Tokyo Diary Part 1

I have got a LOT of photos to share so let’s break them up into different parts! This post is all about our first night there.

We arrived at Narita Airport around 2PM on a Thursday, March 27. Japan is 1 hour advanced compared to the Philippines so it’s like we lost a full hour. Then it took us another hour and a half to get to our hotel because of traffic and also because Narita Airport is pretty far. I guess it’s like driving to Clark airport if, like me, you’re from Quezon City. We got to explore Sunshine City around dinner time already.


Our hotel was right beside a police station. There was this bulletin board with what I assume are wanted signs. Actually, according to a Google search I made just now, the crime rate in Japan is lower than all other industrialized countries. It’s so orderly there. People are all so polite.


We checked out the strip a block away from our hotel. It was a very lively place on a Thursday night!


It had very familiar stores



Lovers in Japan: Maxx ♥ Chino


We were all very hungry so I downloaded the TripAdvisor app on my phone and searched for the best ramen restaurant nearest us. Hot ramen on such a cold night after a long and tiring trip — perfect! Medyo mahirap lang pag yung reviews all written in Japanese haha.


We ended up at a place called Tonchin, a ramen restaurant that takes your order via a vending machine. Very much like Sango, my favorite Japanese burger place here in Manila. I was very sad about the Shangri-la and Rockwell branches closing. The only Sango that’s still open (I hope) is in Mile Long in Makati, and that’s very far from me :s ANYWAY, going back to Tonchin.


Obligatory photos while waiting! Side note: If you are a couple taking a selfie (assuming a selfie is a photo of yourSELF taken by yourSELF) then is it called a couplie? Because it’s a photo of a couple taken by the couple? Or is it still a selfie because only one person has his/her hand on the trigger? ‘Groupies’ just sound wrong because the word means a totally different thing.

Our first night in Japan



It’s hard to find an authentic Japanese restaurant that seats a large group unless you’re at a mall or you shell out and go for a tatami dining room! No big tables, most restaurants we went to had customers sitting right at the bar watching the cooks prepare meals. There was also a little bit of pressure to eat fast because right when our food came, people were standing right behind us, waiting for us to finish and vacate the few seats. Maybe that’s why they don’t have big tables, so they can discourage “hanging out” or as we Filipinos call it, “TAMBAY.”



The ramen at Tonchin was really good! I can’t exactly remember the name of what I ordered. It’s pretty hard without an English menu. Next time, I’ll make sure to take note so that I can be more useful :p Basta I got a soy-based bowl and the second ramen above is Chino’s miso-based one with extra egg. I’ve never been a big ramen fan. Unlike my sister Maxx who is a huge ramen lover, I don’t crave for ramen. But, you know what they say: When in Rome… In this case, When in Japan! The hot soup in my belly was so perfect – ready to be walked off in the cold, cold night going back to our hotel.

We dillied and we dallied on the way home. Though we wanted to sleep early to prepare for a long day ahead of us, we couldn’t help but enjoy the far cry from our hot nights in Manila.




Photo ops were fun because even the alleys were so clean.

Look at this cute izakaya (Japanese bar).


For the duration of our Japan trip we had quite a lot of stops at different branches of Family Mart, it’s become somewhat an inside joke.


By the way, I have an announcement to make… Because of all the fun and chic get ups I saw in Tokyo, I’ve decided to become a fashion blogger


CHOS. Wala akong patience. Haha.


Passed by the SEGA building basement. Puno ng claw cranes/merchandiser! Morbid – the stuffed toy will fall on spikes if not played correctly LOL





And then there are creepy men. I wish I could see where his hands are D: wahaahhaa!


An example of how nice the Japanese are: while Elmo, Arkin, Clara, and Frank were posing for a group photo 2 guys stopped in their tracks so they wouldn’t ruin the shot. After the photo was taken, one of the guys said (in cute broken English) that the picture would look cooler if they used his bike as a prop. We were pleasantly surprised at how friendly they were that we told them to join the photo as well! Tourist mode! (^_^)Y


That’s when we realized all of the bikes along the street right beside us. They were all parked in a neat line and didn’t even need locks! How I wish people were as honest in our country!


