Tokyo Diary Part 5

Day 5 in Tokyo was for the magnificent Meguro river. Look at all the cherry blossoms huhuhu



This is Maxx taking a photo of me while I get distracted by a cute dog (not seen in photo)


Cute cocker spaniel was tripping out I guess because the man hole was warm hehe cute


Jim & I <3


A sign I should start my diet in time for my wedding LOL

DSC02916Clara is so cute!!

DSC02871 DSC02877

So many beautiful flowers all around!!

DSC02949 DSC02950We found a yummy-looking yakiniku place to have lunch and once we were seated we realized it was a Korean place!!! Okay lang, it was sooo yummy!

DSC02953Sorry that’s the only food shot I took! But the beef was sooo good. They used Japanese wagyu. KAGULO.

We headed back near our hotel area and went to Round 1 where we played air hockey and other arcade games. Sorry I didn’t take photos!! Huhuhu. We went home and slept early to prepare for our last day in Tokyo!

Day 6 we had to leave our hotel at 1:20PM to get to the airport in time for our flight to Manila so we squeezed in a few things in the morning.


We went to Tsukiji Fish Market where people bid for the freshest catch of the day! I heard a Filipino bid 15-million pesos once!! I think it’s usually store owners who buy it to sell in their restaurants. But of course we didn’t get up early enough for that and hello.. Hindi naman kami magbibid for fish.DSC03021

And siyempre we got lost. We went to the ACTUAL palengke hehe.DSC03028 DSC03029 DSC03031 DSC03037


DSC03038 DSC03040

We all got pretty cranky because we were so hungry already hahaha. We finally found where we could eat. Sorry, don’t ask me. Nawala talaga ako so I don’t remember where we were.DSC03044


IMG_0421 IMG_0427


The girls passed by Ginza after and I bought a bag as a little celebration for my engagement HAHAHA <3 It was a little cheaper in Japan than in the Philippines according to Maxx. I wouldn’t know cos kebs naman ako sa designer bags. But I really liked this one. Imagine niyo nalang kung ano itsura kasi I haven’t taken a photo of it haha!

DSC03053By the way, Harry Potter world in Japan is opening in July 2014. There are also talks of trashing the VISA requirement from Manila to Japan so start planning your trip!:D Don’t forget to behave while you’re there so they don’t regret it if ever they decide on the no-VISA rule!!

That’s it for my Tokyo Diaries!! I hope you enjoyed <3

32 thoughts on “Tokyo Diary Part 5

  1. hi saab,

    how did u plan this trip? grabe my feet wanna go there!! in my list!!! is it less expensive ? july is my birthmonth but i doubt if i could do it this year due to some ‘wallet’ issue… hehe!! many thanks!! xoxo

  2. Hi Saab! I actually don’t watch TV a lot but I get to know you through this blog. I really enjoy your reading and browsing your posts and I think I’m now a fan. :) I got inspired to create my own blog, too. Haha. Congratulations to your engagement!

    1. Hi Saab! I actually don’t watch TV a lot but I get to know you through this blog. I really enjoy reading and browsing your posts and I’m now a fan. :) I got inspired to create my own blog, too. Haha. Congratulations to your engagement!

      (Sorry, I just edited because of the typo.:))

  3. How can you squeeze all that for 6 days?? I’m so jealous! And the foood. Grabe. Parang kasama din kami sa trip nyo. :)) Hope I can go to Japan too, lalo na ngayon knowing about the HP Theme Park! Nice post Saab! :D

  4. I was about to ask what camera you are using but i just saw the last post and it was answered. haha! Great photos and I really enjoyed your blog. Stay in love and Happy. I know its a bit late but Congratulations, looking forward on your big day! ;)

      1. By the sab since you are using NEX 5N, are you using the kit lens (which is the free one) or you bought another lens?

  5. hey saab,

    congratulations on your engagement I know Im late. HAHA Late lang bumati coz you know what? mga 10 times ko na ring binasa ang tokyo related posts mo. hehe tokyo 1 to 5 :)

  6. Hi saab! Your blogs about your adventures across the ocean really inspire me to pursue my dream place! :) Hoping to read more of your future trips abroad. God bless! :)

  7. Hi, Saab! What area in Japan do you recommend to stay in? And may I ask what hotel did you stay in? I’m having a difficult time looking for one because I’m not 100% sure if it’s around Japan’s tourist spots. Please respond. Thanks :)

    1. Hello Chekah, check out Hotel Tateshina in Shinjuku, Tokyo

      Hotels in Japan are expensive and this one is a gem : ) I searched for Shinjuku hotels in Google Maps then I discovered this hotel. No need to worry, it’s safe in Tokyo (been there twice). People are soooo polite. You can always take the train to the tourist spots.

      Have fun in 東京!

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