say, it’s so hard to pretend you don’t know about a coming proposal. Had a similar experience. Haha.:)

  120. essie says:

    All the best to you and Jim! God bless you! <3

  121. Meryll Kae Barandon says:

    I told my boyfriend that you and Jim are already engaged when we were riding the Ferris wheel at Sky Ranch yesterday. He said I know. Tapos biglang may kinukuha sya sa bulsa nya. !@#$*& nanlamig ako, akala ko magpo-propose din. (SH*T) then he said, uy hindi pa ko magpo-propose bakit anlaki ng mata mo? HAHAHAHAHA buti na lang, I would definitely say yes too if he does. He knows how I love you, Saab! :D Congrats! <3

  122. Bea V says:

    So kilig and happy for you two!!! ♡♡♡ Congratulations!

  123. GeloYellow says:

    This is just too beautiful I wanna cry HUHU <3 congratulations to the both of you!

  124. quenna says:

    I swear I love you and Jim <3 You guys are so cute and perf together =((
    These are happy tears huhuhu
    Congratulations, Soon-to-be Mrs. Bacarro.
    Stay cool and awesome. \m/

  125. Janine Veneracion says:

    yay! I am so excited on the following updates on you two becoming one :) I am so in love with the idea of you getting married. You are an inspiration to me in every step of the way. I wish you happiness and more love for each other as days pass by :’)

  126. charisse says:

    hindi ako naiyak sa actual engagement…what makes me cry is when i saw your pic hugging your mom…yong part talaga na iyon ang nagpaiyak sa akin ng sobra…hayyyy….anyways, congrats saab…forever a fan of your blog….

  127. Maxine says:

    Congratulations Ate Saab! Hehe fc umaate pa but I’m so happy for you and Jim. :) nakakakilig tong post nato. You’re one lucky girl. Hehe. Syempre lalo na si Jim. :D Wish you the Best! :)

  128. AEivryn says:

    Congrats Saab and Jim!! Stay in love :))

  129. Isabel says:

    This is the very first post in your blog that I have read and I got really kilig. I really like both of you. Soooo happy for you. I’ll start reading your other posts. :) Congrats Saab! I hope someday I’ll find my “Jim” too. :D

  130. Shari says:

    GRABE ANG GOOSEBUMPS ko while reading through your posts! Typing this now, I get goosebumps again! SHUCKS. Been a long-time reader since Incugirl even if I don’t get to comment regularly :) SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU, SAAB! As in.. no words! I felt your legit sadness and intense happiness through your post. So psyched for your wedding and your future babies!!

    Shari, The Misty Mom

  131. Guia says:

    Congrats Saab! You guys are such a cute couple!! I was wondering if Arkin was in on it too? Was that why he wanted to take pictures of you and Jim? :))

  132. Ann Althea says:

    Omg!! Super nakakaiyak :( Nung nalaman ko na engaged ka na, nasa school ako. And napasigaw talaga ko tapos nasabi ko na agad sa mga friends ko. I even texted my boyfriend kasi alam nyang super love kitaa. So happy for you Saab

  133. Tin says:

    Saab!! Congrats!! Ready ka na ba sa married life!? HAHAHA. I wish you all the best, for you and for Jim!! Die hard fan ako!!! <3 <3 <3

  134. Jill says:

    Hindi ko maalis ang ngiti ko while reading, nakakatuwa yung story nyo about the engagement. Im so happy for you. Congrats :) love love love <3

  135. Mae says:

    Awww… reading your post was such a sweet ending to my day :) i’m so kilig for the two of you. God bless you guys!

  136. Tricia says:

    Congratulations Saab and Jim! You guys are perfect for each other! :)

  137. dee says:

    ate Saab, congrats to you and Jim! ms. pia is a cool mom! I think you’re going to be a cool mom too! :-) I’m excited for your wedding! and wedding video too!I’m sure its gonna be a cool one! because you look happy together! :) two of my fave blogger/advocates got engaged this year! and I love it! you and bianca g.are my forever favorite!:)

  138. Gella says:

    OMG saab!! Congratulations! I’ve totally been following you and browsing your blogs eversince.. im a big fan actually.. super! haha ang there you are! now engaged. i am so happy for you and jim.. You guys are a perfect couple! Super na-touch ako when my friend told me about the engagement.. (Yng tipong oa yung reaction haha) Kakakilig! All the best for you two. God bless your journey! Congrats again.. Kampaiiiiii lols

    • Saab says:

