Splendour In The Grass - Day 1

Win Tickets to Jack TV’s MADfest featuring Kimbra!

Jack TV is throwing a huge party as a Christmas treat to all of us! The Music+Arts+Dance festival (MADfest) is happening next week, December 5, at the Mall of Asia concert grounds!


MUSIC by Ace Ramos w/ MC Pao, Autotelic, BP Valenzuela, Cheats (YAHOOOOOOO), Chocolate Grass, Deuce Manila, Flying Ipis, Imago, Kate Torralba, Katsy Lee, Kjwan, Motherbasss, Sandwich, Sinyma, Toni B., Urbandub, and KIMBRA!

ART INSTALLATIONS by Leeroy New, ImagineNationStudio, and Jagnus Design Studio

LIVE ART by Secret Studio

DANCE PERFORMANCES by Team Vibe and other guest performers

You can buy tickets via SM Tickets by clicking here or you can try and win tickets by doing the following:

  1. Post the poster above on Twitter/Instagram
  2. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #KIMBRAinManila and #MADFest2014
  3. Ask your friends to RE-TWEET (if Twitter) or LIKE (if Instagram) it
  4. Post your Twitter/Instagram username on the comments below
  5. Make sure your accounts are set to public on November 29
  6. The one with most likes/RTs win 2 tickets each (I’m giving away 3 pairs!)

Go start campaigning so you can win!!:) Kimbra is SO cute!

See you there!! <3


Boracay Birthday 2014: A Prologue

It was going to be my second time to celebrate my birthday with Maxx in Boracay! The last one was 2 years ago and we both agreed that November is really the perfect time to go there because of the beautiful weather and it’s almost empty shores especially along Station 1 of White Beach where we like to swim.

Our birthday weekend didn’t start so smoothly. A few weeks ago, Maxx called me up to let me know that she had to cancel her trip because of work. I was sad but I understood. Besides, Jim was going with me anyway. Elmo and Frank were also supposed to come along but had to beg off because of other engagements. I asked my friends if they could go with Jim and I since 4 days in Boracay sounded really fun but most of them could not leave work! At the start of the week though, Maxx confirmed that she was able to fix her schedule to come with us from Nov 22-24 instead of the original Nov 21-24. I didn’t want Maxx or Jim to feel like the third wheel (for when Jim and I start PDA-ing hahaha or when Maxx and I start girl talk) so I double checked with my friends and I was so happy that one of our best friends, Cholo, was game to go! He was set to leave 3PM of Nov 21, Friday. We were all set!

My flight with Jim was scheduled to leave at 8:40AM of Nov 21, Friday with Philippine Airlines. Because of all our previous flight “horror stories,” we made sure to be on time. You know what, I’m just going to give you a timeline of what happened so you can put yourself in my shoes flip-flops:

— SAABAE (@saabmagalona) November 21, 2014

06:00 – Take a quick shower.

06:15 – Look at your stuff and be proud because you’ve been packed since last night.

06:40 – In the elevator, Jim says “Don’t. Panic. Slowly move towards me.” and when you do, you see a huge cockroach on the wall right beside where you were previously standing. (I believe this was an omen for things to come. Yuck, OA yung “omen” haha)

07:00 – Call up PAL on the ride to the airport because your ticket does not indicate which terminal you’re supposed to depart from. (It’s common knowledge that domestic flights are always via Terminal 3 but I just wanted to double check and what if I’m not from here, right? They should really put that on the ticket.)

07:05 – Confirm that flight leaves from Terminal 3 and that you can go straight to boarding if you are already checked-in online. You have already checked-in online so you’re happy things are going perfectly.

07:20 – Arrive at NAIA and argue with Jim that you’re already checked in via web so you can go straight to the boarding gate like the girl from the hotline said.

07:21 – Be proven wrong when you are told to still pass by the desk where they print out your boarding pass on a thick piece of paper. Cry on the inside because you thought you were doing your part to decrease waste by downloading your boarding pass on your phone.

07:30 – Eat spam, eggs, and toast.

08:00 – Go to the boarding gate since boarding time is at 8:10AM.

