Throwback Thursday: Monobloc

High School, 2003 — I was so excited to have lunch with my friends that I grabbed the nearest monobloc chair and sat down. Apparently, one of our teachers was having lunch alone across the said empty chair. I didn’t even notice because I guess I was in the middle of an exciting debate with my friends.

Photo from

He stood up, carried his own chair and threw it on the ground. Everybody in the cafeteria looked his way and he shouted, “Wala na bang respeto ang mga bata ngayon?!” It took me a minute to realize he was referring to me. I apologized immediately.

Since then I’ve been more mindful of others and I’ve also made a mental note never to be as scandalous and melodramatic as my teacher. Geez, mister, use your words. I can’t for the life of me remember his name but I sure wish he’s a happier person now!

To complement this story, here’s another throwback thursday thingy: a beautiful music video directed by King Palisoc back in 2008. Amazing song by Pupil called Monobloc.

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Manage Your Campus Life With The New Campus BDJ Planner!

It’s been almost a month into the new school year and you’re probably still getting the hang of being back in school. In a few more weeks, I’m pretty sure you’ll be stressing  about dreaded “hell weeks” as my batch mates used to call it. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the best study habits and my time management was so crappy. Sometimes I wish I could redo college because I’m more focused now that I’m older. Instead of wishing for the impossible, I’d rather wish you guys a better school life! Here’s a very useful tool for your campus life!!


Loaded with weekly layout features that will help every student remember everything they need to accomplish all throughout the year! From tracking tools for grades and goals, to planning a vacation, or breaking down elements of a project — Campus BDJ has got you covered!

CBDJ-2014-2015-(5) CBDJ-2014-2015-(6) CBDJ-2014-2015-(7) CBDJ-2014-2015-(8) CBDJ-2014-2015-(9) CBDJ-2014-2015-(10)

It also has over Php12,000 worth of coupons for freebies and discounts!


I’m very happy to give away 5 Campus BDJ planners to my readers!! Just leave a comment below answering the following questions:

  • Where do you study?
  • Are you in college or high school? What year are you in?
  • List 3 things you plan to achieve this school year!

This contest is open to Philippine residents only! Only leave a comment ONCE! Comments are under moderation so if your comment doesn’t show right away, please don’t panic!:) I’ll pick out winners by next Wednesday, June 25!

Campus BDJ 2014-2015 is available for online order at and also through major bookstores (Fully Booked, National Bookstore, Powerbooks) at Php368.

Winners: Sarah Jane Ballerda, Valerie Abby Lagura, Krizzia Mae Sapinit, Jeanne Frederique Medina, Katrina Santos — please check your e-mails :)

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Train Happy!

I’m so thankful that my maid of honor is really doing a great job of keeping me on track in terms of fitness! Maxx and I have been training with Coach Tina (who is under Coach Froilan Dioso) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a little over a month now. Not counting the week after I got attacked and last week when I wasn’t feeling well, I’ve never missed a session! I was on my 14th session today!

Maxx got her two best friends Ana and Sari to start training with us too so we always get a couple of laughs in when we see each other’s intense faces hahaha. Monday was fun as usual!


Malungkot ka ba?! Haha




Coach Tina believes we should train happy so some routines involve partnering up and trying not to giggle while doing the exercise haha


Then there are the hard ones but see, I can still smile!! :D


Coach Tina is very strict – we end up with sore bodies the next day but not TOO sore that we can’t move anymore. I’ve personally experienced my core getting stronger so my exercises are now more intense.


Sari doesn’t even need to work out!!! But she actually motivates me because if a slender and toned girl like her works out then I’m thinking uhh yeah, I think I should too haha. Also, hi Ana!!

I’ve been eating much healthier too. Nothing drastic, just healthier portions and more vegetables. I try to stay away from rice, bread and pasta because I’m carb-sensitive. I’m glad I learned how to make cauliflower rice.


Wash the cauliflower and let it dry. Cut up the florets into small uniform bits.


Torture? Yeah


Pero kebs!


Put it in a food processor and pulse (press, let go, press, let go, press.. gets mo na?) until it’s close to the size of rice


Transfer in a microwave safe dish, cover completely with lid, microwave for 7 minutes.


Of course super flop I have no photo of the finished product (thanks to Lauren for taking these pics btw!!). Basta be careful when removing the lid because really hot steam will come out. Fluff with a fork and add salt and pepper to taste! I like eating ulam with rice and this is a great alternative!

