Ask Saab 25

Taken with my new SONY A6000 with absolutely NO FILTER xx
Taken with my new SONY A6000 with absolutely NO FILTER xx

Note: The following questions were asked in March 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: What dry shampoo do you use? ^_^
A: The dry shampoo of Lush.

Q: Hi Saab! With your Sony Nex 5n, are you using any accessories (flash, lenses, etc.)? Planning to buy one kasi :)
A: Not really, I just use the lens that came with the kit and I barely use the flash :)

Q: what BB cream do you use? :)
A: Kiehl’s Correcting & Beautifying BB cream!

Q: Hi Saab! I really like you. Can i ask if where did you bought your prada bag? Thanks :)
A: Hi! Thank you! Jim got it for me for our anniversary 1-2 years ago from his trip to Italy!:)

Q: How does it feel to be married? Congratulation btw :)
A: It’s the best!!

Q: Hi, Saab! You look so fresh and glowing on your wedding? Who did your makeup? I like it kasi light lang. ;)
A: My friend, Jigs Mayuga! Thank you :)

Q: Anong year ka nagpabangs ate saab???? and paano mo malalaman kung bagay sayo full bangs?
A: I got bangs more than once! I think I got bangs in college and again after college, I just went for it before kasi obsessed ako kay Emily the Strange lelzzzzzzzz. Well, there are those fake fringes you can buy now if you wanna see what you’d look like with bangs! I just have no idea where to get one.

Q: I browsed through your Q&A from 2004, tawang tawa ako sa mga sagot mo! Sobrang angsty 15 year old! Hi from a blog reader who grew up with you <3
A: OMG kakahiya!! Hahaha HELLO!!!

Q: Hi Saab! How to get your face look so fresh and clean everytime. Huhuhuhu my face is a mess kasi. :( Any help?
A: It will take patience but simply wash your face every night!

Q: Hey Saab, do you edit your videos on Final Cut Pro? If not, where? Thanks
A: I used to but my videos are so simple, I just use iMovie.

Q: Hi Saab! Sana magkaron ka ng raffle, tapos yung prize, sabay kayo magpaparlor nung winner! chos
A: Hahaha that’s a good idea! May sasali naman kaya?!

Q: Hi Saab! I just want to ask where did you buy your “Rainbow Cake”? I saw it on your your party. I just want to give it on my mom’s birthday.Thank you!
A: OMG this answer is obviously too late but they got it daw from Epicurious in Shangrila!

Q: I know this is personal, but how do you get rid of armpit hair? hahaha!
A: I did a few sessions of underarm laser (TMI: my underarm hair is naturally thick heehee) and now I just shave each time it grows back. But I’m thinking of getting more laser sessions because it’s been years and never ko natapos yung initial laser thing ko kasi OF COURSE tinamad ako. D:

Q: What are your thoughts on Silent Sanctuary?
A: They seem like a very sad band.

Q: omg love your purple hair! planning on making mine purple too, but will have it cut it super short first. <3
A: Thanks! Get ready cos it’s very high maintenance!!

Q: where did you buy your locket with your late father’s picture in it? i thought it was a sweet gesture on your wedding day. wanted to do the same. :)
A: I asked my mom if she had a locket I could borrow and she went out to buy me one. I don’t know where from though!! You can tweet her @piamagalona.

Q: how old are you….sorry for the stupid question but i dont know hahahahaha
A: I’m turning 27 this November.

Q: How was it like being married?
A: WAS TALAGA?! Ano kami, hiwalay na?! Hahaha!

Q: Hi Saab! Can you share how you and Jim met and all the kilig happenings in between? Hihi
A: Owemmm long overdue na to… Sige na nga I promise to work on that blog post.

Q: Saab! Can we see your newly renovated home? Mukhang super cool sa IG photos kaso bitin :(
A: I just had the walls painted and some furniture moved in! I think you may have sent this in before I posted my Mandaue Foam blog post :)

Q: What’s the most expensive thing you have bought for yourself and what is the most “kilig” moment Jim had made for you?
A: I love how your 2 questions are so unrelated to one another haha. The most expensive thing I bought myself is a condo at The Fort which I’m still currently paying for. The most kilig moment would be the first time he met my mom. We just started seeing each other, I didn’t think we were anything serious and then I got dengue and he visited me in the hospital even if I said my mom and ate were there. He wasn’t too shy to come over and face my mom and that’s when I knew he was serious about me. He was in obvious LIGAW mode ♥ ANG CUTE AND BANGO PA NIYA.

Q: Hi Saab! If you don’t mind me asking, what happened to Grrrl Scout?
A: It’s just floating in the air, waiting for me to have the energy for it. Haha. Candy and I became so busy with gigs of Cheats, to stage our own gigs would be overkill na. We felt like we had to focus on one lang muna especially since we were in the process of making an album.

Q: Ano po yung title ng song sa prenup video po nyo? :)
A: I have no idea!

Q: Naisip mo na ba na baka nagtanong na rin si Jim dito sa mo? :)
A: Uy, hindi to! Old school to. Haha. And I really doubt that. LELZ yun pala siya yung lahat nang “tell us about kilig moments with Jim!” HAHAHA kadiri!!

