Win Sony Smartbands For You and Your Friends

I‘ve been wearing my own Sony Smartband SWR10 for 4 days straight now and I’m enjoying the whole “life log” technology. It seems a bit self-centered and unnecessary but some of the information I gather is quite interesting.



Sony Smartbands come in many different colors but I chose black so I can wear it with anything. I never take it off since it’s waterproof and dustproof so I can take a shower while wearing it and everything! It’s very lightweight at just 6g so I barely notice it.

Each Sony Smartband I’m giving away comes with 2 silicon bands (small and big), the smartband core, and a USB cable for charging it.


Before anything, you must know that the Sony Smartband is compatible only with Android 4.4 KitKat or later and requires Bluetooth 4 Low Energy. This includes, of course, the latest Sony Xperia phones and you can click here to check other phone models that run on Android 4.4. Sorry, iOS users, this giveaway is not for you!

To use the Smartband, you will need to install 3 apps on your phone: Smart Connect, Smartband host app, and Lifelog. Smart Connect and Smartband host app will allow you to fix the settings of your Smartband including the option to vibrate every morning to wake you up and to vibrate almost violently (lol, that means 3 long vibrates) when it disconnects from your phone meaning you left your phone behind! That’s my favorite function among all because I tend to leave my phone in the car or on the table when I’m out with friends. I even leave it in the bathroom sometimes! So this definitely helps me keep track!


The Lifelog app is also very pretty and it keeps track of all your fitness needs: calories, steps, minutes you brisk walk or run, sleep. It also has other information that you probably don’t need but it’s there if you want to know.. Haha. Like how many hours you spend on your social media apps and on the Internet. Also, it tells me I’m playing too much Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Haha.

When you click on the map icon on the Lifelog app, it shows you all the places you went to that day thru a gray line. Medyo creepy but since Jim also got his own Smartband, I joked and said, “hey, I can confirm where you went today…”


Did I mention that the Smartband has a little button on the side? Here are its functions:

  • Short press – Find out what mode (day or night) your Smartband is on. Day mode is confirmed when 3 LED lights light up in a row. You’ll know it’s on Night mode when the 2 outer LED lights alternatively blinking with the middle one.
  • Press and hold – Switches between Day and Night mode. Day mode lets you log your activities, communication and entertainment. When calls and messages come in, a gentle vibrating alert lets you know. Every night before you sleep, switch to Night mode so it logs only your sleep data. If you tend to forget to switch modes, there’s an option to automatically switch to night mode at a certain time.
  • Double press – Add Life Bookmark. Special moments are recorded on your timeline when you add a Life Bookmark. Your location, your type of activity, and the weather is recorded. You can add notes thru the Lifelog app later on so you can remember what exactly happened!

Other notable features include the downloadable Smart Extensions: ‘Find My Phone’ lets you tap your Smartband to ring your phone and ‘Media Player’ and ‘Camera’ enables you to control your media player and camera!

So there you have it! I’m giving away sets of 3 Smartbands to 2 cool groups of people!

Here’s how the contest will go: The Rafflecopter app will be open for entries for a week and then I’ll pick the top 5 groups. For another week, you can let your friends vote for you via a poll so I can choose the 2 winning groups!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have fun, guys!:D Winners will be contacted thru Twitter DM and e-mail. Winners will have to pick up prizes in Pasig.


Tea Time With Tokyo Tom

This afternoon, I went to The Peninsula Manila to have tea and coffee with my mom and her friend, jewellery designers and sisters Janina and Candy Dizon. When I got there, I found Janina sitting with a boy my age. He was introduced to me as Tom from Tokyo and he told me what he was doing there. Apparently, he’s a friend of a friend of the Dizons who’s in the Philippines for vacation. He’s been here 4 days and just yesterday he got swindled out of his money. The 22-year-old Japanese guy was doing a 40-day backpacking trip across Southeast Asia and on his 3rd day here in Manila, he met a couple in their 50′s along the streets of Makati. The couple invited him to lunch in Cubao and being a naïve young boy who believed in Filipino hospitality, Tom took a jeepney with them to Cubao where they had lunch over some beers. He told me he had about 3 beers but he was feeling extremely sleepy already - strange for afternoon drinking.

