You Are What You Read To Sleep

WARNING: Reading Harry Potter will not turn you into a wizard
DISCLAIMER: Reading Harry Potter will not turn you into a wizard

I’ve had this theory for a while that whatever you read the night before has a huge impact on how your day goes. It started when I had this lazy streak I attribute to my subscription to Entertainment Weekly. I used to read it every night along with other random articles about movies, TV shows, Hollywood gossip, etc. The very next day I watched all the shows while my to-do list cried on my desk. I was up to date on pop culture but I wasn’t being very productive. Jim, on the other hand, reads articles from Harvard Business Review and other motivational pieces about work so he wakes up the next day ready to conquer another day at the office. I decided to take a page from his book (hehehe).

First, I had to decide what I wanted to do everyday and I narrowed it down to at least two things: I wanted to 1) work and 2) work out every single day. So I bookmarked a couple of productivity pages and I subscribed to Women’s Health magazine on Zinio. The results were amazing. I would wake up being pumped up and ready to work out to get it out of the way (I set aside 30 minutes a day for exercise) and I make sure to set 9AM-6PM for work. While some people think of it as a luxury, it’s actually difficult to be your own boss. Having discipline is definitely something that needs getting used to and I’m glad I am finally starting to master it. Reading for pleasure is scheduled during my designated lunch break so I get to read my books and graphic novels for at least an hour a day.

Feel free to prove or disprove this theory of mine and let me know if I’m correct or not!


Justin Bieber Does Carpool Karaoke

Okay, this website is my home so I’m just gonna keep putting things I like here. James Corden, a.k.a. The Baker from Into The Woods, is currently the host of The Late Late Show. He is SO cute I fell in love with him when I watched Woods. So he does this thing where he gets celebrities to ride in a car with him and just sing songs. Past contenders have been Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey to name a few.

My favorite so far is none other than my JB-next-to-Jim-Bacarro: Justin Bieber xxxx

There’s your dose of eye candy for the day. If you want more cutie patooties, why not watch One Direction playing Dodgeball with James Corden? You’re welcome.


Ask Saab 19

Catch Cheats tonight at Route 196!! We play at 11pm / Photo by Jam Velarde
Catch Cheats tonight at Route 196!! We play at 11pm / Photo by Jam Velarde

Q: kelan ka nagstart magsmoke?
A: I started when I was in 3rd year college, it was so cliché I had just broken up with my boyfriend. So my friend who smoked taught me at a party. Then I started seeing someone who was a smoker so I kept smoking nalang. I also knew it pissed off my ex-boyfriend so I kept smoking. Hahaha napaka-waley ko. Anyway I don’t smoke anymore. I do have a vape though but I barely use it.

Q: Hi Saab! What do you take to “cure” your constipation? Mine is so extreme that I can 5 days without going :(( hope you can help!
A: Increase the fiber in your meals! Try muesli instead of normal cereal in the morning (you can buy that in most grocery stores). I drink black coffee or tea every morning hehe works for me! But in an extreme case before, I drank 5ml of extra virgin coconut oil every night. It was DISGUSTING. But it really lubricates your intestines and causes you to go in the morning. You have to make sure you eliminate all the poopsies (yes, I still go to my pediatrician lol) in your system because it can cause UTI. Used to happen to me all the time.

Q: Hi ate saab. do you have plans to go to santorini (greece) hehe
A: Yes! End of August!:D

Q: have you ever wish you were maxene?
A: Nope! I’ve wished I had long legs like her though haha.

Q: ate, ano po height ni fiancee nyo?5’4 po ba?
A: 5’6″

Q: Hi saab! Where did you get the red dress you wore on your prenup photos?
A: Topshop

Q: Hi Saab! When was your last visit in Antipolo? I often see your Mom and younger siblings but not you and Maxx.
A: They usually come down during the weekends to stay in mom’s condo. That’s where we meet up. Last time I was in Antipolo was back in Christmas.

Q: If you were to choose five lip products that you can use for the rest of your life, what would they be?
A: Omg. Can I turn this into a blog post instead?

Q: sino mas like mo as elmo’s loveteam? Julie or Janine?
A: Whoever has fans who are more supportive (a.k.a. hindi nang-aaway)

Q: Hi Saab! What advice can you give for those girls na may bf that keeps on checking out other girls pag magkasama sila ng bf niya? Thanks!
A: Leave. Now!

