Music Club: Death Cab For Cutie – No Room In Frame

Death Cab For Cutie’s latest single is so obviously written for singer Ben Gibbard’s ex-wife Zooey Deschanel. Can’t help the feels. The band’s new album is called Kintsugi, the Japanese art form of repairing broken things using gold making it prettier than it was originally. A metaphor for getting back on your feet and doing better after a breakup?

My Favorite Part:
Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 4.27.54 PM

Welcome To Tita-hood

“OMG, sobrang TITA ko na!”

I’m starting to hear this more and more from my friends. We say it when we’re sleepy at 10pm, when we catch ourselves planning brunch instead of after-dinner drinks, preferring coffee dates over inuman, etc. I don’t know if it’s the trend right now to identify as a tita (see: @TitasOfManila) or my peers and I have really just crossed the bridge to Tita-hood. I realize all my above examples have something to do with sleeping early. Haha. Well here are more signs that I’ve entered tita-hood.

  • I have never been to 71 Gramercy, Black Market, Valkyrie, Raven, or any new “it” club. The last time I was in a club was 2 Thursdays ago when my band played at Aracama. When we were done playing and the electronic dance music dropped, we transferred to a pub that played Foo Fighters at a soft level.
  • I went to Jim’s basketball game in a cardigan in case it was chilly. It turned out to be very warm. Lo and behold, I had a fan in my bag!!! A beautifully carved wooden paypay!! I wanted to throw it and run from it screaming no because it was the turning point for me. Who carries a paypay in their bag?? I do.
  • I’ve begun following a budget. I still don’t know HOW to budget (thank you so much to my lovely husband for taking care of it for now) but we have budgets for stuff now.  Livin’ La Vida Loca, right?


  • My favorite hang out spot is my own place. Last Friday night, we didn’t want to go out so we had 2 couples join us as we hosted wine night. And we had kamote chips. Call the cops!
  • I now enjoy yoga. Something that my younger self found so boring is something my tita self looks forward to. What is happening?
  • Moisture is so important to me now. I never thought I would be the type to put cream on my face every morning and lotion on my body every night. But that’s what you need when you become a dried up old fart. OMG OA!!! Joke lang I know I’m not that old. But I /am/ getting drier. Haha. I’ve also started carrying a water bottle with me to keep hydrated.
  • I have tried setting up all the single people I know. I will not stop. I will forever be the annoying meddling cupid in my friends’ lives. Well, I’ve been doing this since after college so it’s not super tita-ness.
  • Appliances, home decor and furniture have replaced clothes, accessories and shoes on my shopping list.


  • Diffusers and scented candles are some of my favorite things.
  • I actually interrogated our 18-year-old drummer’s new girlfriend when they came over. As in kulang nalang tanungin ko siya nang “what are your intentions?” Hahaha! But I was pouring wine while asking her about what she liked to do for fun (she’s a cheerleader) and saying “mmhmm” while listening. And yes I think I was also wearing a cardigan. What, it was a chilly night…
  • When people invite me out, I am appalled when they say we should meet past 8pm. I want to be home by midnight, yo.
  • Going to the grocery excites me. S&R, especially.
Jokes aside, I quite like being on the verge of tita-hood. I think being married contributes to the tita-ness haha. Jim is also almost on tito mode with the corny jokes haha. Don’t worry, I would never say tumaba ka or ask about your love life, anak. Hindi rin ako nagco-collect pa ng chopsticks or tissue from restaurants para gamitin sa bahay. Lelz.


Music Club: Absofacto – Dissolve


The current song stuck in my head is by a solo artist called Absofacto from Michigan.

For me, making “Dissolve” was about capturing a feeling. This certain feeling that is so impossible to pin down that I almost don’t want to describe it in too much detail because I know I’ll get it wrong. It’s a blend of tragic, romantic, beautiful, all with a healthy dose of casual cruelty. “Doomed odyssey, all in the name of unrequited love” stuff. That’s not quite it though; there I go, not getting it right. Told you I wouldn’t.

Love, as a volatile and dangerous substance, and a terrible thing to put into the wrong hands. Handing someone the keys to your heart, and having them take it out for a dangerous joyride because it doesn’t mean a damn thing to them.

Nope, still not quite getting it right.

Listen to Dissolve:


Favorite part:

Am I only a lab rat? Someone you can test things on - Are you training for a new love?

Beauty Club: MAC Toledo Collection

MAC has just released their latest collection — a collaboration with fashion designer Isabel Toledo and her artist husband Ruben.


I went to the launch last Friday at the SM Aura Atrium and there were so many people, it was a challenge to take a photo of the complete collection.