08:10 – Be told that flight has been delayed and that boarding time has been moved to 8:50AM. (It’s nothing new so we just said “oh, okay!” and sat down trying to entertain ourselves)

08:55 – Start boarding a shuttle that will take you to your plane.

09:05 – You are just standing with your heavy bags because you refused to check them in. The shuttle is still not moving.


09:15 – Feel a bit claustrophobic because seriously, the shuttle doors are closed and nothing is happening while you are standing very close to strangers like sardines.

09:20 – Jim says “let’s go!” out loud and kind of starts a mini-mutiny as other people in the shuttle start to fuss about being kept in a non-moving shuttle for 20 minutes now. The lady from PAL is on the other side of the shuttle beside the driver, with her back turned to all of you. She finally faces you and when you ask what was happening, she says she will check and steps out of the shuttle.

09:25 – Lady from PAL comes back and says they are just “waiting for clearance” and other passengers start raising their voices asking why we were asked to board the shuttle if the aircraft was not even ready. One passenger even asks, “kaninong kabobohan ito?!” and you are asked by the irate foreigners beside you to translate what was happening.

09:30 – Another lady from PAL enters the shuttle (as if it wasn’t already packed) and says you are going back into the airport because there’s something wrong with the aircraft. On the way back in, Jim says “ang sama naman ng service niyo..” to a guy from Philippine Airlines near the door. In response, the guy avoids eye contact, just smirks and blows a bit of air out his nose. You receive no apologies for being kept standing in that shuttle for over half an hour.

09:35 – You go to the desk and give feedback to the ladies of PAL who refuse to empathize with you. You say, “I wish you guys would let us know what’s happening as it happens and not just let us stand and wait until the very last minute like we are just bodies and not people. No one is even apologizing for that 30-minute wait.” The girl looks at you with dead eyes. You ask, “So you really won’t apologize for how the staff treated us like hostages out there?” Girl continues to look at you with dead eyes and gives a small smile like she is singing a Taylor Swift song in her head while you are complaining (they must be so used to complaints so they learn to tune you out). Give up, ask for her name and go back to your boarding gate.

09:40 – Tweet about experience, receive apology from PAL who asks you to DM them details. Give name of employee who was rude to you. Nothing crazy, just straight up feedback.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.44.49 AM

10:48 – Entertain yourselves. Don’t go to the bathroom in case there’s any news about your flight.

11:18 – Go back to the desk (the original rude girl is gone because they changed shifts already) and ask about the flight. Girl says the new aircraft will arrive at 11:20AM.

11:19 – Go back to Jim at boarding gate 131 and let him know what the girl said. Jim looks at his watch and says it’s 11:19. You shrug and wait for further announcements patiently. You do not listen to music, you do not go to the bathroom. You listen to the millions of announcements while waiting for something about your own flight.

11:56 – You finally hear an announcement about a flight from Manila to Caticlan but instead of PR 2043 the announcement says flight PR 2049. You don’t want to take any chances so you still go to the desk and ask if your flight is finally boarding. It’s a little chaotic by the desk because there are passengers complaining, raising their voices about how their flight to Caticlan (the airport nearest Boracay) has been re-routed to Kalibo (1.5 hours away from Boracay). You ask 3 different girls from the staff who just keep passing you by and saying “wait lang po” making you feel like they have more important things to do.

12:02 – One of them finally gets back to you only to say your flight just took off.

12:03Dolly zoom moment

Seriously, guys… Say it with me: ANYARE?! They said they called our names but COME ON I was listening intently and I was at the boarding gate (the one listed on our boarding pass). Apparently they were boarding at gate 132 which was just about 100 meters away from where we were sitting. And I had just asked the girl about our flight at 11:19AM so obviously I was right there, waiting and ready to board.

Maybe it’s possible that I missed an announcement for flight PR2043 because I had been at the airport for 5 hours already and you can’t expect me to listen to each and every one of the announcements of all flights, even from different airlines. But I insist that I was listening very well, not distracted by anything especially after the girl said the aircraft was about to land shortly. It was impossible for me to miss hearing my name or Jim’s. It’s protocol for all flights to have a last call for passengers who are still not on the plane. It was incredibly ridiculous to hear that our flight took off without us, it made me feel like I was in the twilight zone.