Q: Hi Saab! I just had a horrible experience at a waxing salon and I remember reading a blog you wrote about the same experience. Was it in Hey Sugar?
A: Ay, hindi! I’ve never heard of Hey Sugar. Omg hope you’re okay!! Hahaha!

Q: Hi! What is your complete name?
A: Maria Isabella Simone Magalona Bacarro

Q: What are your top 3 favorite moments with Jim?
A: Omg pang blog post rin to ano ba… Hahhaa.

Q: Where do you post-process your photos?
A: I just adjust the temperature (make it cooler/more blue) via Lightroom :)

Q: Thoughts about blink-182? It’s my favorite band of all time hehe

Q: Have you been to Bohol? :))
A: Yes!! But we ended up just staying in the resort all day hahaha I was with Jim, Manny and Ernest (our best friends/band mates). We checked out the Chocolate Hills but didn’t see any tarsiers huhuhu.

Q: Ever been bulimic, anorexic, super body conscious?
A: Thankfully, no.. I can be body conscious but not SUPER body conscious.

Q: Hey saab! What kind of turntable do you have and where did u buy it? Haha
A: I got a white REGA from Hyperaudio Showroom (now known as MusicHaven)

Q: What kind of camera are you using on your photos? I want to dump my DSLR for point and shoot photos in my blog. It’s just too bulky.HAHA
A: Sony NEX5N. It’s the best

Q: Where did you get the style or inspiration for your wedding? ♥
A: I just imagined a cozy library in the middle of a forest. Lelz.

Q: Hi saab! Where do you usually buy your dresses? I know you’re not a fashion blogger but you’re my fashion peg. Haha!
A: Hahaha thank you! I just get them from Topshop. Although I haven’t worn dresses in a long time..

Q: Hi! saab. fan girl here! acidic din yung skin ko, would like to know kung how much and ano pinaka effective kiehl’s product?
A: If you’ll only get ONE item from Kiehl’s, I suggest you get the Actively Corrective BB Cream. It evens out your skin tone and actively corrects the spots so it’s like a light foundation that’s actually good for your skin. It has sunscreen pa. It sells for around Php1,500.

Q: Is Jim shouldering most of the wedding exepnses?
A: Jim’s parents did, as it is usually the groom’s parents who shoulder wedding expenses in Filipino tradition. But we insisted on also paying for some of the things. We didn’t want to take advantage either so we asked for a budget and made sure we wouldn’t exceed it :)

Q: Does choosing words carefully include not cursing?
A: Yes.

Q: hello ate saab, alam ng close friend ko na may feelings ako sa kanya, dapat ko ba syang iwasan?
A: Paano mo alam na alam niya? At bakit mo siya iiwasan? Masama ba ang feelings mo sakanya? Lelz. Just act normally!

Q: Hi! Where do you get your facial cleaning done?
A: I can’t handle a routine facial!! I’ve had about 3 facials my whole life.. I’m thinking I should do it more often though.

Q: CHEATS shirt? in gray color :)
A: Hmmmmm thanks for the suggestion!

Q: Anong title nung song sa pre-nup video nyo?
A: No idea. Haha.

Q: Hi Saab, do you have a tutorial on how to make a blog?
A: Not yet! Should I make one?!

Q: Hi! Saab pwede pa picture? :)
A: Ummmm pwede naman but.. WRU POHWZ?!


POP QUIZ: How I Learned To Save My Money

If you asked me 2 years ago what I knew about money, I would say I was pretty much like Rebecca Black’s awkward friend in her music video for Friday.

"I have no idea what I'm doing"
“I have no idea what I’m doing”

I had an accountant who deposited my checks and reminded me when my taxes were due. All I had known was that my bank account would be replenished and I would have enough to spend on food, clothes, etc.

Can you believe that I used to spend for gas monthly that amounted to as much as my driver’s monthly salary?! I had a parking slot in my condominium in Eastwood but I would send my car and driver to mom’s house in Antipolo because that’s where he stayed-in. I didn’t realize I was wasting so much money until I complained about my expenses and Jim said that I was definitely overspending. It’s these things that add up to the reason why I wasted so much of my hard-earned money all these years.

