Ask Saab 40

Lauren and I / Photo by @meetkeso
Lauren and I / Photo by @meetkeso

Q: Do you really answer all the questions, or ini-skip mo mga umuulit?
A: I skip those that repeat and those I don’t feel like answering :)

Q: What’s your height?
A: 5’3″

Q: Hi saab, just wanna know your thoughts on my current situation: my bf and i have been together for 8yrs already. I’m turning 28 this yr and he’s 30 na. Gusto ko na magpakasal pero ayoko namang ako mag initiate. We’ve been having convos about it and our future plans pero walang usapan kung klan exactly. Should I do anything about it? Thanks!!!
A: How is your current situation with him? If you guys are doing really well and you’re in a good place, I don’t think you should be so paranoid about it. It will come :) If it’s really causing concern for you, I suggest you talk to him about the future, just try not to pressure him into anything! If I know, he’s probably already making plans ;)

Q: Hi Saab, my gf wanted to approach you after your gig para magpapicture. Nahiya ako and I think I disappointed her. She’s a big fan of yours. If someone asks for a pic during gigs, would you say yes? Even if you’re with your group?
A: Of course I would! I do!

Q: Hi Saab! What razor brand and/or shaving cream would you suggest? If you don’t mind :)
A: Gilette, the Sensor Excel green one with a nice flat grip handle. I change the blades about every 2 weeks, I don’t shave every day. I found a bottle of shaving gel while doing the grocery. It’s the first shaving gel I ever bought. It’s lasted me about 2 months now. Beauty Formulas Ladies’ Shaving Gel. Apparently it’s from the UK. I like it because it comes on clear and it works for me!

Q: saab, what online shops for clothing, cosmetics and bags would you suggest?
A: I really like @death_by_lipstick on Instagram for cosmetics :)

Q: Hi Saab, hope you read this soon. I’ll be in MLA on Sept 20-25 any gigs on these dates? Please. I wanna see you. hahaha thank you.
A: Aww man, sakto we have no gigs that week!!!:(

Q: Saab! :) You said that if you decide to have a baby, you’d want a girl because if you have a son, you won’t like every girl he’ll date. Haha! Are you the same way with your brothers’ girlfriends? Are you a protective or a possessive sister?
A: Yeah, I think so. I’m always like, “meh..” at the start but I’m never mean to them naman. I’m protective but nice hehe

Q: hey Saab! do you use sunblock? what brand can you recommend? thanks!
A: Kiehl’s Sunscreen for my face everyday via their BB cream. For the body, I like the Vaseline lotion with SPF 30+ — smells good too!

Q: Please recommend some movies (preferably underrated ones, if you know any) Thank you!! And you’re beautiful!!
A: Ex Machina, I think, didn’t get as much hype as it should have! At least locally.

Q: Since you’re with Jam 88.3 now, what songs from freshfilter do you particularly love listening to/playing on your show?
A: Rusty Machines – Forget You

Q: Hi! What’s your take on using your influence as a celebrity to voice out what citizens oppressed by the government want to say but are continuously ignored?
A: I definitely think being a celebrity is powerful in that sense. But I personally would only voice out opinions that are my own.

Q: Hi saab!!! I just watched Cheats perform in Flotsam last Saturday and I have to say, you guys were amazing! I love how passionate you are in your craft!! I have been a fan of you and your blog since I was a freshman in college, which is 6 years ago! I love you talaga!!! ❤️ I know this is not a question, hehe. But, I still wanna let you know ☺️ hope you’re having a great day, Saab!!! ❤️ keep on inspiring people ☺️
A: WOOHOO yayyy thank you!!

Q: Hi. I just read in your Ask Saab that you had a bad first impression with Jim’s parents. What happened? Haha. If you don’t mind me asking :)
A: It’s because Chelo and I didn’t get along in college. Hehe

Q: Yung hair mo ba ngayon may layers pa rin? :) Or one length nalang?
A: One length lang

Q: Hi Saab!! Someone already told you you look like carly rae jepsen? <3
A: Before, when I had bangs haha

Q: What do you and Jim fight about? Do you still fight even?
A: I get mad at him when he bites his nails, he gets mad at me when I crack my neck. Haha

Q: For the 3rd time :( Can I ask for you Steam ID number, can we play DOTA in a party? Pleasssse :)
A: This is my profile

Q: My ex goes out with my friends and I think he does it on purpose. Replacing me with his new girlfriend. They don’t even include me in their lakad anymore. Should I just move on and forget about them too? Thanks x
A: Do they ignore you too? They don’t invite you out anymore? Move on ka nalang kung medyo kups mode

Q: Saab! Will you tell us the story (if any) about songs “again professor manny” and “news paper girl”? :)
A: “Again, Professor Manny?” is about a friend who asks for advice on relationships but never listens. We named it such after our bassist Manny. Haha. “Newspaper Girl” is a song Jim wrote for me. He says I’m a great storyteller and that I’m always interesting 😚 “she’s building an airplane all over the world, conducting her own train” – it means my stories (hence Newspaper Girl) take him places he’s never been before. Isn’t he wonderful?

Q: Hi Saab! Where did you get your new vape? Di ka na talaga nagyoyosi as in? Anyway love you! xx
A: Jim got it for me from Master Vape in Marikina, I think!

Q: I had a boyfriend for 3 years, 2 months before we break up, I was slowly moving on and asking to break up. But he wouldn’t. He kept being around. I didn’t want to push him away until I fell in love and found my soulmate. Knowing that broke him, should I feel guilty about what happened when he knew that I fell out of love already? He knew that, because that’s what I kept on telling him everytime I try to break up.
A: You really should have stopped all communication. No means no. If you were still replying and entertaining him then I guess it’s only right that you feel guilty. But what happened has happened and such is life. Move on na kayong pareho.

Q: Does your Mom get along well with your in-laws?
A: Yes! I’m so happy!

Q: Hi saab!! R u a Directioner? O si Clara lang? 😆
A: Si Clara lang :)

Q: How did your nickname end up with the car SAAB, when did you like the car? please make kwento more about yourself. love you. x
A: My dad just gave me the nickname SAAB from iSABella but since it sounded like the car brand, he stuck with the spelling as well.

Q: Fav song at the moment?

Q: hi saab! do you know any store where i can buy vinyl players/turntable or whatever it is called? thank you! :)
A: Satchmi in Megamall Fashion Hall :)

Q: saab, anong masasabi mo sa AlDub?
A: Hindi ko alam kung kailan sila magkikita in person!

Q: naging bf gf ba si elmo and loren?
A: Sino si Loren?

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve an almost relationship with someone, then he asked me if we could do IT and I said no, bec I don’t think it’s right. Then righ after that, he wouldn’t talk to me na. What should I do?
A: LEAVE HIS ASS. Omg this makes me so angry!! GIRL, tingin mo ba worth it yan?? Buti nalang nag-no ka.

Q: give me a funny dad joke
A: God made an 11th commandment: Though shall not eat salt. Because it’s A-SIN.

Q: Hi saab! Can you please suggest books for girls in their early twenties? I search online but i always end up reading books with high school plots and i’m tired of it :(
A: Tina Fey’s Bossypants is a good read! Especially if you’re a fan. If not, try Augusten Burroughs’ Running With Scissors or Possible Side Effects!

Q: are you using a macbook retina display 15 inch? or just the 13.3 inch just asking
A: Retina 15 inch and everything looks like shit cos the apps can’t handle the retina. Okay, not everything, but Photoshop and Office look like crap. I still have not researched on how to fix it. Any ideas? Tweet me!

Q: Hi!! How do you style your hair before and now? Btw, I super love you! Been reading your blogs since I was 14 and I am already 19! Mwa! -z
A: Heyy! Happy 5 years!:) I now brush my hair. and I like tying it back in a low pony tail. I think it looks tres chic.😎

Q: What phone are you using now? And where do you normally buy your clothes? :D
A: Sony Xperia Z3. Topshop & H&M!

Q: Saab, When you”re still studying? In highschool and in college? I know ateneo is also one of the most tough university before you get passed. Most especially those entrance exam you took, How difficult it is? In what academics do you excel the most? like what is the hardest subject did you ever find it hard to survive before you get it done and finish? with only the help of your own knowledge and brain? Like all kinds of math, physics, statistics. how did you overcome those difficult academics? how smart you are when you’re still a student? tnx
A: I’ve always excelled in reading and english subjects. Ateneo’s logic part in the entrance test was crazy hard for me. I think I am very bad at math and logic and geography. And History. And I guess everything. Except reading and English. LELZ. I guess you just have to choose a course that fits your strengths. I applied for Creative Writing and made sure I had a killer entrance essay to go with my application form. For some reason though, when I took Math during one summer of college, I was the highest in class – I was even exempt from taking the finals. It was all about matrices and now I don’t remember anything at all. I was also very good in Physics back in my senior year in high school. I think it’s all about focus and when you don’t care about something, it’s hard to focus. I could care less about math that’s why I never excelled. Except that one time in summer when I had no distractions and nothing better to do. Also have to hand it to my teacher who always had a smile on his face and seemed SO excited to teach us about numbers. It got me excited too, like it was a game. I had horrible study habits in college. Wish I could do it all over again.

Q: Hi Saab! What kind of exercise do you try to do on a daily basis? I keep saying I’ll start exercising but up till now I still haven’t started. :( Just the thought of exercising already makes me tired. – Juana Tamad
A: Watch this for inspiration. It’s the video that got me moving.

Q: Suggest timeless, classic movies Saab!
A: Some Like It Hot!