Checking out the colorful palettes
Checking out the colorful palettes
Lovely bright green eyeliner called Chlorafill
Lovely bright green eyeliner called Chlorafill

They’ve got great new shades of vibrant red lipsticks, a color Isabel has worn for decades


On my mom's hand clockwise from upper left: Pink Ruby, Prolong, Sin, Chlorafill eyeliner, Rehab, Oxblood
On my mom’s hand clockwise from upper left: Pink Ruby, Prolong, Sin, Chlorafill eyeliner, Rehab, Oxblood



Bumped into the very pretty Janine Gutierrez

I went home with a couple of things (hehehe)

Violet Wink eyeshadow palette & Petrol blue eyeliner
Violet Wink eyeshadow palette & Petrol blue eyeliner
Opted to take home a lighter almost natural matte lipstick called Oxblood. I'm obsessed. Maxx got the lip glass version and it's great for night time. Couldn't stop staring at her lips when she used it haha.
Opted to take home a lighter almost natural matte lipstick called Oxblood. I’m obsessed. Maxx got the lip glass version and it’s great for night time. Couldn’t stop staring at her lips when she used it haha.
I love this intense Designer Purple eyeliner!! It's very vibrant.
I love this intense Designer Purple eyeliner!! It’s very vibrant.
For someone who doesn't like glitter, I am quite taken by this. It goes on easily and stays there the entire night. I should know, I wore it to the Tahiti 80 concert that same night!
For someone who doesn’t like glitter, I am quite taken by this. It goes on easily and stays there the entire night. I should know, I wore it to the Tahiti 80 concert that same night!

Holy Toledo, my eyeliner and hair match!


Check out the entire #MACToledo collection here.

TV Club: iZombie

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the new CW series iZombie. It stars a girl named Liv who gets bitten by a zombie. She can continue to act like a normal human being as long as she eats a brain every so often. So she gets a job as an assistant coroner. Perfect, right? Except whenever she eats brains, she absorbs the thoughts and memories of the dead person and it’s up to her to find justice for the dead. It has a lot of things going for it:

Cute Lead Girl


I love TV shows that star women! It stars Rose McIver whom I’ve seen in a few episodes of Masters of Sex season 2. I didn’t finish the season but she played her part as Vivian Scully very well in the series. You might also know her as the little sister of Susie Salmon from The Lovely Bones movie. (I skipped the movie because I loved the book. I didn’t want to get disappointed since it got bad reviews.)

It’s From The Same Makers as Veronica Mars

I’ve yet to watch Veronica Mars (someone lend me a copy of all seasons?) but I know people fell in love with Kristen Bell because of that show. It’s definitely going to be lighter than other zombie shows like The Walking Dead. I think it will be more like the movie Warm Bodies.

It’s Based On A Comic Book


Love the tagline “a mind is a horrible thing to taste” haha! Liv’s character is based on Gwen from the critically acclaimed comic book I, Zombie.

Let’s watch the first episode, game? It premieres in the United States March 17, at 9PM so that means it will be out on torrent tomorrow morning hehe. Game?

Losing My Connection


It’s ridiculous how disconnected I feel now that the Internet has taken over the world. I remember when my classmates and I would discuss the latest Ghost Fighter episode over recess. We’d talk about what we loved or hated about the new Britney Spears music video. MTV mattered during those days. I’m only 26 and I’m sure people who have been around longer have got it worse. The less bands there were, the more we could discuss. Now it’s “Have you listened to the new Helmets in Kentucky?” and I always say I don’t know that band (I just made up that band so don’t worry, you’re not a total loser). I’m very afraid of what’s happening. I’m easily distracted and just writing this paragraph is surprising to me. I usually don’t get anything done. I’d like to be braver than I’ve been lately. I feel like all these websites, reading materials, television shows are just so overwhelming. I want to read everything so I read nothing.

I keep over thinking, that I end up not thinking anymore. I really need to practice yoga more. Haha. I worry for my brain.

I’ll start small by braving the new stuff. Will try to leave the throwbacks for Thursdays. Check back daily for updates xx

Happy Sunday! Here, Watch Some Baby Videos!

The top 2 things people ask me now:

  1. “Kamusta buhay asawa?”
  2. “Kailan na kayo magkaka-baby?”

Because that’s the only reason you get married, right? Haha. Just kidding, I know people just ask these questions as small talk but here are my answers:

  1. Being a wife is so much fun. But really, not much has changed except Jim and I now get to call each other’s parental units mom (my mom) and mommy & papa (Jim’s parents). I swear I feel like I would offend my in-laws if I still call them tita or tito. Hahaha. Laki ng problema ko?!?!
  2. Probably in 3-4 years. Or I don’t know, whatever happens will happen but we’re not consciously trying to make a baby. Haha.