      Awww thank you!!! Natutuwa ako kapag nakakarinig ako na may mga magkaibigan na parehong nagbabasa ng blog ko <3 Grabe ang dami kong nirereplyan na comments – nakakapagod pero nakakataba ng puso talaga <3<3<3

  139. justine loise says:

    Congrats Ms. Saab! The only person I know who’s sad about this is my brother who has a huge crush on you, but he’ll be fine. haha Looking forward to seeing your wedding posts! Much love! <333

  140. Jenn says:

    When I saw the pictures on IG by Maxx, I was so happy for you, even though you’re not a friend in real life. It’s one of those things that makes me believe in love again. (Because if my 6yr boyfriend didn’t cheat on me, we were supposed to get married this year. But don’t worry, ‘di ako bitter.)

    I wish you two all the happiness in the world. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us, your readers.

    • Saab says:

      Anong pangalan ng boyfriend mo? Announce mo dito para ma-black list siya!!!! I’m so sorry that happened to you :( thank you so much for still believing in love <3 Thanks, Jenn!!

  141. Real says:

    When he acted like the proposal isn’t going to push through, *insert your ANYARE? pic here* HAHA.
    And that AWESOME moment when your mom was supposed to be crying waterfalls in sync with you pero she’s flooding her phone with still images of your reaction. TARUSH! Lavette!
    I’m looking forward to the kick-ass wedding of the year!!! (wait, anong year ulit? ^_^)
    Good luck, SaabBacarro! <3

  142. Vanessa says:


  143. jham says:

    OMG!!! i didnt know i would finish reading this story cause im kinda super sleepy na… but i did!!!and ur story of being engaged now and how it happened(the proposal) made me super kilig…esp im getting narried too,,so soon… super loving ur story..congrats saab!!!u deserved a beautiful marriage proposal thing!!!… wishing u the best!!! :p

  144. Mara says:

    I cant believe the incugirl is getting married! Im so happy for you i teared hihihi i admit ive been secretly hoping that u and MSP will get back together but like Elsa i should move on and let it go! char! i wish you and Jim the best. Ps. Im so glad you didnt become a fashion blogger :)

    • Saab says:

      Haha that’s a very inappropriate comment… *awkward* But the P.S. — I get that. And you should have known I wouldn’t be a fashion blogger. Hindi ako trendy eh! Haha :p

  145. Glaiza says:

    Hi Saab! Congrats!! Im so happy for you! I’m actually a newbie here..though Im one of your follower in IG :) Cant wait for you to post your adventure in finding your wedding suppliers..sana maabutan ko mga reviews/thoughts/ideas mo in wedding preparations, para makakuha rin ako ng tips :) soon to be bride here =)

  146. liza says:

    OMG Saab, been waiting for this to be posted and I just read it. Congratulations! I am really happy for you and Jim. feeling close lang. hehe It almost made me cry when nag pa ka “elsa” ka… lol. congrats again Saan and Jim best wishes. keep rockin’. xx

  147. roxanneche says:

    just like any other reader, I got teary-eyed coz, finally, my girlcrush is getting married to one of the best boyfriend in the world. i am happy because you’re happy, and really you deserve the best because that’s just what you are. keep the love burnin’ and cheers to you & Jim. <3

    P.S. Lalo kang gumaganda. SWEAR! ;)

  148. Patty B. says:

    I just HAD to comment because of the photo with your Mom in it, taking a photo of you and Jim at that precise moment! I’m again reminded of how much your Mom has inspired me all these years since we became friends. You are really so blessed to have her!

  149. Abi says:

    Congrats Saab!!! What Ley said above feeling ko we’re “real friends” being a longtime follower too (since 2004) kaya naluha-luha pa ako while reading. I’m so happy for you. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment of yours with us. Can’t wait for the babies :3

    • Saab says:

      Thank you!!! Oh God, the babies will come at the very least siguro 2 years pa haha inaalagaan pa namin si Joey eh :))

  150. Abi says:

    P.S. anong brand ng eyeliner at mascara mo? Hahaha

  151. Rhea says:

    When I saw your tweets that you were in Japan, I got so excited! As a fan, I was hoping to see you even from afar. haha..But if I did, I’d probably just stand there with a my mouth open. lol Japan is indeed beautiful in spring and Jim couldn’t have picked a better place to propose. Now, when I see the sakura fall (my friends and I call them spring snow), I think about your post and how happy you must have been. Congratulations to both of you and may you have a good and long married life together filled with love, laughter and cute little babies that will also play in your band. :D God bless you both!