Q: Hi Saab! I started working last June but I moved out of our house mga 2weeks ago. I think my dad kinda got hurt and is not talking to me since then. Though I told them dati pa na I’m moving out para maging independent and okay naman sya, kaso nung 2 days before ako aalis nagalit sya and everything. Any advice? PS I think you are absolutely adorbs!! Love u forevs!
A: I think it’s understandable but I suggest you stand your ground. Be independent, become successful! He will come around. If not, maybe you need to talk to him. A heart-to-heart conversation, you can tell him you are where you are now (capable of living on your own) because of how they brought you up. You are thankful for all their help but it’s time for you to leave the nest. If you can see them every week or maybe every other week so they don’t get overly sepanx. Maybe a chat group or weekly e-mail updates would help too? Invite them to your place if there’s enough space. Treat them to dinner out with your paycheck if you can. Make them feel like you are not deserting them. Good luck and I wish you the best!!

Q: where did you buy your romper? the one you wore sa flotsam? :)
A: H&M :)

Q: Favorite LOST character?
A: OMG hirap. Sun, I guess. Such a sweetheart. And so beautiful.

Q: Yehay! Ang bilis mo na sumagot ng questions ngayoooon! May nababasa na ako pag bored ako sa work. Mehehe labyuu. anyway i now i need to leave my bf for 4 yrs kasi toxic na masyado but i cant cause i love him. pero ang pangit na kasi ngayon both our parents and friends di na kami gusto. (or di na sya gusto for me) but i really cant last a day wthout him, (i already tried several times) i love him and i know that he super loves me too but when we our fighting ay nako you cant imagine parang street fighter lang. :( what should i do?
A: When you say street fighter, do you mean you physically abuse each other?! NO NO NO. LEAVE HIM. Have respect for yourself. Love yourself, please. It’s disgusting what you are doing to yourself if you allow him to hurt you. Pangit rin if you hurt him back. Hindi cute yan. I can’t stand that Love-The-Way-You-Lie-Music-Video bullshit.. STOP.

Q: Hi akin na lang yung deborah lippman happy birthday mo plzzzz
A: Okay, come to our gig and I’ll give it to you!

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment? And what did you do after? Earlier, nadulas ako sa malapit sa elevator, ang daming nakakitang student and right now, can’t still stop laughing and crying for myself. )));
A: Makakalimutan mo rin yan!!! I think I’ve blogged about my most embarrassing moments na before. Haha here’s the link

Q: are you friends with jake ejercito?
A: Nope

Q: Saab have you ever been to davao?
A: Yes for a mall show but it was straight to the mall from the airport and back lang.

Q: Hi Saab! Have you ever had Joey’s teeth cleaned before? My dog’s teeth have plaques already when we got her over a year ago. I’ve researched online and read that some dogs died after having their teeth cleaned due to anesthesia. So now I’m contemplating whether risking on having her teeth cleaned or just let it be but that would prolong her agony :'(
A: Joey gets her teeth brushed every time she take a bath. You just need to go a to a good vet for full cleaning and proper usage of anesthesia. I recommend Vets In Practice.

Q: Hi Saab! Do you still play with Duster?
A: No, Katwo moved to the States!

Q: Hi Saab! What do you get Jim on his Birthdays? I’m having trouble buying a gift for the boyfriend. I’m torn between a star wars toy (I’m the one with the star wars fan boyfriend teehee), a cap (that i know he likes), a tattoo machine (he’s a great artist he graduated from drawing on paper and spray painting walls so his next target is HUMAN FLESH! lelz) or I can get him a t-shirt (I always get him a shirt. This might be my 5th shirt gift if ever)
A: Well, we got married in January. My birthday is November, his is December and our anniversary in January. We said it’s the best thing ever because we get to save on gifts. No more birthday and Christmas gifts. We’ll just spend our money on awesome vacations every year :) Before we got married though, I think I got him an iPad and a PS4. Yes, I like to spoil him. Lelz. But I think if your boyfriend likes Star Wars, just go with a really nice Star Wars item. If he likes to draw, there’s a nice Moleskine Star Wars notebook you can get from Fully Booked!

Q: Can’t find my question being answered.. :( Anyway, who’s your favorite Harry Potter character? Hahah!
A: Sorry, backlog! My favorite Harry Potter character? Probably Ron.

Baby Jacob Gets Christened!

I take the title NINANG very seriously. An old classmate of mine asked me to be the godmother of her first child and because I hadn’t seen or spoken to her for about 5 years, I politely declined. I believed the child would be better off with a ninang who can dedicate time and effort to visit and properly guide him/her.

Before last Sunday I was the godmother of only 2 children – both of whom are my ate Unna’s. She asked me and Jim to be ninang and ninong to the newest addition to their family, Jacob. We gladly accepted because we’ve been in love with Jacob, the smiley baby, since the day he was born.

Here are photos I took of Jim and Jacob with my phone a few months ago



We went to his christening in Santuario de San Jose in Greenhills last Sunday


It was a cozy little chapel where all ate Unna’s babies had been christened in the past. Below are more photos I took last Sunday.

Mama plays with Jacob while Ate Zoie looks on
Mama plays with Jacob while Ate Zoie looks on


Blessing the baby
Blessing the baby
Happy little Catholic boy
Happy little Catholic boy


"This dress is yummy"
“This dress is yummy”

The former baby of the family, Lulu, was being a little emotional. We’re guessing because she wasn’t the center of attention that day. Hahaha!!



Giving Jacob some serious side eye
Giving Jacob some serious side eye
The Magalona family
The Magalona family
The Lu family
The Lu family
Grandparents (hahaha Jacob was obviously DONE with taking photos)
The Grandparents (hahaha Jacob was obviously DONE with taking photos)

Lulu’s mood lightened up when she started eating. LOL



Had an impromptu photo session with Maxx, of course.

So chic
So chic

I gave ate Unna this beautiful baby wrap from Boba which I got from Babyland in Eastwood Mall. Jacob immediately fell asleep.


So happy to have my 3rd godchild. 👶

Nangnang Saab

Ask Saab 38

Photo by @meetkeso
Photo by @meetkeso

Q: What is your fav Pinoy ulam?
A: Bistek Tagalog and Tortang Talong 🙌

Q: Do you see yourself being an EXPAT?
A: Sure, I think it would be nice to live and work abroad even for a while.

Q: Will you ever do a morning routine vlog? Hahahaha
A: You think I should?:)) It won’t be pretty. LELZ

Q: Hi. What do you use for birth control? People say pills are a no-no coz of what it can do to the body. >_< PS. nag aambisyon ako na kamuka kita. in my defense, feeling ko mejo pareho yung pagka curl ng hair natin.
A: I use Yasmin as recommended by my OB Gyne :) Haha! Go lang, girl!

Q: as a filipino citizen, what can you say about VP Binay?
A: He shady

Q: hey dangergirl, do you miss tumblr?
A: Haha, I do, actually!

Q: do you and mong alcaraz still talk when you see each other in gigs or hi-hello na lang?
A: Hi-hello, sometimes we talk too when time permits!

Q: I want to ask you would push through the meet and greet giveaway with makeover or whatever with you?? huhu. please do it. hahahahahaha pick me! :) Love you. Kahit meet and greet lang okay na :D
A: Gawin natin ng November, game? Anyone wanna help me plan it? E-mail me hehe.

Q: Can I get your steam ID number? I am looking forward playing a game with you in a party! :)
A: Just search for Pizzaab!:)

Q: If there would be a movie about your life, sinong actress gusto mo bumida bilang Saab and why? Sino rin gusto mo gumanap na Jim? International or local keribels!
A: Wow, hirap. Siguro si Rachel McAdams. CHOSERA. Ako si Juday, si Jim si Ryan Agoncillo. 😂

Q: Hi Saab! Where did you buy your c3p0 backpack? The one you used in SG just recently. I super love it! Thanks! :)
A: Jim got it for me thru his sister who works in Disney Channel, Singapore :)

Q: Hi Saababe :) Im having my own version of your book club keme but i normally do it on IG by having my own hashtag :) im showing the books that i am currently reading. How could I make it more interesting to others? I mean I do that just to share that I really enjoy reading and kumbaga gusto ko din ma inspire yung iba esp my friends yung benifit of reading. Would it be ok to give away some books, things like that hehe, anong pwedeng ibang gawin for a beginner like me. :) THANKIIE SAABABE :)
A: Hi! Sure, you can give away books but I think it would be more engaging if you include the synopsis and your opinion on the book (without any spoilers) in the caption :) You can also ask for your followers’ own recommendations!

Q: Hi Saab! I know this is kinda weird but worth the try… anyways di ba you’re part of fullybooked family;.. do you happen to know a staff named Allan Blanca? REALLY NEED TO reconnect with him huhu. help please. sa BGC branch ata sya but im just too shy to barged there and look for him
A: Oh no, sorry I don’t :(

Q: Are you registered to vote for the elections next year? Who’s your presidential bet?
A: Of course I’m registered 😉 Presidential bet? Still undecided 😖

Q: Do you eventually wanna move into a real house or you really prefer living in a condo?
A: I think I’ll stay in a condo first. I like the cozy space. Easier to clean and maintain! Don’t want a live-in cleaning lady right now. Nice to be just me and Jim for a while :)

Q: I’ve just read your blog about interviewing with the only one, KK! I love it! But hey, what catches my attention was really the part when you’ve mentioned that you personally write “mostly” non-fiction, are you planning to publish it then? Please say yes! Cause, I think you should at least publish a book, because you’re so smart, bold and I can say that you would be one hella fascinating author! And imagine your daughter reading your story/ies when she turns 16. <3 please, share your own fantasies (even the reality) + thoughts before you turned 30! - Loving Saabaefan.
A: Aww, that’s very sweet!! I’ve actually had a book deal since last year but I’m too afraid to start my book 😞Maybe a little more time, I’ll write it when I’m ready!

Q: hi saab if it isnt offending can i ask what size you are? youre my body peg are you a 6 or a 4?
A: I’m an 8

Q: nakapag-commute ka na ba?
A: Yes, I’ve ridden jeeps, FX, bus, MRT, LRT, trike.