Aside from my ate Unna, everybody else in the family took up arts in college and we weren’t required to take up accounting. The only money-related thing I knew how to do perfectly was writing a check (thanks, mom!). In fairness to my mom, she’s also the one who taught me how to open my own bank account back in college and how to enroll it to access online banking. Long story short: as long as my bank account would never reach zero, I was good. I was doing great, or at least that’s what I thought.

Unlike me, Jim is GREAT with money. Slowly, he’s been trying to teach me how to manage my expenses to build a secure future. Nakaka-in love, diba?! I just want to share some of the tips I learned from him just in case you’re as clueless as I was before.



As much as possible, DON’T use your credit card. If you must, make sure you pay for it in full every month. DON’T pay just the minimum fee. I did this for years not realizing I was losing so much money on interest fees! I told you I was pretty dumb with money. Huhuhu. If it’s too late and you absolutely can’t afford to pay the bulk fee, follow the next tip but instead of setting aside money for savings, when you get your income you have to prioritize paying for your credit card bill first. Try to pay at least half of it, maybe you’ll be able to get rid of it in just 2 months. If you must, only use your card for fixed expenses. I use mine for gas and I enrolled my Internet and TV cable bills to automatically be charged. My online subscriptions including Zinio and Audible are also charged monthly on my card. I’ve gotten rid of the shock that comes whenever my bill arrives because it’s always around the same number monthly. Side tip: make sure you actually use all your monthly subscriptions — otherwise, UNSUBSCRIBE!



When you get your income, you set aside part of it for your investments. Only then should you pay for your fixed expenses and budget for your variable expenses. Sample scenario for working girls: you get paid 25,000. 10,000 you keep in your mutual equity fund account, 2,000 you set aside because you’re saving up for new running shoes. 8,000 you use for fixed expenses (electricity/phone bill/rent), the remaining 5,000 you budget for variable expenses (groceries, movie dates, and whatever you want). No guilt if you finish it all because you already set aside your savings! YAY!



Just within the past year all of these things occurred: I got dengue, I got repeatedly punched by a bunch of drunk party crashers (remember??), I severely sprained my ankle (stupid manhole cover was in the way), and Joey got bladder stones (FvCK SODIUM!). I got a hospital bill of around 50k, needed to get a CT scan for the punches I took worth 14k, had to get my ankle x-rayed and underwent physical therapy for a total of around 12k, paid for Joey’s operation and meds worth about 20k. These are just a few of the things that took me and my wallet by surprise. Life won’t always be peachy, there are really some low points and you’ve got to be ready for them. That’s why Jim and I have been tucking away a little bit of our income to make an emergency fund available for such situations. Try to do the same and make sure you have at least 3-6 months worth of your salary on standby. I highly recommend opening a bank account for this. Do NOT touch for bags or shoes. Haha! This is also very useful in case you lose your job — you will have enough money to keep you adrift while looking for the next job opportunity. If you don’t have a fixed income (if you’re freelancing like I am) then you have to calculate your monthly expenses and how much you need to live comfortably for the next 3-6 months — that’s how much you should have in your emergency fund.



It’s a pain in the ass but it’s really effective if you’re diligent. Download an app on your phone. Jim and I use EXPENSE MANAGER. The interface isn’t as pretty as YNAB (You Need A Budget) but I haven’t mastered YNAB and he prefers the other app. Since he takes care of the budgeting for now, I just input my expenses and export it via e-mail whenever he asks for it. He then makes an expense report and we have monthly budget meetings just to discuss how we did for the current month and what to expect for the next. Believe me, we dreaded these budget meetings at the beginning because we would always end up arguing. I would get upset because I wouldn’t understand the process and I would just always give up. I am allergic to Microsoft Excel files. Jim had to talk to me and reassure me that just because I’m the woman in the relationship it doesn’t mean I have to take care of the budgeting for our home. He was happy to do it and all I had to do was listen. Now we pour ourselves some wine while discussing the numbers and we’ve been doing better than ever with our finances! YAY, TEAMWORK! If you’re not in a relationship with someone who’s good with money, I suggest you try to understand the You Need A Budget app because it comes with a lot of tips too. I promise I’m gonna master budgeting someday… Maybe today. Haha. After I finish this post. LOL. I am so much more conscious about my spending because I have to write it down now. When I’d go into Topshop I used to just blow a ton of money on clothes but now I think twice, even thrice, if I REALLY REALLY like something as much as Carly Rae Jepsen likes her crush.



