A Novel Romance

Last week I went to the launch of MAC Cosmetic’s collection called A Novel Romance

Fall in lust with A Novel Romance, a colour collection teeming with deep, luscious shades that will leave you feeling overwhelmed with desire. Passion mounts, and these hues fan the flames of your deepest emotions, as an amorous adventure begins. Seduced by a secret lover, eyes lock, shrouded in the lustful, metallic hues and cool blackened purples of our Eye Shadow quads. Get provocative in seductive plum and burgundy Lipstick. Then, play the temptress in come-hither shades of sweet lavender and soft rose gold. Finally, cheeks flush in shimmering Powder Blush, as you turn the page towards a powerful climax… leaving you utterly breathless.

a novel romance

Here’s a little photo diary with photos by Mimi Morada

The event was held in the middle of SM Megamall Atrium and we were greeted by long-haired hunks reading excerpts from romance novels. Don’t you just love the wordplay?!




We were served white wine and chocolates



Lauren and I took photos with a pinoy Fabio




I think we’d make a cute couple LOL




We bumped into Lauren’s cousin and actress Max Collins at the event


There were makeup artists ready to help us try out the new collection


Had to try it out myself!




Here I am trying to figure out if I should eat some chocolate


And here I am giving in


The damsel-in-distress before getting a makeover


Ooh la la, romantic eyes!


As we were leaving the event to check out the actual MAC store, I saw Jigs Mayuga and Alyanna Martinez entering with their doggies!!! Could not help it!!



Hahaha my face!!



At the store, we had the products all to ourselves!:D Top row L-R: Myself, A Novel Romance, Hearts Aflame. Bottom: Lingering Kiss, Good Kisser


I’m a good kisser (SABEH?) so I tried it on right away


Lauren was in a very goth mood that afternoon so she tried on Lingering Kiss



Me and mom both wearing Hearts Aflame


In this photo, Lauren’s wearing tinted lip glass – I think it was Reckless Desire




And we posed like a romance novel couple


And then I tried to pose like a fashion blogger


Pero hindi ko talaga achieve hahaha


Learn more about MAC’s A Novel Romance collection here.


Giveaway: WD 2TB MyCloud

You know when you’re in line at a convenience store, ready to pay for your Hello Panda/YanYan and the girl behind you is just standing EXTREMELY close her bag is touching your butt and you just look at them like WHATTHEFUCK?? Well, some people just have no concept of personal space. Thank goodness Western Digital does and it’s called MyCloud.

It’s like an iCloud or Dropbox minus the monthly/yearly fees! For example, if you get 2TB storage from Dropbox, you’ll pay about $200 (roughly Php9,000) every year. With WD MyCloud, you only pay once (#YOPO lol) when you buy it. It retails for Php7,990.


Very pretty too! I installed mine last week, all I had to do was connect it to my router and follow WD’s setup wizard.

I am now able to access my files anywhere on any device. Plus, you can add multiple users so your family and friends can access your public folders. I’m planning to create a shared folder for movies with my siblings! For all your personal stuff, just make sure you fix the settings so that only you or a few chosen can access certain folders.

Such a cute commercial to explain WHY there’s a need for this product even when there are public clouds available online. Safety is a priority for me! With all the hacked clouds and leaked photos lately, you can’t really trust a public cloud. I don’t have any naked photos I need to protect LOL but I’ve got a ton of documents with personal information and diary entries I wouldn’t want other people to see. Nakakahiya yung mga emo rants ko. Hehehe.

Here’s a video with an even better explanation of how MyCloud works

I’ve been using a portable hard drive to transfer movies/TV shows from my laptop so I can watch them on my actual TV. It’s not a huge hassle but now I can forego the usual blind tinkering with the back of my TV to look for the correct USB port. My TV is Internet ready – most of the new ones are – so I just need to connect it to MyCloud and I can access all the media files I want! I expected it to buffer or something since it’s a cloud but in fairness I’ve experienced no such thing.