Q: If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen?
A: I’d like to have witnessed The Beatles writing songs. That must have been a fun process.

Q: sino mas malakas/mabaho ang utot? ikaw o si jim?
A: Ako. Kasi Jim’s such a gentleman, he doesn’t want me to smell his farts. So I’ve only smelled mine. And they stink, as most farts do.

Q: hi saab! what’s your number one pet peeve? whenever im on break i always visit your blog! your so pretty!! :)
A: Thank you!! My number one pet peeve is when people stare. I find it very rude. And when they talk about me as if I wasn’t right in front of them. “SI ANO TO DIBA? ARTISTA TO? SI MAGALONA!” It’s not very nice.

A: I never have, actually.

Q: What’s your faith/religion?
A: Roman Catholic

Q: Hi Saababe, How would I encourage my boyfriend to be confident? He is currently jobless and i really believe that he has a lot of potential. :(
A: Compliment him! Also, when someone says something nice about him, make sure to let him know about it. Keep encouraging him. Find out why he is jobless and look for a way to fix that without making him feel like you are forcing him to get off his lazy ass or anything like that. It’s all in the way you speak to him, make sure it is full of love and that your words are heartfelt. Good luck!

Q: Anong masasabi mo sa tambalang #AlDub? 😁
A: Cute nila!

Q: Hi Saab! Effective ba ‘yung Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Treatment? Thanks!
A: I believe so!

Q: Do you have any experience in debates? Probably in college or high school for english class? Any tips? Thankyouuuuu (from your reader since ’11)
A: No, sorry!!:( HELLO READER SINCE `11!!)

Q: hello :) did you apply to jam or sila nagoffer sa inyo to become a dj?
A: They offered it to me but I still had to do 2 months of training!

Q: Sup, Saab? What happened to your 90-day challenge ng P90X3? Please share your “after” photos.
A: I only made it to 70 days so I’m a little disappointed in myself. Will re-do the entire thing.

Q: Hi Saab! Do you use an image hosting site and insert link of your photos in your blog post or you just upload it right to your Media Library in WordPress?
A: I upload them straight to my media library

Q: Saab!!!!! may abs ba si jim? i find him very hot!!! haha share nmn ng pic. (ang arte lungs!) :D
A: Hahaha!! Sabi niya “pag hindi kumain, may abs” hahaha he is very sexy, indeed!😜

Q: Hi Saab, I really like your photos! May I know what’s your camera’s brand & model? I think I would like to invest on it. Hihi thaanks! :)
A: Sony A6000 – do it!!

Q: Hey Saab! Did you always know that you were meant for the creative world? I mean did u have other dreams besides doing what you do today? I figure that with your creativity it could also allow you to soar higher even if you weren’t in this field. Hahaha.
A: Hi! I think I’ve always wanted to be in the creative world. I’ve never imagined myself in the corporate world. Although when I was younger, I had dreams of becoming a librarian. Haha. I do enjoy secretarial work and office supplies though.

Q: Thoughts on Tinder?
A: It’s probably fun for meeting new people. I like using my friends’ Tinder app and swiping for them.

Q: Hi saab! How’s life? I just wanna ask how did you know that you were ready to get married? I think we’re about the same age and I like to think life is just beginning to become more interesting for me and there’s so many things to become before one can truly be ready.
A: I don’t believe there’s an age you’re supposed to get married. I’ve gone through a lot of life stages, I’m lucky I met the right man for me when I did. Besides, who says life can’t be interesting when you get married? My life is so awesome now that I’m married. At least I think so 😊

Q: Bakit wala kang “about me” page or something? Curious lang. :)
A: Ain’t nobody got time for that. Chos. Should I make one? Katamad 😞 Pero sige gagawa ako. For you.

Q: does jim smoke?
A: He vapes

Q: Natutuwa ako kasi ang sipag mo na sumagot sa askfm haha (k nashare ko lang) so my question is would you consider bringing back saabtv?
A: What do you think of a Jim + Saab podcast?

Q: ano bang meron kay Andi at lagi ko siya nakikita sa mga Ask Saab?
A: Hindi ko rin alam 👻

Q: hi saab, if you’d be given a chance to interview J.K. Rowling, what would you ask her? btw, i love your new hair :) -Chesterlyn
A: “Teach me your ways, master”

Q: hi Saab! omg! fan mo ko ng almost 10 years na ata.. naalala ko si Rachel McAdams pag nag smile ka then naalala naman kita pag napapanood ko sya. ang weird ba? sorry! haha! may nakapag sabi ma ba sayo nun?
A: Si Jim!!!!! Omg he’s not alone!

Q: Keri mo ba manood ng horror films kapag mag-isa ka lang sa bahay? :)
A: NO!!

Q: Can I sing with you? :(
A: Go to a Cheats gig, you just might get called on stage!!

Q: has your mom started dating again? will you (and your sibs) like it if she does?
A: No she hasn’t but I wouldn’t mind if she did!

Q: Hi. I really admire you being frank and straightforward. Minsan nga kahit naiinis ka, di mo tinatago. Pinapakita mo talaga na tao ka lang din and you feel diff kinds of emotions.. hehe. Wala lang, minsan lang kasi ang celebrity na ganyan. Anyway, just want to ask you if you had a falling out w/ andi? Curious lang ako. Thanks
A: NAIINIS NA AKO SA MGA GANITONG TANONG!!! Charot. Hehe first, thank you for your kind words. Andi and I kind of lost touch but we’re okay now. Just haven’t had the chance to bump into each other.

Q: Hi Saab! na try mo na ba yung Harry Potter themed Cafe sa Maginhawa? xoxo ♥
A: Not yet!

Q: Hi Saab! I saw you & jim backstage sa Bside nung JB Battle of the Bars last May. Relationship goals! i was too shy to say Hi to you guys :’) Anyway, what do you prefer burgers or pizza? o db relevant? lelz
A: Hi! PIZZA!:)

Q: Mahilig ka din ba sa coffee saababe? – Liz
A: Yasss

Q: Hello again, Saab! :) I just made a blog post! Hehehe. Here’s the link: :) how about you, what can you say about One More Chance movie and its sequel? Hehe. I actually wanted to ask you this para sa blog post ko kaso nahihiya ako. Baka masyado ang feeling close. Hehe. Kaya share ko nalang yung post ko then share your take naman about the movie, its sequel and relationships in general. I’m sure once you’ve answered this, madami ka nanamang matututunan sayo ang readers mo. Please keep inspiring us! God bless you! Btw, your mom looks like my mom sabi ng marami. Hahaha. Wala lang ulit, share ko lang ulit! Hahahaha! Kulit noh? Hehe. K, bye for now. Hehehe -Aby (again) :D
A: Hi! Nice blog post!:) I LOVED One More Chance!! Hahaha and I’m definitely watching the sequel. Ihanda na ang tissue!!

Q: Hi saab! Were you wearing contacts during your wedding? Coz you cried a lot hehe. if yes, what brand? Fan girl here :)
A: Yes, I was wearing prescription contacts (no color) I use Air Optix :) Hello!

Kythe-Hearted Mommy Bing

Not every girl is lucky to have a mother-in-law she gets along with. Most mothers-in-law are dubbed “monsters-in-law” because of how they meddle and how they can’t seem to relinquish the power they have over their children, especially their sons.

I count my lucky stars that I have married into a family who not only accepts me but wholeheartedly welcomes me into their lives.

My mother-in-law is a gift. Mommy Bing counsels people in need of guidance. I believe she was put on this earth to help people from all walks of life. I’ve spoken to her in counseling sessions, as have a number of Jim’s friends who needed somebody to talk to during difficult times. She does not judge. Instead, she listens. According to Jim, mommy Bing has never smoked a cigarette, never gotten drunk, and never cursed in her life. It’s not unbelievable at all. She’s a gentle soul who somehow has so much power to push people towards greatness. This is what she’s done for her own children, and this is what she does for the children of the Kythe Foundation.

Papa Gerry, my father-in-law, and mommy Bing have been active members of Kythe for years. Just last weekend, we celebrated mommy Bing’s 60th birthday in Quirino Memorial Medical Center where children from 5 different hospitals came over to join the fun.

Setting up
Setting up before the party started
Linya-Linya provided shirts for the occasion
Linya-Linya provided shirts for the occasion
Checking out the face/body painting booth
Checking out the face/body painting booth



She wanted Elsa on her arm
She wanted Elsa on her arm
Nunks and ate Mia preparing the 60 cupcakes
Nunks and ate Mia preparing the 60 cupcakes


Kids lined up for the photo booth
Kids lined up for the photo booth


The kids weren't the only ones who enjoyed the photo booth 😂
The kids weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the photo booth 😂
I helped host some of the games :)
I helped host some of the games :)
Mommy Bing had so much fun!!
Mommy Bing had so much fun!!

I had a blast as well, getting to spend time with the kids. Seeing them always uplifts my spirits. They’re always smiling and they really are so affectionate, a lot of the children kept hugging us.





I met Moonrose back when I visited PCMC and it was so nice seeing her again!
I met Moonrose back when I visited PCMC and it was so nice seeing her again!

Mommy Bing gave the children cupcakes with candles on them.


She let them make their own wishes as she wished everyone more years to spend with their loved ones.



It was a very special way to celebrate such a special, Kythe-hearted woman. Happy 60th birthday again, Mommy Bing ❤️


If you want to learn more about the Kythe Foundation, visit Matrix Philippines, Maxx and I have also partnered up with Kythe Ateneo to donate hair to turn into wigs for children who need a self-esteem boost in order to fight Cancer. Visit for more details.

