5-Hour Metro Manila Earthquake Drill on July 30

Photo from New York Post
Photo from New York Post

MANILA, Philippines – The five-hour Metro Manila earthquake drill will be staged on July 30 as part of the government’s plan to make the Metro’s residents prepared for the possible 7.2-magnitude earthquake to be triggered by a movement in the West Valley Fault, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said.

It would be recalled that MMDA Chair Francis Tolentino earlier submitted a draft executive order to Malacañang calling for the conduct of the metro-wide earthquake drill. Tolentino said the MMDA, through the Metro Manila Council, will be meeting on June 2 with the 17 mayors of Metro Manila to discuss the flow and conduct of the drill.

Tolentino said the earthquake drill will happen between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. to simulate both daytime and nighttime conditions.

“Titignan natin kasi kailangan may daytime at night time. Kailangan may araw,” he said.

During the drill, both mobile phone service and electricity across Metro Manila would be cut. Without electricity, Tolentino said massive traffic jams would also be simulated as traffic lights would also not function.

“Kapag lumindol matrapik din talaga ‘yun eh. Kailangan ng simulation ng actual kasi. Ang lindol kasi disruption din yun di ba.

Tolentino said should there be real emergencies to happen during the drill, emergency responders would be in a better position to respond as ambulances are already in the streets.

“Mas ready tayo kasi nasa labas lahat ng ambulansiya di ba?” he said.

As part of its own preparations, the MMDA will be holding a rescue Olympics on June 2 where the speed and efficiency of the respective rescue teams of the Metro’s 17 local government units will be assessed.

Meanwhile, the MMDA will also meet the heads of the 84 barangays that were earlier identified as being located along the path of the West Valley and East Valley faults.

Tolentino said that contingency measures at the barangay level would be discussed during the meeting.

One June 3, the MMDA, said Tolentino, would be holding a simulated deployment of its personnel under “Oplan Metro Yakal” – the agency’s action plan in the aftermath of a strong quake.

He said during the simulation, the MMDA would set-up simulated evacuation sites at the Villamor Air Base golf course, Veterans Hospital golf course and at the Intramuros golf course.

In addition, the MMDA will also be lending its “earthquake simulation house” to the barangays projected to be most affected by the 7.2 earthquake.

“Iikutin lahat ng barangays ng West Valley fault para idemo yung 6.9 magnitude at 7.2 magnitude sa mga residente ng barangay.

Maghapon yun. Pero pipilitin nila isang barangay sa umaga, isa sa hapon,” he said.

Tolentino stressed on the need for earthquake preparations in the Metro saying that from a scale of 1 to 10, he rates the level of awareness and readiness at 4.5.

“So ang inuulit ulit ko dito for this generation to realize the impact of this dapat makadaan tayo at least dalawang metro wide earth quake drill from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.,” he said.

Tolentino said residents of the 72 barangays located on the path of the West Valley and East Valley faults should be drilled on earthquake preparations.

“I think it would entail the collective efforts coming from each and everyone of you here. Lahat siguro. Lalo na yung 72 barangays na tatamaan ipakita yung kahandaan at yung karatig sa labas,” he said. – with reports from Irish Matito and Mariel Atuan

(Written by Mike Frialde on May 27, 2015 for Philstar.com)

Ask Saab 21

Recording Cheats' album at The Bunker, October 2014
Recording Cheats’ album at The Bunker, October 2014

Note: The following questions were asked in January 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: Do you have stretch marks?
A: Nope. If I do, I’ve never noticed them. Or I’m just not looking hard enough.

Q: Seloso ba si Jim? Selosa ka ba? :D
A: Sometimes, yes for both. But I’m so happy that jealousy has never really been a big issue for us. Especially now that we’re married or I guess because we’ve been together for 4 years without a doubt of each other ever flirting with another person.