I’ve also been eating a lot of salad for lunch. I had this cheese and avocado salad for lunch today after going to the gym! (photo taken with my phone)

photo 4

I’m not crazy, of course. I still have pizza and whatever I want in moderation on weekends. I very recently cut beer from my diet because I followed my super healthy diet one week but drank beer at night and para na rin akong nag pig out sa laki ng tiyan ko. KAINIS.

To thank my trainer for all the help and support, I’m giving away Coach Froilan Dioso‘s Fat Burner to 3 lucky readers!


One pill contains 1000mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (80% FFA), 125mg of Green Tea Extract, 50mg of L. Carnitine and 10mg of Vitamin C. I take one soft gel 30 minutes after every meal.


How to join? Just leave a comment below telling me why you should take one bottle home! Open to Philippine residents only! Contest ends 11:59PM on Sunday, June 22! All comments are moderated so if you don’t see it right away – don’t panic! I’ll approve it once I read it :)

So will you keep ordering fast food??


Will you start making healthier choices?


I’m certainly not the skinniest I’ve ever been but I have never loved my strong body this much. I swear, I keep looking at my butt in the mirror. Hindi pa perfect but super noticeable change!! I’ll post before and after photos after my 30th session haha!

UPDATE: Winners are Elle, Pat and Trina – I’ve contacted you guys via e-mail! Congrats!

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Happy Family Day!

It’s been five years of celebrating Father’s Day without our dad. I’m not the type to make a big deal about these “Hallmark” occasions because I don’t get why there should be a reminder to show love for your mother and father (and grandmother and siblings, etc.). I mean: this is supposed to come naturally, right?


Now that our father’s gone, Father’s Day feels like a reminder of our loss. I know that’s not what the special day sets out to do but, well, that’s how I feel. Although, I must admit it’s getting better each year. I wouldn’t call it a distraction but my ate Unna’s birthday is on June 15th. It’s such a coincidence that Jim’s ate Mia celebrates her birthday on June 16th. Today was a lovely Sunday because I got to celebrate with both families!

I’m lucky my family adjusted our celebration to dinner time so I could join ate Mia’s birthday lunch in Tagaytay. It was my first time to try the famous original Antonio’s as I’ve only experienced Breakfast at Antonio’s (I’ve yet to try The Grill). It was a huge and beautiful lot.



Ate Mia just recently moved back to the Philippines after being based in Hong Kong for a couple of years. Her boyfriend Rahul is visiting Manila for the first time (he’s currently studying in Singapore) and I’m so excited for him to explore!


Ooooooh! Sorry, first timer here!


Cute little Nunki and her new shades from ate Mia! I’ve probably shared this fact before but I’ll share it again because it’s so cool. Ate Mia works for Cartoon Network. Gahhhh so fun!!!




It was pretty awkward being offered bone marrow because of all things to get me sentimental, it was a dish loved by many. Thank goodness nobody noticed the almost-tears! When my dad got really sick he needed a bone marrow transplant so I can never look at it as food anymore.


ANYWAY, on to happier things in life. Like Nunki and this glass of wine!


Sosyal this little girl – her favorite food is steak


Antonio’s organic mesclun salad, bleu d’auvergne crumbled, glazed walnuts, dried currants & cranberries with raspberry vinaigrette and drizzled with basil oil. Sobrang. Sarap.



Jim’s ribeye steak


Tita Bing’s seafood sampler: (1) steamed Chilean sea bass with gratin potato, fish caper veloutè (2) prawn thermidor (3) pan seared scallop on celeriac mashed, truffle cream sauce


Tito Gerry’s pan-fried beef tenderloin glazed with pommery mustard served with onion fettuccine and scallop potato


Ate Mia’s grilled black tiger prawns with sweet paprika and vegetable rice pilaf


Chelo and I shared a grilled certified angus prime ribeye steak flavoured with a cardamom dry rub and served with red wine cream pepper sauce


I didn’t get to take a photo of Rahul’s fish, sorry! But here’s a photo of the happy couple!




Time for dessert! I got panna cotta with honeycomb caramelo which turned out to be good but too sweet for my taste


Jim’s flourless chocolate cake tasted great


Nunki’s berries and cream ice cream was also delicious! Heehee yes I had a scoop or two :p


Happy birthday ate Mia and I’m sorry but I guess my camera really loves Rahul – he’s always the one in focus!! Haha


Tita Bing and tito Gerry ♥





After lunch, we headed to the Bacarros’ new Tagaytay farm! It’s so exciting what Jim’s parents are doing with the land! I really loved being surrounded by so much greenery! Oh and look at this kitty!


And this cat looks freaked haha


This dog was walking awkwardly, a bit sakang, but still so cute!! And clean!


The greenhouse was fascinating






This is Chelo’s “what am I doing here?!” pose haha!



