Cheats – Accidents

Cheats has a new single out and here’s the video which I edited! I hope you guys enjoy it (make sure to watch it in HD for better appreciation) and come to one of our gigs real soon.

I’m very thankful for all the positive feedback the band’s been getting and this is collectively our favorite song since it’s the very first one we made. Jim writes most of the lyrics for Cheats and although I can’t put into words how I interpret this song’s meaning, I remember him telling me how some accidents are of the good kind. Perhaps he was talking about how our band got together and made this song. ♥

Alternatively, you can stream the song on Soundcloud.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming gigs:

  • May 20, Tuesday – Route 196
  • May 21, Wednesday – Saguijo
  • May 24, Saturday – Drink-Up, The Fort & Route 196
  • May 27, Tuesday – Saguijo
  • May 29, Thursday – Route 196
  • May 31, Saturday – White Plains
  • June 3, Tuesday – Tomato Kick 3
  • June 6, Friday – Saguijo
  • June 21, Saturday – Foodstock, New Manila



14 thoughts on “Cheats – Accidents

  1. This song is stuck in my head since Saturday!! Haha. Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed seeing you guys live!!! I hope I see you guys again soon! Goodluck, Cheats!! <3

  2. Love it!!! Jim is such a cutie!! Saya naman panuorin ng vid nyo, how I wish I can go to your gig, wala kasi akong kasama that would be awkward kung magisa lang ako. Hopefully soon makapunta ko gusto ko talaga kayo mapanood!

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