Listen: Cheats – Headfoam

Listen to our latest track, we released it last week as a Christmas gift to our followers! Our album comes out early next year. Woohoo! Thanks so much to our management LockedDown Entertainment & our producer Ely Buendia.

It takes a lot of guidance
When in shock from the silence
I didn’t know, I couldn’t see

There’s a life vest in my room
Guess the dust meant I was screwed
I didn’t know that I could sink

Slowly they leave
Slowly they’ll leave
But I’m not gonna beg for a second try

Cause I tried my best to turn you off
So she didn’t do this to me, It’s all me

It took a session with a ghost
For me to see
That I had everything I sought
So I’ll take this alone here now
In sleep, we don’t know
Who’s wrong, who has more


Boo You Whore: My Amazing Bachelorette Party

I had arguably the best bachelorette party ever. The only request I had was to forego a male stripper because it would just make me very uncomfortable. Not because I’m a prude who can’t poke fun at sexual things but because I know for a fact everybody is just going to laugh and go “yuck” at the stripper and kawawa naman, diba?!?

My friend Cholo made a very good point months ago when I brought this up. I said I really didn’t want anything wild and just wanted to relax with my girl friends. He said that the point of a bachelor/bachelorette party was to go really hard as a motherfff to the point that you will wake up the next morning being so OVER the whole wild phase and thanking your lucky stars for your betrothed. It made sense so I was already game for anything. Maxx, my maid of honor, told me to block off December 17 for the party and wear pink.

Lauren picked me up that night and we passed by for Candy. Wait, mag-kwento lang ako nang mabilis: the original plan was for me to pick up Candy and we’d go together. Candy called me up and asked, “Are you driving later? Because I need to blindfold you as soon as you pick me up.” HAHAHA. So tawang tawa ako kasi anong plano niya kung magddrive nga ako?! Haha! Buti nalang Lauren finished taping early so she could pick us both up :))

So there I was, blindfolded in the car, ready to have a good night of fun with my girls!


I’d never been blindfolded before and once I got out of the car, I was kind of freaking out. Hahaha. They allowed me to peek a little bit at the ground because I was walking so slow haha. Once we got to the elevator though, I was led straight to a room where Adrianne put a sash and headband on me before I took my blindfold off! Once I took it off, they all shouted BOO, YOU WHORE! and popped some confetti!!!


boo you whore

First things first, group photo!!

Sobrang tinakpan ni Candy si ate Mia! Haha!

Sa sobrang career ni Maxx about the theme, it was held on a Wednesday because..


I think Martin was going for Janis Ian, DYKE. Hahaha! So I was given a tour to better appreciate the effort that went into throwing such a fabulous party.

Maxx borrowed our cute little chalkboard from our Antipolo home (see: Arkin and Clara’s names scribbled all over it! Cute!) to write down the night’s program


It pays to have a brilliant artist friend so she can make an amazing sign with only a day’s notice!!


Thank you so much, CJ!!!


Gusto sumali ni Adrianne hahaha
Gusto sumali ni Adrianne hahaha

Cara Mang and the balloons!



They got me a cake made out of frickin rainbows and smiles!!


A wall full of Mean Girls quotes!



They left me a sweet note on the mirror using lipstick (gusto niyo yung feel na feel ko yung sash and crown ko?!)


A tub of drinks!


Thank you so much, Maxx!!



You can’t sit with us!! Megan was sick (OR SO SHE SAYS haha umover sa BOO YOU WHORE na theme?!) so she couldn’t make it


The first part of the program was called AARON SAMUELS. They made it seem like they were bringing out a stripper from the 2nd room, we were all pretty stressed about it!! Nyko said, “since the Mean Girls had Aaron Samuels, we also have a boy for you tonight. He’s tall, white, handsome…” And then Lauren came out holding an Aaron Samuels poster!! Hahahaha! They put a bull’s eye on his thingy and Nyko gave us all pixelated pink penises (Japanese daw kaya pixelated haha).