Father & son




Even the mud looked good




My love!!







We left Tagaytay at 3:30pm and because of the traffic from the Father’s Day rush I got to ate’s dinner juuuust a little bit late. I suggested we eat at Yuujin along Wilson st. because the food is amazing and it’s super affordable! Plus, it was a favorite of papa’s!



Hassle lang kasi ang init, sira yung aircon!! Haha! Still, we were 11 super busog adults and the bill was just around PhP5,000+! It’s crazy!





BROS! My big brother Nic, my brother-in-law Bryan and my baby brother Arkin!


My goddaughter was, of course, ignoring everyone hahaha


Mama with her baby girls Clara and Zoie


Happy birthday and happy father’s day!!!!




Beautiful family!


And here’s a selfie because I just don’t have enough photos in this blog post…. Ugh. HAHAHAHA


Elmo and Arkin


Post-dinner family photo!


Here I am writing about how sort-of depressing Father’s Day is when in fact I celebrated today with so many of my loved ones! My two ates turned a year older! My mom and her mom (my grammy) have both been mother and father to their kids! Jim’s parents have treated me so much like their own daughter! Ang emo ko masyado! Haha!

Seriously though, I think the best way to honor my parents is to prove how well they’ve raised me. And with the number of people in my life who love me, I think I’m doing a fine job. Happy Father’s Mother’s Grandparent’s Sibling’s FAMILY day!♥

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Thank you for all your concern

I do not wish to downplay nor overplay the events that happened so I will only tell you this: yes, I was punched on the head several times by an intoxicated man. The unruly gatecrasher was part of a group of uninvited guests to an intimate and private birthday celebration. The celebrant and other guests were also attacked but fortunately a medical evaluation showed no major and permanent damage physically. Despite the emotional trauma this has caused, I refuse to allow this incident to scar me. Instead, rest assured I will fight against violence — especially violence against women. Our lawyers are on the case and I hope we can prevent these people from doing further harm to myself and others.

I’d like to keep the details under wraps and let the justice system do its thing (hopefully). For now, I’d like to go back to my daily routine! Again, thank you for all your love and support!


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Kings and Queens

I wonder how much money 30 Seconds to Mars has made just from royalties of Kings and Queens in movie trailers.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole


Even 4 years after the song was released, it’s still being used by the latest movie trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 2.

How To Train Your Dragon 2

It is a pretty epic song. Makes me want to run hahaha. And truthfully it’s the only 30 Seconds to Mars song I know. Sorry, Jared Leto!!♥ I haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club either. Huhuhuhu.

What a very random blog post, I know!! Basta I can’t wait to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2!!! Hi guys!!

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POP QUIZ: Things I Learned This Morning

News and trivia rounded up by yours truly. You’re welcome!

lana-del-rey-performance-price-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-wedding__oPtLana del Rey got $2.8 million to sing 3 songs at Kanye and Kim’s wedding (PerezHilton)

barack-obama1The White House totally f-ed up by mistakenly revealing their spy in Afghanistan (Mashable)

burgerHow to evenly cook the sides of a burger patty (Lifehacker)

jamie_berube_07aIt’s very difficult for the disabled to find employment :( (AlJazeera)

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.30.24 AMThe first trailer for The Equalizer, in which Chloe Grace Moretz plays a young prostitute, is up online (EmpireOnline)

big hero 6Disney is coming out with a new movie called Big Hero 6 (based on Marvel Comics but not tied to the Marvel universe) and the trailer is so cute!! (EmpireOnline)

entertainment weeklyJessica Alba has a baby but still looks better than everyone I know (EntertainmentWeekly)

pennyhartzPenny Hartz (Casey Wilson) just got married in real life! Aww Year of Penny! P.S. I miss Happy Endings huhuhu (PerezHilton)

I should do this round up everyday…

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Yesss, Yaman!

As you may have already heard, yesss, I’m getting married soon! And as far as I know, as soon as we unite as husband and wife there is no need for us to live in separate condominiums. I’m so excited to live with my future husband but I am also getting a little sentimental about leaving the pretty cozy spot where I spent almost 3 years of my life.

Still, there are things I need to give up in order to have a more meaningful life with my partner. When God closes a door, He opens a window… AND the door to your fiancé’s apartment. Hahaha! So as much as I’m getting a little emotional looking at my old stuff, I am getting excited about turning them into cash to help out a little bit with our wedding plans! YAY!

I’ve got more than enough cameras already!


Since I’ll be moving my clothes in a few months, might as well weed out the ones I haven’t used in forever.


And then there are the things he already has and I can make do without!


