The Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter

It’s been such a crazy week, I’ve hardly been at home and my laptop’s battery has died on me. It doesn’t want to work unless it’s plugged in huhuhu. At least I’ve got a reason to get a new one! Hehehe. Soon! Anyway, here’s a very delayed photo diary of our 3rd day in Japan also known as our day in Osaka which is about an hour and a half away via train. We rode our hotel’s free shuttle to Kyoto Station and began our adventure!


Got no time for breakfast? Grab these delicious sushi thingies from Family Mart!


Living in the danger zone o_O This guy gave us a heart attack!


OMG this is really happening
OMG this is really happening – “ACCIO SAAB & JIM”

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What’s Your Love Story?

My favorite bookstore, Fully Booked, came up with an awesome campaign perfect for Valentine’s Day! Try to answer the question What’s Your Love Story? by putting together titles of 3-4 books!

What's Your Love Story

Here’s a quick love story about our honeymoon heehee


I haven’t read any of these titles but look how perfect the titles go together!! Let me just put this photo here in case you haven’t seen it yet LOL


There’s a lot of other good love stories you can make with book spine titles!

Ang drama!! Haha!
I kinda wanna get that Life As A Wife book!! Also, I got that ALL ABOUT US book for my ate Unna and her hubby a few Christmases ago. It’s so cute, you get to answer it together and you get to know each other so much better. Be warned though that some questions might instigate fights! Hehe.
Not exactly our story LOL

Follow @_FullyBooked on Instagram for more inspiration. If you come up with your own love story, share it with me by leaving a comment below! Would love to hear your own (or made up haha) love story!!

Book Club: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I’m so happy to have been selected to take part in an international book blog tour for RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard! I didn’t even know book blog tours existed!! How cool!


I got the book late in December last year straight from publisher Harpercollins’ office in New York. Got around to reading it after the holidays and finished it in about a week’s time between preparations for my wedding! Reading always calms me down and it was a great distraction amidst the stress of wedding planning LOL. Oh, and can we please take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous cover?


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On our second day in Kyoto, we were set on taking a cooking class we found on TripAdvisor. If you’re not familiar with the app, it gets your location and tells you the top-rated restaurants, attractions and activities nearby. One of the top activities near our area was a traditional Japanese cooking class held by WA Experience Kafu and it had rave reviews, mostly for the very friendly instructor named Kimi! I e-mailed her in the morning and asked if there was an available slot for the day and inquired about how much it would cost for 2 persons. She replied within the hour and said we could go at 2pm and a class for each person cost 7,500 yen (a little less than PhP3,000). So we finally got out of bed and checked the weather outside.

My husband the dinosaur

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English Menu, Please!

When we had lunch with our principal sponsors tito Dot and tita Gina Escalona (parents of our friend Ryan whose family has been close to Jim for years), they asked where our honeymoon would be. We said we were postponing our planned NY honeymoon to next year because we wanted to be practical and use our money to do a little renovation project in our condo instead. Also because we are taking a European cruise with Jim’s family later this year anyway, so the two of us can just extend our stay in Paris or something – whatever we decide! The Escalonas said it was important to take a little break in between the wedding & going back to work. Right then and there, they said they would like send us anywhere in Asia for a week as a gift. I KNOW, RIGHT?! We couldn’t believe it either. But they insisted! Of course I said Japan because Japan.

The last time we were there, Jim proposed to me in Tokyo. This time we wanted to explore Kyoto and Osaka! Sharing photos I took on our first night in Kyoto!

We left 3pm of Tuesday, 3 days after we got hitched. Flew Manila-Osaka (Kansai airport) and rode a bus to Kyoto. Including airport transfers and all, we got to our hotel around 9:30pm Japan time (they are an hour ahead of us).

Jim says airplane food is his “third favorite food.” Go figure!


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Moving In Sale

So the wedding and honeymoon are over. I heard there’s a thing with some brides where they get pretty depressed after their wedding. I understand, siyempre you work so hard on a project and when it’s done you kind of miss it. For me, there’s no time to feel sad. Maybe because everyone is still on a high about that weekend? It definitely feels good to hear our friends still raving about it! Hehe. But more importantly, WE’VE GOT SO MANY PROJECTS TO WORK ON! Yayyy!! I just finished re-painting his our living room and kitchen! We’re picking out some new furniture and he’s so happy to let me re-decorate our new space together! Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on that later. For now, we need to make space for our new stuff! YAY WEDDING GIFTS lol.


Watch my space on for more of our “stuvvs” hehehe. We also super marked down prices of my old unsold items. So happy because we sold two PS3s and all PS3 games this morning! Yay! I have taping for Taste Buddies tomorrow but I promise to work on it on Friday so stay tuned!:)

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Jim & Saab Save The World: Photos by J Lucas Reyes

I didn’t think other people would become so emotional about our wedding video and photos. What an overwhelming response to something I thought only Jim and I understood. Apparently, our love has saved the world! Hahaha! Okay, not exactly but many of our family and friends told us that we’ve inspired them to find true love. Don’t settle! Break up with your boring boyfriend! You have nothing in common! Fall in love with your best friend! Haha. We love you all! Thank you so much to J Lucas Reyes for our official wedding photos!



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Jim & Saab Save The World: Same Day Edit

It was the best day, I thank the crew of Notion in Motion for capturing it on video. Here’s our same day edit, I hope you enjoy it :) I’ll update you more on the wedding once I get back from our honeymoon in Japan and when I get our photos! THANK YOU!!! Please make sure to click the HD button when playing the video for the best experience!

Music: I’ll Try Anything Once by Julian Casablancas