For the younger crowd “Labor Day” is synonymous to a weekend partying it up in Boracay. On the contrary, Labor Day is a public holiday that celebrates workers and their rights. It remembers back in 1913 when 36 worker’s unions got together to protest their long unethical work hours (12 hours+ a day). Now, laborers usually only work a maximum of 8 hours daily but many still struggle for a better work environment. I’ve got nothing but props for the workers who stage demonstrations during Labor Day to call attention to their grievances. Still, it’s common practice for most of the working force to just take the day off and relax. Admittedly, I am part of that working force.

My friends and I went on a quick overnight trip to Tali, Batangas for Labor Day. Of course I had the brilliantly waley idea of calling it TALIBORDAY (Tali + Labor Day) as opposed to the usual LABORACAY (Labor Day + Boracay). It was a beautiful day of eating, swimming, and eating some more.


Tina, Maxx’s college best friend, was gracious enough to host us at her family’s beach house. She also brought her 4-year-old son Elian along and everybody fell in love.

Maxx and Elian
Maxx and Elian
Elian enjoying his cheddar jalapeño Cheetos. He LOVES the stuff. Doesn't care that it's spicy!
Elian enjoying his cheddar jalapeño Cheetos. He LOVES the stuff. Doesn’t care that it’s spicy!

As soon as we got there around 10AM, we set out to help Lauren with her planned boodle fight lunch!

I peeled and cut these mangoes heeheehee
I peeled and cut these mangoes heeheehee
Chef Lauren!! GOOD JOB
Chef Lauren!! GOOD JOB

It was my first boodle fight and it was DA BOMB!!! Megan suggested we keep all our phones before having lunch so we wouldn’t be distracted. Sa bagay, we were using our hands to eat the food so we wouldn’t have been able to check our phones anyway hehe. All meals should have a no-phone rule!

Post-lunch wine
Post-lunch wine
My peach, Adrianne, chilling under the shade!
My peach, Adrianne, chilling under the shade!

Elian was a ball of energy!! He kept throwing mangoes (grown from their backyard) into the pool and then fetching them.


Playing with his chosen girlfriend hahaha
Playing with his chosen girlfriend hahaha

Wayyyy later he passed out on his minion beach mat.

He is such a cutie pie
He is such a cutie pie

Elian was so cute in the pool and I had just purchased a back screen monitor for my GoPro Hero 3+ so I could keep replaying videos. I wanted to show Tina (who refuses to be caught on cam haha) how cute her baby boy was on cam. Obviously, while the unit is in its waterproof case, you can’t use the touch screen. The smart thing would have been to wait until I’m out the pool before checking the footage. But I couldn’t wait. I opened the case, pressed play and showed Tina the video. YOU GUESSED IT: My GoPro fell in the pool. For 1 second. It was the worst. Hahahaha. So we took it apart (monitor, unit, battery) and placed it in a bowl of uncooked rice because that’s what the Internet says you should do if you get a gadget wet. I tried to turn it on that night. The lights would blink, it was making the sound but the front LCD and week-old monitor wouldn’t respond. My heart almost broke but I didn’t make a big deal out of it because I just wanted to have fun with the girls.

Last photo I took before accidentally dropping my GoPro in the pool!
Last photo I took before accidentally dropping my GoPro in the pool!

After we watched the sunset by the Tali cliff, I helped Lauren make sloppy joes for dinner while Adrianne made cheese hotdogs. We had dinner, played 30 Seconds (super fun trivia board game), had tea, took a shower, watched Maxx on Aquino and Abunda, played Cluedo with Lauren and Vic, went to sleep, woke up at 6AM, had breakfast, left at 7AM. I was afraid we were going to get drunk at night but wow we are such titas now. Hahaha. It felt good to go to sleep before midnight and wake up very early for breakfast. I was also excited to go home because it was my first night away from Jim (I think) since we got married and I was looking forward to seeing him again. Hehehe. Sepanx?

Anyway, when I got home, I checked my GoPro and it was working perfectly fine. Praise the Lord. God loves me. I am so happy. Hehehehe. I’m currently uploading a video I put together from our Tali trip so stay tuned for that tonight :) Hope you had a great long weekend as well!