Q: Mayaman ba ang mga taong may sariling mundo?
A: Mayaman sa imahinasyon

Q: Parang super generous ni Maxx! Ikaw ano love language mo?
A: She’s the most generous person I know. Ako service. Like back in school, I would drop my own homework to help others with their projects. It still happens now – I drop my own projects to help others with theirs.

Q: Hi Saab, how did you potty-train Joey Bear? How long did it take for her to learn?
A: Oh she’s a super fast learner. I got one of those drops that have the scent that attracts them to pee? But that was just for the first time. Best if you take out all other rugs at home so she’s not distracted. In our condo we have to make sure all bathroom doors are ALWAYS closed so she doesn’t pee on the bathroom rugs. Also, when your dog is a puppy and you catch him/her peeing — pick them up and run to where they’re supposed to pee and drop them there. Don’t forget to praise them with high voices and ear rubs right after they pee in the correct spot. I’m no expert though. But my Joey is the best.

Q: Hello there! I just want to know your skin care routine hahaha and if you do anything special or something. :3
A: I use makeup remover, toner, and Kiehl’s Miracle Recovery Concentrate every night.

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve been reading your blog and it has inspired me to continue my blog. You inspire me really much! :D Thank you and God bless <3
A: That makes me so happy!!!

Q: hey saab, how does your hair feel with dry shampoo on a ph weather?
A: Keri lang naman! Mainit. HAHA.

Relax in Uniqlo RELACO

My whole life I’ve been wearing panties and ratty old tees as my pantulog (what you wear to sleep). I know Jim loves me for who I am and all that jazz but before we even tied the knot I made a promise to him to always look nice even if we’re just staying home or going to sleep. It’s just something that I think is important for couples — making an effort. Even if it’s just to wash your face and brush your teeth first thing in the morning when you wouldn’t normally brush your teeth until after breakfast (guilty).

Going back to pantulogs and pambahays (what you wear at home). I can’t exactly wear lingerie and sexy nighties every night. A girl can only take so much underwires and lace. That’s why I was thrilled to find Uniqlo’s super cute RELACO line of loungewear.

Literally me right now. Bagong gising!
Literally me right now. GOOD MORNING!

I wore these RELACO shorts to sleep last night and paired it with a top from a different Uniqlo line (Airism). I think I still looked nice and cute without sacrificing comfort!!


AND POCKETS!!! Let’s not forget the pockets!! RELACO = RELAx and COmfort. Dapat RELACOFUN kasi FUNctional rin siya with its pockets hehehe (waley).


In no other ensemble can you both look so entirely great while telegraphing how entirely comfortable you are—sitting for drinks in some swell apartment, tucking a leg under you to reveal the perfect summer sandal, the flash of ankle, of sternum; your skin your best accessory in the almost-boyish except you’re so alluringly also almost naked (if you think about pajamas as a very fine barrier between yourself and the world) answer to “What the hell am I going to wear tonight?” Anything you want, of course. But do yourself a favor this spring and make it a pajama. Sling something warm and luxurious over one shoulder, add one major jewelry piece, and you’re ready to go. Really, you’ve never looked better. (

With the pajama trend being all the rage right now, RELACO is on point with their cute prints and options between short shorts and cropped pants. I’ve tried and tested them last night and I’m gonna stock up on Uniqlo’s RELACO line for sure. They’ve got a special offer from now until July 2! Visit their Facebook page for more info!

Happy Sunday♥,


Sony Xperia 48-Hour Challenge

I was asked by Sony to join an amazing Instagram challenge, the 48-HR challenge with my #Xperia Z3! It was perfect timing because I had scheduled a trip to Tali, Batangas with my friends. I highlighted 2-day battery life, waterproofing, and camera in low light for a whole 2 days, non-stop. Here are some photos I posted! This fun challenge got me saying, look at what #ICan do! #EverydayExtraordinary

"ise and shine!! Waking up Jim who's too sleepy to get up but I'm ready to seize the day with my Xperia! So much to do, so little time!! #ICan #Xperia #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc"
“ise and shine!! Waking up Jim who’s too sleepy to get up but I’m ready to seize the day with my Xperia! So much to do, so little time!! #ICan #Xperia #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc”
I love city getaways!! Day 2 of our Tali trip. Last night the electricity went out so I didn't get to charge my phone but it's still at 70% from yesterday!!! Unbelievable. #Xperia #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
I love city getaways!! Day 2 of our Tali trip. Last night the electricity went out so I didn’t get to charge my phone but it’s still at 70% from yesterday!!! Unbelievable. #Xperia #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Look who I bumped into at the beach!!! HI @marquismisa!!! #ICan #Xperia #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Look who I bumped into at the beach!!! HI @marquismisa!!! #ICan #Xperia #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Cliff diving and taking photos thanks to my #Xperia Z3. #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Cliff diving and taking photos thanks to my #Xperia Z3. #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
What a beauty - taken with my #Xperia Z3, the best in low-light photography. I'm starting to see the beauty in shadows. #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
What a beauty – taken with my #Xperia Z3, the best in low-light photography. I’m starting to see the beauty in shadows. #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Tonight's feast!!  #Xperia #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Tonight’s feast!! #Xperia #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Getting ready for a long car ride home! I'm all set with my 2-day battery life #Xperia!! #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Getting ready for a long car ride home! I’m all set with my 2-day battery life #Xperia!! #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Plenty of stop overs but there's no stopping us! Just like my #Xperia's battery life!! Hehe. Almost home <3 #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc
Plenty of stop overs but there’s no stopping us! Just like my #Xperia’s battery life!! Hehe. Almost home
Cooling down after working out! Making a splash with my #Xperia @sonyphinc #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary
Cooling down after working out! Making a splash with my #Xperia @sonyphinc #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary
Can't sleep? Take your dog out for a walk. Haha! My bear is so happy!! Captured it perfectly even if it was dark outside thanks to the low light capability of my #Xperia Z3! #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc #JoeyBear
Can’t sleep? Take your dog out for a walk. Haha! My bear is so happy!! Captured it perfectly even if it was dark outside thanks to the low light capability of my #Xperia Z3! #ICan #EverydayExtraordinary @sonyphinc #JoeyBear