What the…

They picked out 5 girls (including myself) to pin the penis on the poster

DSC04162 DSC04163 DSC04168

The closest pin to the bull’s eye would win and not have to take a shot of tequila.

My friend AJ won so the rest of us had to take shots haha


AJ & Cara Mang
AJ & Cara Mang
Chelo & Janna
Chelo & Janna
Mar & Iya
Mar & Iya

Lauren has a lot of selfies cos she was taking the photos using my camera. Kawawa naman kung wala siyang pictures diba?? Haha!

DSC04187 DSC04198

Thanks for coming guysss!!!

Ate Mia
Cara Tan
Cara Tan
Pin the Penis! Bakit nag-shot rin si AJ?? Haha!
Pin the Penis! Bakit nag-shot rin si AJ?? Haha!


Mang and Mikko
Mang and Mikko

In classic Mean Girls fashion, we had to make out with hotdogs in order to cross out the next part of the program: “HOT” Body

made out with a hotdog



I will not post any more photos from this game because they are not very flattering and the other girls will kill me hahaha. ANYWAY, I won the game haha. Basta pagkain, gowww!

Losers take shots!


My guests were truly an ARMY OF SKANKS because they really set out to get me drunk with the next game. We had a “POP quiz” where I had to pop condoms with questions inside.


They asked Jim all 15 questions and I had to give the same exact answer or else I’d have to take a shot. Otherwise, the rest of my guests would drink.

This game kind of killed me because ang hirap ng questions and grabe sila ka-sama!! For example, one question was Where did you meet? and I said ATENEO CAFETERIA. Can you believe they forced me to drink because Jim said ATENEO CAMPUS. Hahaha NAKAKAINIS. Lauren admitted to me that she was giving me double shots all along so yes of course I got VERY drunk but I don’t regret it because it was my bachelorette party and it was an amazing send off!!

My ate Unna is my Matron of Honor but couldn’t make it because she’s pregnant! She made me a BURN BOOK instead. A scrap book full of photos of my girl friends with messages beside each photo. SO SWEET!!!!!! I love it so much!!


The rest of the night was for dancing, eating, and laughing!!








Can’t remember what I was talking about but it sure looks like I confused the heck out of Candy hahaha




Nyko my love


Minnie Gone Wild!


Love you girls!!



Thanks again, Lo, for taking these photos!!


I know I’ll never have a bachelorette party again but girls’ nights out are something I definitely missed! Will be sure to make time for these guys even when I’m already married xxx


P.S. Maxx, Lauren, Iya, Marquis and I slept over. The next day when we were leaving, the bell boy carried the chalkboard across the street in Makati with a huge penis drawn on it. HAHA. It was too late when we realized it. Kakahiya but OH WELL. Ang saya!! I encourage you to have your own Mean Girls inspired party!:)

EAT, BUY, TRY: Mrs. Graham’s

Hey guys, I’m happy to announce that my segment Sabi ni Saab (lol) is back for another season of Taste Buddies! Fun!! So I had my first taping day last Friday and one of the locations we checked out was Mrs. Graham’s on Sct. Rallos st. QC, a bakery that specializes in macarons!

It’s such a cute and cozy place, I tell ya!




Here’s what it looks like from outside. That’s our segment producer ate Em, standing in for me to check for blocking!


Mrs. Graham (that’s her actual married name, how perfect for a baker???) makes us look bad by being a baker and a crafty wife. Plus, she’s a regulation hottie who has a kid at 27. Hahaha. Na-pressure naman ako matuto magluto at maging mas crafty AND magka-anak. Charot. Look at these macaron hanging lamps she made from old electric fans!!!


Mrs. Graham’s has got a great sweets selection



They’ve also consigned other home-based bakers to sell their sweets at their shop! Like these cupcakes by Sweet Cheeks.

Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes by Sweet Cheeks
Chocolate Yema Cupcakes by Sweet Cheeks


We featured their special Christmas edition macarons for the episode.


Gingerbread Reindeer
Gingerbread Reindeer
Peppermint. Those are crushed candy canes on the side!
Peppermint. Those are crushed candy canes on the side!

