Joey and Bunless

Candy had the day off from work today so we decided to take our doggies out on a date. Enjoy these pictures of the cutest dogsss!!

Bunless Schublig is 1 year and 9 months old. He’s Candy’s first dog and he is a handsome fella. He’s a Dachshund (pronounced dak-suhnd). According to Candy, and I don’t if it’s accurate hahaa, they descended from hunting dogs. They have droopy ears because they dig a lot, so it protects from dirt going inside. And their tails are long so their hunting owners can easily pull them out from the holes they dig. Pretty cool. I hope it’s correct. Haha I’m too lazy to Google. Candy is on my couch dictating all this information to me.

JoeyBunless-1We took them to Eastwood Mall while Candy and I had lunch. Bunless wore the shirt I gave him about a year ago and now it’s so fit!! CUTE!




There are dogs that have dog eyes and then there are those that have human eyes. Joey and Bunless have human eyes!!JoeyBunless-7 JoeyBunless-8Sarap

JoeyBunless-9Then we went back to my place where Joey got sleepy

JoeyBunless-13But they were both too excited to hang out so no napping for both haha

JoeyBunless-14 JoeyBunless-15 JoeyBunless-16

JoeyBunless-20 JoeyBunless-22 JoeyBunless-23I hope I helped de-stress your Monday with these adorable cuties. Wow. Much cute. Very smile. #doge

7 thoughts on “Joey and Bunless

    1. Yeah, that’s actually Charlie’s old leash (the dog of Maxx) – napadala ng yaya namin from Antipolo when Joey slept over instead of my awesome leash that they now cannot find huhuhu

  1. Hi saab!! I just wanna ask, where did you buy your dog fence for joey?? I tried googling but I can’t find a decent one! Hoping for your reply! Thanks!

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