I Go Beyond Libis

After months of not working out because of katamaran and my stupid sprained ankle (I started physical therapy this morning, yay!), I finally tried out the newly opened Beyond on Libis! I made sure to take a class under my tita Carol. Tita Carol is the wife of tito Bitoy a.k.a. Michael V a.k.a. Jim’s new BFF-to-be. Haha! They were both our principal sponsors at our wedding because they’ve been very close to my family over the years. Tita Carol is one of the owners of the Libis branch of Beyond and I’m so glad I got the chance to try it out!



I’ve done yoga a few times before but I really want to integrate it in my daily routine to become more calm and focused. God knows I need better posture in my life too. Hahaha. Sit up straight – I know you’re slouched while reading this!! Anyway, I did Vinyasa 1:

Vinyasa Yoga 1 caters to people looking for an entryway into a yoga practice. It is accessible to people of all shapes, sizes, fitness background, and also those with fears or apprehensions about yoga. This practice incorporates basic poses with detailed alignment cues and instructions that give us a foundation towards taking our asana practice further, as well as restorative poses to calm the mind and body.

It was 75 minutes of deep breathing, focusing on poses and clearing my mind. Obviously I felt great afterwards. My mind was so clear and calm, and I felt so awake – very different from when I do vigorous exercise at the gym and I just feel like I want to die after. Hahaha! Let me give you a little tour of the space.

This is where we did Vinsaya 1
This is where we did Vinyasa 1 – take note that it’s right across Shopwise!

No need to bring a mat, just a towel. The mats are cleansed after each use. There are also blocks available for those who can’t quite do the full stretches. I didn’t need them (yabang LOL) but if you do, don’t be ashamed to use them. You will become more flexible after each class!

Here are some of the lockers where you can store your bags and slippers free of charge
Here are some of the lockers where you can store your bags and slippers free of charge
The ladies bathroom has a blow dryer available for use after you take a shower when you want to run to a meeting right after a quick session
The ladies bathroom has a blow dryer available for use after you take a shower when you want to run to a meeting right after a quick session
There's 1 changing room, 3 showers, 1 toilet for the girls
There’s 1 changing room, 3 showers, 1 toilet for the girls
Yes, there's hot water!
Yes, there’s hot water!


They have a lot of items for sale in the hallway, mostly for health and beauty!

Isn't this lunch box the cutest?
Isn’t this lunch box the cutest?

I checked out the space for anti-gravity yoga. I’ll definitely try this soon!



Tita Carol teaching me some poses
Tita Carol teaching me some poses

But I believe my posing needs no further teaching, don’t you agree? Hahahaha


Took home a bag of yummy kale chips. My first time to try it. Now I know why people are going crazy over kale.

I had a great time and I’m definitely signing up! Let me know if you also plan on going, maybe we can be classmates ;) A drop-in single class for yoga is just Php550, if you want to do zumba dancing it’s Php450, and for anti-gravity it’s Php650. There are a lot of packages you can check out to save up!

Reserve a slot and read more about I Go Beyond Yoga via their website www.igobeyondyoga.com.

Beyond Libis is located at Units 8 & 9, 3rd floor, Richmonde Centre, 8001 E. Rodriguez jr. ave. Libis, Q.C. (right across Shopwise)

Going Up Fushimi Inari Temple

I totally forgot about my last batch of Japan photos!! Here’s a photo diary of our last day in Kyoto when we went there for our honeymoon! So here’s a photo diary I hope you enjoy it as much as much as the other Japan entries :) Some photos taken with my iPhone 6, other with my Sony NEX 5N.


Cutie pie
Cutie pie
UGH ganda
UGH ganda
The walk to the temple is lined with so many vendors and they insist on giving out samples of their items
The walk to the temple is lined with so many vendors and they insist on giving out samples of their items

Here’s a brief background of the shrine we visited from what I gathered: There are 2 major religions practiced in Japan – Shintoism and Buddhism. In Shinto, people believe in kami or the Japanese word for god or spirit. Inari is the kami of general prosperity and worldly success. A lot of people visit the shrine to pray for their businesses but first and foremost Inari is the god of rice.


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Pupil Launches ‘Zilch’ Tomorrow

Cheats’ playing aside, you NEED to go tomorrow to cop Pupil’s new album, Zilch. Jim and I luckily got an advanced copy and we’ve been playing it non-stop. I’m especially excited because Ely Buendia’s former The Mongols bandmate, Jerome Velasco, is back!

Pupil’s Zilch is launching on March 6, 2015, at B-Side, The Collective (Makati City). With performances by Domino, Manila Under Fire, and Cheats. P600 for album, poster and admission.
Pupil’s Zilch is launching on March 6, 2015, at B-Side, The Collective (Makati City). With performances by Domino, Manila Under Fire, and Cheats. P600 for album, poster and admission.

“The guitars growl, the drums are in your face, no synth pads, very little delay. [It] is an album played on the gut level. Yet it is, I think, our most sophisticated release to date” – Ely Buendia (PinoyTuner.com)

See ya tomorrow at B-side!!