All around the store, you can find quirky items. They did a very good job of paying attention to detail.


Their sign for a co-ed bathroom
Games you can borrow!


Mrs. Graham’s is a supporter of small local arts and crafts companies so they have a corner dedicated to crafty products!

I’m obsessed with these comic wallets and pouches by Krafty Pirate!!!






Hodge Podge keychains




MT washi tape


Thank you so much to Chris and Anna Graham for letting us feature their bakery!



EAT: Gingerbread Reindeer Macaron
BUY: Krafty Pirates wallet for P150
TRY: Chocolate Yema cupcakes from Sweet Cheeks

You can visit Mrs. Graham’s Bakery at 51C, Scout Rallos St., Barangay Laging Handa, QC.


If you want to see Sabi ni Saab on Taste Buddies, watch it every Saturday on GMA News TV (channel 11) at 8:45pm. Belle Daza changed networks and had to leave the show so Solenn Heussaff‘s newest Taste Buddy is the amazing Iya Villania! Please support the show and let us know if you have any restaurant you want us to feature. ;)

TOBLERONE: The Gift That Wows

The popular Christmas song says it’s the season to be jolly. But what if the season comes with horrible traffic and empty wallets?! You can lessen the Christmas stress by making a list, checking it twice, and having your gifts all planned out before going out to get it. You’ve got to find a gift that can WOW your loved ones yet still be easy on your wallet. I’ve got just the suggestion for you!

When I think about it, the best gifts I’ve received are always either edible or personalized. This year, Toblerone puts those two factors together as they bring back their personalized packs for every person on your list! We’re all a little bit naughty & nice and we deserve a bit of chocolate if we’re going to sit through family gatherings with our titas poking us – both literally and figuratively – to ask about our love lives. Haha!!


There are 13 different messages and terms of endearment you can choose from! I call Jim my BUNNY (hehe) and I’ll definitely wow him with this personalized Toblerone pack! I’m giving it right after I post this haha! Here are examples of some of the not-so-typical Christmas greetings and fun designs Toblerone has to offer:

  • Hey Bestie, Wishing you more quality time with your friends (hint hint)
  • Hey Officemate, May your Christmas break remain uninterrupted by calls from the office.
  • Hey Mr. Workaholic, Let’s celebrate Christmas break by actually taking a break.
  • Hey Girl, I wish for you to stay fabulous through early morning masses and late-night parties.
  • For My Bro, ‘Tis the season to chill and be merry!
  • Hi Love, Wishing you unli-hugs this season

Of course if you have a special pet name for your loved one, you can have it personalized at any of the Toblerone mall hubs nationwide. That’s what I did for my bunny!

Here’s a list of malls with Toblerone gift hubs: Eastwood, Festival Mall, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Landmark Makati, Landmark Trinoma, PPCI Fairview Terraces, PPCI Mojito, Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Las Piñas, Robinsons Metroeast, SM BF Homes, SM Bicutan, SM Cubao, SM Fairview, SM Harrison Plaza, SM Manila, SM Marikina, SM Megamall, SM MOA, SM North Edsa, SM Novaliches, SM San Lazaro, SM Southmall, SM Sta. Mesa, SM Taytay, Trinoma, Waltermart Makati and Waltermart North Edsa

You can get them in the 100g packs in five of Toblerone’s yummy flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, crunchy almonds, and snowtop) and in the 200g and 400g packs in milk chocolate. The classic milk chocolate has always been my personal fave.

You can get these special Toblerone packs from supermarkets and Gift Hubs found in malls nationwide, and from select 7-11 stores. You should go to the Gift Hubs found in many malls. Put your loved one’s special name on a special Toblerone for a special wow gift. You can do it this weekend at Bonifacio High Street when you visit the special Toblerone Gift Hub that’ll be there to personalize your Christmas gifts!

