Date Night: 12/10

Since getting married, the one thing Jim and I haven’t gotten used to is making time for “date night.” I think it’s because we both really just enjoy staying home, curling up on the couch to watch a movie. The only time we go out is when Cheats has gigs or if there’s a get together with friends and family. Our parents have been reminding us to set aside one day a week to go out on a date where it’s just the two of us. I understand the importance of this but when your week is packed with gigs and you have to get up early for work the next day, free nights are so tempting to use for staying home and playing DOTA together. Although it’s so much fun killing heroes and trash talking all the jejes in DOTA-world, we agreed that we really should go on more dates outside of our condo.


Jim asked me to free my Monday night last week because he had made reservations for us at 12/10 – a restaurant I’d been wanting to try for months. It was such a nice surprise and I felt like a 17-year-old again when I had 4 outfit changes, anticipating his text that he was on his way to pick me up from work.

My love!!
My love!!

We got to a dimly lit 12/10 with just a handful of people inside. Good idea to go on a Monday night!



We ordered a number of dishes because they only serve small plates. I think it’s perfect for a date. Before the food arrived, we ordered our favorite cocktail: The Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned -- a cocktail made by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol, such as whiskey or brandy, and a twist of citrus rind
Old Fashioned — a cocktail made by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol, such as whiskey or brandy, and a twist of citrus rind

Our plates were served one by one – so we could fully enjoy each dish. And enjoy, we did.

TUNA: kyuri, sriracha, ebiko, panko, nori / Php250
TUNA: kyuri, sriracha, ebiko, panko, nori / Php250
SALMON - juniper infused vinegar, cream, gotu kola / Php260
SALMON – juniper infused vinegar, cream, gotu kola / Php260
KATSU SANDO: yuzu kosho, cabbage, kyuri, tare, steamed bun / Php260
KATSU SANDO: yuzu kosho, cabbage, kyuri, tare, steamed bun / Php260
SALMON KUSHIYAKI: truffle oil, curry, corn flakes, black sesame, aonori / Php290
SALMON KUSHIYAKI: truffle oil, curry, corn flakes, black sesame, aonori / Php290

We also ordered the Onigiri which is the closest thing they have to sushi. It’s spicy tuna, foie gras and balsamic maple syrup wrapped in nori. I didn’t get to take a picture of it but I’ll do you one better: WE HAVE A VIDEO REVIEW. Lelz.

As you know I just got my Sony A6000 and I can’t stop using it. It was the first time we used it to take videos that night and I’m really happy with how it captured the audio, I really thought we wouldn’t be heard at all. YAY, SONY!! Wag niyo na pansinin yung lipstick ko ha sobrang di ako nakapag re-apply before shooting the video hahaha wala namang sinabi si Jim!!

Definitely looking forward to more date nights with my love!

12/10 is located at 7635 Guijo St., San Antonio Village, Makati and is open Monday to Saturday, 5pm to 11pm.

BTW, I just came home from a meeting with the wonderful people behind Linya-Linya. Look at the super cute shirt they gave me that I think is super apt for this blog post. Hahaha

You Had Me At Hilaw
You Had Me At Hilaw

Check out Linya-Linya’s Facebook page, they’re launching an official online store real soon:


Ask Saab 27

Photo by Arabella Paner
Photo by Arabella Paner
Note: The following questions were asked in May 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: Hi Saab! What are you up to atm?
A: I’ve been rehearsing almost everyday for my upcoming play with The Sandbox Collective, it’s called No Filter and it opens on July 25. I blogged about it a couple of times, you can read back for more info! I also started my training for my radio show with Candy on JAM 88.3 :) Our band just launched our album so we’re busy doing gigs and answering online orders. Plus, I’ve started work as marketing manager for FMCC and working on a new, younger line for people my age. And I’m still blogging and doing some random projects for some clients :)

Q: What’s your favorite store-bought item from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?
A: My very own Marauder’s Map!

Q: what software ginagamit mo when editing videos?
A: Just iMovie. Sometimes Final Cut when I feel like it but if it’s nothing fancy — and I haven’t really done videos in a while — then I just use iMovie.