I captured awesome memories thanks to the challenge. I’ve been very lazy to take photos lately because I think it’s such a hassle to stop and take a photo when you’re having so much fun. But since I HAD to finish strong with the challenge, I realized that taking a few seconds in order to forever remember moments is really worth it. Thanks to Sony for the reminder that everyday can truly be extraordinary.

48 hours. 48 cities. One Xperia world.

For updates and much more, check out Sony’s Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram (


Colourpop Lippie Stix


My friends, one of whom happens to be a photographer, came over yesterday and we decided to have a simple, quick shoot so I could blog about my latest lip obsession. I got a couple of new items from my favorite Instagram Shop @death_by_lipstick!!

I’d never heard of Colourpop or their Lippie Stix before seeing them on Death By Lipstick’s Instagram page. Colourpop is an L.A. based online store that makes lip shades in all colors while keeping the products affordable. When I saw this specific color swatch though, I wanted everything!! Hahaha I just ordered Brink and the sweet owner of the shop sent over 2 more stix!



I LOVE this color!!!! Brink has a matte finish, my personal favorite lip finish. I think I’ve found my new everyday lip color. It’s matte but it doesn’t really dry my lips. Still, it’s best to exfoliate and moisturize your lips especially if you like regularly wearing matte lipsticks.



All Lippie Stix, I just found out, come with Lippie Pencils. I guess Death By Lipstick didn’t have Brink’s Lippie Pencil on hand when they shipped the products to me but they did send me a Lippie Pencil of a similar color called Tootsi. The lip liner is a little darker than the rest of the lips if you want to go for that CHOLA vibe. Haha. Since the colors I mixed aren’t SUPER far off, it’s not that visible but my lips definitely became more defined and fuller with the liner. I think I’ll try to order matching Lippie Stix AND Lippie Pencils for a Kendall Jenner look. Hehehe.



Fighter is a bright red matte lipstick and y’all know how much I love red!!! I’m so happy I have all these new colors to add to my growing collection. YAY!

Unfortunately, Colourpop only ships to the States. Lucky for us, Death By Lipstick can get them to you for only Php 395 each. YES, Php 395 ONLY!!! WHAT THE HECK, DIBA?!?! And you would think it’s too good to be true but there’s even more to love about these Colourpop Lippie Stix:


They do not test any of their products on animals and this is proudly displayed on their boxes!! AWESOME!! So there, I’d like to send my thanks to Death By Lipstick for making me very happy. If you want to get your own Colourpop Stix, go ahead and send an e-mail to


P.S. What makes me unhappy is the stupid YuLin Dog Meat Festival. Please sign the petition from to stop this disgusting festival that cultivates the slaughter of our best friends. Thank you.

Ask Saab 24

Rockeoke with Megan, 2014 / Photo by Mimi Morada
Rockeoke with Megan, 2014 / Photo by Mimi Morada

Note: The following questions were asked in February/March 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: why did you choose baguio as your venue? :) ang ganda ng wedding! simply yet classy :)
A: I sweat easily in the heat so I wanted to make sure I looked fresh HAHA. Also, Baguio is special to our family. We used to go there a lot as kids and it was the last vacation place we went to with our dad before he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Q: Saab anong magandang Mac lipstick ang masusuggest mo para sa 18 years old and can wear it everyday. :)
A: MAC Brave is nice for everyday! Yash also.

Q: what would be the names of your future children?
A: You’ll just have to wait :p

Q: Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Charmander?
A: Omg I love this question. CHAR CHAR.

Q: What was your workout routine ?
A: Since this was sent in February I’m assuming you’re asking about my workout routine before the wedding? Would you believe I did not work out?! I sprained my foot in December, just when I promised I’d start working out to get fit. So I have to give a lot of credit to Diet Diva for helping me stick to a healthy but yummy diet. Read more about how I slimmed down here.

Q: Hi Saab, aren’t you planning a Meet and Greet for your fans? I’m looking forward to see your beautiful face and have a picture with you! :(
A: I am!! I just don’t know where to start. Wanna help me? Hehe.