Q: You strongly dislike Chavit Singson? Why?
A: Among others: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/11/21/13/chavit-singson-kills-lion-birthday

Q: Hi Saab, I just want to ask what is your current hair color now? Thanks in advance. :)
A: Matrix Wonderlight in Ash Brown :)

Q: Hi Saab! Where can I buy those Sephora Liquified Lipstick that you have posted last September here in PH? :)
A: I think the Instagram account @death_by_lipstick carries them!:)

Q: What’s your favorite scent? :)
A: I guess Johnson & Johnson’s Regular cologne. Hehe.

Q: Have you been on a big fight with jim?
A: Yes.

Q: Mahirap po ba matutunan ang D-jing?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have a fan base?
A: I think my regular blog readers are my fan base

Q: Whatever happened to Mei Bastes?
A: Lord knows

Q: Would you invited a certain ex or some of your exes sa wedding
A: My ex-boyfriend, Mikko, was an offeror at our wedding.

Q: Do you read posts on the Ateneo de Manila Secret Files page? Haha!
A: I don’t know what that is..

Q: hi! am glad you changed the layout to the normal, more of a lazy reader friendly type. thanks.
A: Noted!

Q: Hi, Bukol ba yung nasa noo mo? napansin ko lang. parang nauntog ka kung saan. kaka-headbang siguro. basta parang it’s a lump on your forehead.
A: Saan?

Q: bec I also have it on my forehead, and it’s impossible to get rid of it, it’s much deeper too, tlgang parang pinukpok ng martilyo. if you want to see.
A: I don’t

Q: oh and btw. speaking of ur new bff, are u still friends with your old bff marquis? or no more?
A: Yes we’re still best friends, we actually have a Skype date scheduled soon

Q: Aww why did you change your dp here? I loved the previous, one that’s from your prenup with Jim :( ♥
A: I have no idea what you’re talking about because you sent in this question back in December and I don’t remember na. :(

Q: Hi, Saab! How was it like taking up creative writing? I’m planning to take it kasi, and i don’t have that much idea about the course
A: It was fun, but I do wish I had a little more knowledge on marketing, to be honest. But I definitely learned a lot when I studied Creative Writing.

Q: Magkakilala ba kayo personally ni Abra? Wala lang super idol niya kasi Dad mo :)
A: Nope! Ah talaga? Nice!

Q: Who is your celebrity crush?
A: Ryan Agoncillo. Lelz how random.

Q: is it easy to learn dj-ing? Since when did you learn the art of djing?thanks crush :)
A: Oh God, I suck as a DJ. Haha. Need more practice. So, no, it’s not easy :))

Q: Hi saab. Just want to ask anong model ng Prada yung bag na gamit mo dun sa MAC mo na post? Is that a bn2106? I really like it. Thanks :)
A: If you’re talking about my black Prada bag, yes that’s the one :)

Q: ma tulog ka namn
A: ge, bhe. kain ka na

Q: Can you do a daily make up routine video?
A: Yes, I’m gonna make an updated one :)

Q: comb or brush?
A: I don’t know why combs even exist. Kapal kasi ng hair ko eh. Kasing kapal ng mukha ko. Huehuehue

Q: What was your initial emotion when Jim proposed to you?

Q: Do you know Tita Yeng Vitan? Hehe i think your mom knows her.. :) Met your mom, Elmo, Clara and Arkin waaaay back then… Heheh happy holidays!
A: Yes, she’s one of my mom’s ka-barkada :) Hehehe ang luma na ng question o, Happy Holidays pa!! Sorry for replying so late!!

Q: where do you get meme’s?
A: I just Google what I want and then put “meme” after. Like I put “money beyonce meme” hahaha the Internet has everything.

Q: Which is better: Blogger or Tumblr or WordPress? :)
A: Tumblr is so much fun but I like using WordPress now.

Q: hi saab! did you jump last night? haha jk happy new year!! all the love. x
A: OMG happy new year too hahahaha ♥

Beauty and The Book: MAC Chili & The Pocket Wife

Here’s a new thing I’m trying out for my blog where I create a look inspired by a book. It could be a book I’ve read in the past or one I’m currently reading. Sometimes my look will be inspired by characters in the book or it will simply be based on the cover. In this case, I’m going for the latter since I haven’t really gone past chapter 1 of The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford.



