Same Pet, Different Owner

People often question me when they find out that Joey can’t have babies anymore. They tell me “sayang naman!” and though I agree that Joey would make beautiful babies, I can’t bring myself to be the cause of so much suffering in other dogs.

Joey having babies = other dogs suffering may seem far-fetched but I’ll explain why. I never thought I was ready to have a dog of my own but my sister got me Joey as a gift. You know you’re not supposed to give dogs as gifts right?! The long and short of it is that I babysat Maxx’s dog Charlie for a week and when she took her back I couldn’t help but cry because I had gotten attached to Char-Char. It happened to be our birthday week so being the generous albeit crazy impulsive person she is, she got me a black ball of fur to call my own. It was overwhelming at first, it was like an unexpected teen pregnancy! Haha! I had to make choices and adjust my lifestyle because having a dog is not a joke especially if you don’t have help to clean up after them. My point is that Joey is lucky to have gone to me because I actually did my research and did everything a puppy mama is supposed to do.



I spayed my Joey Bear at 5 months mostly because it was better for her health, partly because I can’t afford to have more than one dog and I definitely don’t want to sell/give away her babies. By not giving birth, Joey is  giving those helpless pets in shelters all over the Philippines more chance for adoption !

I’m so proud of CARA Philippines for coming out with this new campaign to show what a difference a loving owner makes in a pet. I cried looking at these pictures.

CARAPHIL-Walker CARAPHIL-Tally CARAPHIL-Monet CARAPHIL-Fulgoso CARAPHIL-DawsonCARA Philippines rescues pets (mostly cats and dogs) that are maltreated or neglected and help them find a new home.

Here’s one last picture of happy Joey giving me her “pet frog” as an offering


If you are looking for a pet of your own, please do consider adopting a rescue animal. Go to for more details.

P.S. I just checked out their website and grabe heart-wrenching ang photos and stories ng pets!!! I just sponsored this dog named Skyflakes for a whole year. You can also sponsor the other pets if you want to help but have no time (or patience) to actually take care of them. You will be sent updates on the pets you sponsor via e-mail. Please spread the word!!

22 thoughts on “Same Pet, Different Owner

  1. Yay, I love this post! CARA is so great, they have so many outlets of help aside from nursing abused animals back into health. I’d love to get a rescued pit bull if I get my own place na. Hi Joey!

  2. Nag adopt na rin kami ng dog , 2months old:) sana makahanap sila ng tunay na mag aaruga sakanila, hindi yung aalagaan at pagdating ng panahon ay kinakatay:(

  3. Hi Saab! I got similar reactions when I opted to neuter my dog recently. It’s unusual here but it’s actually routine in the States to neuter pets, especially if you don’t want to breed them. My dog is healthier and less aggressive (a boy) since we castrated him, but a lot of people seem really shocked when I tell them what I did. They think it emasculates the dog but it is healthier for them.

    My girl has also been spayed although not by choice. I wasn’t very informed back when I got them first nearly 10 years ago, and she developed Pyometra because she never got pregnant. If I’m not a very observant pup mommy she would’ve died! I’m glad you spayed Joey. I know how hard it is to give away puppies if you’re not absolutely sure that they will go to good homes, and the truth is a lot of Filipinos are very ignorant re: pet care.

    1. Hi Cams!

      Thank you so much for sharing this. Glad to know you are also for neutering pets!! Keep educating others when you can!:) And Joey says hello to your doggies!

    1. Milk? I hope it’s not human milk ha! Pls bring her to the vet right away for vaccination and to ask for tips on how to bring her up. He/She will give you a schedule for all her shots and teach you how to portion your dog’s food.

      1. breeder told me that Alaska or Bear brand is ok for puppies, but now i know.

        thank you for accommodating my query.
        you’re such a pretty girl po talaga. again thank you.

        hope to see you po. :)

  4. SAAAAB! Where’s your entry about Joey’s party? I’ll be doing a dog party for my beagle! Can’t find it :(

  5. I totally agree with what you say. I live in Chile and there is a big problem with stray dogs and cat here. People dont get pets for the right reasons here. Many get tired of them then dumb them when they want them or move and leave the pet behind, ending up as a stray. They also dont take the responsibility of neutring them if they dont want more pets and the babies get dumped on the side of the highway or field or roads. And they have no reason for this negligence because the vet is really not expensive here. I come from Sourh Africa and the vets there are redeculas with there prices to neuter a pet. And it breaks my heart. I have four dogs now, two of which i rescued off the street. I have recued a few more and found homes for them.. Anyway, just wanted to say i totally agree with you and wish there were more people like you that took the responsibility of owning a pet seriously.

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