Tokyo Diary Part 3

Moving on with Day 3! We were in kind of a rush so we just passed by Family Mart to eat! I got a tuna roll.

DSC00523 DSC00524 DSC00525



The ever-fashionable Frank


Maxx’s new watch from Gift Gate


Buying tickets for the train


Walking to Akihabara where all the toys and gadgets are!







Jim, Arkin and I went to a huge 6-floor toy store and it was amazing. Snuck in a few photos heehee




Ang dami ring inappropriate toys lol


Started heading to Ueno park where, little did I know, I was going to get engaged ♥


Saw this super cute Marlboro dog!!




He’s an old corgi!





We ate at a place that served all raw fish on rice. Sarap! Mine was tuna fat.DSC00577

Elmo’s salmon and roeDSC00579

Jim’s maguro (tuna)DSC00582

Strange sign in the store that we couldn’t understand haha DSC00583We finally got to Ueno park after lunch <3

DSC00594There were a LOT of people enjoying food and alcohol under the cherry blossom trees!

DSC00596 DSC00603 DSC00605 DSC00606 DSC00609


Original hipster

DSC00612I was just hanging out with Jim and since he was apparently stressing out about the perfect time to ask me to marry him, he wasn’t talking to me at all!! Hahahahaha!

DSC00619 DSC00620The park was very beautiful <3

DSC00622 DSC00628These guys were practicing their swordplay

DSC00633 Elmo found the one haha


Sarap mag picnic awwwDSC00642

Best photo I took <3DSC00644There were also a lot of dogs at the park that made me miss Joey so much :(:(:( Here are some Maxx captured with her camera

IMG_0073 IMG_0076 IMG_0084Hi!


And this is it!!!



Read about my engagement story here.

One of my favorite photos is this one of us being all ecstatic about our engagement and Clara’s in the background totally clueless!!



And when she finally realized what was happening she cried and hugged me!! What a sweetheart <3

DSC00715DSC00716We headed back to the hotel, freshened up and got some Japanese curry at Go Go Curry!

IMG_0126 IMG_0127 DSC02676

Sobraaaaang sarap! :)DSC02688That’s it for day 3!:) Wait, I’m helping Maxx set up her own blog!! Hahaha! Will resume with day 4 probably tomorrow!:)


34 thoughts on “Tokyo Diary Part 3

  1. looking forward for more blog about your Japan trip,. grabe, lalo ko tuloy gusto pumunta ng japan!

    another thing! ang gaganda ng mga shots :) galing! kainggit… hehehe sigur0 nakadagdag na rin na you are all photogenic that’s why all the shots were amazing :D

  2. what camera are you using? great pics!

    and that last food picture, grabe lang magpagutom!

    congrats on the engagement! (sorry late)!

  3. Hi saab! your blog entries about Japan are so awesome and helpful indeed! I hope you could share your budget breakdown all in all or per person (more or less) when you visited Japan para may idea lang. hehehe. Thank you! God bless!

    1. For the flight and accommodations of 6 days 5 nights, mga 60k each person! With breakfast na yun everyday. You need to budget pa for your daily meals and train rides. If you’re going to travel a lot, get the day-pass ticket sa train. We never used a cab cos walking is fun in Tokyo! You can contact http://facebook/bookieph and ask them to help you as well :)

  4. The raw fish on rice is called chirashizushi (a variation of sushi), one of my favorite food in Japan. :) And the strange sign on the resto says to Please refrain from hanging your clothes (jacket/coat)on the hook since there’s a chance it would fall. :D So glad you and your family enjoyed your vacation in Japan. Hope you can come back again soon.

  5. Loved reading about your Nippon trip :) Going to Japan is on top of my Bucket list so I really enjoyed reading your posts. Btw, I’m not sure if you’re into Pokemon but I loved the way they put Whiscash on the Earthquake prone chuchu sign. XD

  6. hi sab,
    super ganda ng blog mo..
    i tried using blogger pero d naman ako marunong mag customize
    gusto ko din sana mag blog not for business but to gain friends and share my ideas with others.hope you can help me start or maybe help me create a cute free theme. pls

  7. you guys are so faabb hahaha
    you look so clueless in the photo after “this is it!!” HAHAHAH

    pag family ko ung nagtravel magulo kami kasi puro bata pa mga kapatid ko at ako ang dakilang ate hahaha thank you dito =))

  8. Hi my ever idol Saab! <3
    Can I ask what's the camera you used in your blogpost? Is that your Samsung Note III? And how did you edit your photos? Thank you! :) I am inspired to make my own blog because of you! And I actually plan to get my own S Note III because of you. <3

    1. Hey. Thank you!:) I use my Sony nEX 5N and color grade with adobe Lightroom 5. I’ve let go of my Samsung Note 3 actually because I had a hard time taking photos indoors. It’s only great for outdoor pictures with natural light. Being an online personality (anuraw???) I need a handy phone camera for tweets and IG!

  9. I know this is too late! ^_^Y Btw, I got teary-eyed when Clara hugged you and cried after realizing what’s happening. How sweet <3

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