The Journey with Johnnie Walker

The Journey with Johnnie Walker was an evening for the senses that one could have only dreamt of. Like any good drink, the blend was spot on with fascinating mentoring sessions, interactive pit stops, and breathtaking performances.


We sure were spoiled and I'm not complaining xx
We sure were spoiled and I’m not complaining xx

There were so many elaborate surprises, like these dancers lined with lights dancing like robots near the ceiling!!



There was also a flash dance of Michael Jackson medleys by girls in custom tuxedos and some crazy aerial dancing which had me on the edge of my seat!

My favorite room was the Red Room, of course. Partly because red’s my favorite color but mainly because Red Label’s my favorite too!!

Grabbed this photo from our friend Nandro Dualan's Instagram account. Red kung red!!
Grabbed this photo from our friend Nandro Dualan’s Instagram account. Red kung red!!

Inside the Red Room, I was able to learn more about the Johnnie Walker Red Label. Johnnie Walker Red Label is enjoyed in a variety of ways worldwide – neat, on the rocks or combined with your favorite mixer. My favorite mixer is ginger ale. Super klazz! Hehe.

Grabbed this photo from our friend Seña
Grabbed this photo from our friend Seña
With Maxx😍
With Maxx😍

I had SO much fun, thank you so much to Johnnie Walker for inviting me and my friends. Looking forward to the next party :)


Ask Saab 31

Photo by @darlindanes
Photo by @darlindanes

Note: The following questions were asked in May 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: Hi Saab! What are your top 5 favorite TV Series?
A: Off the top of my head: FRIENDS, LOST, The Office, Orange is The New Black, 30 Rock

Q: Hey Ate Saab! Okay lang ba kung Tagalog ang gagamitin ko for my blog? Tysm. :)
A: Oo naman!!

Q: have you been to Cebu?
A: Yes, a couple of times

Q: Hi, Saab. I have tinnitus, and this is pretty random but do you know anyone who has it as well? Can you give me some encouragement…
A: I had to Google tinnitus. Ringing or buzzing in the ears? I don’t know how hard that must be.. But maybe this article on The Guardian might help. It says some yoga and meditation might help you find calm and inner peace. Keep busy as well with a hobby like writing or photography!

Q: Hi Saab. What can you say about abusive love?
A: NO.

Q: Do you use concealer? If yes, what brand do you use?
A: Fake Up from Benefit :)

Q: Hi saab where did you buy your swimwear for TALIBORDAY? :)
A: Topshop :)


P.S. I can now use emoji woohoo 💩

Visual Diary: Singapore Day 2

Here’s a visual diary of our second day in Singapore a.k.a. tinatamad ako mag-sulat heehee


The day’s agenda was simple: go to Ikea and Bugis Street for fun

Nunki checking out candy in Ikea
Nunki checking out candy in Ikea


How cute is this calculator
How cute is this calculator
Ikea fast food: they're doing it right
Ikea fast food: they’re doing it right
Kid room peg 1
Kid room peg 1
Kid room peg 2
Kid room peg 2


I'd have a baby just so I can get cute baby stuff lelz JOKE LANG wag muna
I’d have a baby just so I can get cute baby stuff lelz JOKE LANG wag muna


Moon as banana phone
Moon as banana phone
Jim calls me cloud so I just had to
Jim calls me cloud so I just had to
I remember loving my Pocahontas tent inside my room when I was a kid.. Solid to!!
I remember loving my Pocahontas tent inside my room when I was a kid.. Solid to!!
Lookin' like the Lay Bare logo
Lookin’ like the Lay Bare logo



Kicking myself for not getting this
Kicking myself for not getting this
Huhuhuhu gigil
Huhuhuhu gigil




"I could totally get this stuff at Greenhills.."
“I could totally get this stuff at Greenhills..”


You know where I did the most shopping...
You know where I did the most shopping…
Got this new shade from MAC called Studded Kiss
Got this new shade from MAC called Studded Kiss
"Do your thing, babe"
“Do your thing, babe”
Also got Whirl lipstick and lip liner. I can't find my Whirl lipstick :( I'm so sad I think I dropped it somewhere.
Also got Whirl lipstick and lip liner. I can’t find my Whirl lipstick :( I’m so sad I think I dropped it somewhere.
What in the...
What in the…
Had dinner at Samy's Curry on Dempsey Road
Had dinner at Samy’s Curry on Dempsey Road

Ended the night with wine at the hotel and each saying our birthday wish for papa Gerry :)


Ask Saab 30

Photo by JC Gellidon
Photo by JC Gellidon

Note: The following questions were asked in May 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: Do you read Jessica Zafra’s books or blog?
A: I read a couple of Twisted books in high school — greatly enjoyed them!