Nangnang Saab and Joey Bear Visit Lulu

I just got home from visiting my goddaughter and niece Lulu! My car is coded today but I promised Lulu I’d bring Joey to visit her at home for her 4th birthday. So I dropped by for lunch within the window hours (for Pasig it’s 9AM til 4PM instead of the usual 10AM-3PM) and watched the kids (Joey included hehe) play! It’s been a week since Lulu’s actual birthday but it’s better to be late than to cause irreparable damages to your relationship with your inaanak by not fulfilling a promise! Hahaha. OA!

What my lovely inaanak wanted for her 4th birthday: a visit from nangnang Saab and her BFF #JoeyBear hahaha

A photo posted by Saab & Joey (@saabmagalona) on

Isn't bear just so annoyingly cute
Isn’t bear just so annoyingly cute


I'll have kids if only for these drawings haha
I’ll have kids if only for these drawings haha
Everything is awesome!
Everything is awesome!
Thank you to Lulu's ate Zoie for taking this photo of us!!
Thank you to Lulu’s ate Zoie for taking this photo of us kahit blurry hehe!!

If you’re also a ninang, don’t forget to do your duties! Ask how your godchildren are. It’s very important for me to have a good bond with my godchildren. I have 2 – both of them are my ate’s children. I also don’t accept the responsibility of being somebody’s ninang if I don’t think I will be able to be involved in the child’s life. I take this role very seriously because, well, it’s actually a very serious role ;) Have a great Thursday!

P.S. I have a working laptop, yay! So expect more updates hehe.

Are You Summer-Ready?

Everybody and their mothers are busting their butts working out and eating right just in time for the summer. You just can’t hide your flabby arms in your long sleeves anymore unless you’re looking to get heat stroke. Another thing you can’t hide anymore are your underarms especially if you plan on hitting the beach! Just like working out and eating right, your underarms won’t look smooth and healthy overnight. These are things we need to prepare for and Dove deodorant helps in reminding us girls that we shouldn’t forget that usually-taboo part of our bodies.


HELLO, kilikili lang yan! We shouldn’t be ashamed of our underarms! Of course you should be embarrassed if you don’t take care of them at all, much like not brushing your teeth. Back in high school and college, my classmates and I would always argue about the best way to remove underarm hair. For the longest time I thought waxing was best but there’s the stress of having to let it grow a bit before removal. Ang dami daming issues pag dating sa kilikili OMG. Then I learned that whatever method you choose to remove hair from your underarms, you will still end up irritating your sensitive skin.

We take time to moisturise our faces, legs, and arms but we forget that our underarms need moisture too! That’s where Dove comes in. Only Dove Deo has 1/4 moisturizing cream, which helps underarm skin recover fast from irritation and darkening caused by shaving – giving you whiter and smoother underarms. Just in case you’re blind and haven’t noticed my blog’s background of beautiful Palawan, here’s a more in-depth blog post about Dove’s #DoveSummerReady promo!


Anyone can purchase a Dove Summer-Ready Box at major retail outlets around the Philippines. Inside the box, at the bottom, is a promo code. Simply text DOVEDEO PROMO CODE to 2600 and follow the instructions to register in order to qualify for the raffle. I want to point out that the Dove Summer-Ready Box costs just the same amount as the Dove Deo on its own – except when you buy the promo box, you get a FREE tote and a chance to win a trip to El Nido, Palawan! What a bargain.

I was lucky enough to have been selected to be one of Dove Deo’s ambassadors alongside aspiring fashion designer Kiana Valenciano, beauty bloggers Angela Nepomuceno and Sabs Hernandez, and fashion blogger Dani Barretto. I hosted the launch for the summer promo last month and it was loads of fun!




Manning the detox station with Dani!
Manning the detox station with Dani!
Yoga station at the launch
Yoga station at the launch


Fascinated by the demo! Haha!
Fascinated by the demo! Haha!

When I said “everybody and their mothers” are getting ready for summer I should have said “everybody and their GRANDmothers” because my mom literally just sent me this photo of my grammy

Mom's caption read "Saab! Grammy says thanks to Dove for her Hamptons look!" HAHAHA!
Mom’s caption read “Saab! Grammy says thanks to Dove for her Hamptons look!” HAHAHA!

I’m not qualified to join the raffle because I’m an ambassador but I urge you all to join because, hello, it’s a free 3-days 2-nights trip for 2 to EL NIDO. Plus, if you’re not one of 3 winners of the monthly El Nido prize, you could win one of the white tank tops they’re giving out weekly. Contest ends on April 20. Good luck!!!

Deep Purple

Here goes another blog post about my hair. If you can’t tell: I’m obsessed. Haha! So I got my hair refreshed because it was fading pretty quickly after 2 weeks. I said I wasn’t a fan of it becoming super blonde and light so we went for something a little darker this time. They said it will fade to a lighter shade after a few washes but i think I’ll keep it this way for a couple of days before shampooing!

Oversized sweater & white boots from H&M; Framed signed poster from Whilce Portacio
Oversized sweater & white boots from H&M; Framed signed poster from Whilce Portacio

Hey, look! After 10 years (literally), I’m finally learning how to take photos of myself. Hahaha! Needs improvement, definitely, but not bad methinks.



