Tokyo Diary Part 4

Our first agenda for our 4th day in Japan was to hear mass at a catholic church. It was a really nice experience since there were a LOT of Pinoys there and they were very friendly. They were so helpful in helping us locate yet another ramen place that was highly recommended by the guys we met up with on our second night in Tokyo.

Ichiran is located in the Roppongi district and has a classroom setting for a serious ramen experience.


You customize your ramen according to your preference!


It was a rainy afternoon but we braved it and walked to the The National Art Center also found in Roppongi.


The National Art Center is so beautiful and we happened to be there when a really large exhibit for amateur artists was ongoing. They gave us stickers before entering to serve as our votes for the paintings we liked best!


Art ba itey?


We left the museum at sunset


Roppongi was so pretty and clean!!!


There are so many restaurants in Japan with fake food displays. So cute!


Geisha taking a train


We went to Shibuya to check out one of the busiest intersections in the world!


And of course we visited the shrine of the most loyal dog ever, Hachiko!!!


We ended the night with a fabulous Tempura dinner – Jim’s treat – to celebrate our engagement!:)


I had the worst scare in my life after stepping out of the restaurant. It was really cold so I put on my jacket and shook my arms. Believe it or not, my ring flew off my finger!!!!!!!! GRABE!!!! It was 1.5 sizes too big for my finger (uyyy, feeling payat) and we all panicked for a good 1 minute until somebody (I don’t even remember which one of us) found it really close to a sewer!! Hahahaha bwisit!!! So I started wearing it on my middle finger so it would be tighter. Now, it’s been resized to a perfect fit and I’m so so so happy – I’m never taking this off <3

22 thoughts on “Tokyo Diary Part 4

  1. Hi Saab!!! Lovely photos! My family and I are going to Japan this June and I cannot wait to try the places you’ve been to! <3

    Question, were did you purchase the transparent umbrellas? It looks cute and perfect talaga for going around! hehe.

    Last, what camera are you using? Ganda ng shots!!!

    Congratulations btw! Happy for you & Jim <3

    1. Sa 7-eleven lang!! Pero ang dali niyang nasira :( Pero malakas talaga kasi yung rain and wind nun. Kung normal rain and drizzle, kaya naman!:) SONY Nex 5N!:) THANKS!

  2. Whoooaaa…so stoked that you went to my favorite ramen place in Japan, Ichiran! :D Whenever I go there, I always order extra chashuu (boiled pork) and their soft boiled egg. Your photos make me want to have Ichiran ramen right now! Is the church you went to the Franciscan Chapel Center? (I’m only guessing since it’s the only Catholic church I know in Roppongi..hehe..) I sometimes go there too, but it’s a bit far from my apartment. Roppongi has lots of night clubs too. And it can get crowded and noisy during Friday nights and weekends but the streets are still amazingly clean.

    1. Yes, Franciscan Chapel Center! They gave out free donuts pa after the mass!! You’re so lucky to live in Japan!!

  3. I’m so happy on your engagement. I can’t wait to read about your wedding. ((: I wish that you and Jim to be happy 5ever (kasi wala na daw forever. haha!)Anw, I just wanted to ask what camera were you using and how did you color grade your photos. Thanks! :)


    Thank you for taking me to Japan with you! :) I don’t have a summer getaway or anything so Okay na to! Infairness, international pa napuntahan ko. HAHAHAHA(((=

  4. HI dear! Idk you have blog pala.. Congratulations on your engagament <3 If you have time hope to see you in my blog!


  5. Congrats to your engagement Ms. Saab! ❤️ Been spending lots of time to read your blogs. Keep on writing, that makes us happy

  6. Hi Saab!

    Congrats on your engagement!!! Been an avid fan of your blog way way back! It’s one of the most honest blogs I know!! God bless!

  7. i love your umbrellas!! and share pa talaga kayo ni boyfie ay joke fiance na pala ;) ;)
    muntik ko nang hindi makita ung sa engagement ring!! HAHAHAHA

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