Q: really broke my heart when you got married, doll! you’ll always be my all-time crush. you always remind me of Brook Davis from One Tree Hill.
A: Aww xxx

Q: Hello Saab! Does Jim dislikes Binay? His puns are hilarious though. :D
A: Yes. Haha! Politicians, beware!!

Q: Hi Saab. Thank you for replying about the Sony Nex 5n!! Anyway, I just want to ask if you have the wifi card for your camera? I suggest you must have
A: Naputol yung question mo!! Pero no, walang wi-fi yung camera ko now which is why I am upgrading to one that has wi-fi!! I am so excited.

Q: Starbucks or Gloria Jeans?
A: Starbucks

Q: what’s your favorite color? :)
A: Red

Q: Hi Saab! Im so obsessed with your blog! About your hair, um. Di ka ba takot na madamaged hair mo? Grabe yung pagbleach na naganap ah. Nth times. Hahah
A: Yeah it got pretty damaged especially since sobrang sanay ako sa low maintenance hair ko. I didn’t ever use conditioner and it’s only now that I started using it and I try to use a hair mask once a week. I started brushing my hair too. Better to brush it before taking a shower to lessen breakage!

Q: Saab where did you buy the white dress you’re wearing on the picture of your article called Ask Saab 16?
A: Topshop!

Q: Hi Saab, any plans to publish your own book in the future? Thanks, Chesterlyn
A: I have a publishing deal already but I can’t decide what to write about!! D:

Q: Can you relate to hipsters? Are you one of them? I love you!
A: Lelz. Aren’t you supposed to be hip to be a hipster? I’m pretty sure I’m not.

Q: What’s your take on religion?
A: Sadly, I think it divides people. It’s a very powerful thing.

Q: Suggestions on books that are affordable but still good?
A: Go to Book Sale!! Lots of gems there.

Q: Can I hangout with you?
A: Come to a gig!

Q: What gym do you go to? And approx how much does it cost to have a personal trainer? thanks
A: I’ve just been working out at home for the past 3 months!

Q: Super Blooming mo. Promise.. can you share your skin care regimen. Or do you take any beauty supplements? salamat Girl Crush!
A: Thank you! No beauty supplements, I just make sure to wash my face every night before I go to sleep. I got some tiny pimples last week and my dermatologist told me to stop moisturizing first because it’s so hot and the sweat and moisture just end up blocking my pores. Now that it’s super hot, I’ve just been wearing little-to-no-makeup!

Q: Hi there saaby! Just wanna ask if who is your favorite character? like Max who is really in love with Hello Kitty. Thanks! ☺️
A: Spiderman or Batman. Originally Spiderman because he’s always been my crush but Jim claims he *is* Batman so… Siyempre love ko na rin si Batman. Haha.

Q: Hi ate saab! :) please please please suggest books!!! I’ve read the ones you blogged about and they were nice so i trust your judgement! Hehe thanks!
A: Oh thank you!! Yes, just watch out for my Book Club :)

Q: Hi Saab! Your wedding video was one of the best weddings I have ever saw!!! Thank you for proving to me and the whole world that true love exists!!!
A: Awww you’re welcome!!!

Q: Where did you have your giftss registered? :) and how did you tell your guests that you had your wedding gifts registered? :)
A: Rustan’s. We got a lot of the things we wanted. It’s so efficient. We just put a “we are registered at Rustan’s” line on our invitations hehe.

Q: Cheek tint or Powder blush?
A: At the moment, cheek tint.

Q: Hi Saab! How’s it like writing your long name during grade school? Hindi ka ba nahirapan? I got a lot of comments when I gave 3 names for my daughter.
A: I usually have to drop Simone on documents because my whole name doesn’t fit :(

Q: When are you planning to have kids with jim?
A: In about 3-4 years.

Q: What does Jim do for a living?
A: He is the Marketing Head of JB Music and Sports. No, he is NOT JB. Haha. It just so happens those are his initials. Lelz.

Q: Please?
A: Omg…… I think I can start trying next week? I have my food ready this whole week. This is so scary for me but I want to help the animals D: There’s no dairy in beer, right? Lelz jk

Q: whats the best and affordable eyeliner for you? =)
A: L’Oreal’s Super Liner eye pencil has lasted me for so long. It stays on the whole night and doesn’t smudge even when I get sweaty. It’s super small na and about to run out though. I’m about to try K-Palette’s Real Lasting Eyepencil in brown!

Totoo Pala Ang Pag-ibig

Mabibili na ngayon ang pag-ibig! Well, at least cookies made with pag-ibig. Anj Orense, a Culinary Arts graduate, loves to bake for people she loves. She decided to open an online bakery specializing in delicious cookies that taste like they were meticulously made with love. It is aptly called Totoo Pala Ang Pag-ibig.

totoo pala

They sent me a box of their “Mahal-Kita-Pero-Di-Mo-Lang-Alam” cookies




Kinain namin ito ng aking “Totoong Pag-ibig” na si Jim. Sarap, overflowing na ako with pag-ibig hahaha ♥

I wanna share their very funny FAQs which I found on their Facebook page:

Introductory price is 350 pesos per box. 6 big pieces per box. :)
Minimum order is 1 box. We do not sell the cookies per piece.