I was so used to spending all my money without realizing it. It used to be that as long as there was a number greater than zero in my account, I would spend. I liked sharing my blessings too and I don’t think that’s all bad but looking back, I used to treat my friends to a lot of food, drinks and even trips out of town! My sister Maxx is still like that today hahaha! We all love her for it but I’ve been trying to help her understand that her money could be going elsewhere. We obviously got it from our parents: mom always encourages us to “go buy it!!” and my dad always liked living in the moment. The fact that we like to make everyone feel comfortable and happy enough for us to spend on making priceless memories is not bad at all. I just think we can make invaluable memories for much less. I decided to withdraw ONLY what I’ve budgeted for my variable monthly expenses so that I am forced to stick to it.

I am still learning a lot about money and how to be wise with it. Once in a while I like going back to my old self and telling Jim he should buy the shoes he wants. As long as we work hard, we should be able to make room in the budget for fun stuff! You gotta be careful: there’s a fine line between being wise with your money and being way too stingy. Even if you save a ton of cash, you don’t want to end up being The (Lone) Wolf of WALEY Street. LELZ.


Ask Saab 18

Cheats gig at Madfest, February 2015 / Photo Mimi Morada
Cheats gig at Madfest, February 2015 / Photo Mimi Morada

Q: Do you play any musical instruments? :)
A: I took drum lessons when I was 17 under Yamaha. I like to think I’m a fucking amazing drummer. But I can’t lie. I’m not. HAHA. When I finally get myself virtual drums and start practising everyday I bet I’d be great through. I’m a natural because I used to drum on my lap during my dad’s recordings when I was around 4 years old and my thighs would turn red. I really want a drum kit but no place to keep it. :(

Q: What’s your fave lippie for red, nude, and pink?
A: As of the moment: MAC Chili for red, Too Faced Melted Nude or MAC Yash for nude, no pink right now.. I haven’t used pink in a really long time. But I like LA Splash’s Lip Couture in Forbidden. Also MAC Girl About Town.

Q: Hi Saab! What camera do you use?
A: Sony NEX 5N but I am getting an upgrade soon :)

Q: Hi! I read your post abt Too Faced Lipstick. I think you can find it at and in their store in QC. Hope that helps! :)
A: Thanks :)

Q: Anong advice mo sa mga victim ng bullying?
A: Talk to your parents, teachers, or another adult that you trust. Never retaliate. Just inhale, exhale, and go on with your life. You’re probably living a more interesting life than the bully that’s why he/she is obsessed with you. LOL. Here’s more literature on the topic:

Q: Hiii Saab!!! Can you share naman lovestory nyo ni Jim para kiligin kami. Hehe
A: Hahahaha okay maybe I’ll do that someday :))))

Q: First of all, I love your blog and how laid back you are!!! Anyway, how do you maintain your flawless skin? Can you share some of skincare tips?
A: Thank you!! I only started taking care of my skin recently. I use Kiehl’s products for moisturizing and toning. I can’t say it enough: always wash your face before going to bed!:) Make sure to remove your makeup thoroughly!

Q: Hi Ate Saab! You’re my fav blogger! :) More travel posts/blogs soon please ♥
A: Okay!!

Q: Hi Ate! Pwede ka ba magpost ng vid or photos about what’s inside your bag? or your room? :) Please thank you!
A: Okay will write that on my to-do list!

Q: best young adult book?
A: OMG. Hirap naman. Hmmm.. I think Looking For Alaska by John Green is a really good read for young adults.

Q: Hey Saab! Whats your skin and hair routine?
A: At night I remove my makeup, use toner to make sure it’s really clean, put midnight recovery concentrate from Kiehl’s all over my face and neck. When I wake up, I wash my face again and put moisturizer and sunscreen on my face. For my hair, I just use shampoo and conditioner!:)

Q: Hi Saab, what degree did you take up in college? :)
A: BFA Creative Writing :)

Q: Hi Saab, how did you get over your first love? Me and my boyfriend of 3.5 years broke up and I feel so lost.
A: Oh dear.. I’m so sorry you feel this way. I ended up eventually talking to my first love from time to time when things blew over and we weren’t angry at each other anymore. There was some flirting in between relationships but overall we kept our conversations short and appropriate. The thing is, I’m really lucky my first love was a very decent person. He was not the best boyfriend as I was not the best girlfriend either. He and I kind of grew up together because we fell in love at 17 when we were only discovering ourselves and what we wanted to be. We tried to date again after a while but we both agreed it was totally weird – like dating your sibling. There is absolutely no hurt between us and he is still in my life. Of course not everyone is as lucky and I can’t really tell you how to get over your first love because it will be different for everyone. But I will say, you need to retract some of that love you have for him and give it to yourself for now. Don’t do anything drastic, it will be worth it when you look back at it and only remember the good memories.