Q: when was the time nung nasabi mo sa sarili mo na “ermagahd feeling ko may crush na ako kay Jim”? *just asking this quest gives me butterflies gaah :D*
A: I think it was at a gig in Magnet High Street when his old band played. We didn’t really talk but we sat beside each other drinking beer. Cute niya. Hehehe.

Q: Hi saab! What’s ur hair color & brand? Thanks!:)
A: You’re probably asking about my old hair color, it was Ash Blonde from Matrix Philippines :)

Q: How do you maintain a flat tummy even if you’re a beer drinker??
A: Definitely had to cut down on beer drinking haha. And my tummy’s not as flat as you think heehee

Q: Hi Saab! my boyfriend and i sometimes bumps to his ex and she keeps staring at him. Sobrang titig. What should i do? It’s annoying.
A: Stare at her

Q: What do you think about a guy being the younger one in a relationship?
A: I think that’s fine. I do believe that girls mature faster so unless your guy is an exception, you’ll probably make it work. Did you hear about Ed Sheeran and Nicole Scherzinger? Probably not true but it’s interesting!

Q: Hi saab you are my ultimate life peg! Just like you I have a very very vibrant older sister. How did you get over the constant comparisons?
A: Hi! Thank you!:) You just have to learn to tune it out. Some people will really have no boundaries and say it to your face. Even if it’s to say “mas maganda ka sa ate mo” it really does not make me feel good. I have no idea why anybody would think that is an appropriate thing to say. I just totally pretend I don’t hear the comparisons.

Q: Where did you get your living room table?
A: Mandaue Foam

Q: Hi saab! How do you get rid of your scars? Especially sa legs. I have leg scars from mosquito bites kasi :(
A: I’m fortunate enough not to have any scars! I do have two on my left foot but it’s barely seen anyway.. I’m sorry I can’t help you with this :(

Q: have you read sandman?
A: I haven’t but I know I must!!!!

Q: hi saab! any advice on how i could reattract/rebuild a romantic relationship w my ex-bf when we still chat but haven’t seen each other irl in a while?
A: Make him laugh!

Q: Hi saab! :) how much yung Sony NEX5N?
A: I think it’s around 25-30K :)

Q: Hi, Saab, do you wear contacts everyday? Have you ever considered LASIK? :)
A: Yes, I do. :( Yes, I’m saving up for LASIK. Kinakaya ko pa naman yung contacts everyday, I mean I’ve gone through half of my life doing it so I’m just putting away some money every month and when I can comfortably afford it, I’ll finally get the surgery!!:)

Q: Hi Saab! Do you like the collab of Miley and Arianna Don’t dream it’s over? :)
A: Yeah, they’re both very talented!

Q: What’s your favorite Teen Nick show? :)

Q: Kelan ka ulit babalik sa TV? :)
A: Wala pang balak!

Q: Bakit kayo nagkaroon ng falling out ni mei bastes?
A: She was going through some stuff and I could not deal

Q: Hello Ate Saab! do you have plans of making a blog theme/template? I’m on and i really like your themes! :( make one for me:)
A: Oh! Haha how flattering! But I don’t use Blogspot and I don’t know how to make a template there.

Q: On what bank do you invest? For the mutual fund? Will you recommend a student to do the same?
A: BPI. Yes, why not?:) You’ll have money by the time you graduate if you set aside some cash every week :)

Q: hello I saw you with your purple hair I was wondering where you did it and what did you use as dye???
A: I went to Matrix Philippines :) Read more about it here.

Q: Hi saab how do u take good, non blurry gopro pics?:(
A: Don’t move! Haha! Also, sometimes I take screencaps from the videos.

Q: hi saab! would you recommend UP vet med? :)
A: Yes, if you’re on a budget but I tried Vets in Practice White Plains and I really like Joey’s vet, his name is Dexter so I’ve stuck with him.

Q: do you watch friends? or himym? :)
A: I’ve seen both series, but I’ve seen the entire FRIENDS series about 10 times already hehe. Will never tire of it.