Ask Saab 39

With Cai Cortez at the Young Star Pajama Party (July, 2015)
With Cai Cortez at the Young Star Pajama Party (July, 2015)

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve been a fan since forever! I just want to ask, does it get better in time after a death of a parent? I lost my Mom when I was 22 and I lost my dad when I was 24. I am 26 now but I still have dreams about them, miss them so, so friggin much and cry when I remember them. Naiiyak ako habang tinatanong ito! haha Hope to personally meet you someday! XOXO
A: Hi! So sorry to hear about your parents :( I can’t imagine what you must be going through. My mom’s been a huge part of why we are doing alright even with my dad’s passing. I think it would be best if you talk to a professional to help you get through this loss. I highly recommend it. ❤️

Q: Hi Saab, pareho tayo ng buhok, short and wavy. Pero sayo, effortless ang ganda. Mine’s frizzy and dry. :/ What can you suggest? And shat do you do in your hair? Comb or Brush? What kind? And do you have a treatment or care that you use and put on your hair every night? Like ano yung pinaka regimen mo? hahaha. Haba na, sorry.
A: I put a bit of serum before going to bed every other night (a.k.a. when I remember to)!

Q: Hello Saab, i want to cut my hair short but my face is round and chubby. i don’t know what to do hahaha
A: Round and chubby rin ang face ko pero kebs lang ako. Contour is your friend.

Q: Hi Saab, pag nagspring cleaning ka, san mo usually dinadala clothes mo?
A: I send it to Jim’s house, they do garage sales and they’ve got a lot of staff (helpers and drivers) at home so a lot of my stuff goes to them especially kapag Christmas.

Q: Anung masasabi mo sa college student na hindi nya pa alam ang gagawin nya in the future wala syang kasiguraduhan sa mangyayari sakanya and she doesnt have plans at all
A: Hi

Q: hi Saab! im a very big fan of yours truly.. can you give me some tips on how to maintain colored hairs? i just colored my hair red recently and i think its fading na :( thanks!! P.S i love your short hair. you look absolutely pretty!! :*
A: Choose the right shampoo, don’t shampoo everyday, condition! Here’s an old post of mine. Thank you :)

Q: Does upgrading your RAM boosts your laptop’s speed? :)
A: I have NO idea. Probably.

Q: Hi Saab! I always read your blog because it very laid back and I feel a touch of reality and rawness in it haha. I’ve always wanted to write/blog but I don’t know how to do it. I always end up deleting everything. Any tips? Thanks and POWER! :D
A: Just let go! Write as much as you can (it’s easier to have a timer, let’s say 30 minutes). Take a 5 minute break and come back to what you wrote, then start editing unnecessary information. Keep it light and breezy as much as you can :)

Q: Hi Saab! I have a keen interest in photography but I don’t have a professional camera. My colleagues were making fun on me because I’m just using a digi cam. Any advise? Btw, I really really love your blog. You inspire a lot of people ♥
A: Wala sa pana yan, nasa Indian. Here’s an article I found for you. If I were you, I’d invest in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom and read up on how to use them to make your photos look better :)

Q: what’s the difference between wit and intelligence?
A: I think a lot of witty people are intelligent but not a lot of intelligent people are witty. Witty people are more quick on their toes and I believe you’ve got to have a sense of humor to be witty. But I don’t know everything so don’t quote me. Lelz

Q: Ate saab! Ang tagal ko nang gustong itanong to pero iniisip ko baka di mo sagutin eh. Im a fan of yours kasi matagal na, nasa first year high school palang ako binabasa ko na tumblr mo.Ngayon jusko ang tanda ko na.!Ahaha! Pero gusto ko talaga ung haircut mo. Gusto kong itry for the first time. Pero di ko alam kung pano ko ba ieexplain sa salon kung ano tawag sa haircut mo. Huhuhu! Please help! P.s. nakakaiyak talaga kapag pinapanood ko yung video nung wedding nyo. Ang daming masasayang nangyari sa life mo. Sana ganun din sakin. Lol. P.s.s. sana bumisita ulit kayo sa japan pero this time together with your anak na. :)
A: Hello :) Why don’t you just print a photo and show it to your hairdresser?:) Thank you so much for all the kind words!

Q: If you could read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: Does a compilation of short comics count? Mine would be The Essential Calvin and Hobbes.

Q: Bakit ‘di kayo mahilig mag-greet ng listeners sa radio show niyo? Huhu!
A: Huwaaat? We always do. Just tweet us! @JAM883

Q: did you ever consider taking up med? Or law?
A: Hellz nawww. I would fail so hard because I find them to be totally boring. As I’m sure a lot of med/law students would find what I do completely useless. Different strokes for different folks!

Q: Heeey Saab! What are your tips to rock a short hair? Really love your new look!! <3
A: Thank you! Attitude lang yan!!

Q: Are you excited sa Harry Potter Spin off Fantastic Beasts Movie? btw you are so pretty!! ♥
A: Totes!! Thank you :)

Q: Paramore? or Save me Hollywood? – Liz
A: Paramore

Q: What’s your current favorite food?
A: Anything with cheese

Q: I really like your style, actually! I want to know about your Dr. Martens collection. How many, what styles, and where do you usually buy them?
A: I don’t have a lot, actually. Maybe I can make a post about that though.

Q: i always stutter when talking english to a lot of people Huhu i can’t help but stutter, what should i do?
A: Practice makes perfect you better! Keep practising! Read a lot, too! Watch TV shows in English. Start thinking in English :)

Q: Hi Saabie! Can you give us a link or where can we watch SandBox No Filter: Let’s talk about me? Pretty pretty please. Thanks Dear! x
A: Here you go :) I will be in all Oct 3 and 4 shows, and tentatively the Oct 29 one as well :)

Q: Who’s your life peg in general aside from your grandma and your mom?
A: Tina Fey or Conan O’Brien

Q: who’s younger you or Chelo?
A: Chelo

Q: Hi sab! I started watching The Office and season 1 was kind of… slow for me (please dov’t kill me) should I continue with the series? P.S JIM AND PAM = JIM AND SAB :) ♥
A: Wrong spelling wrong 😩 Nasa URL na nga, teh…

Q: kathniel or jadine? HAHA
A: Hahahahaha Kathniel I guess

Q: how do you remove hair from your UA?
A: Shave

Q: Hi! I remembered you mentioned before that you used drops when you were potty training Joey. What is it called and where can I buy one? Did you use pee pads, as well? I plan to potty train my 2 month old black lab. :)
A: You can get drops from any pet store, I don’t remember the brand in particular eh! But you can ask your pet store which one is most effective. I also use pee pads everyday here at home in case she can’t hold it in!

Q: Hi Saab! I’m not really fat naman but I have a cheeky/round face and I cut my hair just like yours nga e! But I am having a hard time managing it kasi since bagsak ang hair ko, na-eemphasize tuloy ang aking big fezz :) Can you recommend something that will make my situation less a problem? Lol. Or can you blog on how you keep your hair cuz u too have a cheeky face diba(tho your so sexy)? SUPER THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Like I said, contour is your friend. Look for contouring tutorials on YouTube!:)

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve noticed you and Maxx have been wearing H&M garments lately, specially Maxx. I even saw her once at H&M Robinsons Magnolia. And I’ve seen your ootds in Singapore wearing them. Is that your favorite clothing line as of now? (Cause I, too been buying clothes there since the day they opened here in Manila and I’m inlove with the store!) And what specific mall/branch of H&M you mostly visit so that I can get to see you (stalker) haha. Btw, we had the same dress, the feather-printed black dress you wore in singapore and at cheats album launch hehe
A: Hi! Yes, we like shopping at H&M! Usually in the Megamall branch :) Yay! Come on Saturday, Cheats is playing for H&M Megamall’s event at 6:30pm :)

Q: hi saab how do you put your photo on the upper right side? thank you! and btw, you are awesome! your blog and ig account were part of my to view, daily. :) Lavya! staychic!
A: Thank you :) The photo is part of the widgets on my page layout.

Q: Hi Saab! I just wanted to say that I love your blog talaga. I’ve been a reader for a while now and I’m so happy with what you’ve accomplished with your blog. I was wondering, for someone like me who is into writing as well, how important is the visual aspect of blog posts for you? I’m into photography too, but I try to focus on writing as much as I can since I think it takes a little more thinking and effort to be able to come up with an intriguing piece that others would want to read. Do you think photos/graphics are super important with writing? If so, what process do you go through when you choose a graphic that you think would catch other’s attention?
A: I think it’s important if it aids what you’re talking about. If you want the perfect graphic to use for your blog posts, you can try exploring with :)

Q: Hi Saab! I am currently finding a job and nahihirapan ako to prove sa interviews na kaya ko. I always feel so nervous medyo introvert din kasi ako. Tapos wala ako confidence sa sarili ko. Pano ko ba mapuprove sa kanila na kaya ko yung work na inapplyan ko and how to be confident sa srili ko? Haaay thanks!
A: Make sure you are well prepared for your interview. Research all you can about the company beforehand. When you meet your interviewer, shake his/her hand, make sure you use his/her name when they give it to you (“I’m Saab” “Hi, Saab, I’m *your name here*) and use it when you say goodbye as well. It leaves a good impression. Practice your interview skills with a friend. Also make sure you are properly dressed for the interview but of course you have to be comfortable in what you wear, too. Good luck!

Q: Hi Saab!! Ever since the first time I chanced upon your blog I fell in luuv hehe :D Ang galing kasi na you can switch to english and ‘masang’ tagalog seamlessly. Youre really a storyteller ;) Anyway, can you share what your perfect day with jim would be like? (You guys are the definition of adorbs <33)
A: Heyyy thank you so much!!:) My perfect day with Jim would be to wake up, have coffee, eggs and toast, workout, take a shower, walk Joey Bear and watch her run around, go back to bed and take a 30-minute nap, have pizza for lunch, watch MasterChef all afternoon in a dark airconditioned room, play 2 rounds of DOTA, eat steak with wine, go to a gig, dance, sing, drink, go home and pass out.