Let me talk about my long-time favorite red lipstick: MAC Chili. It makes me feel like I’m Winona Ryder from Reality Bytes haha


I wear it at almost every gig and it’s perfect for someone like me who can’t be bothered to use eyeshadow most of the time. It’s not too dark, not too bright. It comes on matte and stays on for a very long time. I’m practically obsessed with it.


Complimentary copy from Fully Booked

I got a copy of The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford (published March 2015) last week but I haven’t had the chance to read more than a chapter. First of all: gorgeous cover. As you guys know, red is my favorite color. Plus — lipstick and nail polish are two of my favorite things.

As for the book itself, I can’t really tell right now but online book reviewers have been comparing it to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and Paula Hawkins’ The Girl On The Train. I like reading about women in general and reading about unstable women has been really entertaining. Gone Girl’s Amy has a personality disorder, The Girl On The Train’s Rachel is an alcoholic while The Pocket Wife’s Dana is bipolar. So far it’s gotten less stars than the GG and TGOTT probably because people can’t help but compare them. Still, it’s Crawford’s debut novel and reviews are saying it’s very good for a first book. Will read it tonight.

Just a reminder: be part of my virtual book club and discuss Paula Hawkins’ The Girl On The Train with me on June 4 via Google Hangouts! Click here to register. You’ve still got a week to read it hehe. I’m only accepting a limited number of people since it’s my first time to facilitate this. Hope all goes well :)

V. Excited ♥,

Ask Saab 20

Photo by Mango Red
Photo by Mango Red

Q: hi, Saab! I love your hair! may I ask who’s your hairstylist? :)
A: My ninang Nimfa Ferrer, she has a salon in Greenhills :)

Q: Please do an update what’s in your bag. I always find the things in your bag (from your previous posts) interesting and quite similar to mine.
A: Okay will do :)

Q: If you have to choose between Jim and Joey who would you choose?
A: That’s just painfully unnecessary…

Q: Hi Saab! :) Do you eat street foods? And, curious lang, who is Tia&Pao? some people at Ask Saab 11 I think were asking about them. :) THANK YOOUUU! :)
A: Hi! Yes I am a huge fan of fish balls, isaw na baboy at manok, and dirty ice cream. Tia and Pao are my college friends. We’ve known each other for like a decade now. They got married back in February 2014, been together since first year college :)

Q: Will Marquis be attending your wedding? You two have been bestfriends long and you no longer post about her/the two of you.
A: I admit we’ve lost touch through the years but we’ve tried to remedy it naman. She had already booked her ticket back home for my wedding when her teaching job in Singapore deemed it impossible for her to make it. Super sayang but it’s okay, I understand naman! Her ate Iya was there reppin’ the both of them.

Q: Do you have a favorite blogger?
A: I’m inspired by Carina Santos of nothingspaces.com :)

Q: current bff?
A: Candy

Q: where is the location of your prenup?
A: Bulb Studios in Makati

Q: Hi! Not a Q. I’m the one who asked kung sino sila Tia&Pao. Ok na. Natapos ko na lahat basahin yung ASK SAAB. :) Fan mo kami ng ate ko. :) -LASS
A: LOL okay! Hi!

Q: What’s your current favorite song? And i love MAC Chili btw HAHAHA Hope to hear Cheats play soon <3
A: Current favorite song?? Ugh.. It changes weekly. This week it’s Buhangin by Sandwich haha. I’m going to the video launch tonight at 19 East. I was told Cheats has a cameo in the video.

Q: What sort of non American crime dramas do you watch?
A: Ummm.. Haha I can’t think of any non American crime dramas.

