Eat Buy Try: The First One!

Since my blog is now officially under (yay!) I’ve decided to adopt one of their regular topics: EAT, BUY, TRY!’s EAT BUY TRY section is usually for recommendations but to make things different (and easier haha) for my blog, mine will not necessarily be things I enjoyed. It’s simply what I’ve eaten, bought and tried recently!:) So let’s try this out and hopefully keep this going weekly!


My BFF Candy just blurted out the name of the restaurant on our way home Monday night and Jim & I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The name sounded magical. We went there for lunch the very next day.


It’s located at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City – across Center of Gravity and Bugsy’s.

The owners are obviously Breaking Bad fans.

BurgersAndBrewskies-1I’m also a big fan of Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg so I got suckered into ordering it.

heisenbergUnfortunately, kung ano ang kina-bad ass ni Heisenberg, yun ang kina-waley ng Heisenburger.


Bleu cheese aioli, jicama celery slaw (jicama is singkamas FYI), with bacon vinaigrette. Personally I thought it lacked flavor. They don’t really serve it cut in half but Jim and I requested for it so we could share each other’s burgers. He wanted to get another Breaking Bad character, Hector Salamanca. But it was advertised as really spicy and my tummy wasn’t in the mood for it. He got one of their best-sellers, Call The Nurse, instead.

BurgersAndBrewskies-3Spiced mustard aioli, B&B cheese sauce, seared mac and cheese, and bacon. This one was definitely better than the Heisenberg. I fucking love Mac and Cheese! Plus, it was easier to eat than the other burger that literally dripped the WHOLE time I was holding it.

BurgersAndBrewskies-5The service wasn’t great either. Our waiter was pretty “presko” you know what I mean, right? We asked what the best sellers were and he heavily just poked the 2 boxed items on the menu with his index and middle fingers making us feel like idiots for even asking. Hello, malay ko ba kung layout lang yung dalawang box na yun noh, wala namang nakalagay na yun ang best sellers. And then while we were eating na and asked for ketchup for our potato wedges, he just quickly said “Ay, wala kaming ketchup. Di kami nagse-serve ng ketchup dito.” So I automatically thought ANG PRETENTIOUS HA! but dismissed the thought immediately because it’s just the way the server said it that was annoying. Pwede namang “Actually, the use of ketchup is discouraged in order to taste the blah blah blah” and it was understandable because the potato wedges dip they gave us was delicious.

ANYWAY. The place was nice and cozy.

BurgersAndBrewskies-6 BurgersAndBrewskies-8

I especially liked the beer bottle chandelier


I’d like to go back and taste the brewskies they have to offer!


I was very happy with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but I got envious of LTE-capable phones that’s why I switched to iPhone 5 about a year ago. LTE was amazing, I enjoyed it immensely until about a month ago when my 3G OR LTE would completely stop working for about 30mins and then come back for maybe 5mins. I got so frustrated for 2 weeks, I didn’t think it was Globe’s fault because Jim didn’t have any problems with his 3G/LTE. I figured it was the sim card so I looked forward to replacing it. Then I started obsessing over the Note 3 because I missed having a stylus and a big screen. I traded in my iPhone 5 and iPad 2 (which I never used anymore) and only added P5,500 for a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Thanks to my suki in Greenhills Theatre Mall!

DSC09771I’m VERY happy with it except it didn’t solve my 3G/LTE problem even if I changed my sim card. Huhuhu. So I still have the same problem but at least I have a bigger phone screen. I love looking at big pictures.

DSC09772Hassle lang kasi ang pangit ng camera :( You have to be REALLY steady when in low light conditions or else most photos will really be blurry.

Here’s an example of an indoor photo (with the curtains drawn in the afternoon).


Chaka… Pero this is a photo I took outdoors, it’s super clear!

20140218_145324It’s also annoying how the camera seems to be automatically zoomed. I don’t know, maybe I need to tinker with it and find the right settings. I like how the back case is no longer made of plastic. It’s more susceptible to dirt but it’s easily cleaned unlike permanent scratches!




So obsessed with this album right now. My favorite tracks are Cocoa Butter Kisses, Juice, Lost (feat. Noname Gypsy), Favorite Song (feat. Childish Gambino), Smoke Again (feat. Ab-Soul), Acid Rain.. Who am I kidding – I love all the songs.

I really enjoyed this interview Nardwuar did with him. So funny!!

There you go, the first edition of my version of Eat, Buy, Try!:) Check back next week for another one!

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  1. Haha, I love the first part! So honest! and. wait, I am not really sure but I think you misused the word “suki”, because I guess you’re supposed to be the suki., but whtvr. that’s cute anway! (: looking forward for the next edition. <3

  2. Saab. may I ask? Do you still have janet’s no. in greenhills? I get it the last time you post it on your blog, But I think I delete it. I don’t have her no. anymore, Can I get it? Thanks.:)

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