Q: May i know your current hair color please and thank you! :)
A: Ash blonde :)

Q: hi saab! i’m a semi-adult in need of relationship advice. i’m heavily crushing on Jaqen H’ghar and my boyfriend is getting jealous about it… is it right for someone in a relationship to be obsessive about a celebrity? is it even right to be crushing on someone else? is this cheating?
A: HAHAHA NO!! It’s perfectly fine!!! Unless you’re constantly writing the guy letters and actually expecting a reply – I think that’s unnecessary and your guy will definitely feel like his attention is inadequate. But if it’s like “OMG ANG KERE NI PAUL RUDD!!!!” like how I was last night while watching Antman and Jim just gave me a smirk and the side eye as a warning to keep it to myself hahaha I think that’s normal. I also just asked Jim who his Hollywood crushes are and here’s his quick answer: “Well, my forever loves are Jennifer Connelly, Rachel McAdams, and Natalie Portman. My flavor of the month is Ariana Grande.” TARAYYYY may flavor of the month?!?! AND “FOREVER LOVES?!” Sapakin ko to eh. Hahaha. Joke lang. It’s normal and healthy. I think it’s really cute too when he makes an excuse and says kamukha ko kasi sila. Like saan banda ko kamukha si Ariana Grande?! Haha still, I give him an A for effort. Maybe tone down the obsession and make sure you assure your boyfriend that you wouldn’t wanna be with anyone else but him. Make a joke about it nalang so he doesn’t take it so seriously.

Q: Where did you study college? :)
A: Ateneo de Manila University

Q: How do you keep your skin healthy and glowing? Do you have any skin regimen? I really admire your flawless skin. I love it! <3
A: I drink a lot of water! Plus I use Kiehl’s products :)

Q: How often and how long do you shower?
A: I shower for 5-10 minutes every morning. Depends on how dirty and sweaty I am at the end of the day, sometimes I shower again, mostly I just clean up before bed.

Q: How can my blog be successful?
A: You’ve got to be passionate about it. My blog started becoming successful back when I was living for my blog. HAHA. I swear, with everything I did I always thought, “I need to blog about this.” I should go back to doing that, actually.

Q: Hi Saab! Are you a moody girlfriend before ba? Hehe just wanna know! And how does Jim put up with that? :)
A: Yes. He takes it to an extent but if it gets too much to handle, he puts his foot down. “Hey, kanina ka pa ha.” and I snap back to normal. Haha.


is this Jim??? AHAHAHA or kalookalike lang? =))

A: OMG THAT’S HIM. Hahahaahaha crush namin siya ni Kim Marvilla (the girl beside me) niyan hahaha. His band played at Magnet High Street.

Q: hello I saw you with your purple hair I was wondering where you did it and what did you use as dye???
A: Hi! I went to Matrix Philippines, they bleached my hair a couple of times and used Wonderlight Violet :)

Q: Hi saab :) have you blogged about the time when jim proposed to you? can you answer this question with a link if ever? :) Thankiiee
A: Here you go:

Q: hey saab what is your full name? and what is the inspiration behind it? I love your blog and you’re my new girl crush! :) xoxo
A: Thank you so much :) My name is Maria Isabella Simone. Maria because all girls in my family have Maria in our names probably because my parents are very patriotic. Isabella because my dad thinks my mom looks like Italian actress and model Isabella Rossellini. Simone

Q: I’ve ben following your blog and vlogs and parang almost everything “from Maxx”. Is she generous to almost everyone? :)
A: Yes, she’s the most generous person I know. Seriously, her love language talaga is giving gifts.

Q: ilan po kayong magkakapatid? please arrange din po if na answer niyo thanks ate saab! ily!
A: Unna, Nic, Maxx, Frank, me, Elmo, Arkin, Clara

Q: What camera do you use right now?:) (if ever u switched, what cam did u use on ur honeymoon in Japan? Hehe
A: I used my Sony NEX5N in Japan but now I have the new Sony A6000 and I’m obsessed!!!

Q: Have you tried purchasing something in Amazon? Gano katagal yung shipping and OA ba yung price?
A: Yes, I got my kindles from there. I bought one and I lost it after a year so I got a new one. Shipping was within a week and the price isn’t so bad. Hassle-free.

Q: Hi saab!! What lens are u using in ur sony nex??
A: Just the one that came with it.

Q: Can you teach me how to put mascara even on the bottom lash? im scared hehe :>
A: Just open your eyes, angle your face down while looking at the mirror so you don’t accidentally hit your pupil. Use a small mascara brush if you’re not used to it!

Q: ate saaab! what are you gonna do if you feel like your bf’s relatives dont like you? di naman nila sinabi, gut feeling lang.
A: Make an effort even if you’re not comfortable. Ask them if there’s any way you can help with anything, clear your plate after a family dinner, offer to wash it, smile as much as you can, make eye contact when talking. It’s really important to be in good terms with your significant other’s family. Ask your boyfriend about them para you have starting points for conversation. “Hey *boyfriend* told me na mahilig ka sa One Direction! I saw nga na Zayn is mad at Naughty Boy!! Do you think he’ll go back to the band??” Haha stuff like that.