    • Saab says:

      Spring snow!<3 You’re so lucky to be living in Japan! It’s so clean there and everybody is so polite!! Thank you so much! If you can, get our band a gig in Japan!! Hahahaha :))

  152. Leslie says:

    Hi saab, blog more about your Japan escapade and your outfits! You’re such a fashionista! Thanks

    • Saab says:

      Will do!! Just got the memory card from Clara’s camera because she took photos I want to share as well! Thanks :)

  153. Angela J says:

    OMG! Saab! I got so teary eyed while reading this especially when I saw the pic of you and your mom hugging each other. Congrats and best wishes! <3

  154. gigi says:

    Grabe! your so “kaka” Ms. Saab, kakainggit at kakakilig!! Nakakataba ng puso ang comments ng lahat, feeling ko ako yung na engaged nung binabasa ko ang post mo,emotera lang! Congrats and may you and Mr. Bacarro have a happy life forever<3<3<3 Excited to see you in a wedding dress:)

  155. Yana says:

    So happy for you Saab!! :) Even shared this link on my facebook!!! I’m that happy for youuu! All the best! Ps. I saw you at caffe bene a month ago, sobrang simple mo pero fresh! Nahiya ako magpaka- fan girl! Hahaha God bless! :D

  156. Beverly says:

    Best wishes.,. So kilig and excited wyl reading ur blog♡♥♡

  157. Lyka S. says:

    Nung una akala ko talaga hindi natuloy. One of the best surprises ever! I feel so happy upon reading it. Congrats Saab and Jim! Best wishes!

  158. milani says:

    am not fond at reading long stories but you made me read all through the end, even the comments.omg..hehe you sound geniune and i think u really as well. congrats. happy for.happy people!

  159. Faye Gamayon says:

    Saab, we may not know each other personally, pero when I read this blog entry I can’t help getting teary eyed and feeling soo happy for you!! :D CONGRATULATIONS! I’m just a random avid reader of your blog, I know, pero it’s like I’ve got some kind of connection na with you (or with your blog) and that I’m very concerned na with all the on-goings in your life. Haha! Best wishes to you Saab and Jim :) I will definitely watch out for the wedding blog :)

    • Saab says:

      Aww I feel the same way, whenever I do something I always think “I should blog about this” because I want to share it with you guys :) THANK YOU!

  160. Cristeta says:

    Congratulations! Kinikilig ako while reading this! :)

  161. Pia says:

    Omg Jim’s story about his mom and not being able to propose reminds me of that episode in Modern Family where Claire tells Mitchell to break bad news to Cam right before proposing. HAHA.

    Anyway, I’m so happy for you and Jim!!! Grabe I can’t believe that in 2011 I’d get kilig upon seeing your first few Instagram pictures together and now you’re engaged <3 I can see how happy Jim makes you and how perfect you are for each other :) God bless and good luck!!! I'm sure you'll be an amazing future wife/mom hehehe <3

    • Saab says:

      SOBRA!!! And I watched that episode before leaving for Japan! I should have known better hahaha! Thank you so much!:D

  162. Grace says:

    Oh my gosh. I cried!! I’m so happy for you. Congratulations Saab & Jim! You deserve all the best! I’m a big big fan. You’re so real and I love you for that. And because of you, I stalked the whole family on ig. Haha! Too bad we’re moving & will be away from Antipolo for a while. I will have less chance of meeting or at least seeing YOU & your beautiful family in person (my son attended MISA). But I’ll be your fan wherever I may be!

    • Saab says:

      Awww thank you, Grace! Ok lang, I haven’t lived in Antipolo for years! Thank you so much, hope to bump into you some day :)

      • Grace says:

        You replied!!! Waaahhh THIS IS CRAZY!!! I would love to bump into you, Saab! Excuse my fanmode but when that happens, can I hug you? ..get an autograph & take pictures, too? *happiness overload* This is like a hangover! ..but way better! I won’t mind if it’ll last a week!

        Enjoy the engagement! the preps! the wedding! the marriage! and the little Jims & Saabs that will come along!