It’s the first day of a new month, I think you guys deserve something clean and new. That’s why I’m giving away a 2TB MyCloud.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You must be willing to pick up your prize in Pasig City within a week of notification. Winner will be announced on October 15, Wednesday. Make sure you set your Twitter profiles to public on Oct 15 so I can verify your tweets, ok? You can tweet using the Rafflecopter widget everyday until the contest ends for better chances of winning. Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. Been busy with wedding planning. Accept this giveaway as a form of apology hehe. Love you guys!!

all out 2

Go ALL OUT This Saturday!

When I received an inquiry about Cheats performing for a fund-raising concert, I was already on board. Especially when I learned that the concert was a fundraiser for a child with A.L.L. or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I asked the band to please make sure we were all available because this cause is close to my heart. My father passed away because of a similar disease (he had A.M.L. or Acute Myeloid Leukemia).

All proceeds of the fundraising concert on September 27 will go to the treatment of a child with A.L.L.

Watch this video for more information about A.L.L.

Tickets are Php 495 before Saturday and Php550 on Saturday! They’ve also got a buy 5 get 1 for free promo!


We’ll see you there, Cheats plays at around 5:40pm! Saving a life never sounded this good ;)

Follow ALL OUT on Twitter (@ALLOUT2014) and Facebook for more promos and information about the concert!


Happy 2nd Birthday, Bear!!

My bear turned 2 last Saturday, September 20! I was originally planning to have another birthday party for her like the one we had last year but because of the storm I decided against it. Medyo BV that her birthday falls on a rainy day every year. Well, at least the sky cleared a little on Saturday so we could take her out! Last year, Joey’s birthday party was sponsored by Whole Pet Kitchen!

Effort hanapin sa Instagram yan dahil 1 year ago pa.. Hahaha! That was back when Whole Pet Kitchen was just selling treats for dogs and cats out of their website and Instagram account. Now they’ve got their own dog cafe!! It’s been open for months but I was only able to go last weekend!


My bear is freshly groomed kaya mukhang puppy heehee. Whole Pet Kitchen’s pet deli and barkery is just near Greenhills, on Recto st. beside P. Guevarra – location isn’t the best since the road is pretty tight. Make sure to carry your pet until you get inside the store to avoid accidents! Crossing my fingers they open a bigger branch somewhere more accessible! Mag-franchise kaya ako?! Haha I wish.


Once you get inside you forget about everything else because of the sweet ambience! The place is pretty small with only 3-5 tables but the air was surprisingly clear and fresh considering all the animals that come and go!


If you want to hold a small party for your pet, it’s possible to hold it in the store but if you want a bigger celebration at home, Whole Pet Kitchen delivers their cakes and pastries!


The nice servers told us it was all about disinfecting every so often. They also don’t use any chemicals to clean their floor since they know dogs tend to lick it when eating fallen food so they only use water and vinegar!

Look at my happy birthday girl!!



We ordered one of their best-sellers: lasagna for dogs! Here’s Jim trying to steady her head for a photo and Joey’s just all GIMME THAT


Bunny and Bear


The server said that most dogs eat only the beef and sauce, leaving the pasta behind but with Joey, it was gone – pasta and all – in less than 10 seconds!!


To keep the birthday feel, I got lasagna for myself as well!


Don’t worry, I got the pet LOVERS’ one!! They’ve got a whole menu for humans! Check out their menus for both people and pooches here.


Silly girls




Bought pup cakes for take home which I subsequently left overnight in the car so I had to throw it out. Haay. Look how cute pa naman. And Joey loves these so magpapadeliver nalang ako hehe.


Playing with Mr. Jack, the “mascot” of Whole Pet Kitchen who was a little cranky that day haha but he was sweet to me naman!


Joey made a new playmate named.. Wait for it.. Angus!! So cute!!! He was such a heavy breather snorter and so playful I wanted to take him home. But he was so heavy, Joey got stressed nung dinaganan siya. LOL.