For more information on where you can get them, visit


You can also join the Toblerone Witty Messages promo to get a chance to win special gift packs! Every week until December 18, Toblerone Pilipinas will feature a Toblerone character on their Facebook and Twitter (@Toblerone_PH) accounts. Just publicly share the character together with your very own witty message to your loved one! Five winners are chosen every week and announced every Friday.

Who will you WOW this festive season with Toblerone?:)

2014: TV Shows I Watched

I LOVE TELEVISION. I get so invested in my TV series that I can’t just watch something and stop watching it altogether. So here are the TV series I watched this year split into three categories. Don’t worry, I tried not to give any spoilers. Hahaha!


silicon valley

This category is for TV shows that are so good, I have to watch them with Jim (and vice versa) or we’ll get pissed off if one of us watches it without the other. Haha. It’s nothing crazy, we just like to discuss our shows, ok?!?

  • Game of Thrones Season 4UGH. GO ARYA.
  • MasterChef Season 5 - We are big fans of the show and this season I was rooting for Leslie and Elizabeth, while Jim had a huge crush on Courtney. I was so annoyed by Courtney and how cocky she was from the very start.
  • Grey’s Anatomy Season 8We’re so late in the game but OMG we’re not ashamed to say we both love this show hahaha. You love and hate the characters and this season, Meredith seems to be extra lovable.
  • Modern Family Season 6 Still love this family.
  • Orange is The New Black Season 2Season 3 please come sooner.
  • Parks & Recreation Season 6I can’t believe the next season will be the last one!!! I will miss you so much, Leslie Knope!
  • Silicon ValleyThis was a really good show! Can’t wait for more! It’s about a group of nerds trying to make the next big thing in the world of apps and technology haha.
  • Mad Men Season 7Rooting for Peggy and I’m so sad because I love Meagan Draper.


Pretty Little Liars S03E24 Season Finale 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-HKD

Stuff I watch and keep in the background while I’m surfing the web, washing the dishes, etc. It’s mostly girly stuff I can watch without Jim haha. I’ve tried to force these shows on my other girl friends just so I have other people to talk to about it haha.

  • Downton Abbey Season 5 – This show continues to fascinate me with their first world problems. Hehe.
  • The Mindy Project Season 2 – OMG I just found out that season 3 is out WTF. Hahaha will start watching it now. Season 2 was so much funnier that the first season and I’m so happy because I love Mindy Kaling!
  • How To Get Away With Murder – Another Shonda Rhimes hit. It’s not as exciting as Scandal but it sure kept me guessing! Viola Davis stars as a law school professor with very attractive students hahaha.
  • Jane The Virgin – I reaaaaally liked this show! It’s about a virgin who gets artificially inseminated by accident. So funny and I like that it doesn’t try so hard. Jane also reminds me of my grade school seat mate. I wonder where she is now.
  • Marry Me – When Happy Endings got canceled, it broke my heart. Funny girl Penny Hartz (Casey Wilson) married Happy Endings creator David Caspe and went off to star in his new show about a new marriage. K lang siya. I only like the lead characters, everybody else seems so fake. I’ve only watched `til the 3rd episode though. Maybe it gets better?
  • Revenge Season 4Emily’s face is so peg-able. And I’m still super in love with Daniel! What the heck is happening with this series?? I love everybody and don’t want anyone to take the fall for all of their shit. Go Victoria Grayson!
  • Scandal Season 4I am so into this show hahaha. Ang ganda ganda mo, Olivia Pope!!
  • Pretty Little Liars Season 5 – OMG, Mona!!
  • Devious Maids Season 2 – Hahaha I watched Season 1 and 2 this year and I got hooked. Created by Marc Cherry and produced by Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives so it’s got a lot of those elements that made DH really fun to watch.
  • Mistresses Season 2 – I watched the first two seasons of this and I’m not sure I’d still watch the next seasons. I’m just mesmerized by that Asian girl who played Sun in my favorite TV show LOST.
  • Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons – Can’t stay away from these girls.