Q: Have you read Beautiful Disaster? If so, what can you say? Kakilig no!
A: No, I haven’t!

Q: Magkano pag binook ko Cheats on my birthday? Hehe

Q: Hi, Saab! I’m so obsessed with your blog… as in!! Hay, sana ganyan din ako ka-creative when it comes to blogging. Actually I have one on Tumblr but I find my blog so boring. And I don’t know what to do. I just made one ’cause I want to express myself when no one is around, when there is no I can share my thought with. But again, I find my own blog so boring. Huhu. Do you have any tips on how can I make my own blog interesting as yours? :( hope you could drop by and tell what improvement I could make to my blog. Thankies! :*
A: I think your content is nice, you may want to explore other layouts though :) I don’t understand the left part of your layout, there’s a blank square and blank links?

Q: How’s Creative Writing as a program? What are your favorite subjects and did it really help you a lot to be better at your craft?
A: I believe so. My favorite was our non-fiction class. You just basically write about anything you want and it gets passed around for notes.

Q: Do you remember familiar faces in your gigs? Just wondering if you’d remember a fan like me. Hope to see Cheats play again soon! :)
A: Yes, I do! Especially when you keep going and when you talk to us after!:)

Q: Hi! I admire how you’re able to take care of your Joey Bear. I’m just curious as to how you were able to live with her alone considering (assuming) your busy schedule? My De Niro (Shiht-Poo) stays with my family while I’m away in my condo on weekdays. I want to bring him in my condo but I don’t have help. Help? Thanks!
A: When I first got her, I was lucky enough to be able to be home every morning, lunch time, and evening to be with her. I used to bring her with me to tapings (with our yaya Gleza to help take care of her) because I wanted to raise her on my own talaga so I couldn’t send her off to my mom’s house before she turned 8 months at least. I only ask my family to baby sit her now that she’s older. Her habits are all from my training of her. She’s a very good girl. I LOVE HER. Huhuhu.

Q: Hi! I admire you for being “jack of all trades” (that’s how I see you). It seems you get to do a lot of things. I jst want to know what’s your primary job? The main thing. Also, how do you balance everything. I have a heart for that too. I want to do a variety of things not just the typical office day job. I’m just afraid of not being able to sustain the lifestyle.
A: My primary job right now is my radio work. I wanted to have a “regular job” of sorts because I want to keep writing. When I saw my blog as “work,” it really threw me off my game. I’m still in the process of getting back to normal. My schedule is shit right now, I barely have time for personal stuff but it’s okay, these super hectic periods of time don’t last forever. There are glorious breaks in between.

Q: What’s the size of your adidas superstars? Was it the exact size of your feet or did you have to go half a size smaller or bigger because of the design? Gets mo po ba? lelz

Q: hi saab! love you and your fam! do you have a planner or a diary/ journal??
A: Yes I have a planner and a journal :)

Q: what are the extent of your cooking skills, saab? are you worried na since you’re on dietdiva, you aren’t learning how to cook for yourself and jim?
A: The extent of my cooking skills? Bacon and eggs. Why should I learn how to cook for Jim? He knows and enjoys how to cook so we’ve got no problem there.

Q: how many calories na kinakain mo sa dietdiva ngayon? 1200 pa rin? if so, bakit? are you still trying to lose weight? you look so great now. body peg!!!!
A: Thank you! 1,200 calories yes. It’s not about wanting to lose weight, it’s just healthy eating and maintenance :) Plus the food is yummy.

Q: Hello! Do you consider yourself a religious person?
A: No I don’t. I believe in God and I pray to him every night but I don’t think I am religious.

Q: do u have those days where u just hate everyone (including the innocent bf) and dont know what to do with your life? huhu
A: Yes, girl. I-iyak mo lang yan. Tapos marathon ng funny TV series hanggang makatulog ka. Bukas, okay na.

Q: Hi Saab!!! I really really (really) need you to answer this please: where did you buy your off shoulder croppped top? The one you use as in inlet when you use your overalls. Please. T_T I’ve checked F21 and H&M and nada. :(
A: Topshop!

Q: Hi Saab! You’re one of the few people I really look up to right now and reading your posts (esp Ask Saab!!) is such a comfort! I’ve already seen you in person twice (once when I was an usherette at the Claritin Reditabs and second when you were taking pictures during egress of the Global Pinoy Bazaar) and I always wanted to have a picture taken with you but I’m really really shy!! :( I hope I get to catch Cheats perform some time!! All the best!! <3 <3
A: I know this isn’t a question but HEY next time, say hi to me!!

Q: how much for the Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt Spray because I can’t seem to find the price online? Is it really good for styling? Thanks saab
A: I don’t remember na but hey I found this DIY Salt Spray link

Q: I’ve been wondering about your diet diva thing: do you recycle the plastic containers they come on?
A: I send most of them to Jim’s mom and titas because they love to recycle plastic containers (they always cook and give out food to friends and family). I keep some at home too for left overs.

Missing In Action

So… I’ve been gone for 2 weeks. What the heck happened?!

I started my morning radio show 2 weeks ago (tune in 6-9AM from Mondays-Thursdays on JAM88.3), so I kind of totally F-ed up my body clock. I am asleep by 10pm every Monday-Thursday to be able to get up at 4:30AM each morning. My brain is so used up from 6-9AM, because we have to be alert and make sure we’ve got good content for our radio show. It’s not just all dancing to the music until we have to talk again haha. But Candy and I are slowly devising a system so once we get used to it, we’ll be more chill. I sure hope so. Because the plan is to work out at 4:30AM each morning, be at the station by 5:30AM, do online work (write, reply to e-mails, etc) from 9am-12noon and the rest of the afternoon is for events and exploration (a.k.a. dates with Jim).

What happens right now is I go home at 9am and fall asleep or I go straight to a meeting or guesting to promote the Matrix 8-inch Cut-For-Cancer which I will shamelessly promote right now:

Maxx & Saab -- Image for Aug 9 SUNDAY

And then I’m always off to rehearsals for the second run of No Filter!!! Say hello to No Filter 2.0!


Book your tickets, I’m doing all shows on October 3 & 4 and possibly the October 29 one as well! Will write more about this in the coming days.

I had a very millennial breakdown the other night before I went to sleep, I started crying to Jim because I just always felt so tired. And then I heard what I was saying and I wanted to smack myself on the head because it sounded like an annoying #humblebrag over social media:

UGH I’m so tired and busy, so much stuff is happening in my life… Poor me… Huhuhu

So before I could metaphorically “unfriend and block” myself, I looked at the bigger picture and why I was always feeling tired: I was not delegating my time correctly.

I should always do research a day in advance for our morning show so we’re not draining all our brain juices in the morning. I was also really upset because I was spending a lot less time with Jim and when I do see him, I’m irritable because I’m sleepy.

I had to remind myself that it’s just another week-long stretch of promotions and busy activities until the Matrix 8-inch Cut-For-Cancer event on Saturday, September 19! After that, I’ll have more time for rest and recreation.

Plus, I have to make the most out of my time with Jim.. I know we like playing video games and watching series but I don’t think it’s time well spent if we’ve only got a few hours to talk before I pass out. Dinner dates are a must for better conversation!

So obviously, I’ve got a lot more to get used to when it comes to delegating my time because I just woke up from a 4-hour nap in between radio guestings. Hehe. I was only intending to take an hour-long nap!! How am I sleeping tonight!? I’ll figure that one out. As I will other things. I just want to thank you guys for the support and for understanding.

Have to go run to Magic 89.9 now to guest on Boys Night Out! Hope you can tune in!! MITH YEWWWW, BLOG!!!


Ask Saab 37

PAHINGI NG PAHINGA shirt by Linya-Linya /
PAHINGI NG PAHINGA shirt by Linya-Linya /

Q: Hi SaaBAE! If you’re going to start a business, what would that be? :)
A: I’d probably be a web designer hahaha but I need to study more.

Q: Saab, what lipstick are you wearing here? – I’m in love w/ it and I’ve been waiting for idk years to ask you (charot mga 3 weeks lang) Haha thanks!!
A: Hhahaha that’s Lime Crime Velvetines in Salem, you can message @death_by_lipstick on IG for it :)

Q: My boyfriend cheated on me pero naging maayus na kami ahm cheat na just chatting lang naman pero matagal na nagkaayus na kmi i give him another chance pero minsan nag dududa padin ako , what should i do? Bakit nag chicheat sila kahit love nila ung girl?
A: Wag na yan. Sorry pero hindi ka niya love kung ganon.

Q: Secret para sa magandang selfie ;)
A: Angle

Q: Gusto ko magbawas ng timbang pero hindi ko kaya hindi kumaen ng rice and tamad din akong mag exercise :( what should i do!!?? HUHUHU tuwing nakikita ko post mo sa ig naiinspired ako magpapayat pano mo nagawa? Haha
A: Nasa Diyos ang awa nasa tao ang gawa. Do it one day at a time. It’s not as bad as it seems. You just need to make adjustments.

Q: Do you watch Sherlock (series)? Miss you btw! -Meryll :)
A: I still haven’t!!!D:

Q: When’s your TV series with E! showing? Excited for the Mags!!! <3
A: It’s not a show, just a special feature :) I have no idea when it’s coming out!

Q: Naging fan ka rin ba ng F4 at Meteor Garden? LOL
A: YESSSSSterday

Q: u said that you are still a virgin po, and kapag gusto niyo na ni jim magka baby before doing it. Bakit po? I mean.. you guys are married na. just curious lang po. Love your new hair! :)
A: Girl, I was kidding. Thanks!

Q: Sana merong Ask Saab and Jim edition hehehe pls? :D
A: Hahahahaha pwede!!

