10 thoughts on “The Hairflip

      1. Wow. You’re rude. Fan ng dad mo boyfriend ko. Kaya may respeto ako sayo. And I used to check your blog kahit nasa work ako. Fan mo din ako. But, I am a Swiftie too. Sana lang may respeto. What I said was a joke, if you watched VMA before, Kanye’s speech to Taylor. I just thought mapapatawa kita and thought you’d think I’m witty parang ikaw. Kasi nga inidol ko din kita. But what I got is a BOOOO from you. Thank you Saab! You made me realise something.

        1. Nakakalungkot na dinamdam mo yung boo ko. It was a joke because I thought your joke was funny and Kanye deserved a boo. Oh well, sorry you feel that way!

  1. Wag kana malungkot Saab (Saad Saab? (c) Elmo) Ang slow lang ni ate, sayang. anw, I wish that someday I could watch you flipping your hair live!!! (after sch, but hopefully anytime soon!) Stay safe and in love, lovely Isabella! x

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