  • The LeftoversFrom Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof. Need to watch this HBO show.
  • Penny Dreadful – Is this any good? I just know Josh Hartnett and Eva Green are in it.
  • Gotham – I need to get on this!!! Jim Gordon tries to figure out who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents.
  • A to Z – They say this romantic comedy is really good. It stars the mother from How I Met Your Mother, Christin Milloti. No idea what it’s about.
  • Black-ish – This has gotten good reviews and has been likened to Modern Family.
  • True Detective – I know. I know.
  • Orphan Black – I’m intrigued.

What did you watch this year? I feel like I’m missing some shows!

JB Music at 40: The Music Industry’s 40 Most Influential

As some of you may already know, my boyfriend fiancé has one of the coolest jobs as Marketing Head of JB Music. That means he gets to be around musicians and instruments all the time. He does an exceptionally great job at it because he’s marketing something he actually loves: MUSIC. It makes me so happy when he’s happy!

So when JB Music decided to throw a huge party to celebrate their 40 years in the industry, I was one of the first people unofficially invited thanks to Jim! JB Music celebrated by honoring 40 of the music industry’s most influential because they believe they wouldn’t even exist without the Filipino musikero. I was then officially invited when I found out that my dad was part of the list and I was to accept his award.

The event was held at Valkyrie, The Palace. It was, of course, my first time there because I don’t go clubbing haha! It was a REALLY beautiful space!


My handsome hubba hubba hubby-to-be hehe


At the start of the night, they awarded their top dealers!


Then they went on to award the 40 Most Influential in batches of 10. One of the awardees performed from each batch and the first one to grace the stage was Ebe Dancel!


Our table buddies – Ely Buendia, his brother, and his manager Day Cabuhat


Next up was The Dawn and they gratuitously performed Salamat for all of us!


It was nice seeing Erica dela Cruz of Sony Philippines, Raymund Marasigan, and Rico Blanco


My date for the night since Jim had to run around to make sure everything was going well.

Love you, Candyyy

And then I had to do some fan girl moments just because.

With 3/4 of The Eraserheads
Armi Millare
Jett Pangan
Jett Pangan
Mike Elgar and Mark Escueta

The last 2 photos were taken after I had some scotch, I remember telling Mark Escueta, “I looove Jolina!! Pls tell her I love her!!” Hahahahahahaha kakahiya

Congratulations to JB Music on a very successful party!

Greyhoundz and a photobomber!
The girls of LockedDown (Toni B., Candy and I) with our former Road Manager Kaka! She’s now with Rivermaya and we like to tease her for leaving us haha!
With Jean Fernando, daughter of JB Music founders, Jesus & Elizabeth Fernando
With Jean Fernando, daughter of JB Music founders, Jesus & Elizabeth Fernando
Rayms and the sliders
Rayms and the sliders
DJ Tony Toni and Erica
DJ Tony Toni and Erica

I tried on Erica’s Sony jacket because it’s super cool. It took a million tries to achieve a fashion blogger pose hahaha


We SUPER wanted to eat the sliders


But Candy advised us to eat only the meat and leave the bread behind so we wouldn’t be so guilty. That’s exactly what we did.



Thank you so much for an amazing night, JB Music!! Rayms and I had so much fun that we ended up exchanging each other’s awards to take home (I accepted my dad’s award on his behalf). Haha! Okay lang, sabi namin friends forever naman kami.


Here’s what Jim said when I asked what JB Music has planned for the coming year:

We plan on having a stronger connection with our customers. Recently, we’ve had more customer interaction with our online community. Next year, we plan on launching our official JB Music Youtube channel for content and interaction. At the same time, our website will be renovated and will allow customers to order and have items delivered straight to their homes.

Follow JB Music on Facebook because they’ve got amazing promos for the holidays!

Click through for the full list of JB Music at 40: The Music Industry’s 40 Most Influential.

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Have A Nuffie Christmas!