Hey, NAIA! Here’s an idea: perhaps have a screen with updated flight details on the walls instead of flat screens with NBA games showing? Actually, Jim really liked the TVs airing NBA HD so why not have both? If not possible, maybe calibrate your priorities? Especially since the gates were so crowded because of so many delayed flights. It really was like a chaotic refugee camp.

Finally, a guy named Christopher Gomez was the only one who was helpful. Everybody else was avoiding eye contact, it was seriously the most WTF moment ever. Hindi naman ako nagsaskandalo doon sa airport but I was understandably asking for an explanation of how this happened. Our conspiracy theory is that they wanted to get revenge for my Direct Message to @flyPAL and the girls really conspired for us to miss our flight. Nakakaloka naman siguro kung ganon talaga ang nangyari but nobody could give us any explanation so we had to make one up to keep us from going insane. Christopher put us on another flight (PR 2049) that was about to leave but re-routed to Kalibo. He was very helpful in letting us know that the girls behind the desk had previously told him that I was on flight PR 2043 and that they pointed out to where I was seated before our original flight took off. This proves that they knew where I was but did not make any effort to call me if they really did make a last call. Christopher said he would have called me himself but he was on the runway helping other flights board. He was a very busy man doing the job of the girls na naka-kumpol lang sa likod ng desk avoiding eye contact with every customer. Hey, PAL, maybe you should cut down on quantity of employees and focus on quality?


13:20 – Board flight PR 2049

Admittedly, I have never flown PAL to Boracay because it’s ridiculously expensive compared to other airlines but Maxx had an agency book her flight and I wanted to be on the same one. So finally we were boarding the other flight (PR 2049). We were on the plane seated at the very front and it looked like we were the last passengers to board. We asked the flight attendant about what happened and she, although very nice, did not have clear answers. She said she thinks all flights to Caticlan were re-routed to Kalibo except for the one that we missed. Ewan ko ba. Basta we were on the plane waiting patiently, again, “for clearance.” Some of the foreigners stood up beside us, trying to get some air from outside the open cabin door because the aircraft was not turned on (no aircon). The Americans were getting angry and asking what the hold up was and we realized that they had been on the plane for maybe no less than 20 minutes already. Finally, a man in uniform came in and says we needed to “de-plane” because there was something wrong with the aircraft.

13:25 – De-plane flight PR 2049

Hey PAL, how about “waiting for clearance” before attempting to board your passengers? JUST A THOUGHT. We didn’t realize how long the other people had been waiting on that plane until we let them all out before standing up. Our bags were inside the overhead compartment and we just wanted them all to exit before we stood up since they had been there longer. There were people drenched in sweat from sitting at the very back of the plane. There was one American that asked about his checked-in baggage, making sure it would be transferred to the new aircraft. I was right not to check-in our bags.

13:40 – Stand right next to Christopher of PAL so you are sure you don’t miss this one. Think about Cholo’s flight with AirAsia booked at 3:05PM. It was booked the day before the flight and cost half of what you paid. Granted it was Manila-Kalibo but it didn’t entail waiting 6 hours and still being re-routed to Kalibo after all.

14:40 - Finally take off.

16:15 – Get on a van going to the port (PAL’s treat, rightfully so)

17:40 – Boat to Boracay. Think about how you were supposed to be at the exact same place but at 9:45AM instead of 5:40PM.


18:30 – Get to your hotel in Boracay. Feel bad about how you lost a whole day at the beach care of Philippine Airlines. You could have just gone the next day so you didn’t have to pay the hotel for an extra night.

In the end, PAL e-mailed me apologies and offered a free ticket from Manila-Caticlan or from Caticlan-Manila. I hope they make adjustments to their services in case I decide to accept the offer.

I told Jim we shouldn’t let that whole experience ruin our trip and that at least it would be an interesting story to tell. So here is my piece – I hope that horrible experience at least makes an interesting blog post. Actual Boracay Birthday blog post to follow, this one just deserves its own space on the Internet. Mabuhay!


