We call our little group Sepunks. It’s derived from SepAnx, the short term used for Separation Anxiety. It’s that anxious feeling you get when you are separated from something or someone. K, that was pretty self-explanatory.

Some of us got together last Thursday to celebrate Jim and my engagement! We brought out the sake and Japanese whisky!

DSC00746Pretty frickin’ bad ass samurai!! Wait.. Is that a samurai? It is, right?


Had so much fun just hanging out and talking about future plans

DSC00750 DSC00751 DSC00752Manny playing with my bear


Then the sake and whisky kicked in.

DSC00759Things got pretty strange. We started wearing props and playing music.

DSC00760 DSC00761 DSC00763 DSC00766Ang daya ni Jim, wala sa pictures. Pero thank you for taking these photos. That was a fun night! I’m so happy I’m best friends with my band members!!


Watch Cheats tomorrow with Pedicab, Flying Ipis and Vokadin at Saguijo, Makati for GRRRL SCOUT Productions and LockedDown Entertainment!

LockedDown x GrrrlScout Poster copy

Tara na, wala namang pasok eh!!

8 thoughts on “Sepunks!!!

  1. hi saab remember me from your online streaming days?? im the one from newyork. the one who can’t speak filipino? i hope you still remember me, cause i still remember the night (my time) when you pointed your nose telling me it’s “ilong”—-> i still have to search the right spelling of it.. lol i miss your online streaming days.. i just wanna say im a big fan of yours (cause im literally BIG) and i got gma tv just to watch your shows. LOL

    1. Oh wow you’re so sweet!!! Yes I remember saying nose is ilong hahaha! I should do online streaming again real soon. I wonder what day and time (weekly) is the best consensus for my readers?

  2. That 3rd to the last photo reminds me of your baby/kid picture on your birthday. You were looking at your cake haha cutie!

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