Q: what do you do during your freetime? :-)
A: I read, play video games or watch the latest episodes of my favorite TV series :)

Q: when pa kayo nagkakilala ni Jim? :-)
A: First day of college

Q: Hi saabelly! I’m a fan of comic books such as Archie. How do you think I can be able to read and finish a novel? I easily get bored
A: Try audio books first! :)

Q: Hello! What is your favorite book/series of all time? :)
A: Probably the Harry Potter series? But I just finished book one of Game of Thrones. OMG.

Q: saab are you avoiding my question abt andi and you? why?
A: No, I just haven’t had the chance to answer questions!

Q: How many kids are you planning to have?
A: With global warming and the world turning to shit, I’m seriously thinking twice about having kids.. D:

Q: Have u tried buying clothes from ukay ukay?
A: Yes

Babysitting in Singapore

We got to Singapore a little past midnight on July 30. We were there to celebrate my father-in-law’s 59th birthday and to visit Jim’s sister who just recently moved there to work for the Disney Channel. It was a great trip and I’m glad I finally found the time to sit down and share it with you even if it’s been 2 weeks since.

This was my daily breakfast for the whole trip LELZ
This was my daily breakfast for the whole trip LELZ

We went to breakfast and Jim’s parents asked if we could let Nunki tag along with us for the day so they could catch up with their friend for lunch. Of course we agreed because Nunki’s the best!

She went with us to our room as we got ready for our afternoon of fun

Need to get her away from that iPad haha
Need to get her away from that iPad haha

As soon as we got outside, Jim was on paparazzi mode (“For your blog,” he said. What a sweetheart.) so we posed for the camera.

"Nunki, pose like this"
“Nunki, pose like this”
"But I'm holding a blueberry muffin"
“But I’m holding a blueberry muffin”

Walking along Orchard Road




All she wanted for lunch was Xiao Long Bao, her favorite. So I Googled and found a place nearby.

Totes forgot the name of the place
Totes forgot the name of the place
We were seated in the smallest booth on Earth haha
We were seated in the smallest booth on Earth haha
Pan-fried mixed seafood & pork dumplings: SO YUMMY
Pan-fried mixed seafood & pork dumplings: SO YUMMY
Of course, we ate with Nunki's BFFs
Of course, we ate with Nunki’s BFFs


Yup, she loved it
Yup, she loved it
Guess where we went next
Guess where we went next

TOYS R US! We told Nunki she could choose one thing to buy. It was a no-brainer: MORE SHOPKINS!!


Siyempre she wasn’t the only one who enjoyed at the toy store





Chris Pratt on point.... NOT
Chris Pratt on point…. NOT
Great hula hooper!!!
Great hula hooper!!!

Best part of our afternoon: playing LEGO!




We built a tower!!!
We built a tower!!!

Then we headed back to the hotel but not before getting some ice cream. It was Nunks’ first time to try Haagen Dazs because she’s a Ben & Jerry’s kinda girl. We asked if she liked her Cookies & Cream.

"I think I'm in love with it."
“I think I’m in love with it.”
Heading back, we saw a BLACK ANUS
Heading back, we saw a BLACK ANUS

After resting for a bit in our room, we headed out again for dinner. We went to Makansutra Gluttons Bay for some hawker goodness


As in.. Our Gerry's Grill?
As in.. Our Gerry’s Grill?
Waiting patiently for our satay :)
Waiting patiently for our satay :)




Happy birthday, papa Gerry!!
Happy birthday, papa Gerry!!

After dinner we took an Uber to Holland Village to check out ate Mia’s new place!


Passed by 7-Eleven for some chips and saw this *gasp*
Passed by 7-Eleven for some chips and saw this *gasp*



Ate Mia’s apartment is right by some really cute art galleries and restaurants


Also saw this cute little cat in a pet shop
Also saw this cute little cat in a pet shop

Apparently, there are home owners in Singapore who turn their beautiful houses into apartments for tenants. So the exterior of the place looks like an actual house and you enter and it’s a gorgeous living area but upstairs, each room is equipped with their own bathrooms, kitchens, etc. I think ate Mia’s place has about 6 tenants. None of that sad apartment lobby feels. Just a wonderful gallery when you enter the house.