I’ve got stuff that’s still in very good condition but it wouldn’t make sense to keep two of the same thing, right?


It’s such perfect timing that I discovered! It’s the new and improved!

You may not know it yet but you can make so much money out of the stuff you have lying around in your room!! lets you easily buy and sell through their website and they also made it available through your phones as an app (available on both iTunes and Google Play)! How convenient!

I’ll make sure to post things for sale within the coming weeks and I hope you can spread the word! I’ll tweet about it once I’ve organized my stuff so stay tuned! What about you? Are you ready to say yes to your kayamanan? Post your stuff, too!:D

Visit the Official Yesss, Yaman! page for more details:

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We Are Godzilla or How I’ve Over-Analyzed Godzilla

Since watching that first teaser trailer, I have been waiting to see the latest Godzilla movie. Even watching it today, post-movie, gives me the chills! So Godzilla may not be one of the best movies of all time but it sure has been one of the best I’ve seen in a really long time. Not to mention, that was definitely the best trailer ever. Surprisingly, not everybody feels the same way I do. Reviews of Godzilla were coming in like reviews of Man Of Steel: either really amazing or so boring.

I mostly agree with my friend Niles’ Facebook status:

Sa mga hindi natuwa sa Godzilla, sa mga nagsabing nagsayang kayo ng 200 pesos… UTANG NA LOOB, ANO PA BA ANG GUSTO NYO??

I mean, come on!!! I watched the last full show of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and fell asleep.

gwen spidey

People say it was great but oh my goodness I found it cheesy as fuck quatro formaggi! The plot was so useless and I didn’t feel for the characters at all. One minute Peter Parker is all “I can’t be with you, I promised your dad” and the next he’s like “LET’S BE TOGETHER FOREVER – I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!” How can I respect someone like that?! Did I miss something while I was asleep? Because when I bring this up, no one explains why he’s bipolar. Harry Osborn’s best friendship with Peter Parker was so forced. I didn’t pity him enough to care unlike James Franco’s Harry Osborn (Spider-Man, 2002) who had a legit reason to be so angry with his best friend. I love Emma Stone, she’s so pretty but I feel the movie was too Twilight-fied. I only explain my thoughts on The Amazing Spiderman 2 because of the virtual gasps I got when I tweeted that I fell asleep. Also because I watched the last full show of Godzilla and didn’t yawn once. So…

Now let’s move on to Godzilla. There are plenty of reasons why I liked it and I’m warning you that there are ~*mild spoilers*~ ahead! Here it is–


bryan-cranston-godzillaI missed Bryan Cranston. Of course his scenes were amazing. Within the first few minutes of the movie, he breaks your heart with his acting chops.

godzilla-elizabeth-olsen-01-636-380I cared about Elizabeth Olsen. With very little screen time together, I felt the love between Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) and Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). She proves that good acting is always better than over-acting. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is not on this list because he was just okay, I guess.

Trivia: Olsen and Taylor-Johnson play twins in the upcoming Avengers sequel as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Weird? Similar to Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort playing siblings in Divergent and then sweethearts in The Fault In Our Stars.

godzillaGodzilla is terrifying but cute. He’s a little pudgier than the older versions but his roar was panic-inducing! He had this strange effect on me like I wanted to pet him because he reminded me of my dog but also I wanted to sprint away from him because death.

muto godzillaThe M.U.T.O.s recognize that females are boss. See that image above? The small one is the male, the massive one is the female. As with a lot of species – the woman is boss. Bees, spiders, whales, baboons, hyenas, sharks, most birds, lemurs, praying mantis, angler fish, just to name a few. Humans should probably follow suit. Haha. And who knows – Godzilla is probably a giant female lizard on her period.

gojira“GOJIRA” is the title of the 1954 film and when Ken Watanabe says Godzilla’s name for the first time in the 2014 reboot, he pronounces it as Gojira. Other than that, Watanabe sucked. Same face in all frames. (I am ready for the “EDI IKAW NA” comments. Che, nagpipilit ba ako mag Hollywood?!)

godzilla fogGodzilla is not over-exposed. Producer Thomas Tull said, “That was a very conscious choice. It should be a big deal that Godzilla is onscreen. It’s a force of nature, it’s an awe-inspiring event. We didn’t want that to be common. We wanted to be restrained and not be over the top.” And it proved effective because I was sitting there with my eyes wide open.

Pristine Philippine RainforestThe beautiful Philippine forests. I know they didn’t actually shoot in our country but I was reminded of our rain forests. When the first scene was set I instantly thought “Philippines!” I read this huge book back in college about our forests and it had lots of photos in it. So much greenery. This is what director Gareth Edwards said about choosing the Philippines.