Will update this post with the video in an hour or so when it finishes uploading!:)

[UPDATE May 6, 2015] Watch our video below. Sorry it took a while, it was originally set to Carly Rae Jepsen’s I Really Like You but Vimeo/YouTube does not take kindly to people who use songs without a license. So I had to choose from YouTube’s usable audio library. This one is called Pink Lemonade by Silent Partner. Imagine niyo nalang may boses ni Carly Rae… See Maxx’s Instavid for reference.


Summer Siren Festival

Why complain about the summer heat when you can bask in all its hot hot glory? Can’t wait to hit the beach this Friday with my best buddies and bandmates. Cheats is going to Crystal Beach, Zambales for Summer Siren Festival this April 17th.

The whole festival runs from April 17-19 with a wide variety of activities for everybody to try:

  • Flow Arts Workshop by FlowArts Philppines & Planet Zips
  • Summer Workouts by Crossfit Alpha Strike
  • Beach Volleyball Match
  • Beach Frisbee Game
  • Surf Lessons

summersiren day 1

summer siren day 2

Since Cheats is performing, the organizers have graciously provided rooms for us but Lifestyle Network’s GLAMPING (glamorous camping) package looks so fun and enticing, don’t you think? No need to pitch a tent, make a fire, etc. It’s nice for people who want to experience camping for the first time without getting overwhelmed by the nitty gritty.


It includes roundtrip transportation (Manila – Zambales – Manila), 2 nights accommodation in a glamping tent (tent comes with an airbed with linens and pillows, a lamp and a fan), Summer Siren festival passes, welcome BBQ dinner, daily hearty breakfast, butler service, Lifestyle Network glamping kit, Summer Siren festival kit, travel insurance, and a whole lot of freebies. They had me at ‘butler service’ hahaha. They’re also bringing in more activities but don’t worry if you didn’t get the glamping package, you can still enjoy them!

  • Ukelele Workshop
  • Shirt Deconstruction
  • Hairbraiding by Dove
  • Make your own Dreamcatcher by DMCI
  • Archery

Will make sure to drop by the glamping site to take photos, stalk some folks and secretly wish I was in their place. Hahaha! Unless they don’t have a nice bathroom. You can drag me almost anywhere and I’ll be good as long as there’s a properly-working toilet. Are you going?! OMG will we become best friends??? Lelz! Try your luck if there are still packages available over at TravelFactor.org. I hear you can also just bring your own tent and stuff and just pay 1,000 to pitch it on the camping site. ADVENTURE TIME! See ya!



summersiren day 1

summer siren day 2

Going Up Fushimi Inari Temple

I totally forgot about my last batch of Japan photos!! Here’s a photo diary of our last day in Kyoto when we went there for our honeymoon! So here’s a photo diary I hope you enjoy it as much as much as the other Japan entries :) Some photos taken with my iPhone 6, other with my Sony NEX 5N.


Cutie pie
Cutie pie
UGH ganda
UGH ganda
The walk to the temple is lined with so many vendors and they insist on giving out samples of their items
The walk to the temple is lined with so many vendors and they insist on giving out samples of their items

Here’s a brief background of the shrine we visited from what I gathered: There are 2 major religions practiced in Japan – Shintoism and Buddhism. In Shinto, people believe in kami or the Japanese word for god or spirit. Inari is the kami of general prosperity and worldly success. A lot of people visit the shrine to pray for their businesses but first and foremost Inari is the god of rice.


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Kyoto’s Kitchen: Nishiki Market

Our fourth day in Japan was spent going around the famous Nishiki Market (Kyoto), a really long and narrow arcade that stretches for five blocks. It’s lined by over a hundred shops and restaurants. It’s known as The Kitchen of Kyoto because you can sample many of the city’s cultural delicacies all in one place. The history of the place is amazing:

Nishiki has a long history that originated about 400 years ago, but its true beginnings go back even further. When Japan’s capital was first transferred to Kyoto, the distribution network for goods was undeveloped and citizens couldn’t enjoy eating a wide variety of foods. In 1573, a lot of local merchants visited Kyoto’s Imperial Palace to dedicate local products, such as fresh fish and game for meat. Gradually, they got used to cooperating in order to keep these products fresh by utilizing the abundance of freezing underground water beneath Nishiki, which remains 15 degrees C even in summer. Even today, this water guarantees the freshness of fish sold in the market. (source)

Here are some photos I took that day.