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Celebrate #SariSaringHappiness Day!

Is there anything more symbolic of a Pinoy Christmas than a parol?

Photo from PlanetPhilippines.com

After a brief research, I found out that the Christmas parol is actually distinctly Filipino. It’s pretty hard to tell if anything is “truly ours” (a.k.a. sariling atin) because of our country’s history. Our traditions are usually a mixture of others’ – mostly Spanish and American. Sure, the name comes from the Spanish word for lantern (farol), but the idea and meaning behind the star-shaped parol is all Pinoy.

The Christmas parols were originally used as a guide for people to attend Simbang Gabi. Filipinos would hold friendly competitions with their neighbors to make the best parols to hang outside their doors – they considered it their gift to Jesus for his birthday. Making a parol and lighting it is a symbol of shared faith and hope.

I remember participating in something similar back in grade school! Each class had to make the BEST parol. I don’t remember which class won, but I will never forget how much fun we had creating something with our bare hands.


This year, COCA-COLA® invites you to join the very first #SariSaringHappiness Day on November 8 by lighting your COCA-COLA® Parol and sharing it on your social media networks! There will be lighting hubs around the country, specifically in Manila, Tacloban, Pampanga, Batangas, Bacolod, and Davao! If you don’t have your own COCA-COLA® Parol yet, here’s a video on how to make one (such a cute vid!):

Don’t forget to share it and use the hashtag #SariSaringHappiness! Spread #SariSaringHappiness early this year since another Pinoy tradition is celebrating Christmas habang -BER months palang! Hehe :)


Bridal Diary: Wedding Planning Without A Wedding Planner

It’s true what they say about planning a wedding — it really is quite stressful. I made the brilliant decision of not hiring a wedding planner and with just 3 months before we exchange our vows I’ve developed a couple of blisters on my fingers that, upon research and subjecting my eyes to disgusting Google Image results, may have been triggered by stress.


I’d like to believe I’m far from being a bridezilla and that I’m more of a bridechilla… to a fault, actually. A bridezilla is a bride-to-be who thinks she is the center of the universe just because she’s getting married and starts pissing everyone off because she’s so difficult to deal with. In my case, I’ve been slacking off on preparations that I get so defensive when I’m questioned how things are coming along. Jim and I have gotten into a few arguments concerning the wedding and that’s something we hoped wouldn’t happen. In this blog post, I’m going to list down a couple of things we’ve butted heads about.


I’m not a good planner. I don’t normally throw parties but when I do (I’ve thrown Jim 3 birthday parties), 2 out of 3 are mediocre *nervous laughter* I’m just really bad with logistics. Still, I refused to pay a wedding planner because I didn’t want anybody taking over. I’m so stubborn, I know it now. I’ve created about a million Microsoft Excel files that are practically useless because I spend most of the time formatting the cells and not enough information goes in. I took up BFA Creative Writing in college, okay, so I never really needed to use Excel! So now we’ve decided that I will take care of the decisions (well, most of it) and he will take care of logistics because he’s some sort of logistics wizard anyway.


Budgeting. Just look at the word budget. Now say it out loud. It just sounds like a bad word… Anyway, I was so determined to become an “ideal wife” that I insisted on handling our wedding and everyday expenses. Once again, this put into focus my lack of Microsoft Excel skills. It took months of Jim’s “hey honey, can I look at our budget for the month?” and my “OMG what are you trying to say?!?!!?!” before I finally conceded and let Jim handle it. One night he asked if we could talk. He said he’d been having a hard time trying to talk about money matters without my getting so explosive. It’s because I get uncomfortable talking about money but I know it’s unrealistic not to do so with my fiancé. I usually get so defensive because I know I haven’t been keeping track of my expenses and I hate it when I mess up. He told me that he had a talk about it with his lovely mom, a certified counselor, and that tita Bing advised him to be patient with me. By default we look at our own set of parents as our guide to married life. Where his parents have the usual set-up of the working man with the woman taking care of the household, my parents were totally all over the place. My dad never had a set time for work because of tapings and gigs, my mom handled his schedule and would go with him most of the time as his back-up singer. So my idea of the married life is very rock and roll a.k.a. MAGULO. Hahaha. Jim has a more organized life visualized for us and I really do appreciate that. I’m not as organized as my mom yet (she handled pop’s and all 8 kids’ schedules and transportation for years) but I’m sure I will learn it along the way. My thoughts on money has always been: what you earn is the money that you have and you can spend it however you want until it runs out. Thanks, Creative Writing! LOL. I’m so thankful Jim has taught me to keep a fraction of whatever I earn for a rainy day. We both decided I should drop the budgeting responsibility because it wasn’t my forte and that’s not a bad thing. Jim apologized for seemingly expecting too much from me. In his words, “if you ask me to design a logo on Photoshop I wouldn’t know where to start but you could do it in 5 minutes.” We have our strengths and weaknesses and we should just delegate tasks according to what we know best.