Q: do you regret any of your tattoos?
A: Not at all

Q: Hi Saab! How do you edit your photos? Do you use any type of filters? I especially like the ones in your condo.
A: I adjust the temperature, I make it cooler (more blue instead of yellow) instead of warmer. Glad you like them :)

Q: what’s your myers-briggs personality type?
A: I think I am an INTP

Q: Hi Saab! I’m trying to lose weight as much as possible but I don’t have the budget to try dietary plans & go to the gym. Do you have any tips?
A: For every meal, at least 60% of your plate should be veggies. YouTube has a lot of workout videos! You can workout at home!:)

Q: You had braces before, right? How long did you have it? :)
A: I only had Invisalign. I’m still not done with it cos I always forget to wear it huhuhuhu

Q: Hi saab! where did you buy the table na natutupi and has drawers? :D
A: Mandaue Foam!

Q: hi saabae, Kelan nyo balak magka baby ni Jim?
A: Maybe in 3-4 years!

Q: Hi! Are your Adidas Superstars comfy? Do you know which branches have them here in the Philippines? :) btw, it you look really cool wearing them <3
A: THANK YOU! Yes, they’re very comfy! I wouldn’t know where they sell it here cos I got mine in Japan!

Q: Are you & Unna buendia close to each other? Labyu saab
A: I’m closer to Una than I am with most people so yes. Labyu too pohwz

The Journey with Johnnie Walker

I only learned how to drink whisky a few years ago. I always thought whisky was a drink for snobs, so I never really got into it. You guys know I’m more of a beer kinda girl. But curiosity is like an itch: the longer you ignore it, the more it begs for your attention. Hanging out with my guy friends has definitely taught me a thing or two about drinking whisky and now I can’t get enough of it!! My absolute favorite drink is the Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned -- a cocktail made by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol, such as whiskey or brandy, and a twist of citrus rind
Old Fashioned — a cocktail made by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol, such as whiskey or brandy, and a twist of citrus rind

If you guys want to up your alcohol game and learn more about whisky then look no further, because The Journey with Johnnie Walker is happening soon! What does this have to do with whisky-drinking and cocktail creation, you ask? The Journey with Johnnie Walker is not just any party, it’s a multi-sensory experience in one night! It’s going to be held at Valkyrie – the biggest party place in Manila right now – on July 23, Thursday.


The dance floor is going to feature three of the biggest DJs in the country, all collaborating to create never before heard mixes. That’s enough reason for me to go BUT WAIT — THERE’S MORE!!! Haha! Three different party rooms await partygoers, with each room having a special feature. One of them, The Red Room (nope, Christian Grey will not be there), has a mixology class! It’s been a small goal of mine to be able to bartend at home for when I have friends over so I’m really looking forward to that. Using the different variants of Johnnie Walker, mixologists will be teaching us curious individuals how to create yummy and flavorful cocktails.

I’m sure many of you want to experience the biggest party of the year, so head on over to my Instagram page as I’m going to give away passes to The Journey with Johnnie Walker in a bit! Five lucky winners will not only score three passes each, but will also be picked up by an UBER car to and from the party. Don’t forget to follow Johnnie Walker’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, as well as UBER’s Facebook page! I’M SUPER EXCITED TO PARTY WITH YOU GUYSSSS!!! Looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd!!


NO FILTER: Let’s Talk About ME


“How do I begin? How do I know I’ve already begun?”

Following our critically acclaimed productions of Dani Girl, The Boy in the Bathroom, and The Pillowman, The Sandbox Collective proudly brings you…

NO FILTER: Let’s Talk About ME, an original multimedia theater production featuring monologues by millennials for millennials about millennials


Jasmine Curtis-Smith,
Lauren Young & Saab Magalona (alternates),
Mikael Daez & Micah Muñoz (alternates),
Cai Cortez & Sarah Facuri (alternates),
and Khalil Kaimo.

On Tinder, finding your passion, moving out, intimacy, work, 9 to 5s, job interviews, apps, hashtags, social media activism, religion, dating, following your dreams, disconnection, downloading, and coming of age.

The show will have a LIMITED number of performances at the RCBC Theater (July 25 3pm*, 8pm*, July 26 3pm*, July 31 8pm, August 1 8pm, August 2 3pm). For tickets, call 0917-8996680, 585-6909, or Ticketworld at 891-9999. ‪#‎SandboxNoFilter‬

*I will be performing on these dates and times :) Lauren will be doing the next weekend!


#AlwaysRedi With Claritin Reditabs

Today is apparently National Allergy Day so I want to talk about something that’s been saving me from sneezing my head off for the past month. I’ve known about Claritin for years now because my more allergy-prone siblings always get nagged by mom to “take Claritin!” LOL.

I was at the launch of Claritin Reditabs, proudly whispering to my friend that I wasn’t allergic to anything. He told me, “buti you’re not allergic to your dog!” and I said YES! She even sleeps beside Jim and me every night. That’s when I realized I’d wake up having to blow my nose every morning. Sometimes I even sneeze 4 times in a row before sleeping. I’m guessing it’s all of Joey’s hair on the bed. It turns out I have allergic rhinitis. So much for not being allergic to anything.