And here is my busog higad bear hybrid



I made the terrible mistake of misplacing Joey’s baby book (where all her vaccinations are recorded) but I knew she was due already anyway so I took her to the vet yesterday where she got her blood tested (just a routine thing!) and she got all her shots for the whole year as well. Now I know that she’s due to go to the vet during her birthday week! So happy her blood tested fine. I found some ticks on her kasi. Even if you use Frontline or any other ant-flea thing, there will probably be one or two that will be immune to it. Always play with your dog and pet him/her thoroughly to make sure there are no weird bumps on her skin. Be especially careful if your dog’s as fluffy as mine because those fuckers are harder to find.

Another way to make sure your pets are healthy are by feeding them quality food. That’s why I like Whole Pet Kitchen – they use only the finest ingredients and Joey loves the taste of their treats! Browse through their catalog for both dogs and cats!

Thanks for all the birthday greetings for bear!!:)

Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli & Bark-ery Dog Cafe is located at 349-D CM Recto street near P. Guevarra Street, San Juan City.
They’re open TUE-FRI 10am-6pm, SAT-SUN 9am-9pm. Tel: (+632) 3572753 (calls only) or (+63917) 8488857 (SMS only) Email:


Beauty Review: Too Faced Melted Lipstick

American rock band (and fan of long-sentence-titles) Panic! At The Disco believes that “Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off.” WELL… I believe LIPSTICK is more fun than lying. Somehow, my mood is greatly affected by my lipstick choice! I’m not kidding – you know how Beyoncé becomes Sasha Fierce when she gets on stage? Well whenever I wear lipstick, I become Beyoncé. Just kidding.

ANYWAY, when I went to Kuala Lumpur with Candy 2 months ago, we promised not to buy anything for ourselves so we don’t spend too much money. Who were we kidding, right? On our way home from going around the city, we passed by a Sephora that was getting ready to close its doors. Without even having to say anything to each other, our legs just brought us straight inside the makeup store. The first thing I spotted was Too Faced‘s Melted liquified long wear lipstick.


If there’s one thing I love more than lipstick it’s LONG WEAR lipstick. UGHHHHH. I tried the nude one first and it just looked perfect!! It’s the kind of nude lipstick I’ve been looking for that doesn’t make me look dead (lol).


It comes on as a very smooth liquid and once it settles in, you’ll forget you’re wearing it unlike other liquid lipsticks. I’ve been wearing this pretty much everyday!


I also tried on the melted violet shade and the color’s so intense and the best part is that it stays that way for hours!!


I didn’t color grade these photos of my face so you can see the actual colors!


Too Faced’s Melted collection promises “the staying power of a stain, the intense color of a liquid lipstick and the high shine of a gloss”


Sephora KL only had three colors when we were there and we wanted to get all three but the fuchsia one you can see on Candy’s lips was all sold out! I guess you could say… few siya. WALEY.

I ended up buying a violet & nude one for myself, another nude for Maxx, and Candy got herself the violet one! We promised to text each other whenever we’d wear it so we wouldn’t have the same lip color at a Cheats gig hehe.


I’m not very sure where you can get Melted locally but if anybody has leads, PLEASE do let me know because I’ve got my eye on the other colors plsss!!


As of now they’ve got 10 colors: nude, coral, fuchsia, peony, ruby, violet, marshmallow (WANT!!), fig, candy, and berry! This melted marshmallow shade is so yummy pretty ♥


Click here to explore all colors!

P.S. Remember that old Erap joke? “What’s your favorite color?” “Fuchsia” “Can you pls spell that?” “Ah, red nalang” LOL

P.P.S. All this time I thought fuchsia was spelled fuschia. Yun pala mali ako. FLOPEY! Here’s a link!


Cinema Woof

It’s day 2 of Pet Week - a week-long celebration of JoeyBear turning 2! Today we talk about movies featuring dogs I loved growing up!!