Her place has a really nice private deck where we had wine to cap off the night. Awkward moment: I said, “wow, I’d love to have a really big deck” …

Jim's other sister Chelo couldn't get off work so she followed the next day!
Jim’s other sister Chelo couldn’t get off work earlier so she followed the next day!
Ate Mia gave Jim an R2D2 backpack and as you can tell -- HE'S SO HAPPY
Ate Mia gave Jim an R2D2 backpack and as you can tell — HE’S SO HAPPY

Had a great first day and I’ll tell you all about the following days in another post. Glad to be back to my normal work schedule!:)


Ask Saab 29

Photo by @meetkeso
Photo by @meetkeso

Note: The following questions were asked in May 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: Hi Saab! I super love you. :) What do you do when you’re feeling down?
A: Hi!! I love you too kung sino ka man hehe.. I watch The Office or any other light comedy show. Then I take a nap.

Q: Hi, Saab! :) What are your thoughts about Maxx being one of the celebrity performers at YFSF? Aren’t you going to go to the studio & watch her perform
A: Oh wow, these questions ARE old. Haha! No, I wasn’t able to watch her perform in the studio because my schedule didn’t permit it but I made sure to watch the finale at Resorts World :) It was so nice seeing her do her thing. She really enjoys making people laugh!!

Q: Hi Saab! Nag acting workshop ka ba before?hindi ka talaga shy mag act sa harap ng madaming tao? Dream ko maging artista but i’m super yah
A: I’ve had a couple of acting workshops with GMA7 in the past. I’m okay to act in front of a camera but somehow if there’s a live audience I get really nervous. It’s something I’m working on, I think being a part of No Filter was a big step towards the right direction. I was a girl with stage fright thrown into a sea of theatre critics and I’m not dead. Hurrah!

Q: Any tips po kung paano mawala ang pagiging mahiyain? Thank you so much
A: You will really need to talk to more people. Kahit sa bahay, talk to your family and try to be genuinely interested in what they’re saying. Asking questions will make you more comfortable and you won’t feel like you’re being interrogated and it’ll bring your guard down. I’m no expert though so don’t take my word for it. Haha!! I’m VERY shy. Trying to be more approachable!

Q: how old are you?
A: 26

Q: hi ate saab, I saw in your blog that you’re upgrading your camera? Can you make a giveaway for your old one?
A: Aww, man, sorry! My friend already bought it from me!

Q: Hi Saab! I was at Miriam with you ages ago, classmate ko si Maxene. Anyway, what is your advice to girls who want to write on the side?
A: Oh cool! Hi, former school mate!!:) My advice is to just do it!!! Keep writing. Build your portfolio and apply to all the magazines and blogs you know! Build your resume by writing pro bono and when you’ve got a lot of publications under your belt, then you can ask for a fee for your services! If you don’t exactly want to monetize writing, then just start a blog or a journal :)

Q: Is Jim ok with you smoking?
A: He doesn’t love it but he doesn’t stop me. I actually don’t smoke anymore so it’s not a biggie.

Q: Hi Saab! Please do a How to make a blog tutorial because I’ve been dying to create one but don’t know where to start! And you
A: Oh myyyyyy like in what aspect? Layouts? I just learned everything on my own so I’m sure you can find the right tools online!! I’m not an expert!!:))

Q: Heyow beautiful saab! Do you get paid for this blog? or you pay for this online blog? i’m super curious because I wanna have my own too..
A: I have some sponsored posts from time to time and yes, I do pay for my URL and hosting. There are other options if you don’t want to pay! There’s Tumblr,, Blogspot, etc.

Q: Where did you get your dining table?
A: Mandaue Foam

Q: What’s your hair color?love the one where you were wearing the red WW shirt.
A: Ash Blonde. Ask your salon for Matrix (that’s the brand) Ash Blonde.

Q: Is it rude to block someone from your phone? For example, yung annoying bank reps na nag-ooffer ng credit cards. Nakokonsensya kasi ako minsan, Haha
A: Bakit ka nakokonsensya??? Ninakaw nila yung number mo sa kung saan man!! SILA ANG MA-KONSENSYA!!!! BLOCK!!!!!!

Q: jsut want to ask anong gusto mong maging gender ng first baby nyo ni jim in the future, girl or boy? :) just curious.
A: Girl but only because I think I’ll be the type of mom to hate all girls that my future son will date. Kawawa naman siya.

Q: Really need a hug now. My dog died this morning. :(
A: OMG. SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY. *******HUG******* I’m so sorry :(:(:(

Q: hi. where did u buy your bahama bronzer? thanks po :)
A: Beauty Bar!