"It's not my fault I'm furry.."
“It’s not my fault I’m furry..”

Then there are days I’d get these weird itchy bumps on my fingers, sometimes filled with fluid (EW, I KNOW!!) which are apparently caused by stress and allergens (dust mites, pet dander, etc). I’ve been tolerating these symptoms, just learning to kind of live with it. I didn’t know how much these allergies were dragging me down. Can you imagine waking up with a stuffy nose every morning? Nakaka-walang gana to get out of bed!

I’m really happy I learned about the new Claritin Reditabs because it’s so perfect for my lifestyle.

Loratadine (Claritin Reditabs) is the same powerful Claritin millions have trusted in a new and revolutionary format. Just peel off the foil and pop it in your mouth. This new and convenient format can be taken anytime, anywhere. No water needed! This non-drowse variant orally dissolves in seconds and leaves you with a fresh minty taste. And the effects last for 24 hours.

Seriously, I have a whole banig in my bag so it’s always with me when I’m on-the-go. I could be stuck in traffic getting stressed, growing blisters on my fingers (ew), or at a gig getting exposed to a lot of dust and smoke — I know I’m #AlwaysRedi with Claritin Reditabs.

My cute monogrammed foldable clutch is from xx
My cute monogrammed foldable clutch is from xx

The most important thing for me though is that I don’t have to compromise play time with my Joey Bear!

You're always welcome to sleep beside us, bear!!
You’re always welcome to sleep beside us, bear!!

What are you #AlwaysRedi for? Join Claritin Reditabs as it celebrates National Allergy Day/Week. I’m giving away some gift packs from Claritin if you can share how you address common allergies and how you think Claritin can help you become #AlwaysRedi! Leave a comment below and we’ll choose the top 10 most creative answers!

To find out more about Claritin Reditabs, like and follow @ClaritinPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram. Be #AlwaysRedi with Claritin Reditabs! Powerful allergy relief now made more convenient. (Loratadine is the generic name of Claritin Reditabs. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.)


Ask Saab 26

Gigil at Cheats album launch / Photo by Myktography
Gigil at Cheats album launch / Photo by Myktography

Note: The following questions were asked in April 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: What was your first lipstick :)
A: Oh wow! Hmm.. I remember my mom gave me what I called “magic lipstick” because it was green but when you applied it, it would turn red. She gave it to me when I became part of a play in kindergarten and let me keep it for myself. When my grandmother saw me wearing it at home she was furious. She said I could paint my nails but never my face. Hahaha. It didn’t stop me. I would still secretly wear it but take it off when I knew she was coming over. I can’t remember the brand though.

Q: hi saab! do you use kiehl’s eye cream? can you recommend a good eye cream for puffy eyes please
A: I use creamy eye treatment with avocado by Kiehl’s :)

Q: This is not a question.. This is a statement.. You’re so gorgeous.. and it’s a fact.. I’m a fan! =)
A: Hehehe thank you! I’ll let that one slide but I’m only posting questions on Ask Saab from now on :p

Q: Hi Saab! I have a question, if you’re out the house do you leave Joey alone? Kasi i’m scared of leaving mine alone kaya she stays with my mom. T_T
A: Yes, I do! I’m so glad we have a yaya who comes over and cleans from 1-4pm so she can check on her and walk her when I can’t. But before that, yes, she stays home alone when I can’t avoid it. I make sure I’m home by dinner or that I prep dinner before leaving. I leave her with mom or my ate if I know I’ll be gone from home for more than a day. If your dog’s a puppy, though, don’t leave her yet!

Q: Hello Saab! :) I love all your pictures from your Sony Nex 5n. And I’m planning to buy one too for my upcoming trip. I was wondering, however, if you
A: Oh no, you got cut off!!

Q: Wala lang. Natawa ko dun sa ‘only legit job’ question. She/he is probably the only one who thinks that way about you! Love you Saab!
A: Thanks, dear!! Ay hala, hindi nanaman question!!:))

Q: Hi Saab! I just want to know what lens are you using in your Sony Nex5n :) I’ve been reading about lenses and I noticed that you take great pictures
A: Just the one that comes with it!:) Glad you like my pics!!

Q: Can you share a quote that inspires you the most? :)
A: “One of the most important things in life is the way you raise your children.” – my mom. Not verbatim but something like that. Haha.

Q: Hi Saab! Which PS4 games would you recommend? Thanks
A: Uncharted!!

Q: What do you prefer feed on instagram? Squared or insta sized?
A: Square

Q: how to achieve a flat tummy? :(
A: Veggies veggies veggies more than protein and carbs and sweets (feeling ko naman flat ang tummy ko)

Q: Hi Saab!! Have you ever been into sports? I saw Jim’s picture wearing football attire back then. HAHAHA kyot nya
A: HAHAHAHA omg that picture of Jim. :)))))) Yes, I was (believe it or not) part of the varsity wall climbing team back in high school hahaha. I also really enjoyed playing futsal and basketball during intrams.