Guest List. We argued about this once when I had a little OA moment while checking our guest list. I somehow came to the conclusion that I had no friends. It looked like 70% of the people invited were all from his side and only 30% was mine or shared. It’s not a contest, I know, but I had felt really sad looking at the list. Then I figured that all our guests are going to share our special day with us so this means his people will be my people as well.

So you’re probably thinking I’m an emotional wreck and that I’m a bridezilla-in-denial but I think I’m more of a bridesilly: silly to think the wedding will happen without planning it. Every question Jim asked about the planning had been answered with a defensive attack. This time it will be different. I’m working so much harder now that we’ve assigned each other’s tasks and I’m not so overwhelmed since he took control of logistics. Looking at the list above, you’re probably questioning why he’s even marrying an “emotionally-unstable” woman like me (OA yung emotionally unstable). But he’s told me again and again that he’s not marrying me for my planning and budgeting skills or because I have a lot of friends. Hahaha.

These arguments and their resolutions are proof that I’ve chosen the perfect guy for me. He doesn’t let me get away with my brattiness, he tells me off and I respect him for putting me in my place. Still, he lets me be crazy on some days and that’s exactly what this bridesilly needs. ♥


Ask Saab 15

saabhorseHorseback riding in Baguio, 1993

Q: Hi saab! Do you want to be thin or okay kna sa body mo? :)
A: I don’t want to be thin, I just would like to be toned because I am very blessed to have an hourglass body. Seryoso, hourglass ang shape ng body ko talaga, natatakpan lang ng fat from all the pizza and beer I eat. Haha. So I’ve been laying off the bad stuff so I don’t waste the great bod~ hiding underneath hehehe.

Q: What’s your favorite handmade christmas gifts? :-)
A: Probably home made food

Q: Hi Saab! Can you make a music corner where we can find your taste of music?
A: Sure, let me fix that up right now. I’ll upload a daily song :*

Q: tinder
A: Nope

Q: Are you sometimes Boyish type?
A: Sometimes to a fault – my boy friends forget I’m a girl and joke about inappropriate stuff haha but sometimes lang naman. Most of the time they are absolute gentlemen who refuse to let me carry heavy things.

Q: where’s your eyebrow tutorial? :)
A: Ugh I still don’t have one D:

Q: Hi Saab! How old are you when you got your first tattoo? :)
A: 20

Q: How did you meet Candy? And how is she as a friend?
A: Our exes were friends and I just really liked her energy haha she’s an amazing friend except she unapologetically burps and farts all the time!!!

Q: Hi Saab, I was wondering if you could help me choose between a KoboGlo and KindlePaperwhite. Which one is better? Thanks in advance! :)
A: Oh no I have never owned a Kobo! But it looks nice naman! I lost my original Kindle so I got the newer model. I absolutely love my Kindle. Easy on the eyes :)

Q: Hi Saab, what is the meaning of your tattoo on your left wrist?:))
A: It reminds me of my childhood, particularly back when I first learned how to write. I think words are extremely powerful and I like being reminded to choose them carefully.

Q: Hi saab! How tall are you? :)
A: You mean how short am I? Hehe. I am only 5’3″ :p

Q: What’s your favorite MAC lipstick rn?
A: I’m assuming “rn” means right now? Hmm still MAC Chili right now :)

Q: paano magagamit ang confidence at confident?
A: Confidence is a noun while confident is an adjective. A confident person has a lot of confidence.