Q: HI Saab :) have you ever been to bohol? :)
A: Yes but I was with the laziest boys (Jim, Manny and Ernest) that we just stayed in the resort hahaha

Q: may I request for Jim to write a blog post about your lovestory? or parang his&her blog post. para malaman namin ‘yung side niya at makilala pa namin siya, hehe. cute niyo #relationshipgoals

Q: What’s one thing you want to say to your Dad?
A: You will never be forgotten

Q: What’s the best gift you’ve ever given and received?
A: My engagement ring hehehe

Q: Can I get your steam ID number? I just want to play with you. :D
A: Search for PIZZAAB haha!

Q: My ex is trying to win me back, he’s changed a lot since we broke up but sometimes I still see the reasons why I chose to end up our relationship. Plus it’s a LDR and it’s been confusing trying to fix it with him. Any advise? Thank you, I love you super lelz!x

Q: Have you seen One More Chance? May part 2 omg!
A: YES! Can’t wait

Q: If you come from a wealthy family, do you think you’d fall in love with a person who’s not as well-off?
A: Hey, it always happens in the movies so why not? LELZ. I personally think not having money and not having drive are two different things. If he’s hardworking I don’t see why you would not fall in love with him.

Q: I once dated a guy who was the same height as mine and admittedly it bothered me for a while na di ako kaya ipag-laban nito physically. Do you or did you get any similar thoughts with Jim?
A: WHAT? Bakit ka niya kailangan ipaglaban? Di mo ba kaya ipaglaban sarili mo? No of course not, I think Jim and I were made for each other.

Q: Does Jim smoke before?
A: Yes, it’s been 3 years since he quit

Q: Hi Saab, at what age did you start being intimate with the opposite sex?
A: My first kiss was at 16.

Q: Uuwi pa ba si Marquis sa PH or is she gonna stay in SG for good?
A: She’s working in Singapore so she’s staying there for now.

Q: Hello Saab, do you mind sharing how you manage your finances with Jim? Who’s responsible for paying/providing what? I notice this is a common dilemma for newlyweds who’s only beginning to share their finances, bills, investments, etc etc.
A: We have a joint account where we put everything, then we transfer monthly allowances in our separate accounts. I write the check for our condo dues, electricity, water from our joint account and we withdraw for groceries from that account. We pay for our phone lines, credit cards and everything else from our separate allowances. I do the budgeting :)

Q: Have you met the guy Maxene is currently dating? If yes, what do you think of him?
A: Yeah, I like him

Q: Ano ang pinaka kinaiinisan mo kay Jim? :P At pinaka kinatutuwa mo pag ginagawa nya? Haha!
A: Lakas niya mang asar. Sobra!! Eh pikon ako so gusto niya ako inaasar talaga. But when I finally say “OMG STOP!!!” sobrang lalambingin niya ako. Hahhaa.. It’s SO annoying.

Q: if ever magkakaron ka ng isa pang dog, anong breed gusto mo?
A: Corgi

Q: Does your husband snore?
A: Nope. Sobrang gwapo niya matulog, meanwhile I’m always snoring with my mouth open and my eyes half open…

Q: What was the last lie you told? :P
A: I’ve never told a lie. 👈 This right here 😝

Q: What’s your biggest inhibition? Or is there anything, really? You look so perfect!❤️
A: I usually find it hard to talk to new people. But I’m slowly trying to get better at it hehe. Why thank you 😚

Q: do you advice na magpafull bangs ang malaking muka? yung may chubby cheeks. Malaki kasi ang fezz ko pero gusto kong magpafull bangs, wala akong lakas ng loob :'(
A: Kung pawisin ka like me, wag nalang. Ang high maintenance!! Hahahaha!! But you only live once and hair grows back so I say go for it!!

Q: Hi Saab! OMG. Blooming ka talaga ngayon! May Glow! :D What’s your everyday routine usually? Pano ang married life? Who gets up first in the morning, Who cooks breakfast? Who takes joey out to pee. Haha Can you blog about days about your married life? I just love you. So happy that you’re happy! Take Care :3
A: Right now my schedule is so weird. I wake up at 4:30 everyday, I’m out of the house by 5 and I stay at the radio station until around 10AM. I go home and since we started our show on Monday, I’ve been taking at least an hour-long nap right when I get home. I don’t cook breakfast, I’ve got Diet Diva and Jim orders food or cooks his own breakfast. If I don’t get to walk Joey myself, our house cleaner (who comes in from 1-4pm daily) walks Joey every afternoon. She’s also trained to pee or poop only on her pee pad indoors :) THANK YOU!

Q: what is you and jim’s term of endearment? or do you have pet name for each other?
A: Belly 😍

Q: Hi Saab! I’m a great fan of yours! :) Anyway, do you also a watch Filipino movies like One More Chance? What are your favorites? Love yah! :*
A: I love One More Chance!! And A Very Special Love hahaha. OTJ is the bomb!

Q: How long did it take before you agreed to cut your hair?.. was there a point you wanna back out?..
A: I said yes right off the bat!

Q: what is the name of the salon did you get your hair cut done? the one that you said that is owned by your ninang.
A: This time I got my hair cut by Matrix Salon (they’re not really open to the public – their products are sold in David’s Salon and other hair salon branches) so I could donate it to Kythe. But regular haircuts, I get from Nimfa Ferrer Salon in Greenhills. Yes, she’s my ninang!

Q: What’s your perfect pizza? <3
A: Cheese, more cheese

Q: Saab, you look great in your new hair! Is your Ate Unna part of 5&Up? coz I see pictures of her kasama sila Chynna, Atom and the rest of the gang. #Justcurious!
A: Thanks!:) No, Maxx was a part of 5 & Up but ate Unna was in the same age group as the older kids so she got along with them too :)

Q: Hi Saab! Do you pay for your diet diva meals? Where do you get the motivation in eating healthy on a regular? heeeelp hehe.
A: They sponsor my meals and I am so so so grateful. They’ve been a HUGE help in fixing my unhealthy habits!

Q: hi saab! Can you share here your daily meal plan? :) you’re my fitspiration <3
A: I just order Diet Diva meals, they do the thinking and cooking for me!:)

Q: McDonald’s chicken or KFC chicken?
A: LELZ sabay fast food. KFC chicken

Q: Hi miss saab pretty!! Pwede mo ba kami tugtugan sa event namin, “Rock Out Cancer”, a beneficiary concert for Cancer Warriors on October 3, 2015 in PUP oval Sta. Mesa, Manila. Please helplllllll us. Thank you.
A: You may e-mail for any inquiries :)

Q: hi saab. thank God mukhang ginaganahan ka magsulat ngayon. I always check your everyday sa office! Lelz. Anyway, ano ginagawa mo kapag nagaaway kayo ni Jim? Boys tend to be the matiisin type right? Do you usually apologize first? Or you’re the matampuhin type?
A: I say sorry!!! Di ko siya ma-take hindi kausapin. And most of the time I have to admit ako talaga ang mali. HAHAHA. I know he’s the one talaga, hindi ako ganito eh :)))

Q: why do you use bb cream instead of foundation? what’s the diff?
A: It has a much lighter coverage, I honestly use it more for the sunscreen factor. But it helps that it evens out my skin tone without caking.

Q: Hi Saab! Where did you get the dress you were wearing when you interviewed Kevin Kwan? Love ittt, and I love you!! Heehee xx
A: TopShop! Thanks!:)

Q: Hi saab!! Pumunta ka na ba ng Pampanga ?
A: Used to tape there all the time for my TV show, Koreana :)

Q: Hi Saab! I really want to be a book blogger and to receive ARCs from authors. Any advice?
A: Buy books at discount stores or borrow from friends, post reviews, send your link to book stores and publishers?:)

Q: why does jim call you cloud? :)
A: Because he knows I’m obsessed with clouds and he says my cheeks are like clouds.

Q: Nagwowork ba yungCreamy Eye Treatment from Kiehls? I have really dark bags under my eyes huhu pang Tim Burton movie! Haha
A: Yes, in fairness!!

Q: I really love your hair color sa post mo na “Group Study”! Huhu kainggit. Magwowork ba sya sa hair ko if ever kahit hindi ko pa sya napapakulayan since birth? Haha
A: I had to bleach my hair twice to get that color :)

Q: i know sobrang pang TBT na to, pero why did you and Julius broke up? If okay lang itanong :) Hehe
A: It just wasn’t working out!

Q: Hi Ate Saab! Fan po ako ng show nyo dati sa ch5 na Lipgloss! Tanong ko lang kung natatandaan mo pa po ba yung first onscreen partner mo na si Nico Ibaviosa? :)) Have a nice day!
A: Omg no, my first onscreen partner was Kevin Lapeña! LELZ

Q: sawa ka na ba sa mga tanong tungkol sa short hair mo? lol
A: Mej, but hey at least I’m spreading the word about the cause :))

Q: Hey Saab, I just found your twin haha
A: Haha! You think so?

Q: I’m addicted to Benedict Cumberbatch. Help huhu
A: Why fight it? Order this

Q: Hi Saab, I’m a super fan! Like fanfanfan!! I always copy whatever you wear or blog about. The only thing I can’t copy is your current hairstyle (short, black, shoulder length). My boyfie wouldn’t approve, he prefers it long and brown. Hahaha #weirdobsession . Anyway, magBaby na kayo ni Jim. Please lol. Ktnxbye.

A: Why do you let your boyfriend dictate your hairstyle?:(

Q: Hello Saaaab! Do you listen to The 1975?
A: No but I know they are the band that yodels. Kind of. Hehe

Q: What is your favorite Chvrches song?
A: We Sink

Q: how do you make friends? or start a good conversation? HUHUHU
A: I learned the best tip: pretend you’re a detective. Ask a lot of questions about them (without being overly creepy, of course), just listen and be genuinely interested :)

Q: I loved Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend! Can’t wait for the movie. Can you do a fancast of the movie?
A: Everyone should be played by John Lloyd Cruz + Bea Alonzo + Sarah Geronimo. Charot!