Q: Are you still a virgin?
A: Yes, we’re waiting until we have a baby before having sex.

Q: what’s your perfume?
A: Gucci Guilty

Q: does little black dress appropriate for graduation?
A: Yes, I think it’s appropriate.

Q: Hi Saab! :) This question is zombie related thing. Here it goes, if a person in a wheelchair got the zombie virus, is he still be on a wheelchair?✌
A: What dick zombie would attack a guy in a wheelchair??

Q: Hi Saab! what’s your top 10 indie band and songs this season? thanks!
A: Oooh I feel like that should be a pop quiz entry!

Q: Hi Saab! why are you so adorable?? ❤
A: Hehehe I don’t know how to answer this……….

Q: Hi Saab! I’m a fan since the 09’s!! I love you and your fashion style ever since. But why did you stop wearin’ DM’s?
A: Hello!! Haha I didn’t stop naman. Para maiba lang. :)

Q: Hi Saab! Are you still playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood?
A: Nope

Q: Hi Saab! can you give your top 5 mostly used apps in your phone? and what phone are you using now? Thanks.
A: I’m using an Xperia Z3! Instagram, VSCO, YNAB4, PlayMemories, Twitter

Q: Hi Saab! what can you say about Maxx being the least at YFSF? Me thinks, it’s not fair. Maxx is great.
A: Aww thanks I agree, she’s great! But it’s fine, she’s a good sport and that’s what’s even more great about her!

Q: Do you still love JBiebs? Because I still do. ❤
A: Yes!!

Q: Hi Saab! Do you wear your engagement ring all the time? I’m kinda afraid to always wear mine. Hehe.
A: After 5 months, I decided to stop wearing it. Napapraning ako eh hahaha.

Q: Hi Saab! What are the books that you would like to recommend for teens?
A: Stuff by John Green is a good read for teens. The Hunger Games. I just started reading Game of Thrones omg it’s so good

Q: What are your top 5 move on songs? Desperately in neeeeed!!
A: Ooooh good pop quiz idea

Q: Listen to The Cohens on soundcloud! Sila lang ung gusto kong band ng AMP HAHAAH sorry not sorry
A: Sige I’ll give them a listen :)

Q: When are you planning to have a baby?
A: Maybe when I’m 30

Q: What point in your life you know ( just know) that he (Jim) is the one you want to spend life with?
A: Since day 1. CHAROT. I meean.. He makes me laugh all the time, we make up right away after fighting, we’re in a band together, I think it was pretty obvious after a while that I was meant to be with him forever.

Q: all in all, how much did you spend when you went to usj? Was it worth it?
A: Just the tickets, the train ride going there, a little bit for food. I can’t remember exactly how much it was but yes of course it was all worth it.

Radio, A Play, and an Album Launch

Here I go again. Promising you regular content and not delivering. Here’s the thing, though: I actually have a good excuse now. At least it’s not because I’m busy binge-watching the third season of Orange Is The New Black (although I plan to do exactly that over the weekend).

What’s been keeping me busy?!


Sorry for the super low-res photos haha I just took these with Photo Booth while on board!

Photo on 6-29-15 at 1.26 PM
Sorry for the super low-res photos haha I just took these with Photo Booth while on board!

So we’re the newest DJs of our favorite radio station, JAM 88.3. We’re both so happy because we listen to JAM non-stop like you won’t even believe how much we’ve memorized the commercials. For those who haven’t seen the light yet (a.k.a. still listen to other stations LOL), JAM plays new music alternative and they welcome the newest, freshest indie music on their playlist. No TOP 40s on the station so you’ll have to keep Carly Rae Jepsen on your iTunes library for emergencies.

If you’ve been missing my online updates (I swear I’ll go back to normal soon!), you can tune in to JAM 88.3 from 12-3PM, Mondays-Thursdays. That’s the time slot all trainees are put in because it’s the opposite of peak hour. That means there’s less risk of people listening when we accidentally say SHIT on air. *sigh* Yes, I said SHIT on air on my first day. We’re gonna move to 9AM-12PM soon and eventually you can listen to us on your way to work/school every morning from 6-9AM :)

You can stalk us by watching the live video feed on JAM883.FM haha! Tweet us @JAM883!! I’ll expect your tweets when we board today 12-3PM ha!! Our boss told us not to say our names on air for now so people don’t get confused and attached when we move time slots, I guess. But I think you guys deserve to know the truth!! LELZ. We’re so lame, we’ve been calling ourselves Sandy and Caab on air. NAPAKA-WALEY.



