Basic Makeup Tutorial (again)

I’m not sure if I should be calling this a tutorial because I am definitely no expert but I got the idea of making an updated makeup video when my good friend Megan Young gave me some pointers. She took a makeup class because, as Miss World 2013, she needs to travel the world to do charity work while still looking gorgeous so had to learn how to do it herself (side note: I said ‘makeup class’ hehehe get it?)!

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Her makeup’s always on point so I asked her to teach me one night, and she helped me create this look! I apologize for the quality – it was taken with my phone indoors and at night!! Nakakahiyang itabi kay Megan wahahaha!


Fake lashes, when applied correctly, will always make you look like you have somewhere important to go to. Haha. That’s one thing I need to practice more!

So here you go – a no frills video on applying what I learned when applying makeup ;)

Products I used in order: Smashbox camera ready BB cream (light), Motives Hypoallergenic Concealer (amber),  MAC Studio Fix (NC35), The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer, Smashbox Full Exposure Palette, Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner (Deepest Black), Sleek Makeup Brow Kit, Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara, L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse (Cherie)

Megan also encouraged me to buy appropriate brushes because I only had 2 and I was using an eyebrow brush for my eyeshadow. Haha. I agree it’s best to invest. I love my new brush for my face powder. I’ve never had one before. Thanks again, Megan!!:*

P.S. You can apply OFF Clean Feel (no smell, no colorants and no preservatives) on your face before doing anything to keep mosquito bites away!! I’ve had 4 lamok bites on my face in the last 2 weeks. Just make sure to keep the OFF lotion away from your eyes and mouth :)

P.P.S. Watch my first tutorial here

57 thoughts on “Basic Makeup Tutorial (again)

  1. Hahahaha this is one of the funniest make-up tutorials I’ve seen! Love it!! Haha!

    For your mosquito bites, I think you can use a green coloured concealer to neutralize the redness and kasi matambok or it left a bump on your face, you can use a concealer shade that’s two shades darker than your skin tone! Hehe :)

  2. nakaka aliw how you did this vid! :)) the contouring part is very helpful for me! :) thanks for this. :)

  3. Damnn..I really like your face: eyes, nose and lips—being the most. You could be a “lipstick model.” It’s so plump. Reminds me of cupid’s bow & a big juicy worm. Haha.
    How can you have an oily face yet pimple free? (Andaya naman ng tadhana) I envy your great skin genes.
    I’m also a late bloomer when it comes to make-up (Nasa bb cream & lip balm combo pa rin ako. Kelangan ng mag-level up.) Even though I’m all for the “Au Naturelle”, I must admit that I can no longer get away w/it. I’m almost hitting the late 20’s, yo! & skin’s already ‘going down down in an earlier round.’ Haay nakohw. I look forward to more beauty tips. Love seeing your face in full view and in motion…uhmm..ok..haha.

    Belated Happy Engagement to you!XD

  4. 3x ko na pinapanuod ang video tutorial mo Ms. Saab and I think paulit-ulit kung panunuorin to, sobrang nakakainggit ang beauty mo teh, no need to put make-up, yung beauty na walang ka effort-effort natural lang! Congrats soon to be Mrs. Bacarro:) More make up tips pls.

  5. Super funny tutorial! Bored ako lagi when watching tutorials, pero grabe naentertain mo ako. Funny! And learned a lot! Foundation first! Got it!

  6. Love your kilay talaga! <3 I actually bought Mac Lingering after I saw your first makeup tutorial! Anyway, you should post every 6 months kasi napaka-useful talaga ng tips mo, parang kaibigan lang when suggesting a new makeup.

  7. Girl cruuuuuush! Ang hassle lang! Ganda mo girl eh! Hahaha. Also the video made me laugh, but it was very informative. :P
    Where do you buy Sleek Makeup pala? ;)

  8. I really like you ate saab.. You are pretty and like perfect.. I love watching your videos. Yung first video i trued to buy makeup same brand pero may iba di ako afford. But thank you so much for the more makeup tutorial.. Sana madami pa.. And yung hindi fast forward.. Slow learner ako sa makeup eh.. Haha sana i can learn this! I love you ate saab!!! Congratulations! Looking forward sa marriage niyo.. Hehehe

  9. Hi Ate Saab! Now ko lang ulit nabrowse ang blog mo, and super cute niyo sa tutorial na to! :”> anyway, can i ask, do you workout? Like run or zumba? Or whatever that you do to maintain uour body? :))

  10. I don’t usually leave replies, (unless of course it is a contest that demands one) but this is just exceptional! You are so effortlessly adorable and naturally cute and witty! Haha. I am not a makeup kind of girl but you just made me want to give it a try. Looking forward for more of this from you! xx

  11. Mas kamukha mo si Arkin dito kesa kay Clara. Hahaha! Ang saya din ng tutorial mo kasi ang ganda mo, makes me want to put makeup on my face na rin. But I’m not as pretty as you bec of zits so nevermind. I’m scared baka ma-irritate lalo. </3 Anyhooo, more videos! "What's in my bag," or kaya show us your different dresses/clothes you use for different occasions. Hehe. #makarequestwagas

  12. Hiii Ate Saab!!! ^o^ I know super late comment na nito pero hope you’ll still read it and reply. :3 I super duper mega ultra hyper giga love you!!! Supe girl crush kita, idol, and everything! *u* you are sooo pretty that wearing makeup is not needed for you anymore. The video was sooo funny!!! XD gave bid ko na siya. Charot! XD and like other fans niyo po, I love your pretty face and how you say CHAROT! Congrats sa engagement mo ate Saab! Wishing you all the happiness and all the best! Loveyou :* P.S you inspired me to create my own blog po. :)) <3

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