Q: remember the way you fixed your hair short? Sabi mo ganun hair do mo when you get old. Ang tanda mo na! hahahaha

Q: Hi Saab! Natapos mo ba yung P90X3 challenge? Ipopost mo pa ba yung before and after pics? Effective ba talaga siya? haha. You’re so sexy & healthy looking, even the skin! So Pretty pa! : )
A: In fairness I lasted 70 days hahahaha I think I’ll do the challenge again.

Q: How much is the dry shampoo from Lush and how do you use it?
A: Found a tutorial here.

Q: How old is your Ate Unna?
A: 32

Q: What kind of questions do you answer here? Ang dami kong sinubmit na questions pero walang nasasagot :( How many questions do you get? P.S. you’re my ultimate girl crush, i love you! -zyxwvut
A: I answer those that haven’t been asked before! Sorry, daming backlog, thinking I should catch up today! There’s about 600 to go!

Q: Date ideas?
A: Coffee is always the best. Conversations are awesome!! Go play a board game. Lots of board game cafes now.

Q: Can you please blog about your book collection/bookshelf? You are kind of my reader peg, you have good taste in books (and movies, music—everything! you are my life peg. chos. <3)
A: Awww nahihiya ako eh!!!! I have so much more to read!!

Q: I always get sleepy at work kaya I always end up eating snacks while designing para di ako maantok. I don’t want to gain weight pa naman huhu any tips?
A: Unlimited black coffee (no sugar/milk), green tea and water! When you think you’re hungry, you’re probably just thirsty!

Q: Who was your fave character in Modern Family
A: Phil!! And Cam, of course!

Q: How did you get fullybooked to sponsor you? Huhu so jealous! I love reading and I get free books once in a while courtesy of Ardentbookgeek on Instagram pero I wanna get huge deals sana like NBS or Fullybooked sponsors haha is that too much of a dream ba?
A: I slipped something in their drink

Q: Hi Saab! I super love your answer about PMS. You are such a witty gal. ♥ So, follow up question about PMS, what symptoms do you usually feel when you have it? And how does Jim deal with you? Hehe. Thanks. :)
A: I just hate everyone and I can’t explain it. Except Jim and Joey, I still love them but I get very annoyed by them. Jim feeds me. Hahaha

Q: May Blog ba si Max? Have you tried encouraging her to making one? Or maybe blog about a day in her life. I’m so curious about her since you say that she’s so sweet & generous. 🌌
A: Yes!! Encouraging her to keep up-to-date! Pls tweet her, she’s the sweetest talaga.

Q: do you sing newspaper girl in your gigs? ano un usual setlist nio? hehe
A: Rarely, we like the more upbeat tunes :)

Q: Hi Saab, paano hindi maging clingy sa bf?
A: Have your own life. Take up hobbies or play video games haha!

Q: I went to your Guijo gig (with my boyfriend who’s very supportive of my fangirling) and I loved your set! But I’m very shy so I didn’t approach you. :( I hope you could sign my cd! Are you guys planning to release some merch like what other indie bands do for marketing? :) -Real
A: Hi Real!! Sayang naman!! Would have loved to sign your album for you!! Thanks for getting one, by the way :) We have 2 shirt designs actually. You can message us on Facebook for inquiries :)

Q: OMGGGGG I didn’t know Kevin Kwan is coming to Manila!!! I missed it!! Huhuhuh how is he like? Super liked Crazy Rich Asians!!
A: He was SOOOOOOOOOO chill!! Parang kwentuhan with a long time friend. Or feeling close lang ako. Haha

Q: Hi Saab! Can I order a “CHEATS” tee from you? With a short note & a signature from you? I’m from Baguio though. How’s that? (And just cause i’m a fan of yours…hihihi…please make it possible?) PS. Went down to Manila just to watch you in NO FILTER, but downside: you went to SG instead. LOLS #IstillLOVEYA #TYIA 😊😊😊😊😊
A: OMG sayang naman yung No Filter!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course you may order a Cheats shirt!! Go ahead and e-mail your details to :)

Q: Hi Saab! what’s your most recommended khiel’s product/s?
A: Midnight Recovery Concentrate!

First Day High

So I’ve been training for my new morning show with Candy on JAM 88.3. We’ve been training for months, doing the 12-3pm slot before actually practicing waking up in the wee hours of the morning every other day for the past 2 weeks. Like, we would be at the station at 6AM even if our shift started at 12nn. Think of it as training for a big game. We needed to get used to the lifestyle change.

Last week I looked at my schedule and I just dreaded the weekend before our first day. I was scared Candy and I wouldn’t make it in time for our first day. But, hey, nothing to worry about, I told myself. I was confident. I’m the type to wake up really early if I had to and that’s without even setting an alarm. My body just knows I’m supposed to be up. But on Thursday night, when Candy and I took over the 6-9pm show to promote ours, I started feeling sick.

I have to say though: taking over Lambert and Jobim’s show was crazy fun nonetheless. Okay, this is a detour from my actual story but I NEED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!! The hosts of JAM 88.3’s All Good Radio, Lambert & Jobim, had an ongoing slap bet to keep off alcohol. They said they would stay off it for 40 days. Now, you guys have to know Lambert & Jobim to understand how hard it must have been for the two but in all fairness, they lasted all of 21 days. But because they failed the challenge (that they brought upon themselves… Yup, they are very silly.), they had to be punished. Candy and I agreed to slap them.

Hahahaha oh God I felt so horrible after slapping Lambert!!! But I’ve had some practice being a kontrabida on television. Hehe.

Anyway, that guesting was definitely all good except for the fact that I was starting to get feverish. So I got home and these crazy migraines wouldn’t stop and the next day I was just sick as a dog. I was heavily congested, I blame it entirely on the weather. Okay, I also blame it on dehydration because I keep forgetting to drink water ✌️ So.. Ultimately, I have no one to blame but myself. Huhu.

I had to wake up very early to leave the condo at 6:30AM the next day for our European VISA interview (we’re going in October!). We ended at 12noon because such is life. Jim and I went home and just tried to relax before preparing for our Cheats gig at Route 196. We played quite late, we got home past 1AM already. The next day I tried to rest again but Cheats had back-to-back gigs in Manila and then all the way in Katipunan for Route 196. We played late again and ended up getting home at like 3AM. Sunday, I had a photo shoot from 2-7PM and then family dinner in Greenbelt at 7:30 but like half the family showed up at 8:30 because #EDSA #INC. Ugh. So we ended at 10PM since mom and Maxx were in the States for 2 weeks and we missed them so much (note to self: blog about their wonderful pasalubongs!!!).

Cut to: #EDSA #INC again. Got home past 11PM. Didn’t bother preparing anything, I just brushed my teeth and went straight to bed because I still had the flu and had to wake up at 430AM. I set both my alarm clock and phone to go off at 4:15AM.

I woke up at 5:24AM.

For my 6AM show.

On my first day.

I literally jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth, washed my face, changed my panty (lol), put on shorts, shirts, slippers, grabbed a jacket and went to work. I got to work at 5:40+. Oh God, it was the first time I ever slept through my alarm!!! This scares me SO much. My body must be so tired and hindi ako pwede umasa kay Jim because sleeping through alarms is his whole life. Hahaha. I hope this blog post doesn’t come across like a #humblebrag (bakit ba ako nagha-hashtag??), I really am so happy I’m busy. I just need to spread the word: DRINK WATER. This happens to me every single time I don’t drink enough water.

Currently waiting for Jim to come home, I sent him out to get me some Hydrite. I am going to be so ready for the rest of the week. I believe I’ve got a sexy nasal voice so it’s not so bad.

phoebe sexy sick

Y’all were probably asleep this morning because of the long weekend but when you’re on your way to work/school tomorrow and the rest of your lives, we’ll be here to keep you company during the rush hour. WE ARE CRUSH HOUR!!! Tweet us @JAM883 or call us up 631-8803 and we can talk about anything you guys want. Don’t be shy.

Photo by JC Gellidon

I know I’m sick right now but I sure as heck hope you guys aren’t sick of me yet.


Ask Saab 36

With Jason at a GROUP STUDY gig in TUP / JDV Photograpy
With Jason at a GROUP STUDY gig in TUP / JDV Photograpy

Q: Saab, do you wear your wedding ring during gigs? Curious lang hehe
A: Yes xx

Q: Tell us how you and Marquis made up. :) Please?
A: She was at my bachelorette party hehe Maxx invited her and I was just so happy haha

Q: What do you do when you feel like doing nothing when in fact you have lots to do?
A: I say “AGGGHGHGHGHGHGGGHGH” and then get to work D:

Q: Can Cheats cover Yard of Blonde Girls by Jeff Buckley? :)
A: We’ll consider it, thanks :)

Q: Ilan na naging work mo?
A: I think my line of work is project-based so I can’t really answer your question.

Q: what will you do when you figured na your bf is in omegle?
A: Tatanungin ko siya “BAKIT??? BAKIT?? HAYUP KA, SUMAGOT KA!!” char. Tanungin mo siya bakit siya nasa Omegle.

Q: Pls post any witty random convo of you and Jim. :)
A: Not what I’d call witty but here’s one: *while watching NBA* “YUCK I hate Tim Duncan. He’s a cheater!!” “You mean Tony Parker” “…YUCK I hate Tony Parker. He’s a cheater!!”

Q: Do you plan to move to a house anytime soon? :)
A: Not right now, no

Q: What are your “luhos”? And what are Jim’s? :)
A: Probably lipstick. And apps. Jim’s luho is anything to do with his vape haha and lately, shoes.