Dubbed as Generation Y or Generation ME among countless iterations, millennials and the conversations that this generation has spurred, both on print and social media, are high and nigh and riper than ever. It’s on your Facebook, Buzzfeed, Thought Catalog, The New York Times, in our local papers, think pieces, films, visual arts, music, and various forms of media. Why millennials? You might ask. Because no other generation has both fascinated and frustrated the heck out of people like theirs has.

I haven’t been part of a play since the 2 I did back in pre-school. Oh, I also did 2 small ones for class back in college. They were both excerpts from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and although I was mediocre and totally forgettable in the first one, I totally fucked up the second one. I forgot my line and started giggling uncontrollably on stage. It was seriously THE WORST. I’ve talked about it so many times before: I HAVE STAGE FRIGHT.

When The Sandbox Collective’s Toff De Venecia told me about No Filter, my exact reaction: wait, you’re asking me to write, right? And he said I could write if I wanted to but he wanted me to be IN IT as an actor! I said I’d completely ruin it but he gave me a pep talk and convinced me to say yes anyway. Now, I’m so happy I’m a part of it. It’s slowly helping me come out of my shell and I’m hoping this will be the road to banish my stage fright for good.

Here are some photos I took from the press con that happened last week:


My alternate: my best friend!
My alternate: my best friend!




Cute touch of 90's toys displayed by the buffet -- Tamagotchi and Polly Pocket!!
Cute touch of 90’s toys displayed by the buffet — Tamagotchi and Polly Pocket!!

Some photos I grabbed from


Not in picture: Cai Cortez and Mik Daez
Not in picture: Cai Cortez and Mik Daez

There’s only going to be 6 shows and I’ll be doing the first weekend (JULY 25 3pm & 8pm, July 26 8pm) while Lauren will do the next! There are some promos happening (Buy 10 get 20% off; 40% off for students ONLY TIL JULY 10!) so call 0917-8996680 or TICKETWORLD at 891-9999 for tickets!


WE ARE LAUNCHING OUR ALBUM TOMORROW!!! I am freaking out. Hahaha.


I wish I had more photos to post but even *I* still don’t have a copy of the album and I’ve never seen in in the flesh either. ACK! I’m hoping to pick one up today from the supplier so I can at least take a photo and promote it!! We’re only selling a limited number of copies. I’m so excited for tomorrow — I am so proud of us huhuhu.

So there, that’s my excuse for not updating as often as I can. Still, I’ve got a brand new camera (SONY A6000) AND I LOVE IT so you can bet your beautiful booties I will be filling you in on even the most mundane things that happen to me. Hope you can keep us company on the radio today from 12-3pm!


Ask Saab 25

Taken with my new SONY A6000 with absolutely NO FILTER xx
Taken with my new SONY A6000 with absolutely NO FILTER xx

Note: The following questions were asked in March 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: What dry shampoo do you use? ^_^
A: The dry shampoo of Lush.

Q: Hi Saab! With your Sony Nex 5n, are you using any accessories (flash, lenses, etc.)? Planning to buy one kasi :)
A: Not really, I just use the lens that came with the kit and I barely use the flash :)

Q: what BB cream do you use? :)
A: Kiehl’s Correcting & Beautifying BB cream!

Q: Hi Saab! I really like you. Can i ask if where did you bought your prada bag? Thanks :)
A: Hi! Thank you! Jim got it for me for our anniversary 1-2 years ago from his trip to Italy!:)

Q: How does it feel to be married? Congratulation btw :)
A: It’s the best!!

Q: Hi, Saab! You look so fresh and glowing on your wedding? Who did your makeup? I like it kasi light lang. ;)
A: My friend, Jigs Mayuga! Thank you :)

Q: Anong year ka nagpabangs ate saab???? and paano mo malalaman kung bagay sayo full bangs?
A: I got bangs more than once! I think I got bangs in college and again after college, I just went for it before kasi obsessed ako kay Emily the Strange lelzzzzzzzz. Well, there are those fake fringes you can buy now if you wanna see what you’d look like with bangs! I just have no idea where to get one.

Q: I browsed through your Q&A from 2004, tawang tawa ako sa mga sagot mo! Sobrang angsty 15 year old! Hi from a blog reader who grew up with you <3
A: OMG kakahiya!! Hahaha HELLO!!!

Q: Hi Saab! How to get your face look so fresh and clean everytime. Huhuhuhu my face is a mess kasi. :( Any help?
A: It will take patience but simply wash your face every night!

Q: Hey Saab, do you edit your videos on Final Cut Pro? If not, where? Thanks
A: I used to but my videos are so simple, I just use iMovie.

Q: Hi Saab! Sana magkaron ka ng raffle, tapos yung prize, sabay kayo magpaparlor nung winner! chos
A: Hahaha that’s a good idea! May sasali naman kaya?!

