Dior Addict

My mom has always been classy and cool and I believe she got her good taste from her own mom, my grammy Edwina Arroyo.

Dior-1-2She only trusts brands that are classic, tried and tested. I’m far from the brand-conscious type since I love trying out products that are brand new, usually made by local start-up companies. However, there’s a part of me that very much appreciates the scent, color and quality of classic world-renowned brands. One of my grammy’s favorite brands is Christian Dior. I think even her bed sheets are Dior!

I don’t think I can bring myself to spend on luxury branded clothes and bed sheets but when it comes to makeup, I will splurge! Especially for lipstick!! Let me show you my small Dior lipstick and gloss collection.

“Colour imposes change. A touch of colour can alter your entire appearance.”

- Christian Dior

Dior-1 Dior-2

L-R Dior Addict Gloss: 686 Outrageous Fuschia, 433 Délice, 343 Miss Dior, 664 Pink Bikini

Dior Addict Gloss provides lips with incredible shine and complete comfort. Its secret: the Mirror Shine Complex, an unrivalled procedure perfected by the Dior Research team.

The right-most gloss (664) “Pink Bikini” is the only one I have that is purely glossy (didn’t use filters on my pictures this time so you can see the actual colors). It looks like a pink mirror.

Dior-4The rest have glitters. 343 “Miss Dior” – the color is very subtle but the shine will definitely draw attention to your pretty lips! Think Natalie Portman hehe.

Dior-5433 “Délice” is similar to 343 “Miss Dior” but with a more coral tint. It’s perfect for day-time dates :)

Dior-6686 “Outrageous Fuschia” is the most glittery one, it looks like your lips are throwing a party your boyfriend will want to crash

Dior-9Now for the Rouge Dior collection, I’ve got three iconic shades!


Rouge Dior shade 539 “Trafalgar” has a coral shade. I see myself taking Joey for a walk wearing this shade. K, that was pretty specific. Haha!


Rouge Dior 567 “Darling” has a vivid pink color. So cute. I’d wear this while shopping so the sales ladies won’t think I don’t have money to spend on the shoes they’re selling. I’m wearing vivid pink lipstick, bitch. I’m rich!!

Dior-11Rouge Dior 999 is a tribute to Monsieur Christian Dior’s first-ever lipstick creation. And for that, it deserves a full face picture.

Dior-12That, and also because red wins over everything all the time. Love it!

Ok, got to go and get my upper lip waxed. Char! Baboo!


  1. Been a Dior fan since I was a kid, thanks to my tita who works there – yeay and thanks to free stuffs na rin hehe. And got to say, their products are the bomb! Works wonders even if I don’t use some of their make ups for a loooong time, which is a big no no hahaha! :D

  2. Saab! Ang cute ng pisngi, sarap kurutin. Hihi. Pareho tayo, mataba ung pisngi. :-p

    Ang ganda ng kutis mo, ang ganda ng ilong mo, ang ganda ng lips mo. Ang ganda mo talaga Saab! :-)

    Stay young! :-)

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