Q: hi saab? any advices about a fat girl na walang confidence sa kanyang sarili and by means of fat yung obese talaga? :(
A: When you say obese that means it is a health risk so my advice is to see a doctor/nutritionist to see what you can change about your eating habits! Sometimes it’s not just the lack of confidence that brings you down but I’ve experienced feeling really sad especially when I put a lot of unhealthy food in my body. Binge eating and depression are closely related and when I exercise and eat right I feel a million times better about myself! The confidence comes back not because I look amazing (still working on that) but because there is no guilt and I know I am taking care of myself a.k.a. I am loved by me! Aside from weight loss, find something you love to do and focus on that and you will also feel good about being productive. Happy people have an easier time making friends and when you’ve got good friends you will definitely have more confidence in yourself. Good luck with your journey to a better you <3

Q: Where did you buy your shoes in this photo? :)
A: Topshop but that was a long time ago I doubt they still have it!

Q: do you support sex before marriage?
A: I don’t blatantly support it but I’m definitely not against it either.

Q: frank magalona
A: I think you’ve mistaken this for a search box hehe

Q: whats your favorite book?
A: The first novel I finished was The Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl and it was such a milestone for me, I absolutely love that book.

Q: can you give me a singapore tour closet? please? :)
A: What does that meeeeean?

Q: Ano height ni Arkin?
A: He got tall overnight I think he is 5’3″ or 5’4″ basta he’s a little bit taller than me D:D:D:

(You can find my question box on the home page)


Your Birth Year, Your Room Rate at Privato Hotel!

Plan your staycation now, kids!


Privato Hotel is located at 706 Shaw blvd., Pasig City, right by Capitol Commons! They’re having a really awesome promo for all weekends of November where you use your year of birth as your room rate.


For example, I was born in 1988 so I will only pay PhP1,988 for a night! But if I am staying with Maxx, we’ll follow her birth year of 1986 because it’s cheaper by 2 bucks ;)


Visit www.privatohotel.com for more info!


#SpellSaabBookClub: Gone Girl

After watching the blockbuster hit Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, my brother Frank messaged me and asked if he could borrow the book from me. My ate Unna told me she’s been looking for the novel as well but it’s been out of stock in some book stores (Frank graciously let ate Unna borrow my copy of Gone Girl first). So I figured, since there’s been a clamor for it, why not give it away for Spell Saab Book Club before the month ends?

gone girl random

On a warm summer morning in North Carthage, Missouri, it is Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary. Presents are being wrapped and reservations are being made when Nick’s clever and beautiful wife disappears from their rented McMansion on the Mississippi River. Husband-of-the-Year Nick isn’t doing himself any favors with cringe-worthy daydreams about the slope and shape of his wife’s head, but passages from Amy’s diary reveal the alpha-girl perfectionist could have put anyone dangerously on edge. Under mounting pressure from the police and the media–as well as Amy’s fiercely doting parents–the town golden boy parades an endless series of lies, deceits, and inappropriate behavior. Nick is oddly evasive, and he’s definitely bitter–but is he really a killer?

As the cops close in, every couple in town is soon wondering how well they know the one that they love. With his twin sister, Margo, at his side, Nick stands by his innocence. Trouble is, if Nick didn’t do it, where is that beautiful wife? And what was in that silvery gift box hidden in the back of her bedroom closet?

If you thought the movie was good, you’re going to LOVE the book. It’s so much better (as most books turned into movies are) and I finished it so fast because I needed to know what the heck was going on! Follow the instructions on the widget below and get a chance to win one of five copies I’m giving away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, bookworms! Will pick 5 winners next week. Winners must claim their copy at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street within 30 days of notification. :) Let me know what book I should give away for next month as well in the comments below!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.41.53 PM

Our Pre-Nuptial Video Teaser

Here’s some footage taken behind-the-scenes of our pre-nuptial photo shoot with Mango Red and some footage taken at one of our gigs with Cheats. This video was made by our official wedding videographer, Notion in Motion. You can check out more of their work over at www.thenotioninmotion.com xx

I don’t know about you but this video’s got me smiling so much hehehe <3 I didn’t realize I’m practically always laughing when I’m with Jim. Kaya pala I always end up so gassy. HAHA. #romance


Disney’s Tomorrowland Trailer

I didn’t even know Disney was making a movie about Tomorrowland based on the section of the same name found in Disney theme parks.


Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) directs the film and it will star George Clooney and Britt Robertson. The trailer is really cool I just had to post it here.

A lot of critics are quite excited to see something fresh from Disney!

Tomorrowland not only looks like an exciting endeavor but it is also an original and fresh live-action film from Disney and that’s cause of celebration because it may be the only one for a while. Unfortunately, Disney’s live-action division is now hell-bent in only producing “safe” projects and that’s why we have fairy tales re-imaginings for years to come. This year’s Maleficent just cemented that notion by becoming a box office success, even if the film was of very low quality. Sadly, Disney sustained heavy losses with original projects like Prince of PersiaJohn Carter and The Lone Ranger so it’s not hard to see why they just want to play it safe. Still, just recycling fairy tales (which already have perfectly fine animated adaptations) is hardly an exciting prospect. (Moviepilot.com)

Tomorrowland is set to be released in May 2015.

miles teller

Giveaway: Tickets to Whiplash

Jim invited me to a special advanced screening his company, JB Music, was sponsoring. In classic Jim fashion, he just said it was a movie about music starring the guy from Spectacular Now and “nandun yung galing sa Juno.” I said yes because I really like Miles Teller (a.k.a. the guy from Spectacular Now) and because I’m such an awesome supportive girlfriend LOL.

miles teller

While we were having dinner, he told me that J.K. Rowling was part of the film. I’m not sure if I’ve told you about Jim’s crazy side but he tends to make things up just for fun – he would be a very good actor if he wasn’t so camera-shy. Of course I said “weh” and he said she was a teacher or something in the movie. I got excited but felt like he was pulling my leg so I asked him to swear J.K. Rowling was in the film and as he bit into his burger he swore Rowling was in the film. Eventually he gave it up and said he was just teasing me but technically he didn’t lie naman daw because a guy named Rowling was actually part of it. CUT TO: Pag tingin ko sa poster J.K. SIMMONS pala ang nasa movie!!! Hahaha. Napaka-flop ni Jim!!

ANYWAY, we saw the movie and OMG IT WAS SO BRILLIANT!!! Like I said on my Instagram post last night, it probably is the best movie I’ve seen all year!


Just watched a special advanced screening of Whiplash! WOW I think this is the best movie I've seen all year!!! All drummers and musicians should see it. Kinikilig parin ako!! Thanks so much to @jbmusicphilippines for the invite. It will be in cinemas nationwide this Wed!:) MUST SEE!

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I’m glad I didn’t watch the trailer or Google anything about the movie because I wasn’t expecting anything yet I was completely blown away. I will do you a favor by not posting any more details about the movie and I suggest you don’t research about it either. All you need to know is that it won both the Grand Jury Prize (Dramatic) and the Dramatic Audience Award at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and it will probably win one or two awards at the Oscars. Both Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons were absolutely amazing. I don’t know if it’s because I am a musician and I can relate to the character’s love for drum-playing but I doubt it. UGH I should stop talking about it na, sorry. whiplash_tarp(OCT15) ANYWAY, I REALLY WANT YOU GUYS TO WATCH THIS SO I’M GIVING AWAY 10 TICKETS TODAY!!! Each ticket is good for 2 persons and valid in any screening cinema. The movie comes out tomorrow! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest ends tonight at 11:59PM. Winners will be announced tomorrow and contacted via e-mail (the one associated with your Facebook account). Winners must claim tickets in Makati.

P.S. If you suddenly decide you want to be a drummer after watching Whiplash, take note that JB Music has an ongoing sale for their 40th anniversary until October 31. A seriously crazy sale as in you can get a Gretsch drum kit for 40% off. Check out their Facebook page for more details!