Q: OMG! I love Pao&Tia na! :) Sorry. First time ko tignan/basahin blogs mo! I love them all! Can’t wait for you to blog your own wedding! Love you Sabb!
A: HAHAA okay :)

Q: Hi Saab! I’m inspired by your aura, personality & your amazing relationship w/ Jim. can you suggest top 5 movies/series to watch w/ your bf? :)
A: Hi! Thank you so much :) Ooooh interesting topic for POP QUIZ! Will put in my to-blog list :)

Q: Hello there Saab! :) When did you start doin’ gigs? Is music your passion ba talaga ever since? Thanks!!! :)
A: Had my first band back in 2006, I think. Hahahaha. Yes.

Q: Hi Saab, super duper fan mo ko. You’re so cool, nice and pretty. How can I meet you in person? OMG!:))
A: Come to Cheats’ gigs!:)

Q: What everyday camera do you carry around for “emergency” blog moments? :)
A: My Sony NEX 5N. It’s small and light enough.

Q: May Chinese blood ba family niyo? You look so asian, girl :)
A: Not that I know of haha but probably if meron mga 20% lang haha! I look Asian because I’m Asian!!:))

Q: You really do make time to answer our questions and comments here :) Thanks and Godbless! – C
A: Yes!

Q: omg saab i was reading your previous Q&A’s. Gosh u rly do answer their q’s honestly
A: How else would I answer?

Q: Will you still be writing blogs after you get married?
A: Does this answer your question? Hehehe

Q: How many boyfriends have you had before meeting Jim?
A: Technically I only had 1 boyfriend before meeting Jim. Haha. But before I dated Jim I had 6 boyfriends. Lelz. And when I say boyfriends, I mean I exclusively dated them for a time.

Q: Hi, Ate Saab! :D You’re so beautiful inside and out. :)

Q: Do you dance?
A: Professionally? NOPE. When someone’s playing my jam? YES.

Q: I noticed that you’re both good in conversing and writing in English.Can you give me some tips on how to improve in grammar?
A: Oh thank you :) I suggest you subscribe to Grammar Girl’s podcast! I love it! And of course, read read read :)

Q: What can you say about the religious views of INC?
A: I can’t say anything because I am completely unaware about their religious views.. Should I read up on it? If yes, why? Explain in 3-5 sentences. Chos.

Q: Naging si Coleen Garcia ba and Elmo Magalona?
A: No! Lelz

Q: Are you still friends with AA & Angel? The Ampalaya group?
A: Haven’t talked to Angel in years because there’s just been no opportunity to talk haha but AA and I exchanged texts when she gave birth and I got married.

Q: What can you say about Kylie Jenner?
A: Pa-yummy si girl

Q: How often do you answer ASK SAAB questions?
A: Tryna do it everydayyyyy

Q: hi sab. any tips in surviving “the ateneo”?
A: Here’s a tip: learn how to spell. S-A-A-B… Nasa URL na nga, ate girl.. Lelz. But seriously, you’ll have to read a LOT of articles when you’re in Ateneo. You’ll do a lot of reaction & reflection papers, too.


Different Times, Same Love

My mom is unbelievable. It makes me cry thinking about it but I just can’t understand how patient she is. We’re 8 children (well, mostly adults hehe) with different interests and personalities and she’s up to date with every one of our projects and achievements. Of course we are individuals and everybody has their off days. We tend to complain about the smallest things (especially the girls when it’s that time of the month hehe) and mom just always whips out a solution to make us more comfortable. Is it warm out? There she goes fishing a portable fan from her bag. Is the public toilet gross? She’s got disposable toilet seat covers for us. I swear I have to argue with her before she sits down because she wants me to have the last seat available.

A mother’s love is really unconditional and that’s why I think Mother’s Day should be everyday. Allow me to share this video from Nido Fortified called Different Times, Same Love. It made me tear up nakakainis. Hehehe.

Just in case you can’t play the video (it’s the first time I’m embedding a Facebook video on my blog so there might be a few bugs) you can CLICK HERE to view it. It super reminds me of my mom and grammy. Huhuhu. Thank you, Nido, for making this video and reminding us that a mother’s love is really timeless. I can’t wait for my future kids to meet my mom.