Happiness. :)) For now, we only offer “Mahal-Kita-Pero-Di-Mo-Lang-Alam*” Cookies. Watch out for new and exciting flavors!

*Mahal-Kita-Pero-Di-Mo-Lang-Alam Cookies: Chewy chocolate chip cookies with brownie filling. :)

PS: Cookies po ang binibenta namin. Hindi gayuma at hindi rin solusyon sa lahat ng problema sa mundo. Pero if the key to his/her heat is through his/her stomach, bakit hindi?

Sa puso ng bawat isa. Charot. <3
Online shop pa lang ang available, but we’re planning on joining bazaars so abangan na lang this.

OKAY RAKENROL! *Apir dito*
Follow this link

Once the order is confirmed, we will send our BDO/BPI Family bank bank details via text (this is for deliveries).
Please send us a picture/ proof of deposit at within 3 days after order confirmation. The order will be automatically cancelled if the said proof of deposit is not yet sent within 3 days. Please also note that we only accommodate orders coursed through our order form.

For grand eyeball/meet-ups, we allow cash on delivery. :)

Please make sure that your cellphone number is correct so we could communicate effectively. Hindi po kami nakikipag-text mate. :))

Orders placed from Friday to Monday are for Wednesday pick-up/ delivery while orders placed from Tuesday to Thursday are for Saturday pick-up/ delivery. The alagads ng pag-ibig (kami yun) will confirm all orders via text message.

We deliver the cookies via Xend. Shipping fee is 50 pesos (Metro Manila) and 100 pesos (provincial). Please expect the cookies to be delivered 1 to 2 days upon payment.

We recommend you consume them within 3 days from delivery.
Pero, if refrigerated it could last for 1 week (stored in an airtight container) within delivery, but still it depends sa temperature ng ref ninyo. :)
If frozen, it could last for 1 week and 3 days.

PS: Putting the cookies in the refrigerator may affect the cookies in terms of texture. However, the taste remains the same–wag nga lang sya itatabi near bonggang bonggang odorous products gaya ng patis, tuyo and all their smelly friends. We suggest that you wait for at least 5 minutes in room temperature (if refrigerated) for the cookies to return to its chewy texture. Kasi ang tunay na pag-ibig, marunong maghintay. Hihi <3

Chewy cookies ang handog namin, Popoy. Pero nagiging less chewy kapag straight from fridge. Kung hindi mo talaga maintay ang 5 minutes in room temp, initin mo na lang. :)

Next question please. Hahaha! Mas madaling initin ang cookies kaysa puso. For Microwave, at least 2-3 minutes syang iinit. For oven toaster, at least 3-5 minutes. Yan ay kung galing ref. From freezer, add at least 2 minutes from the specified time.

This is completely optional. Ang cookies, hindi gaya ng puso. Kaya parin pakinabangan kahit nanlamig basta hindi nagyeyelo. But still, just wait for 5 minutes para maging chewy uli sya if galing sa fridge. :) Better yet, try one (or two, or three) immediately from receiving the cookies. :D

For more questions and clarifications, send us a message or text us at 09279098696. :)

Okay? Mabuhay tayong mga alagad ng pag-ibig (at pagkain!) <3

Thank you so much for the yummy cookies and for making me laugh!! Sobrang cute ng packaging niyo, I think it’s a perfect gift for someone with a sense of humor that you wanna drop a very obvious hint to hehehe. Ikaw? Nakatikim ka na ba ng pag-ibig?


Ask Saab 23

Cheats 2015 / Photo by Jam Velarde
Cheats 2015 / Photo by Jam Velarde

Note: The following questions were asked in February 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: hi saab! I so love your wedding. Its exceptional. My daughter’s name is saab by the way. She’s a 4-year old sweet little girl and pretty like you
A: Omg CUTE!! Thank you!!:)

Q: why did you choose baguio as your venue? :)
A: Honestly? I sweat easily so I wanted it to be cold. Haha.

Q: Bakit hate ka ni jim dati?
A: Kasi hindi niya ako girlfriend. LELZ

Q: I don’t mean to offend you but isn’t it a bit awkward that your ex-boyfriend (Mikko SP) was there in your wedding? Haha!
A: Not at the very least. We’ve been hanging out with him for years, we have his blessing (not that we need it but it’s nice that we do). I didn’t think it was a big deal and it goes to show my ex-boyfriends don’t hate me. All the more reason for Jim to love me, diba?! Hehehe.