  163. Shenn Aralar says:

    Hello ate Saab! Congrats to you and Jim! You really look good and cute together, parang match made in heaven! :D <3 Be a blessing to each other and keep lovin'.. <3 Im looking forward on you next posts, sana about Pre-Nup na! hihi.. Lablab, God Bless you both! <3 <3

  164. Juls says:

    A few weeks back, I kept on stalking your IG account and maxx’s to see live updates on japan’s weather and all for our upcoming trip. Then I saw you got engaged with Jim and I was like sobrang sweeeet, nakaka inggit naman!! ♥ Then i was surprised, on our 2nd day in tokyo, boyfriend also proposed to me in Asakusa! – under a cherry blossom tree! I really can’t believe, i even told myself parang nakita ko lang kay Saab to. hahaha!! Too bad mine was on april 1! But fiance made sure it wasn’t april fool’s. LOL!! Congrats saab! I will look forward to your wedding preparation posts ♥ :) Gambatte! ;)

  165. Rafia says:

    First of all congratulations, the whole narration leading up to the proposal just really touching and real. My Second comment would be when I read about you saying “Thank you” after saying Yes. I did the same thing, when my boyfriend asked me to be his girl. Up till now I couldn’t understand why that was my reaction. Like you, I kind of thought it sounded desperate. But reading you say it’s your automatic reaction to something that makes you happy, makes a lot of sense to me now :D Thanks, I am enlightened.

  166. Margie David says:

    I know you don’t know me and that we’re not close but I am so happy for you. :) Being married at the age of 21, I get super psyched when I hear about newly engaged young couples. :)

    I just wish I didn’t read this at the office though, ang sakit sa dibdib na magpigil na umiyak. Haha.

    I wish you and Jim the best. :)

    • Saab says:

      Hahahaha awwww!! Wow you’re married at 21? And people are saying I’M too young to be engaged at 25! I believe it’s about maturity, not age :) Thank you!!

  167. Levy Manlapaz says:

    Hi Saab! lagi ko binabasa blog mo. :) sa Instagram pa lang when I saw the post about the engagement, iba yung happiness ko for you! HAHAHA!!!!!! naiyak ako ng legit sa entry na to. Congratulations to the both of you! Cant wait sa next blog entry bout #JimAndSaabJourneyToForevs.

  168. Ann Clare says:

    Omg! Better late than never,,congratulations to the both of you!!! pictures don’t lie – genuine happiness! excited for your journey ahead! God bless! :)

  169. Erika says:

    Sobraaaang kiliiiig! Congratulations Saab! :’) You and Jim are my favorite couple, so happy that you two finally got engaged. I really wish you the best and that you guys will have so many happy days together :D

  170. CAIXXXY says:


    Hi saab! the last time i wrote to you was when i asked you to enumerate 7 of your favorite lipsticks… i hope you still remember. haha!

    I’m very happy for you and Jim!!! I wish you all the happiness and love in the world! You restored my faith in love and marriage!

    love, caix

  171. Joanna Lim says:

    Congratulations to my girl crush!!! <3 Walang best ending ever ang love story niyo kasi kayo na forever! See you soon <3<3<3

  172. oh my giiiiiieeee! Kilig overload ♥♥♥

  173. Yvette Andrea says:

    I must thank a friend from fb who leads me read this wonderful blog from my girl crush Maria Isabella Simone “Saab” Arroyo Magalona soon to be Mrs. Bacarro.. :) To tell you honestly una akong nagka’interest sa younger brother mo na si Elmo.. Following him on all social media sites and yung naging interested ako sa The Mags na almost lahat na kayo nag entered sa showbiz that made me happy.. To take it short just wanna congratulate you to another milestone that you will taking.. Can’t wait to hear the wedding bells! Hihi! Love you Saab and also The MAGS <3

  174. Aramina M. Arado says:

    First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you ate Saab and kuya Jim ♥ You’re perfect! Your such an inspiration. I know its kinda late but really your both amazing! Actually, I did cried as I read this! God bless in your journey as engaged couple and soon to be married. :) ♥ I love you both! ♥♥♥

  175. Aramina M. Arado says:

    I’m happy to both of you ♥ :) As I read this, I get inspired to get married too! xD HAAHAHAHA It so kilig and it made me cry :’) Tears of you! :)

  176. Aramina M. Arado says:

    Tears of joy I mean :)

  177. I just finished reading the entire blog post! I love reading personal blog posts and I must say, talagang kinwento mo lahat even the smallest details of the engagement! :)Congratulations Ate Saab, I don’t normally comment much in your blog posts because I know may possibility na baka di mo rin mabasa sa dami ng nag cocomment! but I do read a lot. Natawa ako sa “letting go” part ng post mo! Congrats again! Naluha ako! hahahaha

  178. Alexis says:

    Congratulations!!! Kinikilig ako masyado <3 Excited ako para sa future updates

  179. Lorraine Fernandez says:

    I am one of the happiest fans from reading and knowing that you’re engaged. (Late post anyway) keep the love between you two. Congratulations!
    Ps: teary eyed when reading this, feel the love! ❤

  180. Micah Lacap says:

    Congratulations Saab! Excited to read all your posts about your dream weeding. :)

  181. kristine says:

    God bless ur marriage!