Music Club: Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar – Bad Blood

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like Taylor Swift. All my friends, whether they’re mainstream, indie, or pa-indie (lol) admittedly like her in all her blonde, red-lipped glory. I can’t see why anybody wouldn’t like her either. I guess that’s why all the other It Girls said yes when they were asked to be a part of her star-studded kick-ass video directed by Joseph Kahn, the same guy who did Blank Space.

According to research, the song is about an undisclosed female artist *coughKatyPerrycough* who tried to sabotage her tour by stealing her dancers. If that’s the case, I’m amazed the other girls joined the video – it pretty much says they’re on Team Taylor, right? Unless they are totally clueless. My guess is that half the girls (her actual BFFs) knew about it while the other half (the more senior ones) just wanted to support her by being part of her video.


The video was obviously inspired by a lot of kick-ass movies. These are the ones I got:

Sin City


sin city


The amazing alien abortion scene from Prometheus
The amazing alien abortion scene from Prometheus
Taylor lookin fiiiiine in a similar outfit and machine
Taylor lookin fiiiiine in a similar outfit and machine

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet


Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.08.18 PM

5th Element’s Leelo

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.09.29 PM
Hayley William as The Crimson Curse


Kill Bill snow fight

Okay this one isn't that obvious but that snow fight was epic
Okay this one isn’t that obvious but that snow fight was epic

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.13.48 PM


Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.27.28 PM
Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba

Tron Legacy film stills

Every Movie With An Explosion

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.36.17 PM

Anyway, the song is stuck in my head like all of her other songs. Ugh. Love yaaaa, T. Swizzle!!

Before I end this post, here’s an instance when Taylor Swift copied ME… Char.

Saab Swizzle


Love you, Tay-Tay! Mag-bati na kayo ni Katy Perry plz.


You Are What You Read To Sleep

WARNING: Reading Harry Potter will not turn you into a wizard
DISCLAIMER: Reading Harry Potter will not turn you into a wizard

I’ve had this theory for a while that whatever you read the night before has a huge impact on how your day goes. It started when I had this lazy streak I attribute to my subscription to Entertainment Weekly. I used to read it every night along with other random articles about movies, TV shows, Hollywood gossip, etc. The very next day I watched all the shows while my to-do list cried on my desk. I was up to date on pop culture but I wasn’t being very productive. Jim, on the other hand, reads articles from Harvard Business Review and other motivational pieces about work so he wakes up the next day ready to conquer another day at the office. I decided to take a page from his book (hehehe).

First, I had to decide what I wanted to do everyday and I narrowed it down to at least two things: I wanted to 1) work and 2) work out every single day. So I bookmarked a couple of productivity pages and I subscribed to Women’s Health magazine on Zinio. The results were amazing. I would wake up being pumped up and ready to work out to get it out of the way (I set aside 30 minutes a day for exercise) and I make sure to set 9AM-6PM for work. While some people think of it as a luxury, it’s actually difficult to be your own boss. Having discipline is definitely something that needs getting used to and I’m glad I am finally starting to master it. Reading for pleasure is scheduled during my designated lunch break so I get to read my books and graphic novels for at least an hour a day.

Feel free to prove or disprove this theory of mine and let me know if I’m correct or not!


Justin Bieber Does Carpool Karaoke

Okay, this website is my home so I’m just gonna keep putting things I like here. James Corden, a.k.a. The Baker from Into The Woods, is currently the host of The Late Late Show. He is SO cute I fell in love with him when I watched Woods. So he does this thing where he gets celebrities to ride in a car with him and just sing songs. Past contenders have been Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey to name a few.

My favorite so far is none other than my JB-next-to-Jim-Bacarro: Justin Bieber xxxx

There’s your dose of eye candy for the day. If you want more cutie patooties, why not watch One Direction playing Dodgeball with James Corden? You’re welcome.