Q: Hi Saab! What book are you currently reading? :)
A: The Pocket Wife

Q: How do you stay in love with each other? What was the worst fight you both got into and how did you manage to get out of it?
A: The only real fight we got in was when he went on an overnight trip for work and he was updating me so much (without my requirement ha!!) and then he suddenly stopped at around 4pm. It got me so worried and upset when I realized he hadn’t replied to me for about 6 hours already. And then I got angry because I thought it was the most inconsiderate thing ever!!! I went all psycho mode and called the hotel he stayed in at around 3am, woke him up, SHOUTED AT HIM BECAUSE HE WAS ANNOYED PA THAT I CALLED AND WOKE UP HIS ROOM MATE. Hahaha. I’m not sorry. Malay ko ba kung buhay pa siya noh?? I broke up with him and we didn’t talk to each other for a total of one and a half days. Anyway, it was a misunderstanding because he thought I was being inconsiderate and not thinking of him and his work but I was angry because he totally FORGOT about me. It’s understandable that his phone died, and he was busy running around fixing the program for their event and being so tired he passed out right after. But still, I mean it’s so easy to borrow your officemate’s phone and let me know you had no more battery kaysa almost 12 hours na walang update when I’m used to the opposite. Siyempre I felt so small. He ended up apologizing profusely and he has more than made up for it. The thing is, I wouldn’t have gotten upset if he wasn’t really the updating type. So, yeah, try not to do the same to your girlfriend. Haha. We made up after one day and he proposed to me a couple of months after.

Q: Hi Ms. Saab! Can you give me some advices on how I can improve my blog? I mean how can I start gaining readers? How can I make my blog post appealing?
A: I feel like you need to be appealing in real life before you can start working on attracting blog followers! Diba?:)

Q: Hi! Do you use baby powder on your face? ^_^
A: No

Q: Hey Saab! Could you do a post about Public Displays of TOO MUCH affection? I’d like to know your thoughts about it. Thank you very much! :)
A: I always think “get a room!!” with others but I end up always being PDA with Jim hahahaha. I always say “sorry, we’re on our honeymoon” to save face. :p

Q: hi ate saab :) im charlene. im your fan :) paano po ako makakajoin ng band kasabay po ng study ko because im only 13 :) thanks :)
A: What instrument do you play? Keep practicing your craft, maybe when you’re in 3rd or 4th year high school you can start practicing with friends after you do your homework :)

Q: what’s the model of your prada bag? bn2106 or bn2541? Thanks!
A: OMG hindi ko talaga alam. Basta it looks exactly like the one in this photo :)

Q: Hi saab! I was just curious, what’s your day job aside from blogging? :)
A: My day job used to be acting but I’ve taken a break from that. I am going to have a radio show very soon :) I figured I really needed a day job to keep myself disciplined. I easily lose focus :p

Q: Hi! I’m an avid reader and silent fan. I would like to know what YA books fascinate you recently? Thanks!
A: Just check my BOOK CLUB section regularly!:D

Q: Hi Saab! Turning to be an Avid Reader & Fan here (I MEAN IT!) =) Actually, my hubby is one of your long lost relative (hehehe) here in Negros Occident
A: Oh cool! Nice to have you here :)

Q: Really love the pics! You mentioned that you only adjust the temperature of your photos. Do you also adjust the brightness and contrast?
A: Not anymore!

Q: Saab!!! What was your wedding march song? I heard before that Jim wanted La Vie En Rose but I kinda wished na sana Evening Sun by TS!
A: Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty played by a string quartet :)

Q: Hey! Loved your wedding video! What’s your fav Julian Casablancas song? How abt your fav Strokes song (other than Evening Sun hehe)
A: Hard question… What Ever Happened, Barely Legal, Someday, Take It Or Leave It… I can’t decide

Q: Hi Saab! :) Anong perfume ginagamit mo?
A: As of the moment I’ve been using Gucci Guilty :)

Q: Hello Saabae <3 Gusto ko din magpakulay ng hair na katulad ng sayo kaso lang, hindi tayo magkasing puti! Nakakaloka! Hehe :))) Bagay kaya sakin? But a
A: Try it!! Ask your hairstylist :) Also, sorry pero may 150-character limit yata yung question box ko!!

Q: Hi saab! When and where your band will release the EP album? Im so exited. Labyu

Q: Who is your favorite hero in DOTA? :)
A: Drow Ranger!!

Q: What is the shade of MAC lipstick you used on your wedding day?
A: Please Me :)

Q: hi saab! if it’s okay, could you introduce all members of your band and how it started? :)
A: I feel like this calls for a blog post hahaha!

Q: hi saab! I have to ask you this, haha! ((: because I am a huge fan of yours, esp your style! ano mas bet mo, palladium boots or doc martens? hehe! (:
A: I like both, can’t really choose!

Q: Hi Saab girl, i’m so happy to see your gayfriends on your wedding- bridesmaids ba sila?kelan mo naging superfriends ang mga becks? love u from Gensan
A: Yes, they were bridesmaids. Been friends since college :)

Q: why did you choose baguio as your venue? :) ang ganda ng wedding! simply yet classy :)
A: Cos I like it cold! Thanks :)

Q: Been obsessing with your brows! What eyebrow pencil do you use? and what shade? :)
A: MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in Deep Brunette :D

Q: Hi ate Saab! I love your laidback style. Where do you usually buy your clothes? and what are your key pieces/must haves?
A: Hi! I like shorts, sneakers, flowy tops, dresses, boots. I usually buy my clothes from Topshop because they fit me well. I feel like they understand girls with hips. Lelz.

Q: how are you as a Catholic?
A: I want to go to mass every Sunday but I miss some. Jim and I pray together every single night. I don’t know how to answer this question.