  182. Cha says:

    Congratulations Saab and Jim!!!! I’m one of your blog readers and I’m just excited about you getting married! Yehey for the little Jims and Saabs in the future! :)

  183. Ipay Nadela says:

    Hi ate saab! I’m not sure if you remember me pa. but i hope you still do. huhu anyways, i knew you got engaged the moment your mom posted on instagram about your engagement, i wanted to greet you but didn’t know which site to greet you na mababasa mo tlga greetings ko and i think this is the perfect site to greet you so you can read it. hehe anyways, you look genuinely happy ate! And seeing one of the people i look up to being that happy makes me super happy too! Best wishes po! hugs!

  184. Mr. D says:

    Aba ikakasal na. Congrats!

  185. Norika says:

    Sorry Saab di ko mapigilan ang sarili ko! I really have to say that I am soooo happy for you and Jim. :)) I am a super fan of yours.. Of your fashion style, of your attitude, of your talents, of your entire pagkatao :) at dahil diyan, pwede bang sa Japan nalang din magpropose yung boyfriend ko?! Chos! Congratulations Saab! You deserve all the happiness in life :) Stay gorgeous! <3 (Ang damin kong kilig mga 29 :D)

  186. Chekah says:

    Kainis! I’m having goosebumps reading this. Ahhh I can’t wait for your wedding. Pretty sure it will be beautiful. Congrats, Saab! <3

  187. Jyc says:

    Been following your blog for four years now. SO HAPPY FOR YOU SAAB! <3 Best wishes!

  188. Carla Gajo says:

    congrats! Saab! naiyak ako ng binasa ko blog mo. Godbless you and Jim

  189. Lorraine says:

    this maybe a late reaction, but hey!!! im happy for you saab!!! congrats and more love!!! xoxo cant wait for all the prep posts and the wedding itself!! yay!!! <3

  190. Wiz Artificio says:

    Wow saab its been a while since i last read your blog due to gy shifts and tulog all morning routine ko, but i want you to know tht im also one of your few readers who adore you and jim as couple. Indeed, SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST! ang love story everything has its perfct timing,nd from every moment we readers read you posts bout you and jims journey together we knew you have a very special connection. Godbless your marriage Saab! Congratulations! :)

  191. Joyce says:

    Hi Saab!
    Congratulations on your engagement!
    I am so happy for you!
    Back on tumblr days I told you when you come to Japan
    I will your you and you replied (I don’t know if you remember)
    but when I found out you were in Tokyo, I was just leaving the city to move into a new one because I
    too got engaged and I was moving in with my fiancé.
    I was sad kasi, you’re my long time girl crush! We weren’t even in Tokyo at the same time ;(
    Next time, wizarding world of Harry potter naman! I live 20minutes away from USJ.

    Congrats again! Stay down to earth!!

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  193. olenski says:

    homaygad! kinilig ako, looking forward on blog posts about your wedding, soon marriage life and having babies! =) congratulations and best wishes!!! =)

  194. fayesantiago says:

    Awwwww! congrats Jim & saab! when i saw the photo of you & clara, my eyes started to tear up; as I have 2 sisters as well :) Happy Engagement! With Love from Toronto :)

    I’m sure Drake will be happy for you, hehe!

  195. Rema says:

    Congratulations Ate Saab! :) So happy and kilig at the same time. Hihi :* Sana in God’s time mahaap ko din ang aking prince charming! Hihihi :”"”> I’m sooo happy for you Ate Saab, my girl crush. :) God bless po! :) Excited for on your wedding day and blog post. Hahaha! :) :* >:D<

  196. Xyzcnt says:

    I dont know why but a tear fell down on my both eyes. I’m just a super happy fan here! Congrats Saab!

  197. Tinay says:

    Congrats Saab and Jim!<3 kahit matagal ko na tong nakita sa IG, kinikilig parin ako nung binasa ko dito sa blog <3

  198. Joan Oliveros says:

    Hi Saab, Congrats to the next stage of your life :)
    I had a teary eyes. I promised. Most of all, when you and your Mom hug each other well. hehe :D so funny when you went to the bathroom and wiped out your tears with your waterproof mascara.

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