Life in Plastic

Here’s a little bit of trivia for ya: I never owned a Barbie growing up! My ate Unna had a huge collection of Barbie dolls which I was allowed to play with sometimes but they weren’t mine. Maxx also had Barbie dolls given by her ninongs but I never cared that much for the girl with long plastic legs.

What I got for Christmas was Ken’s beach buggy and I loved it!

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I think having a vehicle and not a doll contributed to my being not quite a girly girl. I’m not saying girly girls aren’t cool – I actually wish I liked some girly girl things. I wouldn’t have such a hard time planning my wedding if I did. I see all these pegs online and have to stop myself from gagging at most of the cheesy things. Hahaha. I’ll work on it!!

Anyway, when I went to Singapore 2 weekends ago, mom and I tripped out at the wonderful Changi airport and found all these cute Barbie dolls. Haha. I just want to share some of them with you guys and how I personally relate to each one.

This will be Jim when he is old, has a mid-life crisis, and needs to wear a wig – just kidding. Jim’s got wonderful hair and he will never wear a wig!!!


Here I am on my wedding day. You can see she’s got psycho controlling eyes like she wants to slap her wedding planner. If you look closely, you can see my reflection in her dress haha


Here I am making pancakes with my baby girl


Here I am this November 23rd. Look at how fabulous and romantic my hair looks. Also, check out my creepy reflection.


Can’t relate to Fan Bing Bing but she’s fabulous


Here I am with Jim getting ready for a gig \m/


Here are two things I am in different universes. On a serious note though, I love the “I Can Be” series of Barbie!


Here I am being the beautiful Filipina that I am… MG?! Mom bought this one!


This is Sofia Vergara


Here I am when I visit Canada to watch Drake live


This is me when I’M having my mid-life crisis


Here I am blogging and coding!


Clara, ate Unna, and Maxx


And here I am accepting my real body. Haha! Have you heard of Lamilly, the realistic Barbie doll?

I think she looks much better than the alien that is Barbie. Thoughts?

34 thoughts on “Life in Plastic

  1. lammily, dapat talaga ganito wahaha parehas tayo kaso in my case I own the barbies (gifts) pero my mom is the one who reaaaaally likes it. haha I prefer playing waterguns before :D pero babae padin!

  2. Parehas tayo hindi rin ako nagkabarbie kahit isa nung bata ako.. ang Barbie ko nun gawa sa karton ng sigarilyo. Haha mag drawing ka ng Barbie at mga damit nya tapos gugupitin. Hahaha :) pag sosyal paper dolls ang tawag :D

  3. i love barbie pero like you wala din akong sariling barbie dolls. kaya lahat na lang ng movie ni Barbie pinanood o :)

  4. i really dont like girly girly thing too coz I feel like it’s very feminine haha.. like you I never also had a barbie when I was a kid.. I really like your taste in fashion, I mean kahit magulo hair mo you still look so beautiful (dunno if it’s one of your styles :P) and medyo astig ang dating mo and I really like it.. I’m always reading your blogs amd makes me think if I’ll start doing my own blogs too..thanks for the inspiration, Saab! Stay sweet! :)

  5. I remembered putting cross signs all over my Barbie doll’s body back when i was a kid. Yung eksena kasi sa laro ay namatay c Barbie. Ililibing na cya kaso nakasmile padin cya kaya i feel the need to do it. Such a psycho kid. Hahaha! Plus pentel pen pa ginamit ko kaya never na cya nabura. After non, never na ko nabigyan ng Barbie. Even after I swore that I won’t do it again. :P

  6. ate ko madalas ako padalan ng mga barbie at yung barbie house kasi sa us sya nagwwork, yung barbie house na pinadala nya, pinagpalit ko sa kapitbahay namin ng pencil case na may “2nd floor”, yung kapag binuksan meron pang lalagyan na naka-hang… basta hahaha at ayun, hinanap nila at nalaman na nakipag-palit ako sa kapitbahay namin, syempre napagalitan hahaha, pero ayos lang dahil dun binilan ako ng gusto kong pencil case! :D

      1. HAHAHAHAHA! Hindi polly pocket. Basta pencil case HAHAHAHA! Naramdaman ko ang pagka-stress mo sa pag-intindi ng sinabi ko HAHAHAHAHA! Ako rin naguluhan ngayon eh Hahaha :D

  7. Can’t stop smiling while reading this post. It all came back. My sister also had a collection of dolls. We both didn’t like Barbie, instead Bratz ang pinili namin. Then when it’s time for picking the doll, male version yung pinili ko and the CAR! Hahahahaha my first and last doll :-)

  8. Hi! Ako yung “pinaka- barbie” ko noon yung paper dolls!! At pag naka luwag luwag yung “fake” na plastic na barbie na tig 15- 20 pesos yung uber cheaper version (as far as I can remember) hihi..

  9. I hated Barbies growing up!! Pero I had a Ken doll hehe! And I remember when we were younger my little sister loaned me one of her Barbies for a single day and I cut off its hair super short like mine. I had a hard time combing and shampooing (another oops!) kasi ang haba masyado!! My sister ended up giving me the Barbie. She hated me so much but I don’t regret anything till now. Hahahaha!

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