Q: who’s older? unna or chelo? tnx
A: My ate Unna is turning 32 next month. Jim’s little sister Chelo is turning 26 in July.

Q: may haters ka din ba?
A: Parang wala naman. Haha.

Q: hi saab where do you usually buy clothes i mean which brand?
A: Topshop, mostly. I like the size and quality!

Q: Hi Saab! When’s your next video of “Our Online Thing” with Lauren? I SO LOVE YOU HUUU
A: Hahaha ewan ko na!!

Q: hi! I love Cheats! My genre is Indie too. Just wanna know where can I download your songs?
A: You may download them for free over at :)

Q: How tall Arkin na???/ hihi
A: He is maybe an inch taller than me :( Probably 5’4″ and he is 11 years younger than me D:

Q: Aware ka ba na madaming nagsuicide sa states kasi na-cyberbullying sila sa Ages 12-16. Na bully ka ba dati?
A: Hi! Yes, I got bullied a lot on my question box (way before existed) but I didn’t let it affect me too much. These anonymous forums are not for everyone. It’s sad that people use it to torture others.

UT. You Talk.

The Uniqlo T-shirt brand (UT) was launched back in 2003 and has since been assembling a wide range of content from pop culture. You can choose to wear different t-shirts about art, music, movies, anime, and so much more for the sake of free self-expression.

I’ll be supporting the campaign by posting a photo of myself on Instagram (@saabmagalona) wearing one of the UT shirts every week until June


I urge you to join the conversation as well because your photo could end up on the biggest Instagram feed on EDSA!!


Here are the full mechanics:

  • Upload a photo of you wearing a Uniqlo Graphic T-shirt
  • Give your photo a UT statement that perfectly represents you
    • UT statements are as follows:
      • one with yoUTh
      • support trUTh
      • be aUThentic
      • be the fUTure
      • see beaUTy
      • have gUTs
      • be the revolUTion
  • Use hashtag #UTYouTalk and tag Uniqlo’s social media account
    • Twitter @uniqloph
    • Facebook /
    • Instagram @uniqlophofficial
  • You may upload as many photos as you like
  • Uploaded photos will be saved in an album in Uniqlo’s Facebook page
  • Uniqlo will select photos from the album that will appear in the LED billboard until June 5, 2015
  • Posting rules:
    • At least one UT shirt must be included and no other brands should be mentioned
    • T-shirt should be visibly seen
    • No advertisement and selling allowed via pictures, logos, captions, and texts
    • No nudity, vulgar statements, or anything that may be construed as offensive to the general public
  • By posting and tagging Uniqlo, and using the official hashtag #UTYouTalk, you are giving Uniqlo royalty-free license to use the photo on or in connection with Uniqlo Graphic T-shirt campaign materials.

Start posting your photos and please tag me because I’d love to see them!!!


Ask Saab 17

Cheats at Satchmi Vinyl Day / Photo by Bel Certeza of Indie Manila
Cheats at Satchmi Vinyl Day / Photo by Bel Certeza of Indie Manila

I haven’t done ASK SAAB in months so there is quite a LOT of backlog. Hope you don’t mind waiting a while for answers to your questions!! Love you guys!

Q: Hello, I saw your post about the Rouge Dior shade 539 “Trafalgar”, and i really wanted to know where you bought it?
A: Hello there! Dior sent it to me as a gift but I’m pretty sure you can get it from Rustan’s :)

Q: Hi Saab, may braces ka pa din ba hanggang ngayon? :)
A: No, I haven’t finished my Invisalign because I keep taking it out and I haven’t worn it in months huhuhuhhu

Q: What are your income resources? And how do you save your money? Any tips? Gustong gusto ko talaga pagiging baklang babae mo. I love you it hurts.
A: HAHAHAHA. My income resources? I’m not so comfortable talking about money. I’m no expert either so I’m not the right person to ask. I’m only just learning with the help of Jim who’s more business- and money-savvy! I’ll try to blog about what I’ve learned so far. Thanks for the idea!