Q: Hi! This is Jeka (butingtings) Wala lang. Gusto ko lang sabihin na ang saya saya ko for you. Sobrang crayola ako sa wedding video mo. im happy for you
A: Hi Jeka!!! Hahaha thank you :)

Adopting/Sponsoring A Pet

My friend has been wanting to get a new dog because he can’t get his 6-year-old dog to get along with his cat. He’s been trying for a week to get them to hang out but he’s afraid his Jack Terrier might be a little too rough for his Rag Doll cat. They are both very cute and it breaks my heart for the dog to be just sent to my friend’s mom’s home while his cat stays with him in his condo. After persistent nagging on my part, he’s agreed to give his dog one more week to be buddies with his cat. Okay, “buddies” might be pushing it. We just want his dog to not want to murder his cat.

His other option is to buy a dog with a budget of around Php25,000. This drives me nuts! I’ve been talking to him about adopting one instead of buying because of so many reasons!! I mean, just look at cutie pie Amanda Seyfried and how obsessed she is with her own rescue pet, Finn!

A photo posted by Amanda Seyfried (@mingey) on

happy 5th birthday, my guy. you’ve surpassed me in dog years. #thankgodforyou A photo posted by Amanda Seyfried (@mingey) on

I’ve been pushing my friend to adopt instead of purchasing one because it’s only right to give a homeless dog his love. Here are some reasons why you should adopt instead of buying a pet (via

  • You’re getting more for your money if you get a mixed breed. A mixed-breed animal is likely to live longer and cost less in vet bills than a pure breed. Many purebred dogs are prone to developing health problems ranging from breathing difficulties to hip dysplasia to an enlarged heart.
  • A pet purchased from a pet store is a complete unknown. And, once you walk out of the store, you are on your own – most pet stores don’t provide any support if you have questions or problems with your new pet. When you adopt, especially from a rescue group, you know what you are getting because the group has a history on the animal. The rescue group will also help you through the familiarization period because they are invested in providing a good home for that animal.
  • When you adopt a pet, you are saving a life. When you buy a pet, you not only deny a homeless pet a home, you are supporting an industry that thrives on shortchanging the welfare of animals. Puppy and kitten mills (which sell to pet stores) are in business to make a profit, so they churn out puppies and kittens as fast as they can. These animals are often in ill health and have problems like poor socialization skills due to lack of human companionship and genetic defects due to inbreeding.
  • You get just as much love (if not more). An adopted pet is every bit as loving, intelligent and loyal as a purchased pet, even if you get an adult or older animal.
  • When you adopt a pet from a rescue organization or adoption facility, you free up space for another homeless, abandoned, or stray pets. Your actions, while they may seem small to you, are part of the ultimate answer to the great and growing problem of homeless animals in the Philippines.

Admittedly, my Joey Bear was not adopted. She was a generous birthday gift from my sister. After thanking her a million times, I told her off about giving pets as gifts and she’s promised never to do it again. I have to admit she hit the jackpot gifting me with Joey because I am so in love and we’re so meant to be!!

“Mom, stop, you’re embarrassing me”

A photo posted by Saabelly & #JoeyBear (@saabmagalona) on

I will forever be grateful to Maxx for giving me my bear. I never thought I was ready to have a pet until I had Joey. Since then I’ve been wanting to share our love with a new dog — unfortunately, I don’t really have the space or time for another one. That’s why I was so happy to find that there was something else I could do. CARA Welfare Philippines allows you to sponsor a pet if you want to help but can’t adopt one.

Last January 2014, I mentioned on my blog that I started sponsoring this dog named Skyflakes for an entire year. It only cost a little over a thousand each month which I paid in full at the start of my sponsorship. I was promised regular updates via e-mail about my pet’s progress but I never received any. That was pretty disappointing but I guess I can’t really complain since they’re doing so much for these animals already.

I decided to check up on my sponsored pet, Skyflakes. This is what he looked like in October 2013.

This is the most non-graphic photo of his previous condition :(
This is the most non-graphic photo of his previous condition :(

Click here if you want to see more of what he looked like before. This is what he transformed into after 9 months:




How wonderful is this?!?!? It makes me cry every time I see the difference I made along with Skyflakes’ other supporters.

He was adopted last November 2014. I am so so happy for Skyflakes.


I’m still crossing my fingers about my friend’s dog and cat getting along after this week but if things are really impossible, I won’t stop pushing for adoption instead of purchasing one!

If you’re interested in adopting a pet, and in turn saving an animal’s life, you can learn more from the local animal welfare groups CARA (Compassion And Welfare for Animals) or PAWS (The Philippine Animal Welfare Society). Both groups have been successfully rescuing, rehabilitating, and adopting out animals into loving homes for years.

Saab & Joey

Tokyo Tokyo Bento Festival

Back when I was in college, Tokyo Tokyo was always my go-to place for quick meals with my friends. My best friend Marquis and I totally pigged out on their unli-rice, I’ve even got pictures to prove it but I’d rather not because it’s totally shameless. Hahaha! And their red iced tea!! Come on, who doesn’t love Tokyo Tokyo’s red iced tea?! Their bento meals filled our tummies without emptying our wallets.