I’ve been with Nuffnang officially for 4 years now. For those of you who have no idea what Nuffnang is (and I assume that’s because you don’t have a blog of your own), think of blogs as celebrities and Nuffnang as their manager/handler. Nuffnang gets us writing jobs, advertisements, and fun events to cover. For the better part of my four years with the company, I was mostly in touch with only one person from the company. Sadly, she left the company late last year and I was forced to go outside of my comfort zone and talk to new people. I know it’s hard to believe but I am really bad at social events. I literally sweat just thinking of having to go to an event alone especially because it usually means I need to walk in heels, brush my hair, and make eye contact with people I have never met.

Thankfully, my social anxiety has gotten better over the years. I’m still very shy though and I try to get out of every social event I can because I know I’ll just make a bad impression – how could I not with the uncomfortable “hehe” I reply whenever someone asks me “how are you?” Oh God, I could go on and on but I’d rather talk about our annual dinner party that happened last Thursday.

I went to last year’s party with Jim and we didn’t exactly make new friends because he’s just as shy as I am. When he told me he couldn’t make it to this year’s party, I was ready to send my regrets to the group until my BFF Nyko sent me a text asking if I was going! YES! Nyko was the best date to bring to a dinner party (Jim agrees haha)!

At a denim party, wear denim. #DineAtVyne #NNCMDinner

A photo posted by Saab & Joey (@saabmagalona) on

It was a GREAT party. I’m so thankful for our country manager, Abe Olandres, for being so approachable and inspiring when it comes to building communities through blogging.

My night’s highlights:

The food! It was my first time to dine at Vyne and I was impressed!

I was awarded top earner of the year alongside David Guison and Victor Basa (Abe’s Yugatech blog doesn’t count because he’s the country manager hahaha!)

Vic and Abe
Vic and Abe

Our table won the name-that-song game because I’d had a bit to drink and was as overly-competitive as Tracy Flick on election day haha

Table 5!
Table 5!

Exchanged ideas with other bloggers — I was advised to definitely get an intern a.k.a. blogger apprentice to help me out so yeah I’ll need one very soon haha!


Nyko won best dressed of the night as I predicted!! Haha he also did some impromptu hosting

If you hadn't already guessed, the theme of the night was Denim Fever!
If you hadn’t already guessed, the theme of the night was Denim Fever!

Danced the night away with my fellow Nuffies and taught them some silly dance moves!

Fail blurry photo at the after party at Hyve haha
Fail blurry photo at the after party at Hyve haha

It was definitely a night to remember! If any of you are reading this: you guys were all so nice and smiley that I felt so comfortable! I know you weren’t doing it for me but I would just like to thank you for making me realize meeting new people doesn’t have to be such a pain – you’ve made me more confident in a way. Hoping to make up for the past years I’ve been so quiet! Also, I will always make sure Nyko is by my side when there’s another Nuffnang event. ;)

Join our community by signing up with Nuffnang!

Take Part in Levi’s Customization Shop!

Best known for its form-flattering denims, Levi’s has found a way to make you even more comfortable in your jeans. The brand held a pop-up customization shop last weekend at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium where I was luckily invited to!


TRIVIA: The Levi’s 501 Original Fit Jeans started it all for the brand. They are dubbed as ‘the original button fly jean.’ Kung ganoon, I dub myself ‘the original unbuttoned fly girl’ as exhibited in the photo below (huwag ka nang kumontra).


I was invited to the event last Sunday together with model & entrepreneur (& my besh Janna Tee‘s boyfriend hehe) Brent Javier


He was already distressing his jeans when I got there. That’s not the only thing you can do when you visit the customization shop — look at all the options you can choose in customizing your Levi’s!


A minimum single receipt purchase of Php 3,000 is needed to participate in the customization shop and you don’t necessarily have to customize the stuff you just bought. You can also bring your trusted old pair of Levi’s that you want to makeover!

You know I personally don’t wear a lot of jeans so I was initially thinking of converting pants into shorts. But I took my time to look around before deciding. I got distracted by the delicious cheese/caramel popcorn they were serving. I’m crossing my fingers they have it again at the next one cos I will be there!