Q: Can you suggest more free editing sites like yung Thank you so much po :))
A: That’s the only one I know of!

Q: Hi Saab, can you please blog about time management? I know there’s a lot of blog out there about this topic but i want to read it in a spellsaab style

Q: me and my so called ex really love your blog! and i need some advice how to tell her that im still into her. now she just leave to finish school.
A: Whattttttt how can I help?! Am I too late?!

Q: Hi Saab! What can you say about an ex of your boyfriend na nakikipagfriend sayo after niyo magkaroon ng mga conflicts with each other? Thanks!
A: Okay lang, be nice to her but don’t be close friends na. Unless you really can’t help it and you have so many things in common and you really like each other. Otherwise, wag niyo nang pilitin. What’s the point?

Q: Hi Saab! Can you make a post a little background about your band and its members? :)
A: Oooh okay :)

Q: how did you quit smoking?
A: Stop smoking. Appreciate how much easier it is to breath. How much fresher your breath is. How much your throat doesn’t hurt. I didn’t want to go back anymore. Admittedly, I’d have a stick or two when having drinks with friends but it’s not like before na I’d smoke almost a pack a day. BLECH.

Q: kwento ka naman about your exes
A: why

Q: When is your birthday?
A: Nov 23 1988

Q: Can we use Newspaper Girl for our Wedding SDE?
A: Be my guest!!!

Q: Are you still friends with Angel?
A: I don’t really see her anymore!

Q: Hi Saab! :) Where do you get your eyebrows done? :)
A: I haven’t had my eyebrows done in months!!! I just pluck the stray ones on my own!

Q: omgg im obsessed with your wedding make up
A: Thank you!! That’s by genius Jigs Mayuga!!

Q: Nag uusap pa rin kayo ni misu till now?
A: No but we’re Facebook friends LOL! She’s married and has a child xx

Q: Fave Haruki Murakami books?
A: I don’t even remember it much anymore but I guess Dance Dance Dance because it’s the only one I’ve read.

Axe Black Frank

If you were online a couple of weeks ago, I’m pretty sure you came across the hashtag #AxeBlackFrank.


My brother is one of the ambassadors of Axe Black alongside Fabio Ide and Victor Basa. The three of them were challenged by Axe to come up with their own pop-up bars. Frank, ever the creative that he is, came up with a great idea of using a science museum for his pop-up bar.

Drinks at the AXEPERIMENT corner
Drinks at the AXEPERIMENT corner



His bar’s signature drink was the KOLOR PROOF where you combine yellow, green, and blue to create a black drink that’s very unique and delicious. Shout out to my fave scotch: Johnnie Walker!!

Frank was definitely hands on with the whole set up being the artist that he is
Frank was definitely hands on with the whole set up
He created a Rube Goldberg machine in the center of the venue
He created a Rube Goldberg machine in the center of the venue

If you need to brush up on your science, a Rube Goldberg machine is a device that deliberately over-engineers a very simple task. Remember that awesome OK Go music video for This Too Shall Pass?

Frank’s Rube Goldberg machine allowed guests to use a small marble to trigger a chain reaction that ended with the release of the new scent of Axe Black!



Apples Aberin enjoys at the INTERAXE corner
Apples Aberin enjoys at the INTERAXE corner

The INTERAXE corner was where you could learn more about Axe Black while letting guests make their own crazy beats by simply touching the tops of Axe canisters!


The PARALLAXE corner was a crowd favorite — perfect for Instagram.


Frank inside the PARALLAXE with some friends
Frank inside the PARALLAXE with some friends
Jim getting so stressed because he was photobombing my photo hahaha
Jim getting so stressed because he was photobombing me haha
The TRAXE corner was curated by the BuwanBuwan Collective
The TRAXE corner was curated by the BuwanBuwan Collective



The ever-supportive fam heehee





The ever supportive beshies
The ever supportive beshies


Lauren and Jim having a delightful conversation LELZ
Lauren and Jim having a delightful conversation LELZ