Q: HI Ate Saab! I want to start a blog but i’m not that rich kid, and I don’t have a cool camera. How to have a cool blog without those? Hihi help? :)
A: Hi there! I believe in the saying “Nasa Indian yan, wala sa pana” meaning you don’t need an expensive SLR to be a good photographer! I’ve had the same camera for years now. I don’t think I’m a pro but I believe I have an eye for nice photos! You can use your phone to take photos, it’s best to take photos in daylight! Also, you can have a cool blog by reading other blogs for ideas and inspiration. You don’t necessarily need a lot of pictures for a “cool blog” hehe. You can use websites like to create nice headers for a text-based blog post just for visual stimulation :)

Q: Hi saab! What laptop do you use? Need to replace my lappy. Nag crash ung macpro ko eh. :(
A: Hi! I’m using a Macbook Pro! I just bought it a few months ago!

Q: Im redirecting my question here! :) Can i se e a photo of you and your kilikili? :)) I’m a fan since your emo days. haha
A: Hahaha thank you but stop being a creep :)))

Q: What’s the one thing you must do in Singapore when visiting?
A: Walk a lot around the city and take photos. If you’ve never been, I really do suggest Universal Studios. I always have fun there!! Ride The Mummy and Battlestar Galactica :)

Q: What if your boyfriend cheated on you? But he didn’t even admit it even if its true. Do you think its better to leave than to continue it?
A: How can you tell if it’s true or not? Well, to be honest, if I had even a 5% feeling that my boyfriend was cheating on me I would leave him. There’s no point staying with somebody you don’t trust completely. Don’t you agree?

Q: What do you miss most about your dad?
A: I miss his laugh. He had the best genuine laugh.

Q: Saab, why kaya nag break si megan young at niko salva? just asking hahaha
A: Ang luma! Next!

Q: I’ve been in a same sex rel for 3 years now, she’s almost perfect except for the fact that she’s a she. i don’t know how to break up..
A: Why break up?!?!?! Are you in love? Then who cares if she’s a she?

Q: Curious lang ako, kapatid ba ni Jim si nunki? Ang cute niya eh! Hehe. Been reading your blog since emily/incugirl days. Hehe. Keep it up!
A: Yes!

A: I’ve never been to El Nido but I’m dying to go some time soon!

Q: Hi Ate Saab. I just wanna know what camera/phone you’re using on your shots? Thanks <3
A: Sony NEX 5N :)

Q: Can I meet you in person? please?? :((
A: Come to Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre this Saturday afternoon. I’ll be there with the rest of Mirage Team Saab! Btw, pls vote for me. Hahaha

Q: Sino po yung pinaka close mo sa mga best friends mo?
A: Oh em. Hahaha. Excluding Jim and Maxx, I think it would have to be Candy.

Q: What are the top 5 books that have stayed in your heart?
A: Off the top of my head: Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant, Dr. Seuss’ I Wish That I Had Duck Feet, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, Memoirs of A Geisha by Arthur Golden

Q: Hi Saab! :) I really love your photos, Are you using filter in taking those photos or you’re using any photo editor software? Thank You :)
A: Hi! I just use Adobe Lightroom to adjust the temperature, that’s it :) You can use other software for that but since my laptop came equipped with Lightroom, I like using it.

Q: Do you have plans to release an album of Cheats? Will be it release on a major label or to an indie label? What will be the format cd or vinyl?
A: Hi! It will be an indie release under LockedDown Entertainment. Should be out by June or July :) We can’t afford to get it pressed on vinyl so it will be in a CD format. Although our song Accidents is on Jam88.3′s Fresh Filter Volume 1 record coming out this month.

Q: Hi Saab! What do you call Jim? Do you have terms of endearment for each other? :)
A: I call him bunny he calls me belly

Q: What kind of couple are you? Clingy ones? Laging nagbibigay ng gift? :) kwento ka naman about you and Jim
A: Not clingy hehe. We’re a stay-at-home couple. We’ve been told time and time again that we have to go on dates outside of our condo so we drag ourselves outside haha but naturally we both like to marathon-watch TV series and movies. And we play DOTA a lot hahaha. Plus we’re in a band together so we’re always making music. Jim likes to tell me I’m beautiful, I like to drive wherever he is to give him food. We’ve got different love languages but we’ve been making it work hehe

If you have any questions, you may ask by typing on the ASK SAAB box on the right side of the page. Take note there’s a character limit!