Jim “gathering good energy and balling it up” for good vibes
We're heeere
We’re heeere


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The Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter

It’s been such a crazy week, I’ve hardly been at home and my laptop’s battery has died on me. It doesn’t want to work unless it’s plugged in huhuhu. At least I’ve got a reason to get a new one! Hehehe. Soon! Anyway, here’s a very delayed photo diary of our 3rd day in Japan also known as our day in Osaka which is about an hour and a half away via train. We rode our hotel’s free shuttle to Kyoto Station and began our adventure!


Got no time for breakfast? Grab these delicious sushi thingies from Family Mart!


Living in the danger zone o_O This guy gave us a heart attack!


OMG this is really happening
OMG this is really happening – “ACCIO SAAB & JIM”

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On our second day in Kyoto, we were set on taking a cooking class we found on TripAdvisor. If you’re not familiar with the app, it gets your location and tells you the top-rated restaurants, attractions and activities nearby. One of the top activities near our area was a traditional Japanese cooking class held by WA Experience Kafu and it had rave reviews, mostly for the very friendly instructor named Kimi! I e-mailed her in the morning and asked if there was an available slot for the day and inquired about how much it would cost for 2 persons. She replied within the hour and said we could go at 2pm and a class for each person cost 7,500 yen (a little less than PhP3,000). So we finally got out of bed and checked the weather outside.

My husband the dinosaur

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English Menu, Please!

When we had lunch with our principal sponsors tito Dot and tita Gina Escalona (parents of our friend Ryan whose family has been close to Jim for years), they asked where our honeymoon would be. We said we were postponing our planned NY honeymoon to next year because we wanted to be practical and use our money to do a little renovation project in our condo instead. Also because we are taking a European cruise with Jim’s family later this year anyway, so the two of us can just extend our stay in Paris or something – whatever we decide! The Escalonas said it was important to take a little break in between the wedding & going back to work. Right then and there, they said they would like send us anywhere in Asia for a week as a gift. I KNOW, RIGHT?! We couldn’t believe it either. But they insisted! Of course I said Japan because Japan.

The last time we were there, Jim proposed to me in Tokyo. This time we wanted to explore Kyoto and Osaka! Sharing photos I took on our first night in Kyoto!

We left 3pm of Tuesday, 3 days after we got hitched. Flew Manila-Osaka (Kansai airport) and rode a bus to Kyoto. Including airport transfers and all, we got to our hotel around 9:30pm Japan time (they are an hour ahead of us).

Jim says airplane food is his “third favorite food.” Go figure!


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Boracay Birthday 2014

After a horrible start to the weekend (read about it here), things went really smoothly once we landed in Boracay. It was our first time to stay at a new bed & breakfast called Agos Boracay on Station 2 — Jim’s parents gave us GCs because their friends own it. I like a luxurious hotel room just like the next person but I personally think if you’re in Boracay, your room should just be for dropping off your stuff, taking showers, and sleeping! That’s why Agos Boracay is perfect for travelers who would rather enjoy the view of the beach from the actual shoreline instead of spending a beautiful day indoors. Spend half of what you’d normally spend on other hotels and you’re only 2 minutes away from D’Mall! The room are very nice and clean, too! It has a well-deserved rating of 5 stars on TripAdvisor! www.agosboracay.com


When we got there, Cholo arrived shortly and we headed out for dinner. We found a highly rated restaurant via the TripAdvisor app called Tilapia N Chips and it looked really good. True enough, the food was served in large portions and it was a great meal. We ordered Fish N Chips, Tilapia N Chips, and a burger.




We walked along the shore to Station 1 where the sand was so pristine and we tripped out on how beautiful it was when the water washes away all the footprints. Boracay is really the most beautiful beach. This photo doesn’t do it any justice. Not at all.


I barely took any photos so some photos in this post were taken with my phone! We walked really far up Station 1, all the way to that bright place in the picture below.