Frank and his lovely girlfriend Denise
Frank and his lovely girlfriend Denise
Cutie pie Aryanna Epperson
Cutie pie Aryanna Epperson
Team #AxeBlackFrank Raymond Gutierrez
Team #AxeBlackFrank Raymond Gutierrez
Team #AxeBlackFrank DJ Tony Toni
Team #AxeBlackFrank DJ Tony Toni
Sweet Ecstacy had a pop up booth providing awesome sliders for all!
Sweet Ecstacy had a pop up booth providing awesome sliders for all! Here’s Sweet X’s Diego Castillo and Monica Tobias with RX 93.1’s Gino Quillamor
Janeena Chan cozy in a Mandaue Foam retro chair
Janeena Chan cozy in a Mandaue Foam retro chair
Jess Connelly
Jessica Connelly
Ava Daza
Ava Daza
Sam YG
Sam YG
Cara Manglapus and Mike Manotoc
Cara Manglapus and Mike Manotoc
Dani and Denise Buencamino with Bea Osmeña
Dani and Denise Buencamino with Bea Osmeña
Love Survivor Jojo and Tony Toni
Love Survivor Jojo and Tony Toni

It was an amazingly successful event, and I hope Frank wins the challenge!! Feel free to share any of the photos on Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #AxeBlackFrank to help him rack up points :)


#AxeBlackFrank would like to thank the following sponsors: @mandauefoam @sweetxmanila #sweetxmanila #Millerph #itsmillertime #BarefootwinesPH @baguettini #baguettinibreadbowls #fmcc #3starsandasun #hoochph @nyneaudioph #NyneAudio #LifestyleInspiredAudio @jaysaudioph #JaysAudioPh @blaupunktph #Blaupunkt #BackToBlue @francismclothingco #johnniewalkerph #cirocvodkaph


Dear Diary: Sup, Singapore?

Ola! Ay mali. Hello, la! I’m in Singapore!

Jim and I got to NAIA Terminal 3 at 6PM despite checking in online for our 8:30PM flight. Na-trauma na kami sa mga flop flights namin in the past hehehe.

Fashion blogger na ba
Fashion blogger na ba

I LOVE my Customskye luggage cover!! So chic. Lelz. They just asked me what design I wanted and I gave Cheats‘ new logo, designed by Gigzilla himself, JP Cuison.

(BTW, Cheats’ new single is up for online streaming!! CLICK HERE.)

Annoyed (but cute) bunny
Annoyed (but cute) bunny

It took a while before our luggage showed up on the carousel when we landed on Changi Airport at midnight. Sabi ko nga kay Jim, “Nasa Singapore man tayo, Pinoy pa rin yung air line na ginamit natin…” Hehehe. Filipino time.

Waiting for our GrabTaxi
Waiting for our GrabTaxi


We’re staying at Orchard Hotel on Orchard Road. When Jim opened the door to our room, in true blogger fashion I said, “WAIT DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING I NEED TO TAKE PICTURES.” Hehehe








It is 2AM, an hour after Jim and I checked in to our room. I’m currently eating a Clubhouse Sandwich. We’re in Singapore for Jim’s dad’s 59th birthday, by the way. My sister-in-law ate Mia just recently moved here for work so we’re celebrating it here! YUN LANG! JUST UPDATING YOU GUYS. PARANG JOWA KO KAYO.

Goodnight ♥,

Ask Saab 28

Photo by Arabella Paner
Photo by Arabella Paner

Note: The following questions were asked in May 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: I think your face got longer (in a flattering way). Do you think it’s because of your weight loss or is it because of you braces/invisalign before?♥
A: I think it’s because of my weight loss.

Q: Hello, so when are you plannin’ to have a child?:)
A: Maybe in 3-4 years?

Q: at what age do you think you said this to yourself “I really need to be matured and know my responsibility”
A: I knew I needed to be mature when I lost my dad. My mom lost her partner and I knew we had to step in and help her raise our younger sibs. At the very least set a good example.

Q: how do you know if HE’S THE ONE? haha! I’m really curious and I wanted to ask u this question cos i know how pro you are na ate saab :P
A: Hahaha pro! I knew he was the one because I’ve gone through heart aches and breakups already in the past and this guy talaga, I couldn’t ever see myself giving up. He is everything. He makes me laugh SO hard, he makes my heart skip a beat because he’s so handsome, he is the sweetest to my Joey Bear (signs he will be a good dad), he gets along with my friends, he’s determined and hard-working. his brain is a wormhole to a world I wanna be in. And he always takes me there when he talks to me.