We did a little more walking.


This was when we decided to make insta-shortfilms! Click here to watch Jim, Chino, Maxx and I do a silly short about donuts. Click here to watch Arkin call up his future.

Hey, mister, that’s a donut!



The Bro-Friends


And that ends part 1 of my Tokyo diary!:) Check back in a couple of hours for part 2!

52 thoughts on “Tokyo Diary Part 1

  1. lovely lovely! beautiful family too… and please don’t be a fashion blogger…we love you the way you are. :)

  2. Natuwa naman ako sa “a little bit of pressure to eat fast” hirap naman kumain ng nagmamadali, para nga naman walang tambay!:)

  3. Wow. I would trade my life for just a day sa Tokyo. Even the hallways, it fascinates meeee. I got this weird thing of planning to go to the movies whenever I go out of the country. Haha. You should try it next time. It gives me the ‘tourist’ feels na trying to jive with the ‘locals’. Haha. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next part. Do it. Doooo eeetttt pleaaase. Maka-demand e no. Haha.

    And wait, don’t be a fashion blogger. :))

  4. Even if you’re not a fashion blogger, I still looove your looks :) You’re actually one of my inspirations when it comes to dressing up! Hope you guys had a lovely time there :) I really enjoy reading your blogs, btw :)

  5. Did you see the article on about “fashion blogger” Saab Magalona being engaged? LOL. Napa-whut ako (not that you’re not fashionista because you are but) because you’re more like a lifestyle blogger, or something. Anong klaseng blogger ka nga ba, ate currrl? Heehee

    1. Hahaha goes to show how well these “journalists” do their research :p I’m a “fabulous blogger” that’s what it’s called.. Choz

  6. I’m in Tokyo now and I find myself saying, “Sana ganito sa Pilipinas” more than 5 times a day. Relate!

    Saang hotel kayo nagstay? :)

    1. I know, right?! Kami rin haha we actually had to tell ourselves to stop comparing na kasi medyo exagge na hahaa

  7. wish to be here in minatou nagoya japan :) super idol kita saab & your ate maxinne:) ganda pareho gumanap s drama:)mapabida o kontrabida d best:)

  8. All your photos are lovely! Can I ask what camera you use to take them and what do you use to edit, if you don’t mind? :D I’ve alwatys wanted to go to Japan /sigh

  9. Heya Saab! Your trip to Japan looks so much fun! What makes it even lovelier is the fact that you went with your whole family. I wish you could share to your readers how you organized this trip. Perhaps you could give us some tips on how to bring the whole family together on an out of the country vacation without being stressed out too much? Hehe. Thanks, Saab! Loved all the photos too! :)

  10. Girl, your family got some good genes!!!! :) :) :) And can I just say, I dunno if it’s the effect of Japan or your recent engagement but you’re enchantingly blooming <3

    PS. Where did you buy your black shoes/sneakers that you were wearing when your fiance proposed? :)

  11. You’ll really be amazed at their honesty. Mobile phones that are for sale are displayed on the sidewalks, without any sales person looking after them and they don’t lose a thing!

  12. Tokyo is such a beauty!!! And oh my god, we have the same top!!! Hahaha! Okay, feeling close na ako, sorry! Haha. I love your eye make-up din! JUSKO, YOU GUYS HAVE THE BEST GENES!!! :D

  13. It’s a good thing you’re posting your Tokyo Diary! :) It kind of serve as a guide since i’ll be coming to Japan next week :) When you visited JP.. Was it cold or warm? :)

  14. Hi Saab! May I know where you bought your Prada bag and for how much? Been looking for that particular style for a long time now :)

    1. Hello! No, I don’t own anything but a blow dryer which is gathering dust under my bathroom sink… I wish I knew how to curl my hair, it would definitely look better!

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