The couple then told him they should go to Angeles, Pampanga where it’s more fun so they took a bus going there, with him half asleep the whole ride. They got to an apartment (I think so, his accent was quite thick) where they gave him coffee to perk up but strangely enough he passed out shortly after. He suspects he was drugged by the couple. What’s weird is that the couple stuck around and when he came to, they took a bus back home to Manila. While in the bus, he was trying to get his wallet from his pocket but the couple was being very aggressive and telling him it wasn’t safe to take out his wallet in public. Tom found their behavior weird so he started getting angry. The old couple told the bus to stop, all three of them got off and the couple just ran off in the dark leaving Tom with his empty wallet which had about USD$300+.

So saddening to hear this. Who would suspect a couple in their 50′s to drug a young Japanese boy? I guess you can never really tell. Anyway, we did our best to cheer him up. Janina told him that mom and I were in show business and I took the opportunity to take it up a notch since I will probably never see this guy again. I confidently told him that I’m known as the Jennifer Lawrence of the Philippines LOLLLL. He’s not from here, he’ll never know the truth that I’m not even on TV anymore. HAHAHA. But I’m sure he knew we were kidding with him, he was very nice and was all smiles.

So this guy Tom contacted his friend from Japan who is friends with Janina and her circle, including Cecile Van Straten of Chuvaness.com who is totally in love with anything Japan-related. Tita Cecile dropped by with money to lend Tom before his flight to Kota Kinabalu. It was a very unexpected afternoon but I was very touched when Tom said, “After last night I thought I never wanted to come back to the Philippines but after speaking to you guys, I want to come back!” Awww… Relax, I told him I was getting married and that I even got engaged in Japan! Hahaha! I’m glad we fixed whatever bad vibes he got off Filipinos. He should have just gone to La Union where, apparently, Japanese are well taken care of because the guy who sort of founded the whole surfing scene there is Japanese! If I remember correctly he is now 60-something years old living in La Union and is considered a legend surfer there. WALA LANG. Some trivia for ya.


Nagulat rin ako sa akbay hahaha pero okay lang, naniniwala yata siya na Jennifer Lawrence ako ng Pilipinas. Wahahaha! I told him I’m not at all what anyone would consider as JLaw but that I do experience hunger games everyday. Lawlz. JLawlz.

Anyway, here are some more photos I took this afternoon!

Prettier than any pastry: Pia <3


Bumped into King Kong at Salon de Ning


Sobrang cute na may nail art si King Kong


I hope you guys had a good Wednesday afternoon as well. Don’t forget to be nice to people but don’t trust so easily, k?! If you’re in a foreign country, don’t look like you’re lost. Be assertive and make sure you only carry around a small amount of cash when you go out. Love ya guys!

Saab a.k.a. JLawlz ng Pinaz

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.07.43 AM

Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Shake It Off’ Is So Fun!

I can’t believe there are so many mean comments on about this song and video!! LOLJK it’s , I’m not surprised. I may not be the biggest Taylor Swift fan but this is a really fun song! Some folks are saying it’s too pop and that Taylor Swift is changing her style too much but jeez, can’t a person try something new? It’s not like she’s singing about Hello Kitty like SOME “PUNK” GIRLS WE KNOW.

I think it’s a great move for her career as she addresses the fact that people are saying she dates too many guys (and giggles while saying it). I’ve always thought she didn’t deserve those mean things said about her. She’s young and she’s allowed to date boys. Growing up in our country made me think that I was supposed to marry my first boyfriend. It’s just such an ancient belief! My mom’s the one who told me back in high school that I was too young to be tied down to one boy so I should meet more people before agreeing to be somebody’s girlfriend. So lucky to have such an open-minded mom. I mean, hello, it’s not like you’re going to be sleeping around and spreading disease! You’re meeting new people and going on dates. CALL THE COPS!!! Charot.

Gotta admit some of the Taylor Swift memes are super funny though. Click here for T. Swift Jokes.