Ask Saab 19

Catch Cheats tonight at Route 196!! We play at 11pm / Photo by Jam Velarde
Catch Cheats tonight at Route 196!! We play at 11pm / Photo by Jam Velarde

Q: kelan ka nagstart magsmoke?
A: I started when I was in 3rd year college, it was so cliché I had just broken up with my boyfriend. So my friend who smoked taught me at a party. Then I started seeing someone who was a smoker so I kept smoking nalang. I also knew it pissed off my ex-boyfriend so I kept smoking. Hahaha napaka-waley ko. Anyway I don’t smoke anymore. I do have a vape though but I barely use it.

Q: Hi Saab! What do you take to “cure” your constipation? Mine is so extreme that I can 5 days without going :(( hope you can help!
A: Increase the fiber in your meals! Try muesli instead of normal cereal in the morning (you can buy that in most grocery stores). I drink black coffee or tea every morning hehe works for me! But in an extreme case before, I drank 5ml of extra virgin coconut oil every night. It was DISGUSTING. But it really lubricates your intestines and causes you to go in the morning. You have to make sure you eliminate all the poopsies (yes, I still go to my pediatrician lol) in your system because it can cause UTI. Used to happen to me all the time.

Q: Hi ate saab. do you have plans to go to santorini (greece) hehe
A: Yes! End of August!:D

Q: have you ever wish you were maxene?
A: Nope! I’ve wished I had long legs like her though haha.

Q: ate, ano po height ni fiancee nyo?5’4 po ba?
A: 5’6″

Q: Hi saab! Where did you get the red dress you wore on your prenup photos?
A: Topshop

Q: Hi Saab! When was your last visit in Antipolo? I often see your Mom and younger siblings but not you and Maxx.
A: They usually come down during the weekends to stay in mom’s condo. That’s where we meet up. Last time I was in Antipolo was back in Christmas.

Q: If you were to choose five lip products that you can use for the rest of your life, what would they be?
A: Omg. Can I turn this into a blog post instead?

Q: sino mas like mo as elmo’s loveteam? Julie or Janine?
A: Whoever has fans who are more supportive (a.k.a. hindi nang-aaway)

Q: Hi Saab! What advice can you give for those girls na may bf that keeps on checking out other girls pag magkasama sila ng bf niya? Thanks!
A: Leave. Now!

Q: Hi Saab! I just had a horrible experience at a waxing salon and I remember reading a blog you wrote about the same experience. Was it in Hey Sugar?
A: Ay, hindi! I’ve never heard of Hey Sugar. Omg hope you’re okay!! Hahaha!

Q: Hi! What is your complete name?
A: Maria Isabella Simone Magalona Bacarro

Q: What are your top 3 favorite moments with Jim?
A: Omg pang blog post rin to ano ba… Hahhaa.

Q: Where do you post-process your photos?
A: I just adjust the temperature (make it cooler/more blue) via Lightroom :)

Q: Thoughts about blink-182? It’s my favorite band of all time hehe

Q: Have you been to Bohol? :))
A: Yes!! But we ended up just staying in the resort all day hahaha I was with Jim, Manny and Ernest (our best friends/band mates). We checked out the Chocolate Hills but didn’t see any tarsiers huhuhu.

Q: Ever been bulimic, anorexic, super body conscious?
A: Thankfully, no.. I can be body conscious but not SUPER body conscious.

Q: Hey saab! What kind of turntable do you have and where did u buy it? Haha
A: I got a white REGA from Hyperaudio Showroom (now known as MusicHaven)

Q: What kind of camera are you using on your photos? I want to dump my DSLR for point and shoot photos in my blog. It’s just too bulky.HAHA
A: Sony NEX5N. It’s the best

Q: Where did you get the style or inspiration for your wedding? ♥
A: I just imagined a cozy library in the middle of a forest. Lelz.

Q: Hi saab! Where do you usually buy your dresses? I know you’re not a fashion blogger but you’re my fashion peg. Haha!
A: Hahaha thank you! I just get them from Topshop. Although I haven’t worn dresses in a long time..