It’s hard not watching cute baby videos without being accused of wanting a baby of my own. But really, Jim and I are happy with our beautiful baby girl, Joey (our fluffy pomeranian). Babies are just cute. Cat videos are cute too but I don’t think I’d ever get one. Did I just compare babies to cats? Here, watch some baby videos.

Emotional Baby

Baby Laughing At Ripping Paper

French Girl Tells A Story

Monday Morning

Little Girl Does Makeup Tutorial

Hope you enjoyed that without getting baby fever. LOL. Happy Sunday!

I Go Beyond Libis

After months of not working out because of katamaran and my stupid sprained ankle (I started physical therapy this morning, yay!), I finally tried out the newly opened Beyond on Libis! I made sure to take a class under my tita Carol. Tita Carol is the wife of tito Bitoy a.k.a. Michael V a.k.a. Jim’s new BFF-to-be. Haha! They were both our principal sponsors at our wedding because they’ve been very close to my family over the years. Tita Carol is one of the owners of the Libis branch of Beyond and I’m so glad I got the chance to try it out!



I’ve done yoga a few times before but I really want to integrate it in my daily routine to become more calm and focused. God knows I need better posture in my life too. Hahaha. Sit up straight – I know you’re slouched while reading this!! Anyway, I did Vinyasa 1:

Vinyasa Yoga 1 caters to people looking for an entryway into a yoga practice. It is accessible to people of all shapes, sizes, fitness background, and also those with fears or apprehensions about yoga. This practice incorporates basic poses with detailed alignment cues and instructions that give us a foundation towards taking our asana practice further, as well as restorative poses to calm the mind and body.

It was 75 minutes of deep breathing, focusing on poses and clearing my mind. Obviously I felt great afterwards. My mind was so clear and calm, and I felt so awake – very different from when I do vigorous exercise at the gym and I just feel like I want to die after. Hahaha! Let me give you a little tour of the space.

This is where we did Vinsaya 1
This is where we did Vinyasa 1 – take note that it’s right across Shopwise!

No need to bring a mat, just a towel. The mats are cleansed after each use. There are also blocks available for those who can’t quite do the full stretches. I didn’t need them (yabang LOL) but if you do, don’t be ashamed to use them. You will become more flexible after each class!

Here are some of the lockers where you can store your bags and slippers free of charge
Here are some of the lockers where you can store your bags and slippers free of charge
The ladies bathroom has a blow dryer available for use after you take a shower when you want to run to a meeting right after a quick session
The ladies bathroom has a blow dryer available for use after you take a shower when you want to run to a meeting right after a quick session
There's 1 changing room, 3 showers, 1 toilet for the girls
There’s 1 changing room, 3 showers, 1 toilet for the girls
Yes, there's hot water!
Yes, there’s hot water!


They have a lot of items for sale in the hallway, mostly for health and beauty!

Isn't this lunch box the cutest?
Isn’t this lunch box the cutest?

I checked out the space for anti-gravity yoga. I’ll definitely try this soon!



Tita Carol teaching me some poses
Tita Carol teaching me some poses

But I believe my posing needs no further teaching, don’t you agree? Hahahaha


Took home a bag of yummy kale chips. My first time to try it. Now I know why people are going crazy over kale.

I had a great time and I’m definitely signing up! Let me know if you also plan on going, maybe we can be classmates ;) A drop-in single class for yoga is just Php550, if you want to do zumba dancing it’s Php450, and for anti-gravity it’s Php650. There are a lot of packages you can check out to save up!

Reserve a slot and read more about I Go Beyond Yoga via their website

Beyond Libis is located at Units 8 & 9, 3rd floor, Richmonde Centre, 8001 E. Rodriguez jr. ave. Libis, Q.C. (right across Shopwise)

Going Up Fushimi Inari Temple

I totally forgot about my last batch of Japan photos!! Here’s a photo diary of our last day in Kyoto when we went there for our honeymoon! So here’s a photo diary I hope you enjoy it as much as much as the other Japan entries :) Some photos taken with my iPhone 6, other with my Sony NEX 5N.


Cutie pie
Cutie pie
UGH ganda
UGH ganda
The walk to the temple is lined with so many vendors and they insist on giving out samples of their items
The walk to the temple is lined with so many vendors and they insist on giving out samples of their items

Here’s a brief background of the shrine we visited from what I gathered: There are 2 major religions practiced in Japan – Shintoism and Buddhism. In Shinto, people believe in kami or the Japanese word for god or spirit. Inari is the kami of general prosperity and worldly success. A lot of people visit the shrine to pray for their businesses but first and foremost Inari is the god of rice.


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