Q: Hi Saab! I just want to ask where did you buy your “Rainbow Cake”? I saw it on your your party. I just want to give it on my mom’s birthday.Thank you!
A: OMG this answer is obviously too late but they got it daw from Epicurious in Shangrila!

Q: I know this is personal, but how do you get rid of armpit hair? hahaha!
A: I did a few sessions of underarm laser (TMI: my underarm hair is naturally thick heehee) and now I just shave each time it grows back. But I’m thinking of getting more laser sessions because it’s been years and never ko natapos yung initial laser thing ko kasi OF COURSE tinamad ako. D:

Q: What are your thoughts on Silent Sanctuary?
A: They seem like a very sad band.

Q: omg love your purple hair! planning on making mine purple too, but will have it cut it super short first. <3
A: Thanks! Get ready cos it’s very high maintenance!!

Q: where did you buy your locket with your late father’s picture in it? i thought it was a sweet gesture on your wedding day. wanted to do the same. :)
A: I asked my mom if she had a locket I could borrow and she went out to buy me one. I don’t know where from though!! You can tweet her @piamagalona.

Q: how old are you….sorry for the stupid question but i dont know hahahahaha
A: I’m turning 27 this November.

Q: How was it like being married?
A: WAS TALAGA?! Ano kami, hiwalay na?! Hahaha!

Q: Hi Saab! Can you share how you and Jim met and all the kilig happenings in between? Hihi
A: Owemmm long overdue na to… Sige na nga I promise to work on that blog post.

Q: Saab! Can we see your newly renovated home? Mukhang super cool sa IG photos kaso bitin :(
A: I just had the walls painted and some furniture moved in! I think you may have sent this in before I posted my Mandaue Foam blog post :)

Q: What’s the most expensive thing you have bought for yourself and what is the most “kilig” moment Jim had made for you?
A: I love how your 2 questions are so unrelated to one another haha. The most expensive thing I bought myself is a condo at The Fort which I’m still currently paying for. The most kilig moment would be the first time he met my mom. We just started seeing each other, I didn’t think we were anything serious and then I got dengue and he visited me in the hospital even if I said my mom and ate were there. He wasn’t too shy to come over and face my mom and that’s when I knew he was serious about me. He was in obvious LIGAW mode ♥ ANG CUTE AND BANGO PA NIYA.

Q: Hi Saab! If you don’t mind me asking, what happened to Grrrl Scout?
A: It’s just floating in the air, waiting for me to have the energy for it. Haha. Candy and I became so busy with gigs of Cheats, to stage our own gigs would be overkill na. We felt like we had to focus on one lang muna especially since we were in the process of making an album.

Q: Ano po yung title ng song sa prenup video po nyo? :)
A: I have no idea!

Q: Naisip mo na ba na baka nagtanong na rin si Jim dito sa mo? :)
A: Uy, hindi to! Old school to. Haha. And I really doubt that. LELZ yun pala siya yung lahat nang “tell us about kilig moments with Jim!” HAHAHA kadiri!!

Q: Mayaman ba ang mga taong may sariling mundo?
A: Mayaman sa imahinasyon

Q: Parang super generous ni Maxx! Ikaw ano love language mo?
A: She’s the most generous person I know. Ako service. Like back in school, I would drop my own homework to help others with their projects. It still happens now – I drop my own projects to help others with theirs.

Q: Hi Saab, how did you potty-train Joey Bear? How long did it take for her to learn?
A: Oh she’s a super fast learner. I got one of those drops that have the scent that attracts them to pee? But that was just for the first time. Best if you take out all other rugs at home so she’s not distracted. In our condo we have to make sure all bathroom doors are ALWAYS closed so she doesn’t pee on the bathroom rugs. Also, when your dog is a puppy and you catch him/her peeing — pick them up and run to where they’re supposed to pee and drop them there. Don’t forget to praise them with high voices and ear rubs right after they pee in the correct spot. I’m no expert though. But my Joey is the best.

Q: Hello there! I just want to know your skin care routine hahaha and if you do anything special or something. :3
A: I use makeup remover, toner, and Kiehl’s Miracle Recovery Concentrate every night.

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve been reading your blog and it has inspired me to continue my blog. You inspire me really much! :D Thank you and God bless <3
A: That makes me so happy!!!

Q: hey saab, how does your hair feel with dry shampoo on a ph weather?
A: Keri lang naman! Mainit. HAHA.

Relax in Uniqlo RELACO

My whole life I’ve been wearing panties and ratty old tees as my pantulog (what you wear to sleep). I know Jim loves me for who I am and all that jazz but before we even tied the knot I made a promise to him to always look nice even if we’re just staying home or going to sleep. It’s just something that I think is important for couples — making an effort. Even if it’s just to wash your face and brush your teeth first thing in the morning when you wouldn’t normally brush your teeth until after breakfast (guilty).