Here’s some live footage of the band Deep Purple performing Smoke On The Water – because it’s definitely more interesting than the color of my hair.

How To Get Hair To Dye For

DSC05400I’m no hair color expert, in fact I’m far from it. That’s why when I got my hair colored violet 2 weeks ago at Matrix Philippines I asked the people who did my hair, Geirien and Darryl, for tips just in case my blog readers want to get their hair colored too.

Just like this cutie who colored her hair 3 days after I did!!

Thank you, Tin, kinilig ako dun sa tweet na yun hehe. (Nagpakulay ka ba talaga o phinotoshop mo lang yan??)

ANYWAY, here are some of the tips I gathered from asking a LOT of questions and hopefully I tackled what most of you have been asking me about hair coloring as well!

What you need to know before getting your hair colored

  • Don’t shampoo your hair on the day you get your hair colored. In my case, I didn’t shampoo the day before and on the day itself. You’ll barely feel the sting of bleach on your scalp BUT I just did further research and I think that’s one of the reasons why my roots faded quicker – too much sweat and oil will affect how well the color will stick to your hair shaft! So just don’t shampoo on the day you get your hair colored. Don’t put any product on your hair either. It’s best to use clarifying shampoo the day before your appointment.
  • A week or two before getting your hair colored, use a cleansing mask or deep-conditioner so your hair is strong and ready for coloring.
  • Make sure not to scratch your scalp before bleaching.
  • It’s best not to color your hair when it’s been recently rebonded or permed.
  • If you dyed your hair black, you’ll have to wait for new hair to grow back before attempting to color it!
  • Special shades require bleaching, especially if you want vibrant colors like green, violet, blue, etc.

Maintaining your Mane

  • Make sure to use special products for colored hair. I use Biolage Colorlast and this is good for any hair color. It’s contains very low sulfate and it’s paraben-free too.
  • Don’t wash your hair for at least 48 hours after you get it colored. This will let the dye fully deposit and settle properly.
  • If you can, only shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week. When you do, try not to over-rinse it and only let it run under water when needed.
  • Do not use hot water. The hotter the water, the faster your hair will lose its color. It’s going to be a pain to shower in cold water but remember: GINUSTO MO TO.
  • Use dry shampoo to refresh your color-treated hair on days you don’t wash it to keep it oil-free and clean.
  • Try to stay out of the sun and wear a hat if you can’t avoid it. Look for a sun protectant spray for your hair and spray it every time you go outdoors!

Can you commit to color?

  • It’s expensive to maintain colored hair. To give you an idea, if you have hair as thick and as long as mine, bleaching three times and dying your hair will cost you a minimum of P10,000.
  • Refreshing your color and keeping it vibrant will require you to visit the salon every 2-3 weeks. It will cost you a little under P2,000 each visit.
  • Do your research to find which hair color is best for your skin tone.

I hope these tips helped you learn more about getting your hair colored. I also hope – if you’re on the fence about it – that you decide to finally do it because it’s so much fun! Get your hair bleached or colored in the salon especially if you’re a first-timer! If you’ve got any more secrets for colored hair, feel free to share them in the comments below! I’d love to read more about it.

Photo by JC Gellidon
Photo by JC Gellidon


How I Slimmed Down For My Wedding Day

I got a lot of people asking me how I lost weight and slimmed down for my wedding. My plan was to go all out intense training at the gym 2 months before the wedding. Then I badly sprained my ankle last Dec. 20 so my gym plans disappeared. It’s a good thing I was on Diet Diva‘s program for months prior to January so I gradually slimmed down – I didn’t want to do anything crazy like go an all liquid diet or something. I probably would have gone batshit bridezilla if I deprived myself of food. Hahaha! Here’s exactly how Diet Diva helped me quickly shed pounds without having to starve myself.

Just for reference and because I’m a good sport (hehehe) here’s a photo taken back in Tokyo, a day before Jim proposed to me 8 months before the big day. Look at how tight my dress was (and how horrible my hair looked in Japanese weather haha).


Also, here’s another one of me and Maxx meeting with my official wedding photographer J Lucas Reyes back in April.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 2.09.36 PM

Ika nga ng Instagram commenter na si iloveashsy (kung sinuman siya) I looked like a pregnant…

a pregnant what???

Now we know why people assumed I was getting married because I got knocked up. Apparently, I had packed on a few pounds. UGH. Although I didn’t want to look totally unrecognizable and be stick thin on my wedding day, it was important to me that I looked like myself.

The article and interview below originally appeared on Stylebible.ph and was written by Marj Ramos.

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Sandwich Debris Album Launch


Happening tonight at UP Town Center, my favorite band Sandwich releases their 8th studio album! Guest performers include Ourselves The Elves, Slow Hello, Tarsius, Flying Ipis and the best band in the world Cheats. See you later, it’s a free event.

Watch Sandwich’s music video for Kagulo directed by Quark Henares:

LSS? You’re welcome.

P.S. That riff by Diego at the end. Gulo. Also, happy birthday to Mike D!