Admittedly, I don’t remember much from the classic movie but I remember falling in love with this collie! Definitely need to re-watch this! Also, look at how cute Michelle Williams was a… lass!


In the original 7 Lassie films, a collie named Pal played the lead. Apparently for the TV series, they kept it in the family and cast Pal’s descendants to play Lassie!


milo the mask

milo the mask2

Milo from The Mask is so iconic!! Isn’t he the cutest wearing the mask?!?!?!!?!?! Jack Russells are so adorable, my friend Cholo has one named Pogo and he jumps VERY high!!



Beethoven got so famous, it spawned 6 sequels!! I remember the hamburger-eating contest in Beethoven 2!! Hahaha!



Petey is the American Pitt Bull Terrier part of the He-Man Woman Haters Club from one my favorite movies, The Little Rascals which celebrated its 20th anniversary just recently!

little rascals



Hachiko is known as the most loyal dog ever. He is an Akita from Japan and though I haven’t seen the original Japanese movie, I did watch and cry my heart out while watching the American one starring Richard Gere.

During his owner’s life, Hachikō greeted him at the end of each day at the nearby Shibuya Station. The pair continued their daily routine until May 1925, when Professor Ueno did not return. The professor had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died, never returning to the train station where Hachikō was waiting. Each day for the next nine years Hachikō awaited Ueno’s return, appearing precisely when the train was due at the station. (via Wikipedia)

They put up a shrine for him in Shibuya station and I visited it when I went to Japan!♥ Please try to un-see my tiyan in this pic.


Lady and The Tramp


Ah, the classic poor boy – rich girl love story retold in a dog setting. Who can forget the famous spaghetti scene?!

Slinky Dog


Toy Story’s resident dog… toy! He’s a dachshund – very apt for a slinky toy because they’re very long dogs! We used to have a beautiful long-haired dachshund named Coolie who died a few months after my dad passed away :( My BFF Candy has a short-haired one named Schublig Bunless and is very very cute as well!!



Zero is the most adorable ghost dog with his glowing pumpkin nose, very much patterned after Rudolph. He is owned by The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington!

Note: I refuse to watch Marley and Me because I don’t think my heart can handle it. Who are your favorite movie dogs?

FA - IMG_9760b

Nakita Kita Sa Esquire Magasin #EsquireEheads

Last month I got a text from our band manager about a gig for Esquire Magazine on September 4th. I thought “Hey, cool, Esquire!” and put it on my calendar. It wasn’t until I got a separate e-mail from the Esquire team that it sank in: Cheats was going to play at arguably one of the most important magazine launches in history.

Did you know that September is the craziest (and thickest) month for magazines, especially the fashion-oriented ones? (That’s why the documentary about Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour is called The Semptember Issue.) Esquire Philippines decided that their September issue wasn’t going to be about fashion – it was going to be a huge travel issue. And what cooler way is there to travel than alongside the biggest band in Philippine history?


I’m no stranger to these men, my dad was good friends with them and I used to see them around when I was a little girl.




I see Buddy and his wife Earnest at gigs every now and then, I’ve hung out with Marcus for an episode of my webcast with RA Rivera Saabmarine Teleradyo, I’ve been going to Ely’s house to record Cheats’ album (plus double dates with Jim and his sister Chelo!), and Rayms has been like a punk daddy to me for years now.

Still, there’s something magical when all four of them get together. Okay, I don’t want to make this about me… But I will. Haha! I’d just gone home from my dengue confinement and Jim canceled all our gigs for the next 2 weeks to ensure my full recovery. I refused to cancel the Esquire gig though. I knew there was no way the Heads would play but they were going to be in the audience and I wanted to perform for them!