Q: did you ever feel intimidated with Chelo? She looks like she has a strong personality :)
A: We were sworn enemies in college!! Hahaha but we’re like BFFs now haha

Q: Before you and Jim got married, how do you address Jim’s parents? :)
A: Tito Gerry and Tita Bing

Q: What do you like most about being in showbusiness? ❤️
A: Getting messages from fans. It’s always nice hearing from them hehe especially if they write me to say I’ve inspired them to start blogging or join a band.

Q: Do you have a link of where I can watch your Taste Buddies shows?? Namiss ko lahat kasi I have work :(
A: Aww man I don’t know, would you believe I never got to watch any of my episodes either?! If you find one let me know

Q: I LOVE ASK SAAB!!! I learn so much from your answers <3 I've been your fan of all your phases, looks and blog layouts! Which brings me to my question. Why do you like "cheap cakes?"
A: Aww thank you!! Cheap cake as in the one from Shoppersville in Katipunan. It just takes me back to a lot of good memories :)

Q: How do you stay fresh duing gigs? Parang lahat pawis na, ikaw parang bagong ligo at powder lang!? Ang effortless ng ganda mo huhuhuhu #anakkangDiyos
A: Are you serious?! Baka naman dahil ang pinopost ko lang sa Instagram ay yung mukha akong fresh hehehehe. But thank you!!! I just try to pat myself dry after a gig. :)) Shet natawa ako sa hashtag!!

Q: Do you ask Jim pa if you can post certain topics? Or ikaw na bahala and he fully supports you lang? :)
A: I DON’T NEED PERMISSION FROM ANYONE!!!! I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN!!!! RIGHT, JIM??? Haha joke lang. No, he has no say on what I can and can’t post. He’s very supportive of me.

Q: What was the flavor of your wedding cake?
A: UBE!! Cos we were in Baguio, it only made sense

Q: I asked about the cake kasi gusto ko ng cake ngayon.
A: Go lang, girl

Q: I’m torn between these two please help me pick. Adidas Stan Smith (Wite and Green) or Superstar (Black and White)?
A: Superstar

Q: What’s your go-to outfit na pwede din for a univeristy? (Describe in details please) Haha super love your style kasi! Thanks! :)
A: Black skinny jeans, boots, a comfy and loose top. Thank you!!

Q: Say it’s the end of the world and you’re given a chance to be anywhere, where would u be?
A: Mars

Q: What soap do you use and tips for a smoother skin? :)
A: As in body wash? I use Kiehl’s Creme De Corps

Q: How often do you answer questions?
A: I try everyday but since your question was sent in 13 days ago, I must not be doing a good job huhuuh

Q: Penge naman fashion tips from my fave blogger please? :)
A: Go for comfort!!

Q: What makes you really angry? And when would you say na “friendship over”? (When is enough, enough?) HAHAH
A: Pag gutom ako.. I’m like “OMG SHUT UP I HATE YOU” tapos after a meal, “HEYYYYY, we’re friends again!”

Q: Were you active in orgs and university student councils when you were in highschool and college?
A: I was the founder and Editor-In-Chief of our school paper in high school. I didn’t join any org in college. Except for the Ateneo Musician’s Pool but just for a while.

Q: If I’m a college student and I am planning to open up a bank account which is better a savings or a current account?
A: Savings!:)

Q: Which do you prefer paper back novels or hard bound books?
A: Ooooh.. I like paper back so I can bring them around with me wherever I go. But if it’s just a short read, like a graphic novel, I prefer hardbound.

Q: What instruments can you play?
A: In my head, I’m a very good drummer. That’s pretty much it.

Q: Hi Saab. I so love you and your style, wa echos! Like you are one of the people who inspire me to be myself and blog, super duper.. :D How did you quit smoking? I’ve been smoking for almost a decade now. is there any alternatives you’ve done?
A: I got sick. I got bronchitis so I had no choice but to totally quit smoking. I vape once in a while but I don’t NEED to use it. So, before you get sick I think you should just quit cold turkey. Try not to go out so you don’t get tempted. Keep yourself busy. Meditate. 💁🏻

Q: How to be close to siblings who are easily annoyed and parang user (mabait if kailangan ka ganon) haha honest answer please :(
A: Whattttt?? I have no experience in this haha but just talk, I guess. Ask them to get coffee with you. Tell them how you feel.

Q: Do you mind if for example nagsstroll or shop ka sa mall tas may biglang magpapapicture or what sa iyo?
A: No I don’t mind it at all

Q: Hi Saab! whay did you feel when you were finally getting your hair cut that short?? nanghinayang ka ba? hehe You still look pretty tho. always naman :) and btw. girl crush kita hihi
A: Thanks! I felt excited!! I couldn’t wait, actually.

Q: i like your floral jacket!! with the green sleeves hehe where did you buy it? love your new hair too :)
A: It’s actually not mine hehe I wore it for a shoot. It’s from Bench. Thank you :)

Q: have you had your hair straightened/permed before? if so, do you have any tips for hair maintenance?
A: I got my hair rebonded in high school. LELZ!! Condition once in a while.

Q: Do you really shop at GreenHills? I love you Saab! :)
A: For phones, yes! xx

Q: What happened to your old condo unit?
A: It’s my mom’s unit, I was just squatting there. Hahaha. My older brother moved in there.

Q: Did you take up photography or film in college?
A: I took a digital film class under Marie Jamora in my 5th year

Q: Hi Saab baby! What time ka po pupunta sa Matrix Event this coming September 19? Nag sign in po ako for batch 4 – 12pm. Sana magkita tayo!? :D
A: Perfect!! I’ll be there around 12-2 :D

Q: Hi saab! SUPER DUPER HAPPY TALAGA AKO KASI SUPER IDOL KITA AND TAGAL NADIN AKO NAG AANTAY NA MAG OPEN UNG QUESTION BOX MO ! Anyway nagkaron ako ng maraming pimples sabi nila maganda sana ako kaso may pimples may ire recommend ka po ba na product? :) i love you saaaaab! Super! Godbless
A: HI!!! I think it’s best if you go to a dermatologist and ask them about your options if it’s really a problem! It’ll be so worth it, just make sure to follow what he/she says. I’m sure they know what’s best for your situation :)

Q: Hi Saab!! I asked you previously about your opinion on PMS and I mean pre-marital sex! Hahaha lol sorry di ko na specify 😂😘
A: I have no opinion about it, really. It’s an intimate thing between two consenting partners and all I would like to say is if it’s something you do, make sure to stay safe because pregnancy isn’t the only result of unprotected sex.

Q: Hi Ate Saab, if you weren’t a celebrity, what would have been your career? :)
A: A columnist, I think.

Q: Hi Saab!!! Do you approach your fans first or do you let them say hi to you first (even if you already know them)? :D
A: I say hi to them if I’ve seen them more than once and I recognize them :)

Q: Hi Saab! Are you planning on getting another tattoo? If yes, what design? :)
A: Nope!

Q: what size are you s xs m? 6? 8? 4?
A: I’m a UK 8

Q: Did you have the iPhone6 in Space Grey?:)
A: Yup!

Q: how did you deal with your very first heartbreak? how did you move on? I’m scared that me might move on faster that i will.
A: I will admit, I needed a distraction. Another guy was showing interest in me and so naturally my ex-boyfriend was trying to win me back. That’s after he broke up with me and watched a movie with another girl like 2 days after. I would have gotten back with him but I think it’s good that I realized there were other options. I politely declined (dahil maraming beses ko na siyang iniyakan) and he genuinely cried. It was the first time ever and I felt so bad but I won’t lie, it felt good too because I realized omg I guess I AM a catch and I shouldn’t be going all psycho about him going out with another girl. Lelz. You know what, listen to a lot of Destiny’s Child. Haha. They will tell you that you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. Just ask yourself this: do you really want to force yourself on someone who doesn’t want you? DON’T. In my case it was someone who only wanted me when others showed interest. Ick. I’m better than that.

Q: I adore you for eating rice “very rarely” #dietgoals :) Are you weight conscious? What do you usually eat to keep fit? Thanks, Ate Saab! Love your blog! xx
A: I’m not weight conscious per se since I haven’t weighed myself in years. I just make better food choices!:)

Q: I really love you and your style ❤️ Where do you shop most of the time? :)
A: Thank you!:) Topshop is my go-to!

Q: Do you own LinyaLinya? Kyot. :)
A: Nope! I’m a huge fan 😛 Get their shirts at and make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to get exclusive content and special offers :)

Xperia Giveaway: Z3 in LOVELY Purple!!


I’ve been loving my Xperia Z3 so far. It’s been my companion day and night, it’s especially useful for my gigs with Cheats! I’ve been doing shows in Saguijo, Route 196 and other local bars kinda tough to capture anything in low-light but Xperia lets me spread the love with its high camera quality.


Speaking of ❤️love❤️, I recently held a contest on Instagram where I asked you guys to send in songs you think I should dedicate to Jim! Hehehe. Thank you so much for sending in all your answers, I had so much fun going through all of them with Jim. Unfortunately, I could only choose one winner!!😭

And that winner is…


Eunice (@ongice) with Best Coast’s When I’m With You!

I mean it’s already one of my favorite bands and the song is just perfect for how I feel about Jim hihihi.😍 So, Eunice, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re getting a brand new Xperia Z3 Purple! Wooohooo!

The next challenge is for you guys to capture the extraordinary in everyday. Here are some photos from last night’s gig taken with my Xperia Z3 ❤️





Once again, congratulations to IG user: @ongice on your brand new Z3! Thanks for joining and thinking of me and Jim <3 Enjoy Z3, the flagship smartphone to beat!! Claim your prize!! Call this office number 238-7000 on weekdays from today until Sept 10 and ask to be connected with a Sony Xperia Guide. 😄 Proud to be an Xperia ambassador! Wanna hear the latest from Sony? Hurry and like these pages for the latest news and updates -- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

#ICan #EverydayExtraordinary 👌