There was a cute little wedding reception happening and we sat down beside it, ordered 2 bottles of red wine and just talked while enjoying the music from the reception. I think that’s more than enough proof that we are growing older if we’re drinking quietly in Boracay on a Friday night. Haha! We went home a little past midnight and we slept very soundly, a bit drunk on childhood memories and wine.

Agos Boracay does regular housekeeping and they provide the usual free bottled water daily but they do not have a restaurant nor do they have room service. As an alternative, they partnered up with a restaurant nearby for complimentary breakfast.


Honestly, I say skip the free breakfast because it’s nothing amazing. Try exploring other options for breakfast instead. Maxx arrived early in the morning and we met up at her hotel.


We laid out under the sun for a while and listened to music until lunch time when we went to Epic. I ordered these amazing mozarella cubes and a seared tuna salad.




Cholo got spaghetti and meatballs – nakakainggit. Hahaha.


I refuse to go to the beach without having at least one frozen margarita. It just kind of completes the moment for me.


After lunch, we went back to Station 1 where we once again lounged about, had amazing conversations, and took photos before sunset! The obligatory jump shot,


Hello po.



Group shot!


Ang saya nung group nila, they had a drone camera taking photos of them


Boys being boys



Konting PDA



Had a quick buffet dinner at Seawind where you just point to what you want and they’ll cook it for you. Sarap!



Cholo surprised us by signing us up for Boracay Pubcrawl! He just recently came home from Spain where he also participated in a pub crawl for the first time. A pub crawl is when you’re part of a group that goes from one bar to the other. The rest of us were so excited because we’d never done anything like this before. You can sign up early to get a discount, in our case we only paid P790 each for boys and P690 each for girls (well technically we didn’t pay for anything cos it was Cholo’s birthday treat! Yay!) instead of P990 which is the price you’d have to pay if you sign up on the spot.

We all had to meet up at 8PM in Station 1 near Starbucks. That’s where you get a t-shirt that gets you a 10% discount in all partner restaurants, a baller band that gets you happy hour rates at partner bars even beyond happy hour, and a shot glass for all the free shots you’ll get that night. It was nice watching all the people cutting up their shirts to make it more unique, it was like a Project Runway in a sweaty, loud bar. Haha! Our first task was to make 4 new friends and learn one interesting thing about them.

We tried making new friends right away


It was very scary for someone who gets anxiety around strangers like me. There was a lot of “getting-to-know-you” activities at the start of the night with strangers. Slowly, though, I began to just go with the flow and felt more relaxed with these people I’d never met before. Being in a group was still very much like a security blanket though. Luv u guyzzz~


It’s a wonder how we were all so sober in the midst of such crazy drunk people. Haha. Sa first stop palang, ang dami nang nagmo-momol! It really was fun meeting new people who come from all walks of life. I found this one Australian guy really interesting because he was doing volunteer work to help urban planning in the Philippines. Just one of the many people I got to talk to that night! He looked like someone from Hollywood and although he kept saying he was often mistaken for Matt Damon or Andrew Garfield, we figured out at the very end of the night that he looked more like Quentin Tarantino. Ang layo sa Matt/Andrew claims! Haha!



We went to 5 different bars, the last one was the most interesting because it was a silent disco. We were all given headphones with really loud music and everybody was going crazy because it was the last stop and we were having so much fun. It was very interesting to take off the headphones and watch people dance to no music haha!



When midnight struck, they gave us cakes for our birthdays along with our new pal Emily who was also celebrating her birthday! What a sweet surprise!




I decided to give my cake away to the little kids roaming around so late on the beach.



So cute! But I made them promise that they’d go to bed already. After a quick stopover at Andok’s with some of our new friends, we all went back to our beds to get some sleep! What a great experience, I highly recommend joining the Boracay Pubcrawl the next time you’re on the island. They have pubcrawls on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Check them out at www.pubcrawl.ph!

The morning of our birthday was the Pacquiao-Algieri fight so we grabbed a bite to eat before it started. Diyos ko, puro pagkain ang laman ng blog post na ito!! Two Seasons has the best 4-cheese pizza talaga! Reminds me of the cheese pizza in Bellini’s Cubao, also a favorite of mine!


We went back to Maxx’s hotel to watch the fight! It was pretty strange that it wasn’t as rowdy as we expected. Probably because the guests were mostly foreigners so they weren’t particularly cheering for Pacquiao.