And then there I was at the Dusit Ballroom, feeling a bit faint even without a drop of alcohol in my system. Almost everyone was invited. Musicians ranging from Chicosci to True Faith, respected peers from different publications, and of course four very important heads were there. I felt so unprepared I stopped talking and just stared into space while the rest of the band drank booze to calm their nerves haha.

Indie darlings Ourselves The Elves (trivia: their guitarist Aki is Marcus’ son!) opened the show and we were up next.

It was so stressful because the organizers said we couldn’t play until they were sure the new music videos would be ready after our set. The band was already on stage for about 15 minutes waiting for the voice over. We probably looked like we were delaying the program a.k.a. GET OFF THE STAGE, ILABAS NIYO NA ANG ERASERHEADS PLS. Chos. Just when Jim and our drummer Enzo decided to go to the bathroom while waiting, the host announced us as THE Cheats lol. The boys came running to the stage to start our 45-minute set. Once we started playing, I was more relaxed and we just sang and danced. Cheats is all about having fun anyway :)



FA - IMG_9558

FA - IMG_9604

And then the Eheads were called on stage for a toast with Esquire Editor-in-Chief Erwin Romulo!

FA - IMG_9760b

It was the most anticipated moment of the night: the unveiling of 2 brand new music videos for 2 brand new songs “1995” and “Sabado.” Both music videos were directed by Erik Matti. Unfortunately, the videos aren’t available online right now but I really want to watch both again!!! Huhuhu. The video for Sabado is up on Esquire’s YouTube account!

Before we could even let the videos sink in, our manager called us to the side and said, “wag kayong maingay pero pahiram daw ng gamit niyo kasi tutugtog sila





The rest of the night went great, I wish I had my camera with me but I wanna thank Miggy Abesamis, Mimi Morada and Patrick Lasanas for allowing me to share their photos on my blog! Here are 2 photos from Chelo’s Instagram account:


Chel + Ely + Cheats = Chelyeats #waley #itried


Chelo’s caption reads “2 (e)heads are better than one”

It’s a long story why I don’t have photos from this event but I don’t want to get into it. Trying to let it go pa. Hahaha! We felt like absolute rockstars with our own private holding area and free flowing food and drinks!! Can you imagine the will power I had that night?! I didn’t eat ANYTHING! Woohoo! I did have 2 vodkas to celebrate though. Heehee. Here I am being all “I can’t believe that just happened either..”




Manny and Candy


Mayumi and Miguel


Thank you so much to Miggy for capturing these awesome moments on the dance floor!!!



Sweethearts Mau and Mayumi!





And my favorite photo:


HAHAHAHA! I felt like a young girl at prom. It truly was one of the best nights of my life. Thanks, Esquire Magazine, for making this possible. Thanks, Eraserheads, for being. MAYGANONGDRAMA??

You can stream their new songs over at Radio Republic’s page. Better yet, get the actual CD when you buy the September issue of Esquire Philippines for Php400.


A Few of My Favorite Dogs

The Internet has been a vessel for letting yourself be heard all over the world, connecting with your dearest friends, and more importantly: flaunting your pets.

In high school, I was super into Emily The Strange so naturally I thought I was a cat person. I was set on getting a black cat and naming her Saabbath. How narcissistic, right?! Actually, I was more of a copyCAT - Emily’s favorite was named Sabbath.


But while we were living at home with our parents we weren’t really allowed to have pets of our own. I tried to bend the rule when I bought a turtle but then it died the next day. Rest assured my parents did not murder it to teach me a lesson. God, no. It was just floating upside down in the deep part of its aquarium/terrarium the next morning. I was so sad, I didn’t think I deserved to ever have a pet again. :(

Until 2 years ago when I babysat Maxx’s dog for her and if you’ve been following me for a while now, you’d know the story. I fell in love with Charlie the Yorkshire Terrier and I cried when I realized I had to give her back. When Maxx heard about how upset I was, she surprised me with a beautiful baby pomeranian and I cried even more!! Shout out to my sweet sister, Maxx!! Shout out talaga?!?!? Ano to, radyo?! Chos.


