Newspaper Girl by Cheats

If you were online yesterday, you’re probably aware that my band Cheats released our first single for download! It’s one of our favorite songs and we are so proud of it!

Newspaper Girl 3

Unfortunately, we’ve reached the download limit on Soundcloud. If you want to keep informed about new releases and such, please follow Cheats on Twitter and like us on Facebook. For now, you can stream it while we’re working on finishing the rest of the songs on our upcoming album!:)

Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along at our next gig (March 25 at Route 196!):

She brought along imagination
Everyone could see
The lines that called for resignation
Changed the color scheme

Newspaper Girl
She’s building an airplane
All over the world
Conducting her own train
She don’t even need to try so hard
She don’t even need to try so hard

She straps her boots like any ranger
Galloping to sea
Placing stamps on foreign waters
Quarantine my queen

THANKS, EVERYONE!! We love you!


18 thoughts on “Newspaper Girl by Cheats

  1. Cool! Kaso, it looks like back up band lang yung boys kasi lagi kayo ni Candy lang ang nasa pic haha! :P Or kayo lang ba talaga ni Candy ang part ng band? :O

  2. Super love ko yung song!!! I love you and Candy and Cheats!!! Too bad di ko na-download. Anyway, will wait for your album. Congrats! Wait, eto yung kinanta nyo sa 7107, right?

  3. Paging Jim-the-boyfriend material out there! Char. I really love the message of the song. Boys would normally tell how they love the girl.. but this song says more.. he knows you so well that he can even tell how many breaths you take when you’re sleeping (sige, pakitanong po haha) and HE IS SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU, and that is so S W E E T! looking forward to your marriage! \/

  4. It’s so good!!!! I play it everytime I have breakfast! Hehe

    Your band’s super perfect! Good music + gorgeous girls & handsome boys = OMG!! Pero naloloka ako sa boys because I’m a girl. HAHAHA. And you guys are super energetic and aliw live!!!! <3<3<3 I<3CHEATS!

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