Sandwich Debris Album Launch


Happening tonight at UP Town Center, my favorite band Sandwich releases their 8th studio album! Guest performers include Ourselves The Elves, Slow Hello, Tarsius, Flying Ipis and the best band in the world Cheats. See you later, it’s a free event.

Watch Sandwich’s music video for Kagulo directed by Quark Henares:

LSS? You’re welcome.

P.S. That riff by Diego at the end. Gulo. Also, happy birthday to Mike D!

Mandaue Foam Launches #MFLifestyle

Mandaue Foam has been around since 1971 by Rosita Uy. The company began as a foam manufacturer in Cebu and now it has 19 factories and showrooms worldwide. Mrs. Uy now has over 5,000 employees. What’s cool is that the marketing side of the business is now being handled by Mrs. Uy’s grandson, Ryan Uy. Ryan was my batch mate in Ateneo and he’s helped create MF Lifestyle to rebrand Mandaue Foam as a company that sells chic home furnishings beyond mattresses for the modern Filipino family.

The launch earlier today was held at the Rockwell Tent and it was beautifully set up. The ceiling was draped with white cloth and the entire floor was covered in astroturf. White sofas, coffee tables, and cocktail tables were spread out with accents of blue.

Setting up! Hi, mama!

At the edge of tent, they placed different stations of room mock ups that represented the design aesthetic of their various new ambassadors — myself included!

Here is my corner, inspired by the designs and pieces I actually chose for our condo. Think earth colors, comfy, and gender-neutral now that I’m sharing a space with a boy. LOL.


What I love about Mandaue Foam is that they offer customization. I saw some stuff I liked but given the limited condo space we have, we couldn’t bring the pieces home. Instead, we were able to have some items custom-made according to size. Yay, I can’t wait until they are delivered!!

Felt very comfy in my outfit from H&M’s upcoming collection

If I’m the newly-wed, beside my station was the beautiful and new-mother-to-be Kelly Misa in her home office space!

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Ask Saab 16

Photo by MangoRed; Artwork by Rob Cham
Photo by MangoRed; Artwork by Rob Cham

Q: Hi Saab! I just want to ask if You’re using the Sony nex 5n in your photos? If yes, what can you say about your camera??:) Thank you!! :)
A: Hi! Yes, I am! I love it, been using it for years. Reading up on how to maximize use of flash, probably gonna get a large external one so I can take portraits of people at night :)

Q: hi saab congrats,, i am your #1 fan, follower etc. hehe
A: Thank you!:)

Q: Hi Saab!! Do you always wash your hair? thanks
A: Since I got it colored, I’ve only washed it twice in the last week. Need to stock up on dry shampoo. Haha!

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Kyoto’s Kitchen: Nishiki Market

Our fourth day in Japan was spent going around the famous Nishiki Market (Kyoto), a really long and narrow arcade that stretches for five blocks. It’s lined by over a hundred shops and restaurants. It’s known as The Kitchen of Kyoto because you can sample many of the city’s cultural delicacies all in one place. The history of the place is amazing:

Nishiki has a long history that originated about 400 years ago, but its true beginnings go back even further. When Japan’s capital was first transferred to Kyoto, the distribution network for goods was undeveloped and citizens couldn’t enjoy eating a wide variety of foods. In 1573, a lot of local merchants visited Kyoto’s Imperial Palace to dedicate local products, such as fresh fish and game for meat. Gradually, they got used to cooperating in order to keep these products fresh by utilizing the abundance of freezing underground water beneath Nishiki, which remains 15 degrees C even in summer. Even today, this water guarantees the freshness of fish sold in the market. (source)

Here are some photos I took that day.

Jim “gathering good energy and balling it up” for good vibes
We're heeere
We’re heeere


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Bleach Waves

I’ve been wanting purple hair since high school. I even got purple streaks — both clip ons and highlights. Never had the guts to go through with it but I had been itching (figuratively, k?) to dye it since last year except I wanted to keep it clean and classy for our wedding. Well, the wedding’s done and I wanted to finally do this before I turned 30. Haha!

Maxx did a project with Matrix Philippines last year when she encouraged other people to cut 8-inches of their hair to make a wig for young cancer patients. It’s amazing that over 400 people did the challenge on that day!


Even my little sister, Clara got red highlights last month from Matrix and Maxx kept raving about how good they are with hair. Quality service and a brand with a good heart? I’m in! I went to Matrix Salon yesterday at 10:30AM, super committed to getting purple hair. Okay, not SUPER committed but 90% committed. Haha! I was so nervous, I had never fully bleached my hair before!

Meet Geirien and Darryl who stayed with me for the whole 6 hour process

Why did it take 6 hours? Because I wanted obvious violet and lavender hair! So they had to bleach the lower part of my hair 3 times and the top part twice.

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The Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter

It’s been such a crazy week, I’ve hardly been at home and my laptop’s battery has died on me. It doesn’t want to work unless it’s plugged in huhuhu. At least I’ve got a reason to get a new one! Hehehe. Soon! Anyway, here’s a very delayed photo diary of our 3rd day in Japan also known as our day in Osaka which is about an hour and a half away via train. We rode our hotel’s free shuttle to Kyoto Station and began our adventure!


Got no time for breakfast? Grab these delicious sushi thingies from Family Mart!


Living in the danger zone o_O This guy gave us a heart attack!


OMG this is really happening
OMG this is really happening – “ACCIO SAAB & JIM”

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What’s Your Love Story?

My favorite bookstore, Fully Booked, came up with an awesome campaign perfect for Valentine’s Day! Try to answer the question What’s Your Love Story? by putting together titles of 3-4 books!

What's Your Love Story

Here’s a quick love story about our honeymoon heehee


I haven’t read any of these titles but look how perfect the titles go together!! Let me just put this photo here in case you haven’t seen it yet LOL


There’s a lot of other good love stories you can make with book spine titles!

Ang drama!! Haha!
I kinda wanna get that Life As A Wife book!! Also, I got that ALL ABOUT US book for my ate Unna and her hubby a few Christmases ago. It’s so cute, you get to answer it together and you get to know each other so much better. Be warned though that some questions might instigate fights! Hehe.
Not exactly our story LOL

Follow @_FullyBooked on Instagram for more inspiration. If you come up with your own love story, share it with me by leaving a comment below! Would love to hear your own (or made up haha) love story!!

Book Club: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I’m so happy to have been selected to take part in an international book blog tour for RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard! I didn’t even know book blog tours existed!! How cool!


I got the book late in December last year straight from publisher Harpercollins’ office in New York. Got around to reading it after the holidays and finished it in about a week’s time between preparations for my wedding! Reading always calms me down and it was a great distraction amidst the stress of wedding planning LOL. Oh, and can we please take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous cover?


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On our second day in Kyoto, we were set on taking a cooking class we found on TripAdvisor. If you’re not familiar with the app, it gets your location and tells you the top-rated restaurants, attractions and activities nearby. One of the top activities near our area was a traditional Japanese cooking class held by WA Experience Kafu and it had rave reviews, mostly for the very friendly instructor named Kimi! I e-mailed her in the morning and asked if there was an available slot for the day and inquired about how much it would cost for 2 persons. She replied within the hour and said we could go at 2pm and a class for each person cost 7,500 yen (a little less than PhP3,000). So we finally got out of bed and checked the weather outside.

My husband the dinosaur

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