Q: hi saab how much weight did you lose fgor your wedding and how much do you weigh now? :) bodypeggg
A: Thank you but I haven’t weighed myself in years, I really don’t let that define me! I just know my clothes fit me better now :)

Q: I love your hair! Is it naturally wavy all the time? Also, been wondering about the color of your hair, what’s it called? Hair tips please! :)
A: Thank you! It’s naturally wavy all the time, yes! And it’s ash blonde :)

Q: When are you guys usually at milky & sunny makati branch? I wanna meet you guys some time! :(
A: Oooh it’s random eh! About one Sunday a month?

Q: What’s your go-to style? :)
A: At the moment, a long sleeved loose top, shorts, and sneakers/sandals. It’s my everyday errands look. Lelz.

Q: What’s your long term goal?
A: ANO TO, JOB INTERVIEW?! Well, I’ve got an idea of a 5-year plan with Jim and it involves a lot of making music and traveling while we are young and energetic, studying to further our careers, and making ourselves and our parents happy with a bundle of joy by the end of those 5 years. Lelz.

Q: What’s your take on fake singing accents?

Q: You are smart and spontaneous, did you ever thought of being a Radio DJ?
A: OMG!!! I AM!!!! You’ve got ESP.

Q: Hi Saab, what’s the name of the home service blow-dry service you posted before? I can’t seem to find it anymore. Would like to try it! thank you :)
A: Big Day Blow Dry under Big Day Slim Team!

Q: Hi Saab, just wanna ask what application/program/software or whatever (hehehe) have you used on your video in Tali? Thanks :)
A: iMovie lang :)

Q: Hi Saab, how much magpa- Invisalign? Alin mas mabilis magcorrect, Invisalign or metal braces?
A: Metal braces siguro kasi ang tagal na ng Invisalign ko. Lagi ko kasi tinatanggal. I don’t even know where I placed it :( It’s around 100-200K last time I checked.

Q: Saang hotel best mag stay in HK, near DL, kung may kasamang toddler, mga 3 stars lang not 5star

Q: Hello, ate Saab! :) I was just wondering if what lipstick brand would you recommend for beginners like me that’s affordable and well, posh tingnan? :)
A: Colourpop Lippie Stix

Q: Its kinda personal. BUT, what did you do with your hair underneath before squeezing in a swimwear? Im torn between ouch-waxing and soon rough shaving.
A: Waxing, definitely!

Q: What brand of sunscreen do you use on your face everyday? Thanks!:)
A: Kiehl’s

Q: you didnt answer my question about andi and you. why?
A: What question?

Q: Do you endorse Uniqlo na? No more Black Sheep? Heeeheee :”>
A: Pakaluma ng Black Sheep!! Lelz.

Q: Does Jim mind if you put something in your face before going to bed? My BF dislikes it, saying it taste awful when he kisses me before going to bed.
A: Jim doesn’t mind at all. xx Sabihin mo sa boyfriend mo sa LIPS ka kaya halikan. Arte niya ha! Haha.

Q: if you had the chance to live abroad, what country would you choose?
A: Of the places I’ve gone to, probably Japan or Singapore.

Q: what keeps you moving forward?
A: The thought of making my parents proud

Q: I am kinda curious :D I feel like you`re extrovert? and Jim is introvert? that`s how couple works right?
A: We’re both introverts but I’m an introvert na nagpupumilit maging extrovert. Hahaha. I think I’m getting there.

Q: how was your college grades? :)
A: Okay lang naman.

Q: Saab! are you good at math? they said that those ppl who love music and arts don`t like numbers? HEHEHE

Q: How are you and Andy Eigenman?
A: Wrong spelling wrong!!! We’re fine, just haven’t seen her in a long time.

Q: Saab can you please please make a blog entry about how it’s like being a celebrity? I mean, BTS photos, workshops… I am so curious! :D
A: Okay but I’m not on a TV show right now. Gusto mo pa rin ba?

Q: Can you tell me your experience when you first met Jim’s parents/siblings? Kinabahan ka ba?
A: YES. I was SO nervous meeting his parents because they didn’t exactly have the best impression of me at first (long story). Sanay ako with my friends’ parents loving me right away so I was so out of my element. I tried so hard to look likeable, I ended up dressing like a teacher. Hahaha. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just totally not me. Haha. It wasn’t the most comfortable experience but in the end, I am now calling them mommy and papa and we super love one another na!! SO HAPPY.