As we are celebrating #JoeyBear’s 2nd birthday this Saturday, I want to dedicate this entire week to pets leading up to her special day!! Okay, well, maybe not the ENTIRELY about pets but I’m aiming to do at least one post a day about pets!! I turned out to be a dog person after all so I want to share some of the Internet’s most famous dogs with you guys!



Boo is officially the most searched dog on the Internet with a whopping 15 million likes on Facebook! His worldwide fame started in 2006 because of his unusually large head and cute haircut! He’s appeared on TV shows such as Good Morning America and Anderson Cooper’s RIDICULIST! He and his brother Buddy are super fluffy and cute, Maxx and I have been sending each other screencaps of their Instagram page for years! Follow them here.


Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.12.43 PM

Ginny used to be homeless, tied to a gate left for dead. Now she has over 300,000 followers on Instagram where her owner posts random photos of her. Her rescuer, Chelsea Hope-England says she started Ginny’s Instagram page, “because I am obsessed with her and to be honest she has a far more interesting life than I do.” Cute!!! Follow her on Instagram.

Menswear Dog

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.27.08 PM

Menswear Dog is a 5 year old shiba inu living in NYC with a penchant for all things style. His interests include never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches. (source)

Note: Internet meme DOGE is also a Shiba Inu!



Beast the dog is a Puli, a type of Hungarian Sheepdog, and is most famous for being The Facebook Dog. Why is he called The Facebook Dog? Because he is Mark Zuckerberg’s dog!! He lives in Palo Alto with his billionaire parents. Be part of his 1 million plus followers on Facebook.


Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.15.13 PM

Marnie is another famous rescue dog. Adopted at 9 years old and is well-known for her Hanging Tongue Syndrome. My favorite photo series of her is that of her copying James Franco’s selfies!! Follow her on Instagram: @marniethedog.

Other notable dogs you can follow on Instagram:

Any other Internet dogs I missed?! Let me know so I can follow even more cuties online!! I know cats are fierce and all that but dogs are just so malambing and Joey showers me with love every chance she gets. I can’t believe she’s turning 2!!! Huhuhu!!!


#DetoxDiva For The Next 2 Weeks!

I‘ve been on a 1,200-calorie/day diet care of the fabulous food delivery service, Diet Diva!

For the next 2 weeks though, they’ve stepped it up a notch by introducing #DetoxDiva – a two-week program for rapid weight loss! They’ve decided to go Pescetarian with their meals. This means elliminating meat from land animals (pork, chicken, beef) and including fish, vegetables, fruits, plants, legumes, grains, eggs, & dairy products.

#DetoxDiva promises me exciting benefits:

  1. Weight loss & healthy changes – “we replace bad food with good, and [you can] use your newfound energy to exercise more and be more active overall.”
  2. Clearer skin & clearer thinking – “by focusing on specific types of ingredients, we lose that sense of fogginess, and are able to think more clearly during a detox”
  3. Improved sense of wellbeing – “when you detox, you feel good, and when you feel good, good things happen.”

#DetoxDiva does not provide breakfast meals but has recommended a list of healthy meals you can eat every morning! I went for 1 cup of whole grain cereal with 200ml of low fat milk!


I just finished eating lunch for the day: sweet and sour fish fillet with brown rice! What a big portion! I feel full but with no regrets ;)


Today’s snack is an orange and anti-cellulite tea from TeaTox. I got a freebie discount card for TeaTox with my #DetoxDiva subscription!


Dinner is a simple ceasar salad!


There were other freebies that came together with my first day on #DetoxDiva including a free class at PlanaFORMA!

detox diva


So excited! Been loving this healthier lifestyle. If you feel like trying it out together with Maxx, Lauren and I, then give Diet Diva a call! :)

#DetoxDiva available at P1,900/week via
Tel no: +632 434-DIVA (3482)
Mobile: +63917 703-DIVA