Q: Hi! saab. fan girl here! acidic din yung skin ko, would like to know kung how much and ano pinaka effective kiehl’s product?
A: If you’ll only get ONE item from Kiehl’s, I suggest you get the Actively Corrective BB Cream. It evens out your skin tone and actively corrects the spots so it’s like a light foundation that’s actually good for your skin. It has sunscreen pa. It sells for around Php1,500.

Q: Is Jim shouldering most of the wedding exepnses?
A: Jim’s parents did, as it is usually the groom’s parents who shoulder wedding expenses in Filipino tradition. But we insisted on also paying for some of the things. We didn’t want to take advantage either so we asked for a budget and made sure we wouldn’t exceed it :)

Q: Does choosing words carefully include not cursing?
A: Yes.

Q: hello ate saab, alam ng close friend ko na may feelings ako sa kanya, dapat ko ba syang iwasan?
A: Paano mo alam na alam niya? At bakit mo siya iiwasan? Masama ba ang feelings mo sakanya? Lelz. Just act normally!

Q: Hi! Where do you get your facial cleaning done?
A: I can’t handle a routine facial!! I’ve had about 3 facials my whole life.. I’m thinking I should do it more often though.

Q: CHEATS shirt? in gray color :)
A: Hmmmmm thanks for the suggestion!

Q: Anong title nung song sa pre-nup video nyo?
A: No idea. Haha.

Q: Hi Saab, do you have a tutorial on how to make a blog?
A: Not yet! Should I make one?!

Q: Hi! Saab pwede pa picture? :)
A: Ummmm pwede naman but.. WRU POHWZ?!


POP QUIZ: How I Learned To Save My Money

If you asked me 2 years ago what I knew about money, I would say I was pretty much like Rebecca Black’s awkward friend in her music video for Friday.

"I have no idea what I'm doing"
“I have no idea what I’m doing”

I had an accountant who deposited my checks and reminded me when my taxes were due. All I had known was that my bank account would be replenished and I would have enough to spend on food, clothes, etc.

Can you believe that I used to spend for gas monthly that amounted to as much as my driver’s monthly salary?! I had a parking slot in my condominium in Eastwood but I would send my car and driver to mom’s house in Antipolo because that’s where he stayed-in. I didn’t realize I was wasting so much money until I complained about my expenses and Jim said that I was definitely overspending. It’s these things that add up to the reason why I wasted so much of my hard-earned money all these years.

Aside from my ate Unna, everybody else in the family took up arts in college and we weren’t required to take up accounting. The only money-related thing I knew how to do perfectly was writing a check (thanks, mom!). In fairness to my mom, she’s also the one who taught me how to open my own bank account back in college and how to enroll it to access online banking. Long story short: as long as my bank account would never reach zero, I was good. I was doing great, or at least that’s what I thought.

Unlike me, Jim is GREAT with money. Slowly, he’s been trying to teach me how to manage my expenses to build a secure future. Nakaka-in love, diba?! I just want to share some of the tips I learned from him just in case you’re as clueless as I was before.



As much as possible, DON’T use your credit card. If you must, make sure you pay for it in full every month. DON’T pay just the minimum fee. I did this for years not realizing I was losing so much money on interest fees! I told you I was pretty dumb with money. Huhuhu. If it’s too late and you absolutely can’t afford to pay the bulk fee, follow the next tip but instead of setting aside money for savings, when you get your income you have to prioritize paying for your credit card bill first. Try to pay at least half of it, maybe you’ll be able to get rid of it in just 2 months. If you must, only use your card for fixed expenses. I use mine for gas and I enrolled my Internet and TV cable bills to automatically be charged. My online subscriptions including Zinio and Audible are also charged monthly on my card. I’ve gotten rid of the shock that comes whenever my bill arrives because it’s always around the same number monthly. Side tip: make sure you actually use all your monthly subscriptions — otherwise, UNSUBSCRIBE!