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Boracay Birthday 2014

After a horrible start to the weekend (read about it here), things went really smoothly once we landed in Boracay. It was our first time to stay at a new bed & breakfast called Agos Boracay on Station 2 — Jim’s parents gave us GCs because their friends own it. I like a luxurious hotel room just like the next person but I personally think if you’re in Boracay, your room should just be for dropping off your stuff, taking showers, and sleeping! That’s why Agos Boracay is perfect for travelers who would rather enjoy the view of the beach from the actual shoreline instead of spending a beautiful day indoors. Spend half of what you’d normally spend on other hotels and you’re only 2 minutes away from D’Mall! The room are very nice and clean, too! It has a well-deserved rating of 5 stars on TripAdvisor!


When we got there, Cholo arrived shortly and we headed out for dinner. We found a highly rated restaurant via the TripAdvisor app called Tilapia N Chips and it looked really good. True enough, the food was served in large portions and it was a great meal. We ordered Fish N Chips, Tilapia N Chips, and a burger.




We walked along the shore to Station 1 where the sand was so pristine and we tripped out on how beautiful it was when the water washes away all the footprints. Boracay is really the most beautiful beach. This photo doesn’t do it any justice. Not at all.


I barely took any photos so some photos in this post were taken with my phone! We walked really far up Station 1, all the way to that bright place in the picture below.


There was a cute little wedding reception happening and we sat down beside it, ordered 2 bottles of red wine and just talked while enjoying the music from the reception. I think that’s more than enough proof that we are growing older if we’re drinking quietly in Boracay on a Friday night. Haha! We went home a little past midnight and we slept very soundly, a bit drunk on childhood memories and wine.

Agos Boracay does regular housekeeping and they provide the usual free bottled water daily but they do not have a restaurant nor do they have room service. As an alternative, they partnered up with a restaurant nearby for complimentary breakfast.


Honestly, I say skip the free breakfast because it’s nothing amazing. Try exploring other options for breakfast instead. Maxx arrived early in the morning and we met up at her hotel.


We laid out under the sun for a while and listened to music until lunch time when we went to Epic. I ordered these amazing mozarella cubes and a seared tuna salad.




Cholo got spaghetti and meatballs – nakakainggit. Hahaha.


I refuse to go to the beach without having at least one frozen margarita. It just kind of completes the moment for me.


After lunch, we went back to Station 1 where we once again lounged about, had amazing conversations, and took photos before sunset! The obligatory jump shot,


Hello po.



Group shot!


Ang saya nung group nila, they had a drone camera taking photos of them


Boys being boys



Konting PDA



Had a quick buffet dinner at Seawind where you just point to what you want and they’ll cook it for you. Sarap!



Cholo surprised us by signing us up for Boracay Pubcrawl! He just recently came home from Spain where he also participated in a pub crawl for the first time. A pub crawl is when you’re part of a group that goes from one bar to the other. The rest of us were so excited because we’d never done anything like this before. You can sign up early to get a discount, in our case we only paid P790 each for boys and P690 each for girls (well technically we didn’t pay for anything cos it was Cholo’s birthday treat! Yay!) instead of P990 which is the price you’d have to pay if you sign up on the spot.

We all had to meet up at 8PM in Station 1 near Starbucks. That’s where you get a t-shirt that gets you a 10% discount in all partner restaurants, a baller band that gets you happy hour rates at partner bars even beyond happy hour, and a shot glass for all the free shots you’ll get that night. It was nice watching all the people cutting up their shirts to make it more unique, it was like a Project Runway in a sweaty, loud bar. Haha! Our first task was to make 4 new friends and learn one interesting thing about them.

We tried making new friends right away


It was very scary for someone who gets anxiety around strangers like me. There was a lot of “getting-to-know-you” activities at the start of the night with strangers. Slowly, though, I began to just go with the flow and felt more relaxed with these people I’d never met before. Being in a group was still very much like a security blanket though. Luv u guyzzz~


It’s a wonder how we were all so sober in the midst of such crazy drunk people. Haha. Sa first stop palang, ang dami nang nagmo-momol! It really was fun meeting new people who come from all walks of life. I found this one Australian guy really interesting because he was doing volunteer work to help urban planning in the Philippines. Just one of the many people I got to talk to that night! He looked like someone from Hollywood and although he kept saying he was often mistaken for Matt Damon or Andrew Garfield, we figured out at the very end of the night that he looked more like Quentin Tarantino. Ang layo sa Matt/Andrew claims! Haha!