Music Club: Yuck – Get Away

I had the highest expectations for London-based band Yuck when they first came out. They had an amazing sound, style, and they were all very talented. Today I learned that 2 of the band’s members, including their old singer Daniel Blumberg, were part of the band Cajun Dance Party. What the heck, I had no idea. I LOVED their song Amylase back in college! HAHAHA.

ANYWAY. I don’t listen to Yuck as much as I did back when Daniel was still their singer. I even watched them live with Jim at Laneway Festival in Singapore. God, were they cool. I’m so happy we got to watch them before the original singer left.

Daniel Blumberg, former frontman for Yuck / Photo from Laneway Festival website
Daniel Blumberg, former frontman for Yuck / Photo from Laneway Festival website

I read his interview with The Guardian back in 2013 and man is this guy an over-thinker. On why he left Yuck:

“I was so sick of everything after Yuck. We made this record, and the other guys did interviews towards the end, but I felt like it was just sapping my soul away. When you’re just sitting in a van for the whole day and you speak to someone on the phone about an album you made eight months ago that you have no connection with, it feels ridiculous and horrible. It’s a privilege for someone to be interested in your music and to have this opportunity, but it became the opposite of that.”

On his old record label Fat Possum:

“They were saying ‘we need to get the second album out so we can sell this many records’, which is the opposite of what I want to hear. It’s not an environment I wanted to make music in. So I didn’t make music.”

When asked about his new project Hebronix:

“I don’t even know what project means. I just made a record. A project to me sounds like product, and in the past, the stuff that I’ve done, when it feels like a product I’ve changed the name. To make music purely to sell doesn’t make sense. I find it really destructive. I’m quite allergic to that scenario.”

Whatever keeps you writing, man. I bought their first record as Yuck and it’s stayed with me all these years. I love their songs. Get Away is a perfect summer song. Listen to it here.

Art by CJ De Silva-Ong
Art by CJ De Silva-Ong

Both Hebronix and Yuck haven’t released anything new since 2013 and 2014 respectively.


Battle Of The Bars

JB Music has been the musician’s go-to place for the best musical instruments for 40 years. My brilliant husband is the marketing manager of the company and together with his team, they’ve come up with an amazing series of events to honor the unsung heroes that have helped sustain the local music scene.

Picture a dimly-lit place right by the side of the road, noisy people with intoxicated smiles spilling out the gate, bathroom door tightly shut to prevent the strong smell of urine from escaping — sounds a little disgusting but this is my favorite scene. You’ll forget about the dirty tables and unstable chairs when said scene is scored by rock n roll. These places are where I met a lot of my good friends. I love these local rock bars.

Photo by Jam Velarde
Photo by Jam Velarde

JB Music wants to thank these venues by doing what they do best: providing the best musical and audio gear for the best stage possible. There are 5 participating bars competing for the best production night. Each bar needs to come up with the loudest and biggest JB Music night utilizing its own strengths in a no holds barred competition as they put up the best show on their given night.



BKB Poster A4 Updated


SaguijoX Poster A4


B-Side Poster A4

MAY 22 – ROUTE 196

ROUTE 196 Poster A4 Updated


Tomato Kick Poster A4 Updated

This is such a treat for my fellow music lovers. I am SOOOO going to all the gigs. I went to the one in BKB last Friday and it was packed. I’m preparing myself for the upcoming ones!! The winning bar will be chosen through a set of criteria composed of social media voting, a special panel of judges and final voting at the finale. The grand prize will be a brand new band and audio set-up from JB Music’s top brands Laney, Ludwig, Zildjan, QSC and Hercules.

This is extra special to me because as part of a band that regularly plays in these venues, I’m looking forward to an upgraded sound system for the winning bar!! While there will be only one winner, all competing bars have automatically taken home a brand new guitar amplifier to jumpstart their gear upgrade. So happy, guys. Sayang hindi pwede tumugtog ang Cheats kasi conflict of interest. Hahaha. But this is such a great idea, I’m so proud of JB Music ♥

For more information, visit


Our Living Room Changes Everyday

A small space is no excuse for a messy room. I would say our 2-bedroom condo is perfect for a newlywed couple like us! But I admit, it does get challenging at times to find a place for everything. We both love clean, spacious surroundings and, very much like the characters on The Sims, our mood lowers when we come home to a messy room. Jim came home to a messy room the other day.