When you get your income, you set aside part of it for your investments. Only then should you pay for your fixed expenses and budget for your variable expenses. Sample scenario for working girls: you get paid 25,000. 10,000 you keep in your mutual equity fund account, 2,000 you set aside because you’re saving up for new running shoes. 8,000 you use for fixed expenses (electricity/phone bill/rent), the remaining 5,000 you budget for variable expenses (groceries, movie dates, and whatever you want). No guilt if you finish it all because you already set aside your savings! YAY!



Just within the past year all of these things occurred: I got dengue, I got repeatedly punched by a bunch of drunk party crashers (remember??), I severely sprained my ankle (stupid manhole cover was in the way), and Joey got bladder stones (FvCK SODIUM!). I got a hospital bill of around 50k, needed to get a CT scan for the punches I took worth 14k, had to get my ankle x-rayed and underwent physical therapy for a total of around 12k, paid for Joey’s operation and meds worth about 20k. These are just a few of the things that took me and my wallet by surprise. Life won’t always be peachy, there are really some low points and you’ve got to be ready for them. That’s why Jim and I have been tucking away a little bit of our income to make an emergency fund available for such situations. Try to do the same and make sure you have at least 3-6 months worth of your salary on standby. I highly recommend opening a bank account for this. Do NOT touch for bags or shoes. Haha! This is also very useful in case you lose your job — you will have enough money to keep you adrift while looking for the next job opportunity. If you don’t have a fixed income (if you’re freelancing like I am) then you have to calculate your monthly expenses and how much you need to live comfortably for the next 3-6 months — that’s how much you should have in your emergency fund.



It’s a pain in the ass but it’s really effective if you’re diligent. Download an app on your phone. Jim and I use EXPENSE MANAGER. The interface isn’t as pretty as YNAB (You Need A Budget) but I haven’t mastered YNAB and he prefers the other app. Since he takes care of the budgeting for now, I just input my expenses and export it via e-mail whenever he asks for it. He then makes an expense report and we have monthly budget meetings just to discuss how we did for the current month and what to expect for the next. Believe me, we dreaded these budget meetings at the beginning because we would always end up arguing. I would get upset because I wouldn’t understand the process and I would just always give up. I am allergic to Microsoft Excel files. Jim had to talk to me and reassure me that just because I’m the woman in the relationship it doesn’t mean I have to take care of the budgeting for our home. He was happy to do it and all I had to do was listen. Now we pour ourselves some wine while discussing the numbers and we’ve been doing better than ever with our finances! YAY, TEAMWORK! If you’re not in a relationship with someone who’s good with money, I suggest you try to understand the You Need A Budget app because it comes with a lot of tips too. I promise I’m gonna master budgeting someday… Maybe today. Haha. After I finish this post. LOL. I am so much more conscious about my spending because I have to write it down now. When I’d go into Topshop I used to just blow a ton of money on clothes but now I think twice, even thrice, if I REALLY REALLY like something as much as Carly Rae Jepsen likes her crush.



I was so used to spending all my money without realizing it. It used to be that as long as there was a number greater than zero in my account, I would spend. I liked sharing my blessings too and I don’t think that’s all bad but looking back, I used to treat my friends to a lot of food, drinks and even trips out of town! My sister Maxx is still like that today hahaha! We all love her for it but I’ve been trying to help her understand that her money could be going elsewhere. We obviously got it from our parents: mom always encourages us to “go buy it!!” and my dad always liked living in the moment. The fact that we like to make everyone feel comfortable and happy enough for us to spend on making priceless memories is not bad at all. I just think we can make invaluable memories for much less. I decided to withdraw ONLY what I’ve budgeted for my variable monthly expenses so that I am forced to stick to it.

I am still learning a lot about money and how to be wise with it. Once in a while I like going back to my old self and telling Jim he should buy the shoes he wants. As long as we work hard, we should be able to make room in the budget for fun stuff! You gotta be careful: there’s a fine line between being wise with your money and being way too stingy. Even if you save a ton of cash, you don’t want to end up being The (Lone) Wolf of WALEY Street. LELZ.