We went to 5 different bars, the last one was the most interesting because it was a silent disco. We were all given headphones with really loud music and everybody was going crazy because it was the last stop and we were having so much fun. It was very interesting to take off the headphones and watch people dance to no music haha!



When midnight struck, they gave us cakes for our birthdays along with our new pal Emily who was also celebrating her birthday! What a sweet surprise!




I decided to give my cake away to the little kids roaming around so late on the beach.



So cute! But I made them promise that they’d go to bed already. After a quick stopover at Andok’s with some of our new friends, we all went back to our beds to get some sleep! What a great experience, I highly recommend joining the Boracay Pubcrawl the next time you’re on the island. They have pubcrawls on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Check them out at!

The morning of our birthday was the Pacquiao-Algieri fight so we grabbed a bite to eat before it started. Diyos ko, puro pagkain ang laman ng blog post na ito!! Two Seasons has the best 4-cheese pizza talaga! Reminds me of the cheese pizza in Bellini’s Cubao, also a favorite of mine!


We went back to Maxx’s hotel to watch the fight! It was pretty strange that it wasn’t as rowdy as we expected. Probably because the guests were mostly foreigners so they weren’t particularly cheering for Pacquiao.


Kebs! Cheers parin to Pacman!


We can never truly be happy when watching boxing.. Lagi kami naaawa sa natatalo. Huhu.

DSC03642We predicted Manny Pacquiao would win and he did. Congrats! Now back to swimming and lounging!!


We used to always wear matching outfits when we were young and it just so happened that we packed the same swimsuit and sheer pineapple top in different colors! So meant to be! Haha!





And then we ended the night playing our favorite boardgame, Munchkin, while drinking whiskey!


It was really intense. Hahaha!


The morning before we left for Manila, we got an outdoor massage at Ambassador and it was pure ecstasy. I have to commend talaga the staff of Ambassador, they were all so nice and accommodating!


It was an amazing, PEACEFUL trip. Himala hindi kami nag away ni Maxx!!! Hahaha!! Sobrang saya talaga, we’re even planning to book again for our birthday next year as early as now hehe. Omg ngayon ko lang napansin na mukhang isang pata ko lang yung nakikita niyo sa pic above but no, natakpan lang ni Maxx!! Dalawang thighs ko yan, ano ba??? Hahaha! Thank you for all the birthday greetings! We love you!:)


Splendour In The Grass - Day 1

Win Tickets to Jack TV’s MADfest featuring Kimbra!

Jack TV is throwing a huge party as a Christmas treat to all of us! The Music+Arts+Dance festival (MADfest) is happening next week, December 5, at the Mall of Asia concert grounds!


MUSIC by Ace Ramos w/ MC Pao, Autotelic, BP Valenzuela, Cheats (YAHOOOOOOO), Chocolate Grass, Deuce Manila, Flying Ipis, Imago, Kate Torralba, Katsy Lee, Kjwan, Motherbasss, Sandwich, Sinyma, Toni B., Urbandub, and KIMBRA!

ART INSTALLATIONS by Leeroy New, ImagineNationStudio, and Jagnus Design Studio

LIVE ART by Secret Studio

DANCE PERFORMANCES by Team Vibe and other guest performers

You can buy tickets via SM Tickets by clicking here or you can try and win tickets by doing the following:

  1. Post the poster above on Twitter/Instagram
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  4. Post your Twitter/Instagram username on the comments below
  5. Make sure your accounts are set to public on November 29
  6. The one with most likes/RTs win 2 tickets each (I’m giving away 3 pairs!)

Go start campaigning so you can win!!:) Kimbra is SO cute!

See you there!! <3