Going back to pantulogs and pambahays (what you wear at home). I can’t exactly wear lingerie and sexy nighties every night. A girl can only take so much underwires and lace. That’s why I was thrilled to find Uniqlo’s super cute RELACO line of loungewear.

Literally me right now. Bagong gising!
Literally me right now. GOOD MORNING!

I wore these RELACO shorts to sleep last night and paired it with a top from a different Uniqlo line (Airism). I think I still looked nice and cute without sacrificing comfort!!


AND POCKETS!!! Let’s not forget the pockets!! RELACO = RELAx and COmfort. Dapat RELACOFUN kasi FUNctional rin siya with its pockets hehehe (waley).


In no other ensemble can you both look so entirely great while telegraphing how entirely comfortable you are—sitting for drinks in some swell apartment, tucking a leg under you to reveal the perfect summer sandal, the flash of ankle, of sternum; your skin your best accessory in the almost-boyish except you’re so alluringly also almost naked (if you think about pajamas as a very fine barrier between yourself and the world) answer to “What the hell am I going to wear tonight?” Anything you want, of course. But do yourself a favor this spring and make it a pajama. Sling something warm and luxurious over one shoulder, add one major jewelry piece, and you’re ready to go. Really, you’ve never looked better. (

With the pajama trend being all the rage right now, RELACO is on point with their cute prints and options between short shorts and cropped pants. I’ve tried and tested them last night and I’m gonna stock up on Uniqlo’s RELACO line for sure. They’ve got a special offer from now until July 2! Visit their Facebook page for more info!

Happy Sunday♥,


Sony Xperia 48-Hour Challenge

I was asked by Sony to join an amazing Instagram challenge, the 48-HR challenge with my #Xperia Z3! It was perfect timing because I had scheduled a trip to Tali, Batangas with my friends. I highlighted 2-day battery life, waterproofing, and camera in low light for a whole 2 days, non-stop. Here are some photos I posted! This fun challenge got me saying, look at what #ICan do! #EverydayExtraordinary

"ise and shine!! Waking up Jim who's too sleepy to get up but I'm ready to seize the day with my Xperia! So much to do, so little time!! #ICan #Xperia #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc"
“ise and shine!! Waking up Jim who’s too sleepy to get up but I’m ready to seize the day with my Xperia! So much to do, so little time!! #ICan #Xperia #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc”
I love city getaways!! Day 2 of our Tali trip. Last night the electricity went out so I didn't get to charge my phone but it's still at 70% from yesterday!!! Unbelievable. #Xperia #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
I love city getaways!! Day 2 of our Tali trip. Last night the electricity went out so I didn’t get to charge my phone but it’s still at 70% from yesterday!!! Unbelievable. #Xperia #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Look who I bumped into at the beach!!! HI @marquismisa!!! #ICan #Xperia #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Look who I bumped into at the beach!!! HI @marquismisa!!! #ICan #Xperia #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Cliff diving and taking photos thanks to my #Xperia Z3. #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Cliff diving and taking photos thanks to my #Xperia Z3. #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
What a beauty - taken with my #Xperia Z3, the best in low-light photography. I'm starting to see the beauty in shadows. #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
What a beauty – taken with my #Xperia Z3, the best in low-light photography. I’m starting to see the beauty in shadows. #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Tonight's feast!!  #Xperia #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Tonight’s feast!! #Xperia #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Getting ready for a long car ride home! I'm all set with my 2-day battery life #Xperia!! #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Getting ready for a long car ride home! I’m all set with my 2-day battery life #Xperia!! #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Plenty of stop overs but there's no stopping us! Just like my #Xperia's battery life!! Hehe. Almost home <3 #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Plenty of stop overs but there’s no stopping us! Just like my #Xperia’s battery life!! Hehe. Almost home
Cooling down after working out! Making a splash with my #Xperia @sonyphinc #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary
Cooling down after working out! Making a splash with my #Xperia @sonyphinc #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary
Can't sleep? Take your dog out for a walk. Haha! My bear is so happy!! Captured it perfectly even if it was dark outside thanks to the low light capability of my #Xperia Z3! #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc #JoeyBear
Can’t sleep? Take your dog out for a walk. Haha! My bear is so happy!! Captured it perfectly even if it was dark outside thanks to the low light capability of my #Xperia Z3! #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc #JoeyBear

I captured awesome memories thanks to the challenge. I’ve been very lazy to take photos lately because I think it’s such a hassle to stop and take a photo when you’re having so much fun. But since I HAD to finish strong with the challenge, I realized that taking a few seconds in order to forever remember moments is really worth it. Thanks to Sony for the reminder that everyday can truly be extraordinary.

48 hours. 48 cities. One Xperia world.

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