Kebs! Cheers parin to Pacman!


We can never truly be happy when watching boxing.. Lagi kami naaawa sa natatalo. Huhu.

DSC03642We predicted Manny Pacquiao would win and he did. Congrats! Now back to swimming and lounging!!


We used to always wear matching outfits when we were young and it just so happened that we packed the same swimsuit and sheer pineapple top in different colors! So meant to be! Haha!





And then we ended the night playing our favorite boardgame, Munchkin, while drinking whiskey!


It was really intense. Hahaha!


The morning before we left for Manila, we got an outdoor massage at Ambassador and it was pure ecstasy. I have to commend talaga the staff of Ambassador, they were all so nice and accommodating!


It was an amazing, PEACEFUL trip. Himala hindi kami nag away ni Maxx!!! Hahaha!! Sobrang saya talaga, we’re even planning to book again for our birthday next year as early as now hehe. Omg ngayon ko lang napansin na mukhang isang pata ko lang yung nakikita niyo sa pic above but no, natakpan lang ni Maxx!! Dalawang thighs ko yan, ano ba??? Hahaha! Thank you for all the birthday greetings! We love you!:)



Boracay Birthday 2014: A Prologue

It was going to be my second time to celebrate my birthday with Maxx in Boracay! The last one was 2 years ago and we both agreed that November is really the perfect time to go there because of the beautiful weather and it’s almost empty shores especially along Station 1 of White Beach where we like to swim.

Our birthday weekend didn’t start so smoothly. A few weeks ago, Maxx called me up to let me know that she had to cancel her trip because of work. I was sad but I understood. Besides, Jim was going with me anyway. Elmo and Frank were also supposed to come along but had to beg off because of other engagements. I asked my friends if they could go with Jim and I since 4 days in Boracay sounded really fun but most of them could not leave work! At the start of the week though, Maxx confirmed that she was able to fix her schedule to come with us from Nov 22-24 instead of the original Nov 21-24. I didn’t want Maxx or Jim to feel like the third wheel (for when Jim and I start PDA-ing hahaha or when Maxx and I start girl talk) so I double checked with my friends and I was so happy that one of our best friends, Cholo, was game to go! He was set to leave 3PM of Nov 21, Friday. We were all set!

My flight with Jim was scheduled to leave at 8:40AM of Nov 21, Friday with Philippine Airlines. Because of all our previous flight “horror stories,” we made sure to be on time. You know what, I’m just going to give you a timeline of what happened so you can put yourself in my shoes flip-flops:

— SAABAE (@saabmagalona) November 21, 2014

06:00 – Take a quick shower.

06:15 – Look at your stuff and be proud because you’ve been packed since last night.

06:40 – In the elevator, Jim says “Don’t. Panic. Slowly move towards me.” and when you do, you see a huge cockroach on the wall right beside where you were previously standing. (I believe this was an omen for things to come. Yuck, OA yung “omen” haha)

07:00 – Call up PAL on the ride to the airport because your ticket does not indicate which terminal you’re supposed to depart from. (It’s common knowledge that domestic flights are always via Terminal 3 but I just wanted to double check and what if I’m not from here, right? They should really put that on the ticket.)

07:05 – Confirm that flight leaves from Terminal 3 and that you can go straight to boarding if you are already checked-in online. You have already checked-in online so you’re happy things are going perfectly.

07:20 – Arrive at NAIA and argue with Jim that you’re already checked in via web so you can go straight to the boarding gate like the girl from the hotline said.

07:21 – Be proven wrong when you are told to still pass by the desk where they print out your boarding pass on a thick piece of paper. Cry on the inside because you thought you were doing your part to decrease waste by downloading your boarding pass on your phone.

07:30 – Eat spam, eggs, and toast.

08:00 – Go to the boarding gate since boarding time is at 8:10AM.

08:10 – Be told that flight has been delayed and that boarding time has been moved to 8:50AM. (It’s nothing new so we just said “oh, okay!” and sat down trying to entertain ourselves)

08:55 – Start boarding a shuttle that will take you to your plane.

09:05 – You are just standing with your heavy bags because you refused to check them in. The shuttle is still not moving.