Q: Parang lagi kang mukhang mabango. Kahit nasa gig? What’s your perfume?
A: SERYOSO?! Mukha lang akong mabango. Haha. Pero infairness hindi naman ako bumabaho. I don’t wear perfume everyday but when I do, I use Gucci Guilty. :)

Dear Diary

Hi guys! I just got home from our very first technical rehearsals for No Filter. (Read my entry about No Filter over here.)

Our cast and prod have a Whatsapp group and last week my co-star, Micah Muñoz, shared that he was having trouble falling asleep. Our dramaturge (yes, I only learned that word when I joined this project – look it up!) Wanggo Gallaga told him to write. He said Micah probably couldn’t sleep because he had a lot of things on his mind.

“Write, Micah. If you can’t sleep, that means you have a lot on your mind. Release them. Write a journal entry, a poem, a song… Just get it out. And you don’t have to show it to anyone. As long as it doesn’t stay inside you.”

Brilliant piece of advice, that’s why I love Wanggo! So now I’m in bed, very tired but I want to just release some of the things in my head. Earlier today we were interviewed by Young Star and it got me to open up about how the prevalence of mediocrity has pushed me to overthink things. I’ve been so pressured to come up with ~*thinkpieces*~ and proving myself that I end up stopping myself from just plain “making kwento” about my day.

The truth is: I have no mediocre days.

I find my days fun and exciting and it’s perfectly fine if you don’t agree with me. I’ll do this diary entry and not feel like I should be keeping my memories to myself. I want to sleep peacefully so I want to let go of my thoughts. Besides, that’s why I started an online journal in the first place — so that I can keep a record of my days and look back at them in the years to come. Okay, enough disclaimers. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t care so I’m not even going to try and win you over. Lelz.

For the past month and a half, we’ve been going to our director Toff De Venecia‘s lovely home to rehearse almost everyday.

Mikael Daez
Mikael Daez



Yesterday, I had a bit of time in the morning to get my hair color retouched in time for our show opening this weekend. Thank you so much to Matrix Philippines for taking care of my neglected hair. I promise to condition everyday and use the hair mask you gave me at least twice a week!


Afterwards, I went to H&M’s showroom at 2pm to pick out our clothes for the show with the rest of the cast. So much fun but, of course, I forgot my camera in the car (/facepalm). It’s okay though, you’ll see our outfits when you watch No Filter. Heehee. YOU’RE WATCHING, RIGHT?!?

Lauren and I grabbed some sandwiches before heading to Toff’s (because I forgot to order Diet Diva yesterday!!). I was supposed to leave before 8 for my 9PM Cheats call time at Route 196 but I got to leave at 8:15pm. In my panic I left my sandwich huhuhu how tragic. I totally forgot to eat dinner and drank 2 beers last night. Needless to say, I was slurring my words on the way home — but the important thing is that I was slurring my lines for No Filter to a very eager audience (I LOVE YOU, JIM).

This is the case for a lot of us in the cast. Fellow cast member (and newfound friend hehe) Jasmine Curtis-Smith said she woke up one morning reciting her lines. I’ve been repeating my monologue in the shower, in the car, in bed, basically everywhere. This is my first play after all so I really don’t want to let Toff down. Actually, I think more importantly: I don’t want to let myself down.

Today we moved to RCBC Theater and it was very exciting to settle into our dressing rooms!!



Lauren Young and I are alternates for No Filter. We're also best friends. As if you didn't already know that hehehe
Lauren Young and I are alternates for No Filter. We’re also best friends IRL. As if you didn’t already know that hehehe


It was also scary because it was a totally new environment.

Our stage manager, Anissa and my Adidas Superstars
Our stage manager, Anissa and my Adidas Superstars
Gives me butterflies
Gives me butterflies
Lauren, Khalil Kaimo, Cai Cortez
Lauren, Khalil Kaimo, Cai Cortez

I’m mostly scared of seeing a familiar face in the audience and getting too excited that I forget my lines. AGH. I actually had a dream about that!!! HOW NERVOUS AM I?!?!!


Spot the difference(s)
Spot the difference(s)


Anyway, the bottomline is that I’m super duper excited. And I’m glad I didn’t overthink this blog post – I plan to do a nightly diary type entry so I sleep sounder. I’ve also got an actual journal on my bedside table but that’s for my more private thoughts. C’mon, I can’t totally go #NoFilter. TEEHEE.