Anyway, good on ya, T. Swizzle! If people don’t like this song, just shake it off!

P.S. I love her look best in that black ensemble and red lipstick!


Cheats Go Surfing

The band went to La Union for a little R&R over the weekend. We stayed at Flotsam & Jetsam, a cute little hostel perfect for nature lovers and artists. Here are photos taken by Candy’s boyfriend, photographer Miggy Abesamis of Ballast Photography.










Jim (and his vape)


Manny and April











Swagsurfing LOL




This doggy named Eli and this bitch named Candy hehehe



It was quite the weekend, we’ll definitely be back.




Here’s a short video with clips of our stay there! Featuring a short teaser of our song Sleepist about wishing you could just sleep instead of go to work. There’s also an impromptu song making session near the end. LOLOLOL. If you want to learn how to surf, just ask the lady at the bar to contact Buboy. Buboy was my instructor and he was the best, way more advanced beginner techniques than the first time I learned with some other instructor. It’s 400 per surf lesson!:)


The Artisan: Collection VII

Get your favorite boys something nice from local men’s clothing store, The Artisan. Their latest collection is “an ode to the ghost of past lovers.”

1 2

3 4

5 6

A collection of 7 pieces of clothing, 3 fragrances and things all pieced up together. A study on how even the worse of things could make something beautiful in the end – even if it’s just another story to tell. In this case however, not just stories but more over a soft whisper that hopes you’re okay, a lasting product you could rest your memories on.

7 8

9 10

11 12

A collaborative work alongside Sonny Thakur, Judd Figuerres, Julio Del Prado, Emmanuel Natola, Cholo Dela Vega, Melvin Rodas, Ej Reyes and Nikko Martinez.

13 14

15 16

The Artisan Collection VII now available: http://shop.theartisanclothing.com

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.05.58 PM

Cute Girls Cover Cheats

I saw this video of Lea and Lily 3 weeks ago and just last Friday I met them in person! We played a gig at Saguijo for Jam 88.3′s Fresh Filter Live featuring fresh independent bands! Lea and Lily are from indie folk band The Ransom Collective. So cute that they just tried figuring out the chords and lyrics on their own hehe. Thanks so much, Lea and Lily!!

For anyone else who wants to cover Accidents, here are the chords and lyrics:

Verse: C – Am
Chorus: F – Emaj – Am – F

Accidents inside your home
I was an accident inside your home

My band has died
And so my life ends
I blame the timing
I blame who made it
Mismanaged younglings
This time I was thinking wrong -
That my birth right counted
And that I deserved it

But my children said
“We are your stars,
you will never be alone,
we will never be alone
inside your home”

It’s all the same, you sleep at night

Calling out the animal, the animal inside of you

Here’s a video of our SoFar Sounds set months ago

It’s not our best set ever, it was the day after we got attacked by a bunch of drunk mother fuckers and we spent the night at the hospital and police station. No sleep and still shaken up after being punched several times in the head, we went to our scheduled gig and tried our best to act normal. ANYWAY hopia like it!! If you ever make a cover, just post a link on the comments below so I can watch it :):)


How I Almost Had A Panic Attack At My Pre-Nuptial Shoot

Since I’m trying to do everything on my own for our wedding, I’ve been pretty happy with the results. No one’s bugging me (except for Jim hehe) and no one’s forcing something that doesn’t really fit with our personality. But it’s all been mostly small stuff like booking suppliers, deciding on a color palette, meeting with designers, etc. For our pre-nuptial shoot, Jim and I totally zoned out. We got MangoRed to do our pre-nup photography but we couldn’t decide on a concept. We settled on a date, booked a makeup artist and a stylist. It wasn’t until we were on our way to the studio that I realized, wait… Wala talaga tayong concept? Pero okay lang naman because I really didn’t want to use props or over-the-top production design or whatever, I just wanted the photos to translate our love. YUCK! Hahaha. S’true though!!

I even snapped at Jim in the car as we were parking in the studio because he said, “Next time, if you’re going to be in charge of a photo shoot, you’re supposed to text everyone involved the night before and the morning of the shoot.”