09:15 – Feel a bit claustrophobic because seriously, the shuttle doors are closed and nothing is happening while you are standing very close to strangers like sardines.

09:20 – Jim says “let’s go!” out loud and kind of starts a mini-mutiny as other people in the shuttle start to fuss about being kept in a non-moving shuttle for 20 minutes now. The lady from PAL is on the other side of the shuttle beside the driver, with her back turned to all of you. She finally faces you and when you ask what was happening, she says she will check and steps out of the shuttle.

09:25 – Lady from PAL comes back and says they are just “waiting for clearance” and other passengers start raising their voices asking why we were asked to board the shuttle if the aircraft was not even ready. One passenger even asks, “kaninong kabobohan ito?!” and you are asked by the irate foreigners beside you to translate what was happening.

09:30 – Another lady from PAL enters the shuttle (as if it wasn’t already packed) and says you are going back into the airport because there’s something wrong with the aircraft. On the way back in, Jim says “ang sama naman ng service niyo..” to a guy from Philippine Airlines near the door. In response, the guy avoids eye contact, just smirks and blows a bit of air out his nose. You receive no apologies for being kept standing in that shuttle for over half an hour.

09:35 – You go to the desk and give feedback to the ladies of PAL who refuse to empathize with you. You say, “I wish you guys would let us know what’s happening as it happens and not just let us stand and wait until the very last minute like we are just bodies and not people. No one is even apologizing for that 30-minute wait.” The girl looks at you with dead eyes. You ask, “So you really won’t apologize for how the staff treated us like hostages out there?” Girl continues to look at you with dead eyes and gives a small smile like she is singing a Taylor Swift song in her head while you are complaining (they must be so used to complaints so they learn to tune you out). Give up, ask for her name and go back to your boarding gate.

09:40 – Tweet about experience, receive apology from PAL who asks you to DM them details. Give name of employee who was rude to you. Nothing crazy, just straight up feedback.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.44.49 AM

10:48 – Entertain yourselves. Don’t go to the bathroom in case there’s any news about your flight.

11:18 – Go back to the desk (the original rude girl is gone because they changed shifts already) and ask about the flight. Girl says the new aircraft will arrive at 11:20AM.

11:19 – Go back to Jim at boarding gate 131 and let him know what the girl said. Jim looks at his watch and says it’s 11:19. You shrug and wait for further announcements patiently. You do not listen to music, you do not go to the bathroom. You listen to the millions of announcements while waiting for something about your own flight.

11:56 – You finally hear an announcement about a flight from Manila to Caticlan but instead of PR 2043 the announcement says flight PR 2049. You don’t want to take any chances so you still go to the desk and ask if your flight is finally boarding. It’s a little chaotic by the desk because there are passengers complaining, raising their voices about how their flight to Caticlan (the airport nearest Boracay) has been re-routed to Kalibo (1.5 hours away from Boracay). You ask 3 different girls from the staff who just keep passing you by and saying “wait lang po” making you feel like they have more important things to do.

12:02 – One of them finally gets back to you only to say your flight just took off.

12:03Dolly zoom moment

Seriously, guys… Say it with me: ANYARE?! They said they called our names but COME ON I was listening intently and I was at the boarding gate (the one listed on our boarding pass). Apparently they were boarding at gate 132 which was just about 100 meters away from where we were sitting. And I had just asked the girl about our flight at 11:19AM so obviously I was right there, waiting and ready to board.

Maybe it’s possible that I missed an announcement for flight PR2043 because I had been at the airport for 5 hours already and you can’t expect me to listen to each and every one of the announcements of all flights, even from different airlines. But I insist that I was listening very well, not distracted by anything especially after the girl said the aircraft was about to land shortly. It was impossible for me to miss hearing my name or Jim’s. It’s protocol for all flights to have a last call for passengers who are still not on the plane. It was incredibly ridiculous to hear that our flight took off without us, it made me feel like I was in the twilight zone.

Hey, NAIA! Here’s an idea: perhaps have a screen with updated flight details on the walls instead of flat screens with NBA games showing? Actually, Jim really liked the TVs airing NBA HD so why not have both? If not possible, maybe calibrate your priorities? Especially since the gates were so crowded because of so many delayed flights. It really was like a chaotic refugee camp.

