Ride It With My Surfboard

That line from Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love has gotten pretty famous since she performed it at the Grammys. I was pretty excited to go to La Union so I could take a picture and caption it SURFBOARD. Haha. Thanks to Jim and my new GoPro camera, we got to take some videos in the water. It wasn’t all chill waves when the trip started, actually.

We planned to leave 2AM Friday because it was Chino’s birthday and it was a non-working holiday because of Chinese New Year. Maxx threw him a surprise salubong party Thursday night. Jim and I had gigs after the party so we were very awake by 2AM but we weren’t in a hurry because at the party Maxx had mentioned that Frank wanted to come with us at the last minute. He was just at taping but he’d probably be done by 4AM. I will not go into detail because maguguluhan lang kayo haha but ang nangyari ay 6AM na natapos si Frank but he wasn’t replying and we just said hay nako bahala na let’s just leave.

launion-3We ended up being on the road for 12 fucking hours. La Union is supposedly 6-8 hours lang. Sobrang anyare sa traffic and all the stupid roads being fixed!!!

launion-4So we wasted the whole day in the van, got to the resort by 7PM. Had an okay dinner and then out of nowhere, Frank calls and says he’s already in La Union and his phone died, he didn’t have a charger. He was calling from the resort beside ours OMG it was the craziest thing. He drove for 10 hours alone and with no phone! Soul searching vibes. Haha.

My swimwear for this trip is from what I call my “Tita Collection” because 25-year olds are supposed to show off their bods, but not me – I couldn’t wear bikinis this trip because all the rice I devoured the past 2 months have been haunting me. Lol.


Playing basketball in the pool wasn’t a great idea because it was seriously freezing haha

launion-6So we just made chika a little bit more, didn’t even have the energy to have a few drinks so we just all called it a night.

DAY 2 (charot)




launion-10Yeah we’ve got plenty “woohoooooo” pictures haha



launion-13Jim’s ahrt short

launion-14Our under the sea kiss <3

launion-15I left my camera behind thinking I’d just go back and get it when I’ve done my first ride after our quick surf lesson (thanks to our instructor, Jon-Jon!) but we got so into it, we didn’t go back to shore until our hour ended!

Since Chino is more experienced than any of us, he still had his board a couple of minutes after we surrendered ours. He lent it to me and was the one who pushed the board for me so I could take these stills for my blog haha!

launion-16I’m such a pro… Not.

launion-17But in fairness, I got the hang of it quite easily. Balancing was easy for me because I used to longboard, I just got a little confused with which foot to use first. My stance is regular (left in front of right) so the leash is tied to my right foot.


You push yourself up and place your back foot on the board first!launion-19

Then you can place your front foot before you stand up with knees bentlaunion-20


I swear I didn’t wipe out, I rode the (very tame) waves until the shore <3

launion-22Jim with his surfer girlfriend charot

launion-23We only had an hour left before going home so we played in the pool a little bit – finally got to play ball! We played couples 2-on-2 — Jim and I won the first round, Maxx and Chino won the second!




Then it was time to go home!


It was a good thing we hired a driver to bring us there because we got to ride with Frank on the way home! We left La Union at around 2PM and it took 6 hours to reach Manila! I think most people were going home Sunday kasi so the traffic wasn’t so bad.

Sorry, Chino, hindi ka pala kita sa picture haha.


I finally understand what “stoked” means… Hahahaha! It’s an amazing experience and we are DEFINITELY coming back!!!

FYI, most of the photos in this blogs (except for Maxx and my photo in the pool and the last pic in Frank’s car) are screen captures I took from videos taken with my GoPro. It was my first time to use the camera so I wasn’t so familiar with it yet! I’m happy with the shots though :)

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  1. Hi Saab,

    Are the photos post-processed? I’m thinking of getting a GoPro and I see on this post that it can produce good quality still images. Please let me know! Thanks! :)

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