A Tokyo Tokyo Bento Meal is made up of one main dish, unlimited rice, vegetable misono, dessert, miso soup and my beloved red iced tea. You’ve probably already tasted their signature flavors — Pork Tonkatsu, Beef Misono, Prawn Tempura, Chicken Karaage, Honey Chicken Teriyaki and Best Chicken Teriyaki.

This year, Tokyo Tokyo is having a Bento Festival to introduce two new flavors: the Grilled Pork Teriyaki and Chicken & Ham Katsu!

Tokyo Tokyo Bento Festival

I’ve tried them myself and OMG guys, ang sarap in fairness!!


1-piece a la carte: Php139 / 1-piece bento: Php194 / 2-piece a la carte: 229 / 2-piece bento: 284

Think of the Grilled Pork Teriyaki Bento as a Japanese version of liempo. It’s grilled to perfection and glazed with Tokyo Tokyo’s signature sweet and savory teriyaki sauce.

A la carte: 169 / Bento: 224

If you want a crunch in every bite, the Chicken & Ham Katsu Bento is the one you should order. Medyo nag-agawan kami ni Jim dito. Hahaha! Its crunchy chicken katsu with ham and cream cheese is coated with Japanese bread crumbs!

I have to say, sobrang BENTA sa akin ng new BENTO flavors… I’ll pause right here while you chuckle at that witty remark… Chos. Anyway, give the new flavors a try and share your Tokyo Tokyo food trip experience online thru Facebook (tokyotokyophilippines), Twitter (@tokyotokyoPHL) or Instagram (@tokyotokyophilippines) and use the hashtag #TokyoTokyo!

Domo Arigato,

Group Study

group study

Happy to say that Cheats is going on a school tour with some of our favorite bands! Group Study takes Cheats, Flying Ipis, Assembly Generals, Imago, Pedicab and Sandwich to your schools! But, as Cheats guitarist Jason Caballa says, it won’t just be about the music:

In the original sense of the term, Group Study also promises to be an educational, worthwhile experience, as it will also feature talks and forums facilitated by Pinoy visionaries and geniuses, including filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, photographers, fashion designers, online personalities, and other tastemakers and trendsetters who have changed the face of our cultural scene in varying degrees, but all for the better. Our aim is to promote nationalism on a scholastic level by inspiring students to support local music, art, and other products of Pinoy creativity, and perhaps rousing something within them to create something as well. And, of course, to give the kids a superb rock show in their own campus. (via

All well and good but MOST importantly: I want to share the behind-the-scenes photos from our shoot 2 Sundays ago. Lelz. These photos were taken with Pedicab kaossilator master RA Rivera’s phone and Cheats road manager Jam Velarde’s camera.

We all met up at UP Shopping Center at 3PM. Medyo haggard because the previous night was JB Music’s Battle of the Bars finale night (congratulations again to Saguijo and B-side for winning 1million worth of band equipment each!!). We were all pretty much hungover. Or at least I was. Hehe. The boys were told to wear white polos and there was no specific dress code for the girls so I just wore a plaid skirt para school girl-ish pa rin.

Manny and his girlfriend Janelle, me with my husband from grade school
Manny and his girlfriend Janelle, me with my husband from grade school

Pero nainggit ako when Mayumi of Imago (and Cheats guitarist Mau’s girlfriend — IKR, so cute) arrived in full school girl mode. Hahaha! I didn’t know we were taking it this seriously!! I borrowed our drummer Enzo’s old school uniform and Myrene of Sandwich offered to lend me an extra pair of knee high socks.

Waiting for our turn
Waiting for our turn
Selfie galore!! Hi, Mayumi!
Selfie galore!! Hi, Mayumi!
With the school heart throb, our drummer Enzo
With the school heart throb, our drummer Enzo
With Jim, who obviously LOVES taking selfies
With Jim, who obviously LOVES taking selfies
He cut his hair after this shoot. Hahaha.
He cut his hair after this shoot. Hahaha.
There was dirty ice cream on the set. Ahh, keso <3
There was dirty ice cream on the set. Ahh, keso <3

When it was our turn, we had no concept ready. Candy couldn’t make it because she injured her back while jumping around on stage the night before #TitaProblems. Hahahaha. She’s okay now so I can laugh about it, okay!?!? Anyway, we just thought of things school kids like doing.

Of course
Of course. The cat didn’t want to take a selfie because it was too cool for it.
Someone said, "let's pretend we're watching porn" - I felt pretty out of place. Lelz.
Someone said, “let’s pretend we’re watching porn” – I felt pretty out of place. Lelz. There’s a pussy right there, guys.
Checking out a classmate
Checking out a classmate
Beating up Manny -- we are the worst
Beating up Manny — we are the worst

We had so much fun taking photos, I can’t wait to see the finished ones. We also took a couple of promotional videos!


I’ll post them here once they’re out! We’re definitely going to have more fun at the actual gigs, that’s for sure.

The first leg of the Group Study tour happens on June 26 at the University of Makati. The second leg happens on July 27 at National University. “Like” Group Study on Facebook and follow the Twitter account for updates. If you want to bring Group Study to your school, e-mail