Finally, a guy named Christopher Gomez was the only one who was helpful. Everybody else was avoiding eye contact, it was seriously the most WTF moment ever. Hindi naman ako nagsaskandalo doon sa airport but I was understandably asking for an explanation of how this happened. Our conspiracy theory is that they wanted to get revenge for my Direct Message to @flyPAL and the girls really conspired for us to miss our flight. Nakakaloka naman siguro kung ganon talaga ang nangyari but nobody could give us any explanation so we had to make one up to keep us from going insane. Christopher put us on another flight (PR 2049) that was about to leave but re-routed to Kalibo. He was very helpful in letting us know that the girls behind the desk had previously told him that I was on flight PR 2043 and that they pointed out to where I was seated before our original flight took off. This proves that they knew where I was but did not make any effort to call me if they really did make a last call. Christopher said he would have called me himself but he was on the runway helping other flights board. He was a very busy man doing the job of the girls na naka-kumpol lang sa likod ng desk avoiding eye contact with every customer. Hey, PAL, maybe you should cut down on quantity of employees and focus on quality?


13:20 – Board flight PR 2049

Admittedly, I have never flown PAL to Boracay because it’s ridiculously expensive compared to other airlines but Maxx had an agency book her flight and I wanted to be on the same one. So finally we were boarding the other flight (PR 2049). We were on the plane seated at the very front and it looked like we were the last passengers to board. We asked the flight attendant about what happened and she, although very nice, did not have clear answers. She said she thinks all flights to Caticlan were re-routed to Kalibo except for the one that we missed. Ewan ko ba. Basta we were on the plane waiting patiently, again, “for clearance.” Some of the foreigners stood up beside us, trying to get some air from outside the open cabin door because the aircraft was not turned on (no aircon). The Americans were getting angry and asking what the hold up was and we realized that they had been on the plane for maybe no less than 20 minutes already. Finally, a man in uniform came in and says we needed to “de-plane” because there was something wrong with the aircraft.

13:25 – De-plane flight PR 2049

Hey PAL, how about “waiting for clearance” before attempting to board your passengers? JUST A THOUGHT. We didn’t realize how long the other people had been waiting on that plane until we let them all out before standing up. Our bags were inside the overhead compartment and we just wanted them all to exit before we stood up since they had been there longer. There were people drenched in sweat from sitting at the very back of the plane. There was one American that asked about his checked-in baggage, making sure it would be transferred to the new aircraft. I was right not to check-in our bags.

13:40 – Stand right next to Christopher of PAL so you are sure you don’t miss this one. Think about Cholo’s flight with AirAsia booked at 3:05PM. It was booked the day before the flight and cost half of what you paid. Granted it was Manila-Kalibo but it didn’t entail waiting 6 hours and still being re-routed to Kalibo after all.

14:40 - Finally take off.

16:15 – Get on a van going to the port (PAL’s treat, rightfully so)

17:40 – Boat to Boracay. Think about how you were supposed to be at the exact same place but at 9:45AM instead of 5:40PM.


18:30 – Get to your hotel in Boracay. Feel bad about how you lost a whole day at the beach care of Philippine Airlines. You could have just gone the next day so you didn’t have to pay the hotel for an extra night.

In the end, PAL e-mailed me apologies and offered a free ticket from Manila-Caticlan or from Caticlan-Manila. I hope they make adjustments to their services in case I decide to accept the offer.

I told Jim we shouldn’t let that whole experience ruin our trip and that at least it would be an interesting story to tell. So here is my piece – I hope that horrible experience at least makes an interesting blog post. Actual Boracay Birthday blog post to follow, this one just deserves its own space on the Internet. Mabuhay!


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Your Birth Year, Your Room Rate at Privato Hotel!

Plan your staycation now, kids!


Privato Hotel is located at 706 Shaw blvd., Pasig City, right by Capitol Commons! They’re having a really awesome promo for all weekends of November where you use your year of birth as your room rate.


For example, I was born in 1988 so I will only pay PhP1,988 for a night! But if I am staying with Maxx, we’ll follow her birth year of 1986 because it’s cheaper by 2 bucks ;)


Visit www.privatohotel.com for more info!