“Actually, that scene was initially set in Siberia. What happened was, we found out that the ‘Man of Steel’ movie had a similar ice-based scene at the time. So we changed [the setting] to the Philippines. Whatever the cause of them (monsters) coming back, I wanted it to be born out of man’s abuse of nature. There was a scene that didn’t make it to the movie but it’s in Tagalog, with translation, where a dying man talked symbolically about how people came, raped the earth and scarred her flesh and now she has given birth to a demon. Man versus nature is a big theme within the film.”

That scene would have been beautiful and tear-jerking to the Filipino people as we realize how much we’ve raped our gorgeous country for profit.

amazon-deforestationI saw man in Godzilla even without the blatant spoonfeeding. Ha ha, funny, but no I’m not referring to old versions of Godzilla played by a man in costume. The movie puts man’s careless destructiveness in perspective. I saw a tweet that asked why Godzilla was portrayed as a good guy all of a sudden. I don’t think he was portrayed as a good guy. The truth is that Godzilla doesn’t give a fuck about us! We are ants! The city is his forest! He only came out to fight with the MUTOs because they were a threat to him. Same with the MUTOs, they never meant to hurt us – they just wanted to consume some frickin radiation to survive. Meanwhile in real life, we humans destroy our forests and justify it as wanting to eat and build a house. If only these Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms would take a moment to realize they are NOT the only ones on this planet then maybe they would be mindful not to destroy city after city. Now replace MUTOs with humans.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 5.10.05 PM

We’re not the only living beings on this planet. We’re monsters to so many animals we’ve never even heard of.

I didn’t expect this blog post to become so serious but I guess I’ve become a little emotional. As an ambassador for Greenpeace Philippines, I’d like to take this opportunity and invite you to take part in a few activities the organization has.

Click here to be my fellow ocean defender.

Click here to be one of the few signatures needed to reach the 6,000,000 mark in order to declare a global sanctuary in the Arctic.

Feel free to share this blog post if you want to stop Godzilla – the selfish man, not the movie! I hope the sequel is great, too!

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Sign Petition Against Pawikan Massacre!

Prosecute the Chinese nationals arrested for the capture of over 500 endangered marine turtles in our seas


pawikan massacre

We, citizens of the Philippines, hereby stand by our government and express our fullest support for the immediate prosecution of the Chinese nationals with their shameless Filipino collaborators arrested for the capture of over 500 endangered marine turtles in our seas. In addition to violating national and international laws such as the Wildlife Conservation Act, the Fisheries Code, and the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species, these Chinese nationals pierced the eyes of the marine turtles and tied them through their eye sockets to prevent them from escaping–an act of barbaric cruelty against animals.

We congratulate and applaud the Philippine National Police Maritime Group Special Boat Unit for seizing the Chinese fishing boat and apprehending its crew to enforce maritime and marine conservation laws. As the richest marine waters on Earth, we Filipinos must take the lead in marine law enforcement.

The Philippines has been called the “Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity on Earth.” Because we are the most gifted of the seas, we have the credibility and responsibility to advocate for its conservation, not only for today but for all time. We must not allow ourselves to be bullied by a neighborhood toughie. Small as we are, we must be ready to stand up to whoever dares to destroy our God-given wealth of marine resources, even if they are the most powerful country on Earth.

This poaching incident is not an isolated one. Chinese, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese poachers have been arrested in the past and current administrations. The Chinese poachers have even entered our Tubbataha Reefs. However, as a gesture of friendship and appeasement to China, our Government quickly released the accused.

This has been taken as a sign of weakness by the foreign nationals who continue to intrude into our territorial waters and capture endangered species.

That time is over.

We challenge the authoritarian government of the People’s Republic of China to face the Philippines in the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea where we shall settle our differences in a manner appropriate for civilized nations under a regime of the rule of law. Its continued refusal to meet the Philippines in an impartial international forum reveals the lack of legal basis of its atrocious claim to the entire South China Sea, including the West Philippine Sea as defined by the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. This refusal to engage the Philippines in an organized and orderly forum also reveals the cowardice and/or sheer arrogance of the Government of China.

We strongly urge the authorities in Palawan and the national government, especially President Benigno Aquino II, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Justice, and the Police to be strong in the face of undue pressure. We, the people of the Philippines, stand by our government officials in this battle to uphold the country’s right to protect our Philippine Seas, the richest marine waters on Earth.

- Atty. Antonio Oposa, Anna Oposa, Kester Yu, Atty. Liza Osorio, Atty. Golly Ramos, Atty. Hector Teodosio, Antonio Madabi, Lourdes Manulat, Julius Carabio


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