I got a call from reception that Mandaue Foam had arrived! I previously got a 3-seater lazy boy couch and a dining table from them. Now, our TV console and window seat have arrived! I set out to clear our makeshift TV console, an old shelf that was way too high and exposed too much stuff.


So the mess I made was not for nothing hehe. Jim got excited too so we quickly emptied the shelf. It wasn’t easy with all those cables and wires and books.

It got messier, I tell ya
It got messier, I tell ya
The delivery men couldn't help but watch the playoffs on our TV while unpacking haha
The delivery men couldn’t help but watch the playoffs on our TV while unpacking haha

I had a TV console and window seat custom-made according to the size of the space, which is something you can do with Mandaue Foam. How considerate, I love it! I made sure the window seat, which doubles as a dining table bench, would also be able to house our vinyl records and some other items. I am a firm believer of functional furniture!

OMG so much storage!!
OMG so much storage!!


I have always dreamed of having my own window seat, a perfect place to read my books! I can’t explain how thrilled I am to finally have one.





The TV console was beautifully made and followed all my specifics to a T! I gave measurements to ensure our subwoofer would fit in the corner, our amp, record player and speakers would fit on top, and our modem, MyCloud, Digibox, and PS4 would all fit perfectly inside the cubby holes.




Now I want to show you all the configurations of our living room! It’s so easy to change, it takes only a minute to make any changes. Not everybody knows it but one of my favorite things to do is move furniture around. When I lived alone I used to change the layout of my condo like every 2 weeks hahaha. I’m not kidding, I would carry the bed, couch and desk on my own. It was quite the workout! I see it like a puzzle and I LOVE solving puzzles.





This is the usual set up at home. I have my little nook where I usually work on my laptop when I don’t feel like using the desktop in our home office (a.k.a. the second bedroom which totally also needs a makeover). Our couch was originally 3 lazy boys with 2 in-between cup holders and secret compartment (for remote controls, etc). We sent one lazy boy and one in-between thingy home to Jim’s house for storage because we don’t have space for a couch that big right now. So our usual set up consists of 2 lazy boy seats and an in-between cup holder. We’re movie lovers and this is our black hole right here. We can stay in these seats forever. It’s nice to have a little space between us but sometimes we crawl into each other’s seats and make siksik into each other’s kilikili. Hold up, did I just say make siksik? Yup, I’m in love and annoying.



Not much of a difference but it looks a lot more spacious when we take out the cup holders between the lazy boy seats and put it in either the home office or maid’s room. Don’t worry, we have no stay-in maid. We don’t cramp her space with unnecessary cup holders. In fact, our maid’s room has been our storage room a.k.a. tambakan for so long. Everything was just on the floor, it was such a downer. UNTIL WE MOVED OUR OLD MAKESHIFT TV CONSOLE (see: first picture in this blog post) INTO IT. Now we can actually walk on the floor. Yay!




This one is so nice and gives me good vibes. Perfect for when we exercise in front of the TV. Been meaning to get a rug. I just got traumatized a bit because Joey used to keep peeing on my rug when she was younger. I don’t want to get an expensive rug just so our place can smell like pee. Hahaha. She also likes peeing on our bathroom rugs so it’s a rule in our home to always keep the bathroom doors shut. Don’t get me wrong, she’s perfectly trained to pee on her designated pee pad, she never pees on the floor. Rugs just literally piss her off. Lelz.



Joey approves
Joey approves


This one’s for when we have people over. We keep the couch small, and open up the dining room into its full potential. Ugh. I know, right? I have an awesome dining table. It’s also got 3 drawers on each side. SO FUNCTIONAL – I LOVE!!!

I just need a rug (maybe), some stuff to hide the cables near the TV, a couple of cute throw pillows for my window seat and more art on the walls but overall I am so in love with our living room. My next project is a floor to ceiling book shelf and desk for our home office! SO EXCITED! I am loving this Mandaue Foam lifestyle hehe.

Visit for more ideas! Better yet, check out their showrooms. My favorite one is their Cainta branch :)