OF COURSE I got defensive and said EH DARATING NAMAN LAHAT EH. ANONG PROBLEMA?! Hahahahha OA!!! But tama naman siya, siyempre. But, hey, I’m used to just showing up to shoots, not producing them! Haay. My bad.

I booked the studio from 1-5PM, forgot to book a hair stylist, and it was almost 2pm wala pa rin yung makeup artist and stylist. At 1:30pm I went up to the guys of MangoRed and apologized and I was so embarrassed, you know how I am when I’m nervous – I started crying. HAHAHA! Jim was wonderful, he said I didn’t need any makeup anyway, we could do some test shots first while waiting for the rest of the team to arrive. Even better, Randall of MangoRed bought me beer from the convenience store next door. It was so funny, I calmed down and the pizza I ordered arrived. We were drinking beer at 1:30 in the afternoon – it was awesome.

Finally, my makeup artist arrived! Emman Concepcion of MAC Cosmetics is such a delight to work with! He recently did my makeup for an upcoming feature in StarStudio magazine. He told me his car almost overheated so he had to pull over! Sobrang init nga naman nung Wednesday!


Ayun na, I was saying OMG I feel like it’s my wedding day. LOL. Sorry for the lack of photos to accompany this story, konti lang nahanap kong photos sa phone ni Jim hehe.


Our stylist (and my peach) Adrianne couldn’t make it to the shoot herself because she’s out of the country so she sent her assistant who arrived 2 hours late! But since I was super kebs na, I wasn’t bothered anymore! Besides, it was my lack of concept and will to fit clothes prior to the shoot that had Adrianne’s assistant bring mostly formal gowns. Okay lang because I brought 3 casual outfits and the clothes he brought for Jim were perfect.

It was all smiles and good vibes. I remember a conversation I had with my ate Unna, my  Matron-of-Honor. I asked if my wedding gown could just be brought to the big day by the designer and she said no because kahit magkagulo ang lahat, dapat daw nasa akin ang wedding gown ko. I told her I’d marry Jim wearing anything anyway :)

So there – I’m so happy our shoot turned out so well! On our way home, Jim asked me, “para saan ba ang pre-nup shoot?” sabi ko, “…ewan ko. Pang-Facebook?” HAHAHA!! We should never lose sight of what all this is really about!

Can’t wait to post the photos soon!:)


#SpellSaabBookClub: The Happiness Project

A new month means a new book to giveaway!! I’ve never really read any self-help books before but since I’m on the road to a more organized and productive self, I picked up a copy of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin!


This was my Christmas gift to my grandmother who is kind of a cranky woman. Haha! I know she loves her family but outwardly she can be a bit short-tempered. She told me that she enjoyed the book very much and I get texts from her every other day about random stuff. She sent me ox tail soup when I was sick, and a book about marriage! So sweet! I am hoping the book helped her become a happier person!

The author talks about how she is supposed to be happy since she has a great husband and 2 beautiful daughters. Instead, she tends to focus on negative things and keeps nagging her husband. I’ve asked Jim to read the book as well because he is the type of guy to think the grass is greener on the other side. He tends to dwell on missed opportunities and blames himself for things beyond his control. I also got him a one-sentence journal so he can keep a record and appreciate his beautiful life!

The book has sold over a million copies worldwide but has an average rating of 3.5/5 stars. People seem to find Rubin annoying and I can see why. It’s a very #FirstWorldProblems kind of book but I am a bit guilty of sharing some traits with the author. I can be a know-it-all, a nag, and a perfectionist. I sure hope this helps me address my annoying habits!

I’m giving away 3 bundles of The Happiness Project and the One-Sentence Journal!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be contacted personally via e-mail (the one used to sign in on Facebook) and they can claim the books within 30 days of ontification at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street!

Stay happy, guys!!

WINNERS: Desa Tayting, Ressie Santos, Ysai Santo – please check your e-mail inboxes for a message from Fully Booked within the day! If you don’t get one by tomorrow (August 18), kindly e-mail me at info@spellsaab.com :)